Business Apps for iPhones, SmartPhones and Tablets can really help streamline your day-to-day business tasks. But since there are so many to choose from, I have asked the contributor network of entrepreneurs and experts to provide their favorite business apps to help you discover apps than can save you time and more. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

You may notice some similar apps and insights, but I kept the concepts separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. What's Your Klout?

I've fallen for Klout. Everyone has it. But do you understand it? Businesses can use more Klout and you can too.

It measures your influence on the web. Every brand has Klout. Every company has Klout.
Have I told you that it is free?

Check them out. Just go to and follow the easy to understand directions.
This is an app that brings real value to the metrics of who, what and how for your website.
Thanks to: Warren Bobrow of Wild River Review.

2. DROPBOX Saves My Life

I am on the road A LOT. Having my world on the cloud and specifically on has made my life easier on a daily basis. Not only is everything backed up offsite, but it allows me to access all of my information wherever and whenever I need it.

It is a life saver!
Thanks to: Ben Baker of CMYK Solutions Inc.

3. Record it or Forget it!

I find the iProRecorder iPhone business app to be one of the best out there. It turns your phone into a mini recorder so that you can record ideas, meeting times and other important things that you might otherwise forget, on the go. It's smashing!
Thanks to: Ryan Critchett of RMC Lehigh Valley Computer Repair.

4. Omnifocus for iPad

Getting everything out of my head and into an easy to use application is key for productivity in my business. Omnifocus for iPad lets me organize anything and everything that is on my mind into categories that make sense for me. I then use my iPad like a planner on my desk where I can reference my tasks and mark them as complete before moving on to the next task. Organizing client projects is now a breeze with tasks, categories and schedules that keep me productive and in control!
Thanks to: Christine Morris of Strategic Growth & Development.

5. Instagram, Not Just for Play!

Instagram on iPhone is a business app I use often. True, at first glance it seems it's not for businesses, but in my event planning world where many aspects of my work are visual, this app allows me to constantly share photos through a whole different social media. Businesses are slowly catching on and if you're in event planning, PR, advertising, fashion or other visually stimulating fields; it's an amazing way to showcase your business through creative DIY photography.
Thanks to: Maria Lago of Three / Events & PR.

6. Dial #250 & Say TAXI

It's an "app" that already works on 9 of 10 mobile phones.

Just dial #250, and at the prompt you can say:
TAXI, AIRLINE, HOTEL, or CAR RENTAL to reach any major provider.

Benefit: I don't have to know the numbers, nor look them up. This works across handset models (including non-smartphones) and across major wireless carriers.

Advertisers can get their own "spoken keywords" on the platform, so their customers and prospects can reach them easily. It eliminates barriers to response!
Thanks to: Matt Harris of #250.

7. Smartphone Motivation

Motivation To Your Mobile is an app on the Android Market and it gives others a positive word of encouragement to start their day. Here is an example of what you get every day when you touch your MTYM icon. Today’s word is Timing. Find true love. Get a dream job. Take a vacation. The time is now so what are you waiting for? Your time is everything.
Thanks to: Derrick Hayes of WOE (Word Of Encouragement).

8. Easy Data Gathering

Formstack ( is my favorite way to gather, sort and act on all kinds of data. Instead of using forms only on contact us pages, think about business processes that can benefit from online data capture. The best part is the drag & drop way they let you build forms, and then provide you the code to embed anywhere. Formstack has been a go to of mine for a while now.
Thanks to: Chris Theisen of FlexPAC.

9. AMEX OPEN App is it for Me

My favorite business app would have to be the AMEX OPEN app. The plethora of informative business articles have been invaluable for perusing while waiting in line at the post office, grocery stores, pumping gas, you name it.
Thanks to: Bola Ajumobi of Slimy Bookworm.

