Holiday 1Being the editorial director of Business Unplugged™ does have some perks – and one of them is getting to pick the 12 “best of” posts for this year. In no particular order, I recommend rereading (or reading for the first time!) these great posts from our amazing guest bloggers.

Lou Bortone cracked me up with this post showing that leadership lessons can be found anywhere. Don’t miss Mob Rules: Leadership Lessons From The Mafia.

Rich Gallagher validated what every person who has ever done customer service knows to be true: There ARE stupid questions. Here is news you can use in How to Tell Clients They Are Stupid.

Donna Saul gets my vote for most worthy of bookmarking. Everybody struggles with pricing their products/services. Donna gave us a great framework for thinking through this in her post How to Determine the Best Price for Your Product or Service.

Margie Clayman asked us to step back and take a look at what we are doing and why. Seems like a valuable exercise that all of us should be doing this time of year. Take a look at Passion, Fun, Or Money – Why Do You Do What You Do?

Please check back tomorrow for Day 2!