Most of us are thrilled for 2022 to begin, as the new year is a perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. So, we have again asked our fabulous contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own personal business-related New Year’s resolutions for 2022. We hope that their resolutions provide you with some inspiration and goals to work towards in your own business this year. Their resolutions are presented below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.


1. Being Generous

I make personal and professional resolutions every year, and it's helped propel my company ahead. One of my key objectives for 2022 is to spend generously (above and beyond my regular comfort level) in my team and individuals outside my team who require assistance. I'm grateful for those who have helped me along the road, and instead of getting caught up in my own desire to succeed, I sincerely want to help others succeed as well. Investing in others benefits everyone involved, including myself.
Thanks to: Lattice Hudson of Lattice & Co.

2. New Year Business Resolution

I am a marketing consultant and an established entrepreneur. I run a successful Niche website called Biking Know How. My New Year's Resolution is for my website to reach 5,000 subscribers. Presently I have 2300 subscribers. I monetize using Ad Networks, my daily traffic comes from subscribers. I plan to achieve my goal through digital marketing, SEO and Social Media.
Thanks to: Rohan Kadam of Biking Know How.

3. It's Time For Change in 2022!

As a digital nomad, it can be difficult to always have time to network and make connections. I find I meet so many valuable and helpful business owners through networking, but it is not easy when I am always on the road.

The pandemic has also put a halt to in person meetings, which makes connecting near impossible. This year, I plan to try online networking to make new acquaintances. Building these connections is important to stay on top of new world content and to help promote my business.
Thanks to: Donny Gamble of

4. Delegate!

In 2022, I resolve to get comfortable with delegating work. If it’s not high value, within my area of expertise, and something I enjoy, I’m going to get someone else to do it. As small business owners, we often start out doing everything ourselves, and it’s important to remember we don’t have to once we’re more established. If you’re struggling to grow your business, I strongly recommend delegating and outsourcing where you can, too.
Thanks to: Kelly Wade of K. M. Wade.

5. Learning is a Life Long Goal

To implement something new that I personally learn every month. I am dedicating 5 hrs a month to learn something I do not know and then bring it back to the team and share it with them. I share often that it is important to be open to learn every day in your business. It is also important as the business owner to show your employees and team that you are open to do the things you ask of them. In turn, with learning something new, the company will grow and be open to endless possibilities.
Thanks to: Galit Ventura-Rozen of Everyday Woman.

6. Niching Down

My business New Year's Resolution is to focus more heavily on specific niches. Instead of being so general and broad with my target audiences and readers, I decided to concentrate on one or two niches. This will be much easier to penetrate over trying to build large brand awareness.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media, LLC.

7. Double Up!

This year was our first full year in business and we did just over $2 million in off market real estate deals. My New Year's Resolution is to double that figure in 2022 to $4 million!
Thanks to: Erik Wright of New Horizon Estates, LLC.

8. Rank #1 on Google Search!

We organize fundraisers for schools and youth sports teams to sell bed sheets. Most of our clients are from word of mouth and I know that to really grow our business we need to improve our SEO rankings on Google. My goal is to rank #1 on Google for the keyword "bed sheet fundraiser."
Thanks to: Jessica Wright of Dream Team Fundraising.

9. Count to 3

Daniel Pink once said "Argue like you're right but listen like you're wrong." In a world that seems to keep spinning fast, faster, and faster, such sound advice.

Listen more. Talk less. Whether it's during an important negotiation or in meeting with my Team, I will count to 3 before I jump in with my POV. When someone is talking, I will listen all the way to this person's last sentence. Bonus resolution: Also "listen" to what's gone unsaid. That's where true wisdom lies. Listen well often.
Thanks to: Jean Chow of MsBizWiz.

10. Focusing on Facebook

We've experimented with various social media and content marketing strategies over the last two years. Ultimately, data shows the majority of our sales are coming from facebook organic. In 2022, our team is avoiding 'shiny object syndrome' and putting a primary focus on this platform. The top social networking site is still one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching our core audience.
Thanks to: Shaqir Salihu of Shaqir Salihu.

11. Focus on What Matters

In my industry, marketing, links are currency. The number of links you have to your website is a sign of success. Therefore, in 2022, I plan on focusing on what should have been my priority all this time-- link building. The other metrics are vanity metrics compared to the number of quality links in my backlink profile. By boosting links in 2022, my DR should rise. The result: more profitable opportunities in 2022.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

12. Increase Search Traffic

Our New Year's resolution for 2022 is to double our organic search traffic. We've put together a content marketing strategy with the goal of publishing one new in-depth piece of educational content each week. These 52 pieces of content for 2022 will come in the form of blog articles, guides, lead magnets, and guest posts on authority sites in the finance niche.
Thanks to: Ilir Salihi of Gold IRA Secrets.

13. Increase Brand Awareness

In the New Year, we'll continue to educate more people about our brand and products. Promoting the business regularly and consistently is a top priority. It's not only about increasing our sales but also about providing more value to our people and advocating for what we believe in. That will help us serve our purpose as a business.
Thanks to: Tyler Wall of SD Bullion.

14. Improving the User Experience

There's no better way to engage your audience than providing them with a seamlessly smooth user experience that sets you apart from your competitors. The new year brings with it the perfect time to better our current processes and ensure that our website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and loads quickly. Putting the best UX practices to use gives our business much-needed visibility with both users and search engines alike.
Thanks to: Richa Nathani of Dialed Labs.

15. Integrating Automation Tools

Emerging technologies like AI have left us with tremendous opportunities to redefine the traditional workplace like never before. By incorporating these tools into your business operations, you can assign mundane and repetitive tasks to automation apps and software, and redirect your team's efforts to high-priority challenges that need their careful attention.
Thanks to: Riley Beam of Douglas R. Beam, P.A..

16. Level Up Your Content Game

With the new year fast approaching, it makes for the perfect time to experiment with new types of content, even if they're outside your comfort zone. Regardless, the goal of the year should be creating better quality content, and not just more content to fill the pages of your website and social media channels. By revising our current strategy, we'll aim on identifying new mediums of communication that work in tandem with the best content strategy we can cook up.
Thanks to: Demi Yilmaz of

17. New Year New Things To Explore

My 2022 new year's resolution is to be more open to different opportunities that will help my company grow more. The pandemic has greatly affected almost all businesses, and 2022 is the perfect time to get back on track again. As a business owner, I need to be open to new opportunities and advancements to gain all we lost during the previous years.
Thanks to: Anton Radchenko of AirAdvisor.

18. 2022 Goal: TRAIN MORE PEOPLE

2022 is less than a month away, and we need to ensure that everything in our company is aligned with our goals. So my business' new year's resolution is, train more people. Having competent people in my team will make my company reach its goals faster. It not only helps my company, but it will also help my team with their professional development. The more competent people working for my company are, the higher the chances of company advancement.
Thanks to: Jeneva Aaron of TheHouseWire.

19. New Year, New Goal, Same Team

As the Business Manager, I am moving forward to set our new profit margin goals, as each year, but this year we are concentrating on employee retention. We want to offer, as a company, the best working conditions, and benefits, but they take time to organize. Hence, 2022 will be the year that all this will be implemented.
Thanks to: Don Adams of Regional Foundation Repair.

20. No more Slacking on Slack!

For 2022, I have taken the (alas, difficult) resolution of muting all my notifications on slack as well as social media.

I decided to do this after I tried to count the amount of times I was being interrupted both on slack and social media during my workday. It not only made me slower, but really tampered with my concentration levels.

I figured this is something that can have negative effects on me in the medium term, or even that it is perhaps already too late. But better late than never!
Thanks to: Natalia Brzezinska of PhotoAiD.

21. Focus More on CSR

Businesses that neglect corporate social responsibility put their financial prosperity and brand credibility at risk. A poor social and environmental reputation can have a significant negative influence on a firm's overall profitability and success, which is why we'll be emphasizing it more in the coming year. As an organization, we want everyone to be aware that a business is not just profit-driven, but in the end, it's the people and society in general that need to benefit from it.
Thanks to: Sam Santa of Zeitholz.

22. Build a Culture of Resilience

The last two years have taught us that the world may undergo a substantial transformation in a relatively short period of time. Only tough businesses can withstand these storms. To ensure that our business is one of them, we'll need to build a culture of resilience. This means instilling a mindset in your employees that allows them to stay positive and productive even when the going gets tough. As entrepreneurs, we intend to do this by staying upbeat, flexible, and creative.
Thanks to: Chris Thompson of Backdoor Survival.

23. Learn to Embrace Failure

As an entrepreneur, I need to accept the risk of failure. Every business leader I admire has failed multiple times in their entrepreneurial journey. Failure teaches an inner resolve and the opportunity to see things with a new perspective. Every failure on the way has been an invaluable lesson and has taught me so much about business, work, people, and myself. So, I will never take my failures back. By embracing failure I am creating the opportunity for future success.
Thanks to: Craig Hewitt of Castos.

24. Be Thankful for What We Have

Given the challenges of the past year, I want to take the time to be thankful for what we have as a company and what we’ve achieved. I’m thankful for our amazing team who have pulled together to create a supportive network that underpins our growth as a business. I’m thankful for the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs who inspire and motivate me. And most of all I’m thankful for our loyal customers who take the time to provide the critical feedback we need to improve.
Thanks to: Leanna Serras of FragranceX.

25. Revamp Business Tools

The increased incorporation of virtual elements has integrated various tools and tech platforms in our business environment. An essential resolution for the new year is to evaluate these tools and platforms and revamp the lineup to match the business strategy for the year. After a thorough evaluation of solutions that are being implemented currently, we will adopt innovative solutions to fit an evolving landscape.
Thanks to: Jerry Ford of 4WD Life.

26. Prepare for Crisis Management

Having learned our lessons in the last couple of years, we are preparing a comprehensive crisis management blueprint for 2022. Our managers will spearhead a detailed evaluation of the respective business and operational processes they are responsible for and prepare a robust crisis management document to identify and meet the challenges in time. With a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for every process in place, we aim to tackle head-on any challenges.
Thanks to: Krista Haws of Dripped Coffee.

27. Innovate Customer Engagement

We aim to reevaluate our customer engagement strategies for the coming year and ramp up our commitment on this front. This includes analyzing our existing customer engagement channels and championing innovative changes that help us build better connections with customers. We aim to pay specific attention to tech solutions that help us connect with our customers via business and analytical tools available on different digital platforms.
Thanks to: Cody Crawford of Low Offset.

28. Working Smarter

As a growing digital agency, it can be difficult to track the time we're spending working on projects for clients.

One of the big things we've learned as a business this year is how to manage our time more efficiently.

So in the new year, we'll continue to make a conscious effort to work smarter. This means we're carefully planning every workload to ensure we're investing time into strategically managing every hour to ensure we're putting the work into the activity that really comes up big!
Thanks to: Dale Bonsor of Quibble.

