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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Strategies to Make Cash Flow Management More Successful and Less Stressful

Written By: Carol Roth
One of the make or break factors in an entrepreneur’s success is managing cash flow. Even when sales...

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet!

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol wanted to announce her new digital series, where aspiring entrepreneurs run their new business ideas by...

Five Things Military Personnel Should Do Before Starting a Business

Written By: Carol Roth
One of my favorite sayings is that “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” While military personnel...

Do You Need a Partner? Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself.

Written By: Josh MacDonald
Running a business by yourself is both time-consuming and stressful, which can lead you to a point in...

7 Don’ts for Online Content

Written By: Brad Shorr
The problem with online publishing is everyone can be an author. However, just because you have access to...

Short on Resources? You Can Still Accomplish Big Things.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Most small business are trying to accomplish more with fewer resources. But if you’re tempted to think that...

How to Get Your Customers to Pay Faster

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As in any situation, it pays to understand your customers. Carol’s latest on “Why Customers Need Different...

Creating a Culture of Mentoring

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Have you ever benefited from mentoring? Have you been a mentor to someone? Carol explores what mentoring is...

3 Tips to Avoid Business Meeting Fumbles

Written By: Carol Roth
Business meetings are often a necessary part of running most companies. But, what starts off with the best...

Opting Out: Sometimes It’s Good for Everyone

Written By: Britt Raybould
In the span of about six weeks, I read two, similar emails. The first email was more a...