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Catherine Morgan is the editor of Business Unplugged ™, an engaging speaker, and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in business or career transition. Catherine is the author of the eBook Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. An experienced independent consultant and former employee of three of the former Big Five consulting firms, Catherine combines strategy development with accountability coaching. Her productivity tips and career transition advice have been featured on WGN AM 720 and WIND AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, and on WCHE AM 1520 in the Philadelphia area. Catherine speaks frequently on topics related to productivity, career transition, small business, and entrepreneurship. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but takes her subject matter very seriously.

Articles by: Catherine Morgan

How to Sanely Evaluate Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and small business owners LOVE ideas. We have them all the time! We get giddy with excitement sometimes. New ideas can even wake us up in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, we can’t move every idea forward. We don’t have the time or the money. Or, […]
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What’s In a Name? A Lot! And It Varies by Location.

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone says “Mercedes”?* If you’re in Europe, we’ll guess that you think of a company that has a car, truck, or bus for every market niche. In the United States—where General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler own that positioning—Mercedes brings […]
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Customer Loyalty: Engagement, Not Transactions

In Carol’s latest post, “Customer Loyalty 3.0 Is Never About Transactions. It’s About Getting to Know Your Customers” on, Carol talks about the future of customer loyalty, and why it’s so important. She begins: “At Entrepreneur and Microsoft’s Accelerate Your Business Event, I was able […]
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Bringing Small Town Values to Online Business

Internet-based technologies continue to transform businesses in ways scarcely imaginable just a few years ago. Online travel services, for example, have become the norm – a matter of convenience for customers, and for businesses often a source of access to larger markets. This also includes online customer […]
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Failure Isn’t an Endpoint. It’s a Pivot Point.

Carol is a guest judge for the season on the new TBS show, “America’s Greatest Makers” – and the show’s premiere is TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Her recent post on is about what we can learn from the show. In “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn […]
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How Having a Narrower Focus Can Boost Your Business

It is counter intuitive, but narrowing your focus and specifically targeting a smaller, more tightly focused demographic can actually boost your business. A classic mistake that new business owners make is using a scattershot approach. You may have a product/service that could benefit everybody – but […]
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5 Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Can Easily Avoid

Sometimes you just need a little tough love and wisdom from Carol. Few people can serve up knowledge nuggets the way she can. Carol ticks off five mistakes small business owners can easily avoid in her recent post on, “Not Promoting From Within? Ignoring Financial […]
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Hate Marketing? Let Others Do It for You.

Many (OK, most) small business owners struggle with marketing. They get uncomfortable with the idea of blowing their own horn. However, if they don’t do it – who else will? Carol’s recent article on MasterCard Biz may be just the boost your small business needs. What if […]
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Sweet Deduction: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mileage

If growing revenue and maintaining cash flow are among the top concerns for small business owners (spoiler alert: they are), then finding ways to generate and maintain a positive cash flow is always top-of-mind. One place you might be overlooking when it comes to cost savings? […]
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How to Give Employees Information at the Right Times

Getting your employees the right information at the right times is crucial to running a successful business. There are situations where structured training makes sense, but there also are times when something quick and easy works, too. Carol’s latest post on the Nextiva blog, “4 Ways […]
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