29. Do More on Social Media

My business resolution for 2022 is to focus more on building the company’s social media presence, more importantly, on driving more engagement to our social media content and shared posts. As people spend more of their time online, I want to make our social media pages a go-to resource for car enthusiasts and a venue where other people can learn more about our products and services.
Thanks to: Tobias Rawcliffe of Number 1 Plates.

30. Make uRnning Team and T-shirts

We have seven running freaks in our startup taking part in some sports events like half-marathons, marathons, and mountain trail runs. Therefore, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to create an amateur running team “PAcers” (from PhotoAiD - PA), and order some funny team t-shirts. Is it business-related? I believe it is as it will build a team spirit on both levels - as a work and a sport colleague!
Thanks to: Maciek Kubiak of PhotoAiD.

31. Do Less, Way Less

I'm the type of person who has a very hard time saying no to opportunities. However, this can lead to 30 call weeks where you're spending 30% of your time on non-essential networking, or relationship building.

In 2022, I'm saying no a lot more to these sorts of opportunities. I'll try to communicate more over email vs Zoom, politely decline intro calls, and I'm not going to feel badly about it.
Thanks to: Phil Strazzulla of SelectSoftware Reviews.

32. Choose My Guiding Star

New Year's is a time of celebration, parties, friends, and a commitment to an even better year than the last. Many are intentional in improving their life by stating a New Year's resolution. I love to set a resolution that intentionally guides me, too. However, the one discipline that helps me the most is to have a guiding word for the year. Some words I've chosen over the past few years are: thrive, calm, life-giving. What word could you choose to meditate on during 2022?
Thanks to: Royce King of Your Startup Coach.

33. Bring More Value to the Client

Our company has always aimed to deliver the best service to our clients. However, settling for less when there is a possibility of achieving more will never be enough. My main business-related new year’s resolution for 2022 is to deliver more diverse services to our clients such as establishing brand identity, content marketing, etc. This way, our company will have more control when it comes to bringing more value to the client.
Thanks to: Zachary Colman of Creatitive.

34. Change Perceptions

Communication, especially in the marketing industry has always been undervalued, underinvested, and underappreciated. It is my new year’s resolution to change how the industries perceive communication and bring more awareness on how it influences a company’s growth. In addition, urge them to give credit to PR and communication teams for the company’s success.
Thanks to: Sean O’Neal of Onclusive.

35. Codify Our Processes

This resolution probably sounds super dry and boring but during 2020, I made my first hire (beyond freelance writers) and my new editor was amazing. This year, she made the decision to move on and one of the things I quickly learned is that we did not write down (or record) any of our processes. The transition was challenging and there were a few bits missed because we didn't have it all written down. My goal in early 2022 is to collect all of our processes and document them. Boring but important!
Thanks to: Jim Wang of

36. Build Remote Company Culture

Because we're a remote company, organically establishing and building company culture can be a challenge. However, creating a cohesive culture is paramount to company success. Because of this, our New Year's resolution is to hold one virtual team building event per month. This can include anything from informal meet and greets to more structured team events, such as trivia and other online games.
Thanks to: Evan Tarver of Selling Signals.

37. Plan a Routine Happy Hour

Over the last two years, we’ve become much more aware of how important a good office culture is, and we believe that making time for a happy hour at the end of the week is important to the well-being of our employees. Employee satisfaction is crucial in the workplace, and the incorporation of a non-work-related happy hour at the end of the week is something we want to offer our employees as a way to wind down for the weekend.
Thanks to: Mitch Chailland of Canal HR.

38. Educate Beginner Investors

The Bitcoin market can seem intimidating to invest in due to its continuous changes. Therefore, one of our resolutions at Pelicoin for 2022 is to educate beginner investors on the advantages of crypto and answer any questions they have to enter the market with confidence. In addition, the team at Pelicoin hopes to find panel and podcast opportunities in the industry to continue on our educate beginner investor goal.
Thanks to: Allyson Langhoff of Pelicoin.

39. Complete Two Creative Deals

For real estate investors there are common deal types such as fix and flipping, wholesaling and buy-and-hold. However, there are are other types, creative deals, that the pros utilize to turn a "no deal" into a win for all parties involved. Examples of these are lease options (i.e. rent-to-own), seller financing, straight options, subject-to and others. Putting these types of deals together requires thinking outside the box. Our business would like to complete two creative deals in 2022.
Thanks to: Ryne Lambert of Sell My House In Wisconsin.

40. Regular Business Promotion

My next year’s resolution is the promotion of my business regularly and consistently. Promoting a small business often falls to the bottom of the to-do list, overtaken by more urgent duties. I believe that promotion is essential if you want to attract new customers. Therefore, I have decided to hire a marketing expert or take the time to create a marketing plan on my own and follow-through.
Thanks to: Angus Chang of iupilon.

41. Hire Within Service Community

Skilled technicians are the backbone of the plumbing industry, but finding them has become a challenge due to the labor shortages caused by the pandemic. Goodbee hopes to help the deficit by hiring local workers with less experience but who take great interest in the plumbing installation industry, training them with courses led by experienced staff, and getting them certified.
Thanks to: Allison Harrison of Goodbee Plumbing and Drains.

42. 2022 - The Year of Growth

For me, 2021 was the year of learning, which in many aspects meant countless days and nights of just grinding away to get things off the ground. But, it also brought me and my business to a much better place as far as knowledge and perspective is concerned.

So for 2022, my New Year's business resolution is this: Continue to work hard in order to generate a steady income large enough to do this full time, and with enough capital to reinvest for another business venture I have planned.
Thanks to: Peter Erlandsson of

43. ₿uild a Stronger ₿alance Sheet

2020-21, the longest 14 years in the history of the world doesn't seem to be going away so here goes!

My goal is to build a more durable balance sheet by adding BTC to my business war chest.

I was inspired by a family-owned restaurant franchise called Tahinis.

With their 460% YoY growth, they've expanded locations (after being underwater in March '20) using this BTC standard.

My intent is to mitigate inflation, add value to my biz & educate my clients & local SMBs on new ways to thrive.
Thanks to: Kerry Deliz of Cash is Kween.

44. Evaluate Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for businesses, and no business is immune to hackers or malware. Now the risk is even greater since many employees continue to work remotely. I’m planning to take preventative measures to build a good system of defense. Installing firewalls, anti-virus programs, and email filters isn’t enough these days. I will provide training to my employees on best cybersecurity practices to keep them on guard for social engineering threats.
Thanks to: Andrew Raso of Online Marketing Gurus Australia.

45. More Team Communication

In 2022, I’ll look to improve two-way communication with all staff members. This means talking with them daily and listening to their concerns, asking them about their work, and, more importantly, asking them about their personal lives and families. I hope it will promote a positive work environment and will give employees more incentive to come to work and be more productive.
Thanks to: Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace.

46. Bring Back Abandoned Projects

We all have a collection of ideas scribbled on post-it notes, some unfinished outlines, and folders with plans for a potential new business. They are stored somewhere in a box and wait for my attention or at least, for some closure. In 2022, I’m going to take a fresh look at these ideas to see if any of them show promise. I hope I’ll be able to transform some ideas from a new perspective, and at least one of them is a viable project I can execute.
Thanks to: Jon Bennion of Online Marketing Gurus USA.

47. Join the New Business Groups

My 2022 business-related resolution is to join the new business organizations or networking groups because talking to other business people sparks new ideas and helps make contacts. I believe that networking groups, in person or online, revitalize you and your business. When you approach networking events strategically, you're more likely to have a positive outcome.
Thanks to: CJ Xia of Boster Biological Technology.

48. Build a Global Workforce

The last couple of years have helped the entrepreneurial community innovate and hunt down unique solutions to critical problems. One solution we have all discovered to be particularly advantageous is hiring a global workforce. In the new year, our goal is to leverage, in full, the many rewards that will come with this move. We are excited to hire a diverse talent pool that will now create a high-energy work environment inspired by an inclusive and diverse workforce.
Thanks to: Jase Rodley of

49. Keep Learning From Experiences

I try to never take other people’s experiences as my own, so that means I am constantly trying new things and gaining my own insights.

Every year, I promise to take on new ventures and say 'yes' to fresh challenges so I can make my own decisions based on my own experiences.

In 2022, I look forward to new experiences that will continue to craft me as a person and professional. It's been a major factor in my success so far, and it makes me happy to experience new adventures!
Thanks to: Danielle Hu of The Wanderlover Podcast.

50. Start Using a Journal

Using a journal can help with things, like recognizing the early signs of burnout, help you be mindful of how far you’ve come, keeping record of what you’ve done, and providing a moment of clarity as you write. Among many other things!

By writing short entries and checking in on your past writings, you can get a good look at your life! I truly believe in the effect it can have on your life. I hope to do this in 2022!
Thanks to: Lindsey Allard of PlaybookUX.

51. Improve Through Our Customers

In 2022, I resolve to use customer feedback in order to improve the service we provide!

Having access to feedback from current and previous customers will teach us so much about our platform and it could be a crucial tool to improve our service.

I look forward to compiling the previous year's feedback and making a plan to learn from it in 2022!
Thanks to: Lucie Chavez of Radaris.

52. Take Care of Yourself

Before you pay anyone else, take care of yourself.

Preparing money for your future self is an important part of self-care. Paying yourself first is essential, since if you wait until the last minute, you may not pay yourself at all. Contributing to a 401(k) is an easy way to pay yourself first, especially if your company matches your contributions. I will aim to save 10% of monthly income for a future need like retirement.
Thanks to: Fahad Jamal of Puretuber.

53. Listen to Your Customers

Listen to Your Customers and Employees.

I believe that when a consumer asks for something you don't have, it's time to remedy the situation. Try to figure out how you can help them out. They'll pay you back in cash. The same is true for your workers. Listen to what they have to say. Find out what works and what doesn't. I resolve to find out how we can improve their work experience and workflow. Keep in mind that an effective leader is one who pays attention and then acts on what they hear.
Thanks to: Emma Sophie of EverGreenSeeds.

54. Abandon Fear of Change

I have often made decisions because I'm afraid of leaving my comfort zone. This fear has kept me from jumping into opportunities that would benefit me. This year, I choose to leave fear behind. I'll weigh my options using logic and common sense, but fear will not factor into my decision. The prospect of experiencing change is frightening but also exciting. I anticipate business and personal growth and success as a result of fear abandonment. Cheers to 2022!
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of

55. Be Grateful for Another Year

Honestly, I'm just excited about another full year to work hard and watch Userpilot progress forward. You never know what will come in the future but, now that it's here, I know I'll have the chance to continue my work at this company I've started.

My resolution is to be grateful for the fact that I can continue to do what I love and soak in that feeling. Here's to another year of progress and forward momentum!
Thanks to: Yazan Sehwail of Userpilot.

56. Hire Talent!

Our 2022 resolution is to hire! Our business is growing substantially. We will be sharing job descriptions and keeping an eye out for talent to come and join our team next year.
Thanks to: Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

57. Increase Company's Reliance

Increase our company's reliance on technology.

