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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Getting Past Your First Bad Hire

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Two big questions for small business owners are who to hire to help you with your business and...

The ‘R’ Word We Don’t Want to Hear

Written By: Catherine Morgan
What is something that may be hiding in the shadows that none of want to think about? Recession....

Stress and Loneliness Are Taking a Huge Toll

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Some workplace stress is inevitable because…people. You likely work with people who are imperfect. We all do. So,...

5 Reasons Your Business Should Hire a Former Entrepreneur

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As companies are desperately trying to find competent staff who will stay, I want to suggest that your...

Six Tips to Grow Your Small Business on YouTube 

Written By: Chuks Chukwuemeka
An estimated 1.7 billion users visit YouTube to consume content monthly. Small businesses that understand the power of...

Prices Are Going Up. Here’s What You Can Do.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
You have undoubtedly noticed that prices are going up on everything, not just gas. It seems that every...

Clearing Out the Old, Making Room for the New

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I’ll bet you’re thinking this is going to be a post about organizing your office or some sort...

You Cannot Have Accountability Without Shared Expectations

Written By: Ben Baker
“How can we hold a remote workforce accountable?” is a phrase I have heard over and over during...

Carol Roth Tells This to Female Entrepreneurs All the Time

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Why do female entrepreneurs refer to themselves that way, instead of identifying as entrepreneurs? Carol Roth says she...

Barry Moltz Wants You to Actually Make Those Changes

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Busted! That was my first reaction when I saw my friend Barry Moltz’s new book cover. I have...