10. Get Face to Face with Oovoo!

As a video marketing pro, my favorite business app is the video conferencing solution at With Oovoo, you can do 6-way video chats for free. Paid plans give you more bells and whistles, such as desktop sharing, phone minutes and no ads. The video call quality is outstanding and you can record the sessions for playback or to use as a webinar later. I use Oovoo to do live "split screen" video interviews and for 1 on 1 coaching. Think of it as Skype on steroids!
Thanks to: Lou Bortone of

11. Love Drop Box

I recently started using the application Drop Box for personal and business documents. After you sign up online and download the app, you can drag documents from your computer into Drop Box and can view them on your phone. It is an easy way to store important documents on your phone.
Thanks to: Sheena Edwards of Lizzie Lou Shoes.

12. Great Opp Business App

A great opportunity for businesses is the RIFT SUCCESS App. Essentially what businesses get is the opportunity to save on services such as web hosting, outsourcing, logo & banner design, and website builds. Additionally, it gives businesses the opportunity to find a suitable B2B Loan in order to provide the working capital they need to expand. It doesn't leave job seekers out however, they too are able to view the newest job openings available with up to date information.
Thanks to: Junior Sanchez of RIFT SUCCESS.

13. Set Online Reminders

It's an alarm clock you use for free in your web browser. Just visit the site, choose your alarm time, and leave your web browser and computer running. For best results, be sure to deactivate 'Sleep Mode' if you're using it on a laptop. The alarm will wake you up or act as a simple and free online reminder!
Thanks to: Tom Churm of Online Alarm Clock.

14. Free App Can Increase Sales

Do you remember the good old days when a company knew who you were, rather than just thinking of you as a number on their accounting books?'s free app will recapture those days by improving your business relationships and your sales. You will learn what your customers really like. Search their profiles or have them easily join your business group. Have a meeting with an important or first time client? Serve them a coffee just the way they like it! The limitless benefits are now mobile.
Thanks to: Christopher Georgopoulos of FAVsmile Inc.

15. Speech to Text Software

Speech to Text software is a product of ever-improving technology. It allows people with mobility constraints to gain more functionality from their computers and allows a multitude of professionals to gain a huge amount of efficiency and the ability to include more detail in their written text than they may have had the time to include without such a program. Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to use your voice to create and edit. It features up to 99% speech recognition accuracy.
Thanks to: Andrea Eldridge of Nerds On Call.

16. Google Calendar Makes it Easy!

Google Calendar is phenomenal for business owners that want to keep track of their daily schedule without struggle. It connects to just about any smart-phone and can be easily integrated with other scheduling software.
Thanks to: Brittni Abiolu of FundingAlley.

17. Tune in

My favorite app is the TuneIn Radio App. You can stream your favorite radio shows, music and talk shows, or record and pause for listening to at a later date. You'll never miss your favorite personalities.
Thanks to: Angel Tuccy of Experience Pros.

18. Fav iPhone App

I'm a professional speaker and on the advice of my coach, I'm taking a stand-up comedy course to improve my stage presence and comfort level. I find inspiration all around me in my interactions with friends, family and co-workers, and I use the Voice Memo application on my iPhone 4 all the time! I can create quick voice files on something funny I've heard or seen during my day, and can also incorporate the information I save into my individual and group coaching programs.
Thanks to: Dianne Daniels of Image & Color Services.

19. Evernote is My Go-to App

I use a laptop, iPad and iPhone in my publishing work. Evernote, a cloud-based service, seamlessly gives me access to everything immediately from any device. I can start writing a book on my iPad, add to it from my laptop, and edit it on my iPhone. All devices synchronize automatically. I use Evernote for to-do lists, meeting notes, customer lists, speeches, projects, and my professional resources (bio, reviews, book pitches, photos, etc.). It keeps me sane. It’s my must-have app.
Thanks to: Jerilyn Marler of Quincy Companion Books.

20. Virtual Shoebox?

Shoeboxed lets you create an organized box of receipts for your accountant via the internet. Download the free mobile app or sign up online to receive your first set of envelopes to get your receipts shoeboxed. Send in your receipts, biz cards, and paper clutter and they scan and gather the data. Then, you're all organized!

If you use Outright for your accounting, you can connect to Shoeboxed directly for clean reporting and tracking.
Thanks to: Alicia Rittenhouse of Alicia Rittenhouse.

Do you know another great business app that wasn’t included? If you do, please share it below. And as always, many thanks to everyone that contributed to this article!