I feel that you may increase your company's efficiency, innovation, and profitability by using business software. Your money, client relationships, production planning, inventory, and human resources may all be automated with it. Despite this, only a small percentage of small business owners are taking advantage of the tools at their disposal.
Thanks to: Neil John of One Computer Guy.

58. Establish Weekly Strategy

Establish weekly strategy sessions for our business.

The ability to translate ideas into action relies on both strategy and planning. It's easier to connect the large picture goals with the multiplicity of tiny chores necessary to get there when meetings are short and regular every week. As a result of the discussions, small-business owners can identify which methods are working and which are not, who should be involved, and how to incorporate those tactics into future strategies.
Thanks to: Victoria Mendoza of MediaPeanut.

59. Focus on the Culture

Focus on the culture of our workplace.

An excellent 2022 resolution for a small business that relies on its employees is to put effort into creating a positive workplace culture. When employees feel valued, respected, and like their career growth is important to the business, they are more engaged and loyal. Think about asking your employees what improvements they would want to see in the company's culture.
Thanks to: William Westerlund of Almvest.

60. Kill the 40 Hour Work Week

In 2022, I'm going to end my reliance on thinking of a 40 hour workweek as the benchmark that I set for my employees, but rather, focus on the actual results that they are responsible for.
Thanks to: Jeremy Haug of B2B Business Experts.

61. Hone Our Ability to Adapt

As we approach 2022, we intend to be more versatile and fluid. I feel that honing our ability to pivot and adapt in the face of unpredictability is critical. The pandemic has reinforced our belief that it is vital to be agile and ready to respond to change by experimenting with new methods and technologies. We aim to use the knowledge and insights obtained from recent events to strengthen our business and prepare it for the next curveball sent our way.
Thanks to: David Bitton of DoorLoop.

62. Empowering My Employees

My New Year’s resolution is to make my employees feel more empowered. I pride myself as a leader that provides confidence to her workforce in making critical decisions. But ever since the pandemic forced us to work remotely, I have found myself micro-managing a lot of things. In 2022, my first priority would be to back my team, provide guidance where necessary and help them grow. I believe it’s my job to cultivate new leaders and that’s exactly what I am going to do in the coming year.
Thanks to: Elice Max of EMUCoupon.

63. Advance as One in 2022

I will be re-investing in our people. To be more specific, we will be creating training programs for our existing employees to build and develop skills and capacities to serve our clients better. We would also like to increase the number of employees in our team.
Thanks to: Dror Zaifman of iCash.

64. Become Better at Saying "No"

I have a tendency to say yes to people because I am genuinely a person who likes to help and feels good when I am able to, but I found that on more than one occasion, being too quick to say yes has come back to bite me. I've already started working on ways of saying I am unable to help, including practicing before the conversation and having a better understanding of where my priorities lie. I think it's important that leaders be able to diplomatically and empathetically say no when necessary.
Thanks to: Brian Snedvig of Jofibo.

65. Continue to Adapt to Pandemic

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still very much a part of our lives. We have had to pivot and it's changed the way we do things, personally and professionally.

One positive is how we have all tweaked our lives in order to succeed. And, so far, I've done whatever it takes to succeed rather than feel sad or be upset about the pandemic.

In 2022, I resolve to continue with this mindset and see it as a new challenge I need to overcome in order to make the best of the situation!
Thanks to: Tudor Armand Ciuleanu of RebelDot.

66. Improve Outflows of Cashflow

In 2022, I aim to grow my business in a big way. This may be a bit of a different resolution for the start of a new year but, as someone who is extremely driven, I make sure to set specific goals for the growth of my business each year.

Specifically, my goals are to triple revenues which then improves outflows and increases profits.

I’ve been able to see consistent growth over the last few years and I believe I have set myself up to continue that trend in 2022.
Thanks to: Duane Furlong of Duane Furlong Studios.

67. Forget the Blame Game

The dawn of the new year brings an opportunity for business related activities. In 2022, I would like to encourage my employees to avoid playing the blame game.
Thanks to: Joel Phillips of Home Guide Corner.

68. Growing Together

Colleagues that work together should also grow together. Blaming each other for mistakes will only result in a negative work environment. I want to instill positive habits like collaborating and a communicative work culture within my company. Communication is key to success in any case.
Thanks to: Cristina Ortega of Mrs. Property Solutions.

69. Take Our Team for Nature Walks

Going out and appreciating nature with your team will allow you to relax and unwind while appreciating the beauty of what our planet has to offer, so I’m looking forward to doing this in 2022.
Thanks to: Liz Hutz of Cash Home Buyers.

70. New Year, New Strategy

I’m excited to use some time in January to revisit our business strategy and breathe some new life into it. With the financial and operational data gathered for 2021 and predictions made about the economic future of 2022, we can use it to find a stronger path forward. It’s motivating for our entire team to start the new year with a fresh strategy in mind.
Thanks to: John Li of Fig Loans.

71. Reconnect With Old Colleague

As we get older, we lose touch with some old friends and colleagues. In the coming year, I hope to reach out to and catch up with at least one of my old colleagues to see how they are doing.
Thanks to: Scott Rubzin of Tiffany Property Investments LLC.

72. Be a Goal Digger!

Be a goal digger! It will change the way you tackle business challenges. Rejuvenating the drive to achieve our goals ahead of time will set us apart.
Thanks to: Ben Wagner of Leave The Key Homebuyers.

73. Nothing Can Stop Me Now!

You can either have results or excuses. Not both! This is very important for any business owner to achieve desired results.
Thanks to: Zach Wimpey of Craig and Landreth Cars.

74. Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the people is one of my top priorities for the new year. I plan to host events for the community, such as a local charity.
Thanks to: Katy Wrench of Hometree.

75. Adopting Better Tech

My goal for 2022 is to take our digital adoption to the next level. I’ve set up some meetings in the new year with hopes to adopt more cloud-based tools, specifically for better project management and CMS. We’re looking to automate as much as we can so we can free up our spare time for more important tasks rather than the usual “housekeeping” work. If you’re not adopting new tools, your business won’t stay relevant.
Thanks to: David Aylor of David Aylor Law Offices.

76. Organize Office Trips

Organizing office trips also has to be a major new year’s resolution for me. I want my employees to have fun at the office. All their hard work should be rewarded. I believe that an all-paid-for trip would be an excellent way to do that.
Thanks to: Dave Ericksen of Waterzen.

77. Interact With Our Community

Screenwriting is a lively and engaging community, but it can be challenging to stay as involved as I’d like. As an effort to connect, I will be reading at least one script per month that our members submit. For business owners who create similar online spaces, I believe it’s important to continue interacting and staying engaged with what your business offers. By reading the creative work of our users, I hope to stay more engaged and able to bring better service to our online community.
Thanks to: Chuck Griffin of ScriptMother.

78. Read More Business Books

I'm aiming to grow my overall business knowledge and expand my point of view through reading more business books. I've set a goal to read one written book per month and listen to one audiobook. Since I'm often short on spare time, I can squeeze in an audiobook on my commute or while I work out to hit my goal of 24 business books in 2022.
Thanks to: James Diel of Textel.

79. To Empower Our Staff

In 2021, we scratched the surface with our cultural diversity initiatives but in 2022, we will go beyond scratching the surface to dive deep into some of our implicit biases, recognizing them and learning unique ways to overcome them.

Another 2022 goal is to hold those people accountable who tried to subvert the firm’s cultural diversity goals. We all should forgive but holding people accountable is just as important for the healing process.
Thanks to: Wesley Scott of LifeBack Law Firm.

80. Attend More Networking Events

My big goal for 2022 is to make a more concerted effort to network within and outside my industry. With in-person events opening back up and digital networking events becoming more prevalent, too, I plan to participate in at least 5 over the next year. I’m ready to meet some new colleagues and hear some great insights on how they dealt with the challenges of the last few years.
Thanks to: Minesh J Patel of The Patel Firm.

81. 2022 Business Resolutions

In 2022, we plan on building our backlink portfolio, driving customers to our site. We have found that SEO has been very successful for us, and we will combine that with social media, and collaboration to help get us to our goal of being at the top of the search engine page.
Thanks to: Ouriel Lemmel of WinIt.

82. 2022 Business Resolutions

My 2022 New Years' resolution is to devote more marketing energy to SEO. The pandemic really helped us understand how important the focus should be on driving traffic to our website, and SEO is what we plan to focus on in 2022.
Thanks to: Mark Daoust of Quiet Light.

83. 2022 Business Resolutions

For 2022, I want to ensure that our marketing campaigns are as free from racial bias as possible. This means training our team members to examine their own unintentional bias, and finding ways to remove it as we develop our marketing plans.
Thanks to: Christopher Moore of Quiet Light.

84. Keep an Eye on Burnout

Working remotely can be exhausting and running my own company is very demanding. It's easy to feel burnout and to forget about taking care of your mental health.

I've done a pretty good job of looking after my mental health in 2021, but I want to ensure I do a better job of it in 2022. I will find new ways to refresh my mind, recharge my batteries, get away from my work for a short while as I need it, and just be better prepared for long hours of work!
Thanks to: Brandon Hopkins of DiamondLinks.

85. Knowing Your Customer

My new year business resolution is making the effort to hold meaningful interactions with the loyal customers supporting us. I plan on hosting online meet-ups, workshops and, informal meetings, expressing my genuine gratitude to these customers for their support and, seeking to get to know them. Not only will this boost our customer service reputation, but it will likely give us a better insight on how to better serve our audience. In both respects, this will help us build a better business.
Thanks to: Kevin Mercier of KEVMRC TRAVEL.

86. Inbox Zero

My resolution is simple, unsubscribe to most of the newsletters I currently get, and be more strategic in the ones I sign up for.

As founders get started, it's natural to subscribe to a ton of newsletters so you can learn as quickly as possible. Once you're launched, however, the focus switches from 'learning' to 'time to grow'. Managing your time is your highest priority. No longer can you afford to waste time sifting through newsletters that aren't super helpful. Inbox zero is key.
Thanks to: Brian Folmer of FirstLook.


I have never seen quite this much turmoil in the worldwide business environment for a very long time. So, I realized that I really have to focus on what we do best and what we are best known for. Our line contains all different kinds of ducks from sports to pink flamingos. But it is the celebrities that we are best known for and that is what we will focus on for 2022!!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

88. More Organic Customers

I'm gearing toward building a more solid content marketing strategy. In this way, we get to attract and engage more of our target audience and actually turn them into leads.

What we were doing so far wasn't enough; but with a brand new content marketing strategy in place, we can build an organic customer base that will stay loyal to us and hopefully become our brand evangelists.

I want an evolution for Aquion Energy, and I believe this new year can bring new, positive changes to us.
Thanks to: Jay Whitacre of Aquion Energy.

89. Expanding to Video

My business has always focused on creating written content in the form of reviews, but in 2022, my New Year’s resolution is for us to expand into creating video content as well. This will be a totally new ballgame for us, but I am excited to see how it will take us to the next level and reach our audience in a new, unique way.
Thanks to: Christen Costa of Gadget Review.

