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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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Catherine Morgan is the editor of Business Unplugged ™, an engaging speaker, and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in business or career transition. Catherine is the author of the eBook Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. An experienced independent consultant and former employee of three of the former Big Five consulting firms, Catherine combines strategy development with accountability coaching. Her productivity tips and career transition advice have been featured on WGN AM 720 and WIND AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, and on WCHE AM 1520 in the Philadelphia area. Catherine speaks frequently on topics related to productivity, career transition, small business, and entrepreneurship. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but takes her subject matter very seriously.

Articles by: Catherine Morgan

Entrepreneurs and the Minimum Wage Debate

Editor’s Note: Carol believes that entrepreneurs and small business owners are being forgotten in the minimum wage debate. As you may know, Carol guest blogs on several other platforms. Her latest on is one that I thought would be of great interest to many of Read More

Customer Service and the Weary Traveler

My recent trip to and from my Vassar College reunion in upstate New York necessarily involved multiple service and transportation providers. There were some surprising wins and some unexpected fails in my customer experience. Carol recently wrote a post about the one thing that you should Read More

Gone Fishing – Memorial Day 2014

Here at Business Unplugged we are going to…wait for it…unplug. And please make sure you do too – at least for a little while. It is so important to take time away from your business and recharge. We’ll be back on Wednesday, May 28. Read More

The Silent Partner You Can’t Ignore

One of my primary philosophies is that it makes no sense to separate the person from the professional – it’s an artificial distinction and doesn’t work. Solo or small business owners ARE their businesses, so anything that is going on in their lives can affect their Read More

Customer Service: ‘No Problem’ May BE Your Problem

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. It’s a big customer service faux pas. Invariably this happens at fast food or low-price retail establishments, but do you say this to your customers? Customers who may be paying you handsomely for your products Read More

Confirmation Bias: Don’t Believe Your Own BS

As small business owners we need to believe in ourselves. Not only that, we need to believe in our products and services enough to make others believe in them too. Without a doubt we need to be completely committed to growing our businesses, but we also Read More

The Correct Way to Make a Business Introduction

There is the correct way and the less-effective way to make business introductions. A good business introduction is like a nugget of gold – and a deposit in the “karma bank.” It can strengthen your connection and value to and with the people you introduce. You Read More

Small Biz Reboot: Back to the Barre

I know I am not the only one who started 2014 with sky-high hopes and a fantabulous marketing plan. January was great, my practice was full, and I was on the right track executing on my New Year’s Verbs. Then one day I woke up and Read More

Resolutions? Try New Year’s Verbs.

I like the way Chris Brogan does his three words each year and posts them publicly. Resolutions always sounded kind of pompous and a bit like legalese to me. Let’s add in the fact that most people have broken their resolutions or not followed through by Read More

12 Posts from Carol 2013 – Day 3

Today’s post is the last in the series. I thought it would be fun to include some information that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find on Business Unplugged™ – some topics that maybe go against the standard thinking or have unusual influences. Britt Raybould starts us Read More
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