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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Small Businesses Struggle to Find Workers

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Have you noticed the shortage of restaurant and other workers? Carol Roth says the government is part of...

The Start of Barbecue Season

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It’s officially the start of barbecue season here in the US. We’re finally able to socialize and see...

Celebrating 10 Years with Carol Roth

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am celebrating 10 years of working with Carol Roth and editing this blog this month (May 2021)....

Online Introductions Made Easy

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Whether you’re looking for new customers for your business or for a job, you’ll need to get comfortable...

Carol Roth on Her New Book: The War on Small Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol Roth gives you a preview of her upcoming book, The War on Small Business (available for pre-order now),...

Author, Know Thyself

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I signed a book deal with Indigo River Publishing! We are tentatively scheduling a spring 2022 release date....

Pandemic Response Fail: A Cautionary Tale

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In Episode 87 of The Roth Effect with Carol Roth, “Losing a Small Business to Government’s Pandemic Reaction,”...

Ramifications of Regulating the Gig Economy

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Wayne Winegarden, Sr. Fellow in Business and Economics and Director of the Center for Medical Economics and Innovation...

Carol Roth’s New Book: The War on Small Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
We’ve got some big news to share today: Carol Roth has written a new book! From Carol on...

Reasons and Seasons for You and Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am starting to wonder if reevaluating your business, your strengths, and your personal and professional goals shouldn’t...