90. Listen Better

My business resolution for 2022 is to be a better communicator with an emphasis on really listening. I respond to dozens if not hundreds of communications a day in the form of emails, phone calls, chats, and zoom meetings, and it can be easy to get into a groove of working as quickly as possible by saying what I know or what I want, making it happen, and moving on to the next one, but this can often lead to unnecessary friction with clients and employees down the road.
Thanks to: Ann Martin of CreditDonkey.

91. My 2022 New Year's Resolution

Publish a new podcast episode every week!
Thanks to: Rob Powell of Rob Powell Biz Blog.

92. Learning New Things

Besides time management, one of the most important skills for me is learning how to be flexible. With so many changes happening in the world of business, it’s vital to keep up with what’s going on and adapt. Whether it's through a course, a book, or a podcast — listening to new ideas and learning new things will keep me from getting stuck doing the same old thing!
Thanks to: Brian Meiggs of Gigs Done Right.

93. Unplug and Unwind

For 2022, my business resolution is to take more time to unplug from the office. If the last two years have taught me anything, it’s the importance of family and health. I love my business, but it shouldn’t be my entire world. I want to prioritize my time spent with family, friends, and hobbies. I know that doing so will help me keep stress in check and make my time in the office more productive and effective.
Thanks to: Ravi Parikh of RoverPass.

94. Embrace Change

My resolution for 2022 is to continue embracing change. The pandemic forced me to radically change the way we work. We went from 70% of our workforce in-office to almost entirely remote. I was sure this was going to be temporary, but when I looked at our performance data I realized that this was actually better for us in terms of overhead, productivity, and turnover. I'm not sure what new changes 2022 is going to bring, but I am ready to meet and embrace them and adapt my business accordingly.
Thanks to: Devon Fata of Pixoul.

95. Finding a Mentor

This year, my business resolution is to work on connecting with a mentor. I’ve had mentors in the past, but only realized recently that I’ve been without one for far too long. Mentors are a great tool to help propel your career forward, and they can help hold you accountable for the goals you set.
Thanks to: Daivat Dholakia of Essenvia.

96. Career Pivot Yes... And

My New Year's resolution is to play the Yes... And Game 12 times in front of 168 people. They likely won't know each other and half of them won't know me. I'm not an improv actor! This method is generative, positive, and fun. It will allow for 12 people to each have the chance to experience an explosion of new career-pivot ideas and for 168 people to have the chance to meet, while in service of someone else. I've run one workshop so far and one is being scheduled for Jan '22.
Thanks to: Kamrin Huban of Kamrin Huban Coaching.

97. Contingency Plans Are Key

We acknowledge that in the year 2022, our new year’s resolution should be “contingency plans are key”. No one saw COVID-19 and its adverse effects were coming not until it crippled all sectors of society most especially businesses. Most companies have shut down because of financial losses which could’ve been made less severe if companies were able to establish action plans with multiple contingencies should this kind of calamities will arise.
Thanks to: Valerie Barnett of PleasingCare.

98. No More Content Comfort Zone

Sticking to a comfort zone of any kind is a recipe for stagnation, and even if something has always worked, there’s no guarantee it will forever, so it’s only smart to push yourself.

In 2022, I want us to step out of our content comfort zone and branch into new mediums like video, audio, or even live streams. It could greatly increase our reach, authenticity, and value as a brand. In our digital world, it's not enough to offer one kind of content - you'll get lost in the sea of it all.
Thanks to: Stephen Light of Nolah Mattress.

99. Make Impact While Sleeping

Because we only have so many hours in a day, our New Year's Resolution is to find more ways to make a positive impact and money while sleeping. We all need to find creative ways to help more people. In January, 2022, I will launch an updated version of our 8-Second PR book that is a "New Public Relations Crash Course" that shares our PR Secrets. Goody PR is also launching the new Goody Business Book Awards to "Uplift Author Voices" by recognizing authors making a difference. Happy 2022!
Thanks to: Liz H Kelly of Goody PR.

100. Review and Disregard

Review plans and get rid of things that don't work. There's no better time to review plans and goals than at the start of the year. Planning would help me prioritize the things that truly matter and focus on them. It would help me to stay on track. Also, whether it's strategies or things in the office, I'll get rid of them if they don't work. I want to start the new year right, so finding solutions to make them work is on my to-do list at the beginning of the year.
Thanks to: Ryan O’Donnell of Replyify.

101. Learn Something New

Learn something new: my new year's resolution. As an entrepreneur, you should always be open to learning new things in order to improve. With the ever-changing market, it's best to equip yourself with skills and knowledge that would help you improve your business. You will not only get ahead of your competition but will also add a new dimension of interest to your life. Learning also allows you to think outside the box, prompting you to come up with more creative and innovative solutions.
Thanks to: Lauri Kinkar of Messente.

102. Totally Forget the Blame Game

I’ve gotten accustomed to pointing fingers this year. But in 2022, I’ll be totally forgetting the blame game. I’ll make sure that the hatred inside me will be gone. I’ve condemned not only myself for not being able to scale up my business but also blamed my employees. And it deterred us from doing what we’re supposed to do - innovate more to scale the business. So whatever happens next year, good or bad, I’ll blame no one.
Thanks to: Jesse Forrest of Copywriting Crew.

103. Emphasize Physical Fitness

In 2022, I’ll give more emphasis on helping other people understand the importance of physical fitness. I’ve seen lots of people neglecting being fit since they’re banned from going to gyms. But just because you can’t go outside to exercise doesn’t mean there’s no other way. Creating home gyms will surely be the answer. I know that getting fit is on everyone's new year's resolutions list. But for me, it’s way more than that. And I’ll be making it my long-term commitment.
Thanks to: Brian Bram of Home Gym Strength.

104. Greater Use of Social Media

A company's use of social media is priceless. We resolve to use social media on a daily basis in 2022: communicate with customers and other users, respond to questions, and post compelling content. You may use numerous free social media scheduling apps to schedule a week's worth of posts at once, making social media a snap.
Thanks to: Tyson Stevens of Education Resource Eduref.

105. I Want to Banish

Banish imperfection, push for progress. Persevere. We all tend to be good on a Monday then get bad in the middle of the week until we get worse by weekend. Make sure that the things you’re already good at with good results are done regularly and consistently --- though they are just small things. It shouldn’t be a one-time big-time January 1st resolution, it should be a changed lifestyle for me to see Banish grow and glow.

Thanks to: Daisy Jing of Banish.

106. Strengthen Our SEO in 2022

The digital world has only become more competitive and crowded as businesses in the physical world were forced to up their game in the virtual one. Therefore, it is our goal in 2022 to streamline our SEO efforts.

By looking at everything from website upload speeds, mobile continuity, and increasing our exposure through trade newsletters and blogs, we will continue to bolster our efforts to strengthen our search engine rating.
Thanks to: Jeff Meeks of EnergyFit.

107. DIY & Entry-Level Products

For 2022, we've split our resolutions across two sections: our services and our company identity.

For our services, we want to impact a broader audience with DIY and entry-level product offerings. We believe this can help us serve a new section of the population and they can grow alongside us!

Internally, we want to improve communication, strengthen culture, and increase opportunities for our globally-distributed team! Our team is everything and I want to serve them as best I can!
Thanks to: Christos Kritikos of Emerging Humanity.

108. Never Eat Lunch Alone

People are the world's greatest resource. By never eating lunch alone, you're not only strengthening a network of useful contacts for your business, but reducing stress mid-day with a social break.

I've found that having more friends and connections has grown my tech business significantly. I expect having a purely social lunch with one business partner or client per day will create us opportunities I didn't know existed.
Thanks to: Victoria Mendoza of MediaPeanut.

109. Hire Expert, Fire Lazy

I will hire experts to get things done, no matter how much it will cost. Hiring an expert is a smart decision. Hiring the wrong one is a destructive decision. When I started my company, people said it made no sense to pay an expert when I could learn it myself for free on the internet. I should have done that, but now I'm no longer open to advise. I will hire experts even if it costs me a fortune, and fire lazy people as soon as they show up again.
Thanks to: Ian Turner of Gentleman Haircuts.

110. Team Building 2022

2020 and 2021 have been very devastating for all of us. In 2022, we hope for a better year and, as a business owner, I will make it an opportunity to get to know and learn more about my team. We have been working remotely because of the pandemic, which has somehow affected our team's cohesiveness. I will ensure that 2022 will be our team-building year so we can all work as one for the benefit of everyone.
Thanks to: Jaya Aiyar of Créatif Franchise.

111. Don't Kill the Enthusiasm!

If I had to choose only one, don't let time kill the enthusiasm.
Our company is a fast-growing start-up. After the initial phase of planning, the project has finally kicked off.
The first visualization, the first purchase, the first team: all this has been welcomed with great enthusiasm. Well, I'd like the company to continue to grow, of course, but also for the initial enthusiasm to remain, when every little win is greeted with satisfaction and not taken for granted.
Thanks to: Leszek Dudkiewicz of Passport-Photo.Online.

112. One Thing at a Time

My new year's resolution is to compartmentalize my tasks better. Everyone loves multitasking, but for most important and productive tasks, it's not a good habit. Doing it also takes a toll on our brain. Conversely, doing one thing at a time is surprisingly more effective at increasing productivity. Multitasking has seemingly stimulating effects, but according to study after study, it almost always leads to reduced productivity. I aim to focus on less to achieve more in the coming year.
Thanks to: Nick Shackelford of Structured Agency.

113. Greater Performance in 2022

I will offer a free seminar on marketing strategies for small businesses. I will have a chapter on SEO, another chapter on creating videos, another on Facebook advertising. My personal work resolution will be to build an AI assistant that can help me automate most of the routine tasks in my life.
Thanks to: Melissa Macalinao of CookTop Hunter.

114. Revisit Abandoned Projects

For 2022, I want to revisit projects that were never fully executed in 2021, but were good ideas to begin with. It can be beneficial to take a look at these abandoned projects with fresh eyes and try to complete them in the New Year.

As we have grown as a company more and more each year, we have an increased amount of resources to help finish these projects and in a more timely manner!
Thanks to: Sean Chaudhary of Alchemy Leads.

115. CX Via Omni/Multi-Channels

My resolution is to help my clients keep their customers more engaged/connected via multiple channels in 2022. The key is to create outreach campaigns not just via e-mails/newsletters, but through various social media platforms, too. I want to make sure that they reach the right customers/encourage them to reply/spread the word. Every piece of the consumer’s experience should be consistent/complementary. Omnichannel creates a seamless experience for customers regardless of channel/device.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

116. Customer Experience

I want to focus on customer experience in 2022 by using feedback collected from our social media platforms and website. This data is vital to help our business grow in the New Year.

This information can help us to improve our customer service, our marketing, our service features and our reliability which will improve the overall customer experience. 2022 will be all about customer satisfaction.
Thanks to: Jake Rheude of Red tag Fulfillment.

