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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

5 Easy Ways to Create Great Video Even On Bad Hair Days

Written By: Lou Bortone
Online video has become powerful marketing tool, but there are some days when the traditional “talking head” video...

The 10 C’s of YouTube Marketing Domination

Written By: Lou Bortone
So you’ve got a marketing video on YouTube? You and one billion other people!  Welcome to the club...

To Make Great Online Videos, Watch More Television

Written By: Lou Bortone
It wasn’t so long ago that the big TV networks pretty much controlled the media, but the Internet...

A.I.M to Create Video Marketing ROI

Written By: Lou Bortone
Now that online video has proven to be such a powerful marketing tool, entrepreneurs and small business owners...

Online Video FAQs: “Foolishly Asked Questions”

Written By: Lou Bortone
When it comes to online video, most people as still asking the wrong questions, or what I jokingly...

Video Marketing Mistakes: 6 Rookie Missteps

Written By: Lou Bortone
Most businesses are seeing the writing (or images) on the wall and quickly realizing that video marketing is...

Even (Video) Cowboys Get the (Techie) Blues – Surviving Technology Meltdown

Written By: Lou Bortone
I hate technology.  That might sound blasphemous coming from a video marketing guy, but technology is a double-edged...

Advice for Wannabes – 5 Ways to Break the Wantrepreneur Trap

Written By: Lou Bortone
Business is hard, especially as a start-up or a small, entrepreneur-driven venture.  You’ve seen the statistics, and you...

What Would Dad Do? 7 Simple Lessons for Better Business

Written By: Lou Bortone
With Father’s Day upon us, what better time to reflect back upon the lessons our dads taught us? ...

6 Kinds of Nightmare Clients

Written By: Lou Bortone
As a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach (BYS), I try to follow BYS Author and mentor Michael Port’s...