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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Questions for You for Q2

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I can’t believe the first quarter of 2019 is almost over. As we’re wrapping up March and planning...

5 Ways to Shut Down Frustration

Written By: Catherine Morgan
The frustrations an entrepreneur faces are endless – money issues, technology issues, market changes, demanding clients – you...

Dr. Michelle Mazur and the 3 Word Rebellion

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It was so much fun to do this video interview with Dr. Michelle Mazur about her new book...

Mid-Life, Milestones, and Metrics

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Today I turned 57. This is mid-life and there’s no other way to spin it. For some of...

Carol Roth on Connecting and Being a Connector

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol and I are both connectors and enjoy connecting people with resources or potential clients. As connectors, we...

It’s Important to Take Time to Celebrate

Written By: Catherine Morgan
This is a PSA from me to you to pull up from your entrepreneurial grind periodically and take...

Interview with Carol Roth on Influencer Marketing

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Influencer marketing is a hot topic! Brands and agencies are allocating dollars to it, but I think many...

What Title Should You Use?

Written By: Catherine Morgan
You wouldn’t think deciding on what title to use would be tricky as a small business owner, but...

Evaluating Expectations as an Entrepreneur

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As a business consultant and career transition coach for entrepreneurs transitioning to employee positions, I hear a lot...

Don’t Have Enough Time? Carol and Catherine Think You Do.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol and I recently did a short video to call nonsense on thinking you don’t have enough time....