117. Delegation for Growth

My business resolution for the next year is simple: delegate! As a small business owner, the toughest thing to do is to let go and to simply manage rather than control every aspect of the business. It's stressful and in the long run, hurts the business's success. Other team members are oftentimes more capable or have more knowledge in certain aspects of the business than I do, so I need to let them flourish in their roles.
Thanks to: Nadav Hazaz of Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith.

118. My Plans

In in 2022, I'll continue:
* Enhancing my workplace consulting, training and coaching skills and talents.
* Searching for 3 new ways to do what I do faster, better, smarter or cheaper.
* Seeking 3 new clients to serve and 3 new allies to support.
Thanks to: Phil Stella of Effective Training & Communication.

119. One Business Book Per Month

My New Years' business resolution is to read at least one business book per month. I plan to focus on books that will help grow my business. My first book for January is CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.
Thanks to: Charmaine Allen of LuvMeKitchen.

120. Company Culture Takes Priority

Our 2022 goal is to make company culture a priority. We want our employees to go from satisfied to fired up inside! Many companies believe customers come first, but happy customers start with interactions with happy employees. We want our devotion to pets, clients, and our team to be evident to all.
Thanks to: Dr. Mark Scribano of Northeast Animal Hospital.

121. Keep Consistency Around!

As a business owner, my New Year's Resolution for 2022 will be "consistency". Consistency is your friend and she is the key to everything. She is the key for social media success, for sales success, network success... In 2022, I will do my best to be a good friend to her and keep her around!
Thanks to: Olga Amitousa-Mankoy of Famous in Vogue.

122. Shift of Mindset is Priceless

As a startup founder, I know that startups are a risky business in essence and everyday running one is fraught with new challenges and fires to put out. Since most flat out fail, my simple new year's resolution is to shift my mindset from "is our startup going to survive?" to "we are going to succeed - it's just a matter of when." Another big shift that's coming is further gamification of our community via Biz Points and branded NFT's to be available on Bizfluence App in 2022.
Thanks to: Jacob Davis of Bizfluence, Inc.

123. Focus on Redefining Our Goals

For 2022, we are looking forward to redefining our business goals. We will thoroughly review our company objectives and align our policies based on the current needs of our employees, especially in this time of the pandemic, to make them more motivated to work. Moreover, we will evaluate our customers’ behavior in the past year to identify potential pain points and provide an authentic solution to give them a much better customer experience moving forward.
Thanks to: Jake Smith of Absolute Reg LTD.

124. International Expansion

My biggest business resolution next year is to expand my enterprise internationally, starting with the UK and then gradually entering other European markets. My brand has witnessed exponential growth in the US over the last two years, giving us the ammunition we need to grow bigger, and establish a strong presence in foreign countries. International expansion is our chosen growth strategy for 2022, and hopefully we'll have operations set up in two other countries by the end of this coming year.
Thanks to: Patrick Crane of Love Sew.

125. To Pick Up Specialized Skills

It's important not to get complacent in the workplace - especially when you're leading a team. Don't make the mistake of over-delegating, or you'll leave little room to put your top skills to good use. To make sure that I stay sharp and continue to develop my professional skill set, I'm committed to investing in my technical ability throughout the New Year. I plan to use online courses, video tutorials, and new, innovative software to make this happen.
Thanks to: Gregory Yong of Convincely.

126. To Elevate My Digital Presence

While I'm fortunate to lead an incredibly skilled and capable team, I feel that I could do a better job at celebrating our wins and showcasing the people that make it all possible on social media. By staying more active online and creating more bespoke, relevant content, it should draw more attention to what we do at GoodHire. More content means more conversation taking place, which keeps our brand front-of-mind and encourages interested leads to get in touch.
Thanks to: Mike Grossman of GoodHire.

127. To Study New Business Trends

Stagnancy is your enemy through the lens of business growth and environment. When the landscape changes around you, you need to adapt to stay relevant and modern. With the unveiling of the Metaverse, this has never been more the case: we're on the cusp of major technological advancement, which could produce unique opportunities for opportunistic entrepreneurs. My New Year's Resolution is to study ground-breaking trends such as this, and to strategize the ways that such trends could be leveraged.
Thanks to: Dan Barba of Dan Barba.

128. Work More on My Website

This year, I focused on link building and have personally written dozens of guest posts for other websites. And it paid off as my site's metrics grew and grew. Google now loves me. Now it's time to capitalize on it and go hard with content.
Next year, I won't stop building links, but I will dedicate at least 80% of my efforts to creating content for my site.
It's going to pay off as now my site's ranking really well in Google, almost without me trying.
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

129. Face to face Communication

The perks of doing business in the twenty-first century are plentiful: new and creative technologies, evolving e-commerce landscapes, and the unique ability to connect with anybody, anytime. But, despite all of the newest technical and virtual breakthroughs, you still need some real face-to-face contact with your consumers. Thus, my new year's resolution is to further improve our communication with customers even though we're already doing it better than anyone else in the industry.
Thanks to: Abe Breuer of VIP To Go.

130. Celebrating the Milestones

PerkUpp has celebrated many milestones since launching our business during 2020 inspired by the Pandemic to encourage greater employee engagement - to ensure a more humanistic approach to being valued for your contribution.

I believe that true success lies in celebrating all the milestones. Every step forward is a successful one. This is how we get to add momentum and enjoy growth in all areas of our lives.

Cheers to celebrating more milestones in 2022!
Thanks to: Thomas Mirmotahari of PerkUpApp.

131. Set Up a Mental Health Program

One resolution that I have is to set up a mental health program within the company. This year has taken a toll on all of us, mentally and physically. This will benefit the employees to stay motivated and perform better. We want to cement our employee-first policy by including mental wellness as a benefit.
Thanks to: Angela Blakenship of Best Neighborhood.

132. Growth Beyond Our Country

One New Years' resolution that we have as a company is to grow our team and focus on remote work. The pandemic forced us to go remote, which has been a great transition for our E-Commerce business, but we want to expand our teams to hire and reach international markets. We have big plans to expand into the UK in 2022 and hopefully South America later on.
Thanks to: Brandon Adcock of Nugenix.

133. Merge the Virtual and Physical

The pandemic has changed entire business models, and this holds true for the eCommerce world. As we move into 2022, it is my goal to find new and creative ways to merge our virtual business realm with physical ones.

So, whether it is through pop-up shops, cross promotions, or QR codes, it is my focus to integrate physical points of sale with the eCommerce model that we are currently using, to create interactive marketing opportunities that will continue to strengthen our brand.
Thanks to: Yuvi Alpert of Noemie.

134. Focus on Specialization

Our leadership team has decided that 2022 is the year to become even more focused on 'specialization'. This means defining roles & boundaries for everyone at every level and getting better at the things we excel at.

We want everyone to be a master of something rather than a jack of all trades who is ‘meh’ at all of them. We have selected someone to handle our customer insurance claims, another as billing specialist, another for market appetite, etc. Managers will also have clearer roles!
Thanks to: Brent Thurman of Bear River Mutual Insurance.

135. Learn to Delegate

If you just make one new year's resolution for your company, make it this one. You undoubtedly have a thousand tasks on your to-do list as a business owner, but you don't have to do them all yourself. This year, learn to delegate and let others do some of your work. Ask trusted staff to handle day-to-day activities that pile up, engage a digital marketing agency, or even hire a house cleaning service to manage some of your chores at home. My goal is to delegate work that others can manage.
Thanks to: Sep Niakan of Condoblackbook.

136. Evaluate Our Business Plan

I believe that reviewing your business plan and goals at the start of the year is a good idea. Is it time to change your company plan? Did you set any objectives for yourself last year? If so, how did you fare with them? Have your objectives shifted? Make a list of everything so you know what you're working on in the new year. Having a defined plan and goals keeps you on track throughout the year and can mean the difference between success and failure.
Thanks to: Sarah Jameson of Green Building Elements.

137. Ask and Provide Feedback

We want to grow, so we must both ask for and give feedback. We often get into a routine of doing the same thing every day. And, while routine can be beneficial, it can also stifle our growth by causing us to make the same mistakes over and over. To prevent repeating mistakes and learning to grow, it is critical to solicit constructive feedback from coworkers and managers. It is also critical to provide feedback when something does not function.
Thanks to: David Wurst of Webcitz.

138. Keep Our Wits About Us

Be clever. In order to thrive in life, you need to be knowledgeable. By being savvy, we can better handle our finances. Developing good financial habits in your daily life is a lifelong process. In comparison to individuals who do not save money for the future, those who do have a better and happier life. A shortage of funds to start a new business or to invest in a new firm might be avoided if you save money for the future.
Thanks to: Sudhir Khatwani of The Money Mongers.

139. Attend Networking Events

Many small business owners overlook this, yet it is critical. Our resolution in 2022 is to attend a few networking events to meet other small company owners in our area. Networking can lead to the discovery of new prospects, clients, collaborators, vendors, service providers, and even new friends. Find events in your region by using a site like Eventbrite. There are probably already a plethora of free networking events planned for the new year!
Thanks to: Hassan Usmani of YEELIGHT.

140. My Resolution- Stop Blaming

While it is simple to blame myself or others for mistakes, this is not a smart thing to do. Blaming yourself just adds to your stress and discourages you. Rather, learn to recognize and learn from your mistakes. It is also critical to avoid blaming others. If something doesn't get done, instead of blaming them, consider lending a helping hand. You never know what other people are going through outside of work, so if you see a coworker struggling, don't criticize; instead, offer assistance.
Thanks to: Carl Panepinto of CloudTech24.

141. Incorporate Formalities

My business-related new year's resolution is to incorporate and follow corporate procedures by avoiding putting myself in a position where I might be held liable. Use the proper corporate entity to run your firm, and follow all of the appropriate corporate formalities, such as not mixing business and personal assets.
Thanks to: Sasha Quail of Claims UK.

142. Make More Plans

We've set our goals, so I believe we should now plan how we'll get there. A fresh digital marketing plan will help you attract more customers if one of your aims is to generate more leads or customers. If your website is more than a few years old, a website redesign should be part of your new year's resolutions.
Thanks to: Adam Wood of RevenueGeeks.

143. We Will Boost Marketing Effort

Each year, new marketing trends emerge that you should be aware of. You won't be able to attract the attention of consumers online or convert them into customers if you don't keep up with current trends and alter your marketing plan accordingly. We'll review our marketing plan from 2021 and determine what worked and what didn't. Then, in order to effectively reach new audiences in 2022, we resolve to replace the approaches that didn't work with some new strategies.
Thanks to: Ariana Flynn of ProxyRack.

144. Owner's Agreement

My new year resolution is to make a formal agreement as the company now has two owners instead of one, to incorporate the ramifications of divorce, death, partner conflicts, and shifts in business objectives or emphasis.
Thanks to: Robin Antill of Leisure Buildings.

145. Business Strategy

Business strategy:

My business-related new year resolution is to review, assess, and modify the business strategy to ensure that it is aligned with the business's current and long-term goals.
Thanks to: Robert Johannson of Imgkits.

