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Catherine Morgan is the editorial director for | Business Unplugged and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. She is a business consultant to consultants and a career transition coach. Catherine is an engaging public speaker who frequently presents on several topics, including career transition, growing a solo service business, and productivity.

Articles by: Catherine Morgan

How Far Are You Willing to Take Your Business?

What do blackjack tables, first dates, and entrepreneurial ventures all have in common? They all require you to decide how far you are willing to go before you start to achieve the best personal outcome. Or, another way to look at it is that they all Read More

Business Sprint: Fourth Quarter Homestretch

In the beginning of October I was all fired up, ready to turn on the gas, and finish the year in a blaze of glory. Six weeks later the wind has gone out of my sails and I am drooling over pictures of Thanksgiving meals and Read More

Who’s the Villain Your Business Fights Against?

Storytelling in business is huge today. There’s a movement afoot to educate businesses both large and small on the virtues of utilizing a storytelling framework when considering marketing strategies for your business. One of the hallmarks of any compelling story is the role of the hero. Read More

Definitions of Marketing: 6 Online Terms Redefined

The words we choose matter. As marketers, our words have a way of affecting how we approach our work. When we choose words that are confusing or misleading, it causes problems. I’ve seen it firsthand many times. It’s time to redefine our terms. Here are six Read More

End Sex Trafficking. Stand UP for FREEDOM, Buy This Book.

Erin Giles — Business Philanthropy Coach is bringing a straight up resounding call to action with a message, that hits straight to the core and I’m honored to be a part. Buy a copy of End Sex Trafficking for $20 — a collection of 60 essays Read More

5 Lame Excuses Why You’re Not Doing Videos (And How to Start!)

They’ve started the Online Video Revolution without you.  The train has left the station.  You’re yesterday’s news.  Use whatever cliché you want, but the hype is true.  The Internet is being driven by video.  In fact, 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be video within Read More

Magic Wand for Entrepreneurs

If you’re a regular reader of Business Unplugged™ I’ll bet this is the LAST place that you would go to look for a quick fix. We are all about doing the work, showing up, and achieving mastery, but there is one technique I’ve been using lately Read More

5 Career Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

In the age of Facebook, Apple, and Groupon, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. The Internet has helped tremendously in lowering the barriers to entry, meaning that everyone CAN be a successful entrepreneur, if they have a strong work ethic, a bit of luck, and the Read More

Exercise a Different Muscle: 5 Ways to Break Out of a Social Media Rut

Ever been driving and suddenly realize that you have no idea how you got there? No recollection of the last 10 minutes? That usually happens when your muscle memory has taken over, driving you to the office, your children’s school, or some other route that you Read More

3 Questions You MUST Answer to Give Overwhelm the Boot!

Overwhelm sucks. It will suck the soul from your bones and crush your dreams if you don’t corral it. More small business owners and entrepreneurs are overwhelmed than ever before. You might be one of them. Let’s put an end to it starting right now. Create Read More
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