146. We Will Adopt Automation

You don't have to focus on becoming a speedier, more organized worker to make your business more productive; all we have to do is automate procedures. We will automate routine and tiresome operations such as invoicing, social media scheduling, email marketing, lead monitoring and nurturing, and more using the correct technologies. We'll start with the easiest things and work our way up. Our team members will be free to work on bigger and greater things by adopting automation.
Thanks to: Zaeem Chaudhary of AC Design Solutions.

147. Make Employees Agreement

I'll make agreements with employees to safeguard the company, make sure to sign non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality, and non-competition agreements with workers when necessary.
Thanks to: Susan Smith of Velden Engineering.

148. Hire Professional Advisors

To choose and select skilled accountants and attorneys with specialized industry knowledge who will treat the company as team members rather than hourly hired guns.
Thanks to: Nick Edwards of Snow Finders.

149. Financial Options

To examine relationships with all funding sources, as well as the conditions of present financing, to ensure that our company is prepared for unforeseen financial issues and capital requirements.
Thanks to: Tim Parker of Syntax Integration.

150. Make an Exit Strategy

To operate the company in such a way that it adds value to the next generation of owners, and has a contingency plan in place. If the company's performance is too heavily reliant on too few key personnel, crucial relationships, or non-assignable fundamental agreements, entrepreneurs will fail to enhance the value of the business upon sale.
Thanks to: Nicholas Rosenfeld of Making a Will.

151. Empathetic Approach

We’ve often talked about how empathy is great for business. So, we are planning to adopt an empathetic approach when dealing with our employees. We can accomplish this by actively listening to our employees without judgment and recognizing their feelings.
Thanks to: Steve Anevski of Upshift.

152. Hit Quarterly Goals

For 2022, I’ve decided to set milestones for each quarter. I’ve always found it difficult to meet some of my long-term goals. So now, I’m going to break them apart into smaller steps and try to meet them slowly each quarter. Some of my goals are to build an engaged email list and redesign the layout of my blog.
Thanks to: Tom Cafarella of Ocean City Buys.

153. Find a "Wow" Location

Every three months, we get together as a company for a week-long work retreat. My goal for 2022 is to find a location that tops anywhere we’ve ever been. The past two years have been challenging, so I think it would be amazing to reward ourselves with a retreat in an exotic location. It would be awesome to take a break in-between brainstorming sessions and workshops to zipline in a forest or rock climb a mountain. Hopefully we can find somewhere in 2022 that will wow everyone at Lovebox.
Thanks to: Jean Gregoire of Lovebox.

154. Make It Plain

My business-related New Year’s Resolution for 2022 is to clearly explain the uses and benefits of my products. It’s not enough to have good products. Customers have to know how my pomades help them and fit into their daily lives. My goal is to close the hole of misunderstanding about my pomades and their usefulness.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

155. Sometimes Money Walks

2021 was my first year in business. I beat my original revenue projections by more than 33%. Primary income was through my marketing consultancy. Throughout the year, I also dipped my toes in pro bono work for nonprofits. I found that to be more exciting than the money I was making consulting. Plus, there was a more intrinsic reward to it helping under-served communities. My New Year's Resolution is to push harder into pro bono work, as well as start creating my own nonprofit locally.
Thanks to: Matthew Lally of TheGiftYak.

156. 2022 Business-Related New Year

My new year's resolution is to ensure I finally create a balance between my work and personal life. However, I’m not thinking about just clearing some time slots from my schedule. Instead, I’m looking forward to automating some of my day-to-day tasks to achieve maximum schedule efficiency.

The first thing I'll be doing is to find a more reliable way to attend meetings without wasting any time. Attending virtual meetings is one thing that I can think of right now.
Thanks to: Coco Y. of yeedi Technology Ltd.

157. The Reality of Metaphysics

I want to make sure that I can help as many people as possible to understand that metaphysics is a real science and that dream interpretation (which is what I do) isn’t just new-age nonsense. It’s a lofty ambition sure, but it’s one that I’m determined to follow through on to help Luciding grow so that our clients can reach their full personal potential.
Thanks to: Hannah Pierce of Luciding.

158. The Simplicity of the Grape

My resolution is simple, to give equal credence to all wine. All too often, sommeliers tend to let their personal taste dictate what they present to their clients, but I don’t want my business to follow that same stuffy path, I want wine and Bordeaux Undiscovered to be something that everyone can enjoy. So in 2022, my resolution is to feature red and white wine and Port and Sherry in equal measure, so that everyone can find their footing, and what they enjoy most, in the wine world.
Thanks to: David Bowen of Bordeaux Undiscovered.

159. The Equality of Industry

I want to ensure that Ask Any Difference becomes a gender-equal business and starts to value its female freelancers as highly as their male counterparts. I want us to become a leading light in the industry for Indian women and show them that the social ideas of yesterday don’t have to shape the professional world of the future.
Thanks to: Chara Yadav of Ask Any Difference.

160. The Art of Culinary Creativity

Creativity in the kitchen is something that every amateur and professional cook has started to embrace, and I want to make sure that the community site that was set up to help both embraces it with passion and vigor in 2022. I want us to reject convention and become a culinary creative force to be reckoned with that can change the way that America and the rest of the world cook. After all, there’s no point in thinking small is there?
Thanks to: Christina Russo of The Kitchen Community.

161. Office in Sunny Canary Islands

My business resolution for 2022 is to get my employees together, as at our company, many employees choose to work remotely.
I have some plans to reach this goal, such as building an office in the sunny Canary Islands! We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I look forward to meeting everyone in our new environment.
I hope everything will go well and that next year I will be able to boast of having fulfilled my resolution!
Thanks to: Rafał Młodzki of Passport Photo Online.

162. The Hybrid Corporate Culture

The past year was marked by a transformation to the hybrid model of the workforce. So in 2022, once we've gotten used to the "new normal," I'd like to develop a company culture that supports hybrid work.
Last year, I was so focused on implementing a hybrid model on our company's technical and logistical side that I didn't have time to focus on company culture. But the culture is the backbone that binds all employees together. Therefore, my New Year resolves to rectify that oversight.
Thanks to: Tomek Młodzki of PhotoAiD.

163. Form Strategic Partnerships

My New Year's resolution for my business is to establish more strategic partnerships with a diverse set of small businesses. The aim of this is to increase my brand's reach, as well as widen our target audience. Promoting small businesses has also always been a passion of mine, and these strategic relationships will be a way for me to tap into this passion.
Thanks to: Lisa Richards of The Candida Diet.

164. Regain My Focus!

In 2022, I’m determined to be more focused on one business task at a time. 2021 has felt like a really “stuttering” year, with lockdowns, evolving restrictions, and constantly moving goalposts.

In 2022, I really want to experience some uninterrupted runs of focus and concentration.

Unfortunately, some of this isn’t fully under my control - but I can only hope!
Thanks to: Ben Taylor of

165. Giving Myself Grace in 2022

I have 2 New Year's resolutions - 1) To give myself grace, which I think a lot of business owners don't do! Especially multipreneurs. And, 2) Create a new budget just for hiring out contractors to do the work I don't have time for and/or that I don't like doing. All part of giving myself grace and accepting the fact that just because I'm a boss babe, it doesn't mean that I have to do everything on my own. It's really just growth, for yourself and your business.
Thanks to: Melissa Hernandez of MH Style Consulting.

166. Delgate & Learn

To delegate better and be open more to learning from trial and error. To flourish, we need each other. The only way this will happen is to allow responsibility to be assigned and for others to learn from experience as people own up to their successes and constructive feedback. An organization must also have flexibility and be ready to adapt to changing situations (such as COVID-19). It's good (and necessary) to be open to trying new things and learning more effective ways!
Thanks to: Hong Yin M.D. of New Frontiers Psychiatric and TMS.

167. Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring is my top goal for the coming year. I recruit for the healthcare industry and I have seen first-hand the lack of gender and ethnic diversity in this field. As a hiring expert, I have a role to play in evening the playing field for qualified candidates of any gender and race to land their dream job in the healthcare industry. I want to work with employers to diversify their employee pool and win in the war for talent.
Thanks to: Debbie Winkelbauer of Surf Search.

168. New Leads Through Content

This upcoming year, we’re resolving to generate new leads through online content, including video content. Engaging audiences on the Internet is all about giving them eye-catching, creative content—and there’s no better way to do that than through video. By adding time-lapse construction videos of our trade show builds to our website and socials in 2022, we’ll be giving potential customers a look into the incredible work we do, and getting them excited about working with us.
Thanks to: Thomas Samuels of Cardinal Expo.

169. Keeping Up With the Change

With all that has been going on with the pandemic and how it has changed the industry in terms of work, my main resolution would be keeping up with the change. All the new trends, namely NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) and the Metaverse are not to over look at any cost, they are soon going to be the new norm which the world will have to accept and if we manage to be one of the first ones to keep up and take advantage of the new market we increase our chances to conquer.
Thanks to: Keith Mint of Minted Empire.

170. We Aim to Inspire Change

We want to elevate our platform and use it in a way that not only helps my company’s bottom line but inspires change. The core of our business, creating delicious plant-based foods, can make a positive impact on people's health, the environment and animal welfare. However, we make a concerted effort to use our platform to bring about other positive changes. In our first year of sales, we donated $35,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and to Snoop Dogg's charity that helps inner city youth.
Thanks to: Bill Glaser of Outstanding Foods.

171. Start a New Blog

I would start a blog (or hire somebody to run your blog for me), which can be compiled before or on New Year's Day. Blogs help you connect with your customers or clients, and also give you a platform to share valuable information with your audience. Just one high-quality post a week will be more than enough for your business, and it doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, think about what you want to read, and chances are your audience will want to read that, too.
Thanks to: Sam Shepler of Testimonial Hero.

172. Always Improving Work Culture

O’Brien Electrical has over 70 years of experience in business and we know that at the core of any business, no matter how big or small, are the people who make your business dreams a reality. This is why one of our 2022 New Year's resolutions is to continue improving our work culture from the bottom up, by communicating with our teams and listening to their feedback. But more importantly, taking action on that feedback. Great work culture starts with listening and is cultivated through action.
Thanks to: Michael Haggerston of O'Brien Electrical.

173. Optimizing Our Online Presence

The Hamilton Janke Lawyers 2022 business resolution is to work with great digital talent to improve our online presence. We are focusing on our blog as an educational resource, to educate citizens about criminal law and to help them make informed decisions about engaging criminal defense. Knowing your rights and the workings of the law is the first line of defense in any criminal case, which is why our 2022 resolution is to improve how we educate citizens through our online presence.
Thanks to: James Janke of Hamilton Janke Lawyers.

174. Niche Down on Channels

Being active on all social media platforms and targeting audiences across all scatters our efforts and does not lead to any real progress. Instead, we plan to niche down and focus better on our target audience. This means that we need to review who we're currently engaging and fine tune it. We've also seen how great podcasting is as a marketing and brand awareness tool. Its reach is more targeted and offers a great potential. With this, we're going to explore having our own podcast in 2022.
Thanks to: Ian Sells of RebateKey.

175. Practice Gratitude

Working in family law is the most rewarding job. We help families through difficult times, like divorce or losing a loved one. As rewarding as it is, it is also stressful... and that’s without navigating the impacts of a global pandemic. So, our business resolution for 2022 is to practice gratitude. For example, I am grateful for the hard-working, resilient lawyers I work with to help Australian families, and I will show that by checking in consistently about their mental health and workload.
Thanks to: Michael Conley of Michael Conley Lawyers.

176. My New Year's Resolution

I'll admit that sometimes I get too much into my head and try to come up with plans for my clients without really listening to what they want. This has been a hindrance to my business as sometimes, this turns off clients and they end up not using my services because I have turned them off. And, because I have turned them off, I end up losing money. But I want to change that. Therefore, my New Year's Resolution will be to listen to my clients more and make sure I help put their plans in action.
Thanks to: Harrison Baron of Growth Generators.

177. Do Big, Delegate Rest

My resolution for 2022 is to focus on big targets and delegate every small task. The reason is that most entrepreneurs become too concerned with trivial details that end up adding no significant value to the business, thereby slowing down its growth. Therefore, I am planning to make delegation a major part of my job as an entrepreneur.
Thanks to: Mohamed Hassaan of Style Recap.

178. Pursue New Skills and Passions

One business resolution that I will carry into 2022 is to never forget the importance of learning new skills. For instance, being an IT developer requires you to know the basics of marketing, SEO, communications, and design if you want to deliver top-quality products. It's crucial to always keep improving, especially since every industry is changing rapidly due to the economic shifts brought by the pandemic. Allow yourself to be free and pursue your passions in 2022.
Thanks to: Jack Kanefield of Onno.

179. Pushing Progress in 2022

My business goal for the New Year is to launch the creative ideas and partnerships that have been in my head and notebook since the pandemic started. I’ve learned that there’s no time like the present, and brands are more open than ever to partner with innovators like me.
Thanks to: Carmen Mays of Elevators on 4th.

180. Focusing on Upskilling

My ultimate resolution in 2022 is upskilling for my business. Upskilling of the remote workforce (as they represent more than 90% of our company) is a key factor in building an agile business. During the previous two years, as a CEO I learned a lesson "having upskilled employees means more tasks done, easily, smart, and professionally". Also, upskilling is the best way to boost employees' productivity and performance, improve employees' morale and retention and also, reduce the hiring costs.
Thanks to: Adam Garcia of The Stock Dork.

181. Mindfulness in the Workplace

My resolution is to incorporate mindfulness into our company culture. Focusing more on mental health initiatives such as mindfulness will be beneficial to individual employees as well as the company as a whole. Incorporating mindfulness into a business has multiple positive outcomes including stress reduction and lower rates of burnout, as well as increased productivity and improved employee engagement. That’s why my resolution is to rebuild our company culture with mindfulness at the core.
Thanks to: Mark Pierce of Cloud Peak Law Group.

182. Read More Books

In 2022, I’m setting aside a minimum of 30 minutes per day to read a book – not articles, not blog posts, not the news, but an actual book. A big theme for the upcoming year for me is professional development, and books are one of the best ways to learn about a topic more in-depth. I think that reading is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons, gain knowledge, and challenge your ways of thinking.
Thanks to: Logan Mallory of Motivosity.

183. Review Business Plan and Goals

In 2022, I’ll be reviewing my business plans and goals. This year has been very bumpy for me and my business. Though we’re surprised by lots of unprecedented events, we still managed to face and overcome them. Next year, I’ll be more vigilant. I’ll make sure to put a backup plan in case things get worse. I’ve already learned my lesson and there’s no way I’m not putting those into action. I’ll be planning more and prioritizing things that really matter.
Thanks to: Ryan Patel of Lottery Sambad.

184. Strengthening Through Trust

Our New Year's resolution is to create an internal safe space among our team that will be focused on trust. Being able to be our true selves is so important in life and work, so our goal is to allow the greatness within each of us to shine and lead to further unity, fulfillment, and happiness. If we're as successful as I hope we will be, profit will be like the proverbial participation trophy, which will go even further to show our appreciation towards our valuable team members!
Thanks to: Dr. Jeff Smith of Danville Family Vet.

185. Develop My SEO Strategy

When it comes to business visibility and brand awareness, having an SEO strategy in place is crucial. So many industries and markets have become oversaturated with competition over the past couple years, so having a plan in place to increase overall traffic and engagement on our site is so important. You want to set yourself apart from your competition, and working to increase our traffic is a surefire way to do that.
Thanks to: Michael Dean of Pool Research.

186. Focus on Online Identity

If 2021 has taught me anything as a business leader, it's that the key to business longevity is in your audience. Social media has become the best and most effective way to communicate with consumers, so in the coming year, I want to build ViscoSoft's online identity even more. Focusing on more personalized, unique customer engagement is a fantastic way of retaining old customers, while still building our audience.
Thanks to: Gabriel Dungan of ViscoSoft.

187. Enjoy the Little Wins

At First Choice Training Solutions, we’re making big changes in 2022: improving our training, our website and expanding. But it’s the little wins that keep a business running and a team happy, which can get lost in the midst of big changes. So, our 2022 New Year's resolution is to celebrate the little wins - having a great client interaction, spending quality time as a team, getting a whole to-do list done… these are simple, everyday things, but they can make or break your work experience.
Thanks to: Bradyn Perryfonua of First Choice Training Solutions.

188. Sleeping for Better Health

With the pandemic still looming on the horizon, mental health is my focus in 2022. More importantly, sleeping the correct amount is the goal. Even if there are still things needed to be done, I'll stop and get my well-deserved beauty rest. Stress and depression go away once you feel rested enough. These things have a significant effect once they accumulate. So rest, even if just for six hours. You'll feel better, and you get to think clearer with a good night's rest.
Thanks to: James Stephenson of EpicWin App.

189. $8,000 Richer Without Ads

My business new year's resolution is to be quoted more by reporters. Reporters have quoted me once in the past 3 years. It is good for business according to my business mentor. She had success with that, then spent $8,000 on social media advertising without results. She told me to save $8,000 and get quoted more. I just wish it was faster.
Thanks to: Benjamin Gibson of Awesome We Can Do It BetterTogether.

190. 2022 Business-Related New Year

I have been working as the general manager in a merchandising company. The biggest concern has been keeping expert employees stable in our company, with the job leaving current which has almost been a trend for many regions. We had been thinking about how we could solve the problem. After long research, I have got the resolution. Now, I am passing my time in the office creating a stable team that will find experts, skilled employees, interested employees, and innovative qualities.
Thanks to: Steven Walker of Spylix.

191. It's Time to Scale!

This is the year that I scale my business. I've been preparing for months now, and all analysis indicates that it's time to invest more in my business and start scaling. The first step is finding an investor or getting a loan to infuse added capital. Next is to widen my reach and add more to sales and marketing. It's time to tap into a new sector in the market. Lastly, maintain customer service to avoid losing any of our customers. With these in place, nothing can stop me!
Thanks to: Kyle Arnold of Hyperweb.

192. Tech Upgrades

Heading a recruiting firm, I’ve always tried to keep up with the latest trends and techniques to improve our service quality while growing my business, but I might have missed out on innovations introduced this year. 2021 focused more on collaborative tools for my newly hybrid team and an influx of recruiting projects. Therefore, my New Year’s Resolution is to explore newer tech, including a better ATS and something to add to our marketing technology stack.
Thanks to: Anjela Mangrum of Mangrum Career Solutions.

193. Generate More ROI

2022 will soon be starting to roll and it will bring with it plenty of new business ideas. People are becoming increasingly attracted to and reliant on new technologies. People will become more immersed in digital media, and new marketing opportunities via digital media have already emerged. Our goal for the year 2022 is to reach out more effectively in order to generate a higher return on investment. We will invent and implement innovative and effective methods.
Thanks to: Jay Soni of Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

194. Efficiency

Our main goal for 2022 is to become more efficient in all aspects of our business. We want to improve our processes and become more efficient when it comes to crafting our clients' work. We want to break our own records, similar to Nike's recent efforts to break the two-hour marathon time. We're attempting to break through the barrier of our fastest times and push ourselves to become more efficient without sacrificing quality.
Thanks to: Mark Osborne of Windows Doors UK.

195. Empowering Each Team Member

My goal for 2022 is to push my company forward more quickly than ever before by empowering each team member to do their best work and be proud of their contributions. As a fast-growing startup, the success of our company is driven by the collective efforts of each member of our team. To maximize what we can accomplish together, we must ensure that each person is motivated by our vision, clear objectives, and peer support.
Thanks to: Sara Johansson of Onsiter.

196. Become a Better Entrepreneur

When it comes to my work and time, my primary goal for 2022 is to adhere to the 80/20 rule. I'd like to focus my efforts on the 20% of my time and energy that produces 80% of the results in my business. My ambition is to improve as an entrepreneur by becoming a better manager and knowing what to delegate. In 2021, I want my vision for my company and for myself to be so big that I'll only be able to achieve it with the help of others.
Thanks to: Kathryn Smithson of Adly.

197. Demand What We're Worth

This is our key New Year's resolution. We were a service provider when we started our marketing firm. Over time, we reduced our product choices and concentrated on larger names. Our company is now just a consultancy firm, dealing with huge brands' in-house marketing departments. Because we have the expertise and hands-on experience needed to assist huge businesses in succeeding in the digital era, our services are in great demand.
Thanks to: Anthony Mixides of The London Vape Company.

198. Apps, Tools, and Software

I'll Use Software, Tools, and Apps to Improve my business's efficiency, as I've discovered that networking is the greatest way to find new apps and software. When networking with other business owners in your sector, start a conversation about productivity and efficiency to learn what tools they use. You'll almost always go home with a few new programs and tools to test out.
Thanks to: Daniel Foley of UNAGI Scooters.

199. Pick Up a New Skill

I'm going to pick up a new skill. You can never get enough fresh knowledge and information as a professional in today's society. To grow as a person and a leader, it's critical to constantly seek out new information and self-education. It might also have a favorable effect on your personal life.
Thanks to: Adam Crossling of zenzero.

200. Promote My Company

I will promote my company. Search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, content, and email are just a few examples of marketing methods that strive to consistently promote your organization. You also have the chance to present your company to people you come into contact with regularly.
Thanks to: Daniel Carter of Perspective Pictures.

201. Relaxation With Work

This year my company noted various new year resolutions but, the most sought-after one was "Remember to Relax Next Year". It has been stressful for every business during the pandemic. There weren't many options to go spend vacations in other countries or places. However, a new year brings new hope as well. Thus, we plan on trying to take time off and decompress when needed. It doesn't mean we are going to slack off during working hours; when breaks are given, enjoy them to the fullest.
Thanks to: Olga Voronkova of KeyUA.

202. Prioritize the Customer

My new year's resolution is to prioritize the customer more than ever. While it is always important to put employees first, this year my resolution is to go above and beyond in regards to the customer experience. More engagement and more incentives to loyal customers is just the beginning... I want our company to be the most customer friendly website to date so we can continue to provide real results for our clients.
Thanks to: Karl Hughes of Draft.Dev.

203. Employee Happiness First

The happiness of our employees is our top priority for 2022 (and every year after). We’ve seen employees create their own structures and schedules and develop tools to make the business function smoothly through this year’s challenges. It’s because of them we are able to serve our customers well and will continue to. So, employee happiness has to be our ultimate concern because we want them in it with us for the long haul.
Thanks to: Nicholas Vasiliou of BioHealth Nutrition.

204. 2022 Will Be Our Banner Year

Home service providers have had an interesting two years, and I'm looking forward to continuing the growth we achieved in 2021 and getting to where we were heading before COVID. Prior to that, we had grown quite strong and we had hired more electricians to serve our customers. Unfortunately, COVID slowed that down due to various mandates, but we've rebounded! Now, I'm looking to make 2022 the banner year we wanted for 2020 through continued scaling and growth.
Thanks to: Christopher Haas of Haas & Sons Electric.

205. "Who Can I Help Today?"

Instead of revising a list of my own goals, this year my focus will be on helping other people reach their own goals. When I meet new business people, instead of considering how they might help me and my business, I will spend some time in THEIR shoes. I'll find ways to help them build their businesses to make this their best year. I'll look in my duffle bag of contacts to find someone that can be of help to them. By keeping a daily journal of these efforts, it will become habit.
Thanks to: David Moakler of CareConnect USA.

206. Making More While Working Less

Hustle culture is a real thing. But doing more is not the answer. It is about focusing on what really matters.
As the CEO, in the New Year I plan to focus on what I can let go of. It is not always about putting more on your plate. To make more, it is not necessarily a matter of what more you can take on, but rather taking things off your list of tasks. I will focus on getting rid of the to-do items. Delegate what I am able to my team. And put the focus on who and what matter most.
Thanks to: Stacy Tuschl of Stacy Tuschl, LLC.

207. Emotional Intelligence

My resolution is to be more emotionally intelligent in business. What that means to me is using only facts and reason to make decisions without emotions getting involved. For example, get mad, get over it and move on. That doesn’t mean not caring. It means being kind, but only logic solves problems.
Thanks to: Daniel Javor of Step By Step Business.

208. Focus on Customer Experience

My New Year's Resolution will be focused on the customer experience and we will be implementing tangible feedback to make real change. This year, we are implementing monthly check-in surveys. These surveys will provide constructive feedback and allow us to make changes more quickly. More importantly, however, this new process will provide proactive service that gets ahead of problems before they come up.
Thanks to: Jonathan Zacharias of GR0.

209. Delegate More

For many business owners, including myself, we tend to take on too many additional responsibilities in an effort to grow our businesses. However, as many of us know, taking on too much can be unsustainable and often leads to burnout.

My 2022 business resolution is to delegate more responsibilities to my team. I encourage other business owners to take stock of what they took on in 2021 and turn to their support system to unload this burden.
Thanks to: Darren Litt of Hiya Health.

210. Lead and Mentor

In 2022, I want to offer more leadership and mentorship opportunities to our team. I believe it's important to enrich the lives of the people who you trust to be a part of your team so they can grow and develop as our business does instead of remaining stagnant.
Thanks to: Gerald Lombardo of The Word Counter.

211. Omnichannel Experience

My New Year's resolution is to create a customized omnichannel customer experience. As a marketing agency, the best way to stand out from the competition and show your worth is to deliver an unforgettable customer experience from start to finish. For example, rather than just focusing on a couple of touchpoints with our customers like SEO and paid ads, we plan on expanding our reach through email campaigns, social media, content marketing, and more.
Thanks to: Kevin Miller of Kevin Miller.

212. Expanding Reach

My business-related New Year's Resolution is to connect more with my online audience. My blog is an important lead generation tool for me, but it would be great to build an online audience that I can engage with across different channels and mediums. I believe it can help my business to expand its reach and grow while helping people to make better decisions when it comes to annuities, insurance, and retirement planning.
Thanks to: Shawn Plummer of The Annuity Expert.

213. Financial Planning

I am trying to make financial plans for the entire year ahead. For this, I am taking multiple possibilities into account and coming up with a financial plan which could save me in all circumstances.
Thanks to: Matt Bigach of Nexus HomeBuyers.

214. Less Work, More Happiness

As I am a recovering workaholic, I have a very unusual business-related New Year's Resolution: I don’t want to work more than 1.000 hours in 2022. This is around 4 hours per working day, which is half of an actual working day and around one-third of what I have worked in 2021 so far. So, it is quite a stretch for me but I think I can make it happen. #lazy2022
Thanks to: Emily Anderson of ROI Hacks.

215. Focusing on Marketing

My top business New Year's Resolution for 2022 is to focus heavily on implementing a digital marketing strategy using Pinterest. We have had several successful pins (one infographic received over 300K repins) and using this platform has been amazing in showing the Progress Wellness brand and the products we sell. Using effective email funnels through pins on Pinterest, we will be able to generate leads and sales!
Thanks to: Angela Fi of Progress Wellness.

216. Support and Sustain Our Staff

Prioritizing mental wellness for our employees is at the top of our 2022 list. We know that 2021 has been insanely challenging mentally and that 2022 will be different, but not necessarily easier. It’s to our advantage to make sure employees feel supported and sustained throughout the next year. There’s enough uncertainty in the larger world so we want to do everything we can to keep things flowing smoothly for our team, and it starts with making sure they take care of themselves.
Thanks to: Lisa Odenweller of Kroma Wellness.

217. 2022 Is For High Site Ranking

My 2022 New Year’s business resolution is to increase my site ranking through SEO efforts. SEO brings great potential for a business' marketing strategies. I see it firsthand do wonders on my brand. Next year, I’ll focus my marketing strategies on SEO initiatives for a higher site ranking on search engines. My goal is to attract relevant audiences to my site to increase my conversion. Around 75% of shoppers make a purchase on the shops they find on the first page of search engine results.
Thanks to: Brogan Renshaw of Modelers Central.

218. Make Website More Interactive

My New Year's resolution for my business this coming 2022 is to make my platform more interactive with my readers and customers. Social media is an invaluable tool for any business in this modern age, and I want to maximize it to connect with my customers. I am making a resolution to revamp my online platforms to accommodate customer interactions on my website. I would like to hear more of their feedback on the content I post and know what content they would like to see more of.
Thanks to: Jason White of All About Gardening.

219. Learning and Development

My New Year's resolution for 2022 is to invest a lot more in learning and development. After the pandemic, many people feel increasingly stuck in their careers, so it is especially crucial to learn new technologies and use new tools. My resolution for next year is to create spaces that allow all our team members to always learn new things, either in their areas or in different areas. All this knowledge will help them not only to have better professional development but also to be more motivated.
Thanks to: Cathy Mills of Net Influencer.

220. Mental Health as a Priority

My resolution for 2022 is to create a work culture in which mental health is paramount. I am finding more and more that when workers have good physical and mental health, they work much better and are more motivated. For this reason, next year I want to create spaces and practices that promote the mental health of my work team. I am sure that this will bring excellent benefits not only for the company but also for the personal lives of all employees.
Thanks to: David Adler of The Travel Secret.

221. Employees’ Happiness!

I believe that happy employees are the best image and culture of a company. In 2022, we will strive to learn more about their needs and expectations and continue to maintain trust with each of them. To satisfy the good work climate, we want to do more group activities (outdoor training and more "happy hours") to improve relationships between colleagues and departments. We are sure that this will also encourage the brainstorming of great ideas - we are ready for 2022!
Thanks to: Bartek Boniecki of Passport Photo Online.

222. Success Through Teamwork

My biggest resolution of the new year is to grow our website visitors by the millions and reward my employees greatly when we do. I am very confident that through the hard work of our employees, we can gain over a million more visitors this coming year by staying on top of trends and believing in the power of team work. The resolution is to take the business to the next level and continue to prioritize our employees as much as we do our customers.
Thanks to: Avner Brodsky of SuperWatches.

223. Finding Balance

A focus on finding a good work-life balance and helping our employees do that in 2022 is a major goal for the new year. If you spend all of your time working to provide for your physical needs, you’re going to suffer the effects of lacking mental, social, and spiritual nourishment. If you only spend time with your friends and are never introspective, you’ll miss out on your spiritual life and feel unwell because of it.

Employees should learn to be comfortable taking breaks.
Thanks to: Shaun Price of MitoQ.

224. Being Active

In 2021, we’ve still seen relatively low attendance in gyms and fitness clubs due to health concerns. However, these metrics are improving all the time. *Looking at January 2022, I’m thinking we might actually see a typical rush for New Year's Resolutioners, which is great for the industry. That means that I’m going to look to increase marketing and brand awareness, to increase site traffic and sales in the next year.
Thanks to: Kyle Risley of

225. Going Global for Good!

In 2022, I will continue to embrace the new status quo of being an entirely virtual firm by tapping into the global workforce and recruiting more talent from overseas. The pandemic has freed many of us from the constraints of the office and taught us how to effectively collaborate in a remote environment. There is so much talent around the world that could contribute to business growth and fully embracing that global ethos is my number one priority for next year.
Thanks to: Nanda Dyssou of Coriolis Company.

226. Improve the Remote Experience

I hope to continue to find the best ways to run a remote business and to make the remote employee experience as enjoyable as possible. We have made great progress thus far, but as our business is still fairly young, I would still like to discover even more ways to make our employees feel a real sense of camaraderie with one another, even when working remotely from different parts of the world.
Thanks to: Joaquín Roca of Minerva.

227. Small Biz New Year Resolution

My single, most-important business resolution for 2022 is to establish a baseline of 40-sales monthly of the Marketing Engine Igniter program. That will require us to constantly evaluate & adjust both the program and the marketing. Recruit testimonials & success stories and evolve the marketing and conversion strategies with constant focus on the sales numbers to establish 40 sales per month.
Thanks to: Stephanie Scheller of Grow Disrupt.

228. Be Philanthropic

For 2022, my New Year's Resolution is to continue with our philanthropic efforts. We run donation incentives throughout the year on key dates, e.g., Animal Wellness Day, National Love Your Pet Day, National Adoption Day etc. We then tie in these dates with a campaign which usually involves giving a percentage of the day's sales directly to a charity we believe in. So far, we have donated more than $100,000 to our favorite charities. Nothing makes me happier than participating in this endeavor.
Thanks to: Adam Reed of Crown & Paw.

229. Professional Development

In 2022, I’ll challenge myself to keep learning new concepts and ideas to expand and enhance my knowledge and keep my skills sharp. There’s always a way to improve yourself and your business, and it’s important to maintain an agile mindset to be better prepared for the unexpected. I think upskilling will help me be more flexible when adapting to changing times, find unique opportunities, and take advantage of new trends faster.
Thanks to: Dave Polykoff of Zenpost.

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