As always, small businesses are our main focus here at! So, for the 2022 holiday season (and the rest of the year, too!), we have created our annual holiday 2022 gift guide, filled with over 230 fabulous small business products and services, all provided by our own incredible contributor network of small business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs. The gift ideas are presented below in no particular order.

So, whether you are looking for stand-out holiday gifts for clients, family, friends or even just a little bonus for yourself, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate holiday 2022 small business gift guide below!

1. Personalized Blankets

Personalized blankets are cute and practical gifts this Christmas. Who doesn’t love the warm and fuzzy feeling of one? Blankets symbolize friendship and comfort and are thoughtful gifts this holiday season. They can keep you warm and give you company any day of the year.

You can get soft, personalized blankets in a variety of colors, sizes, and fonts at Sarah + Abraham.
Thanks to: Kshitij Nigam of Cheef Botanicals.

2. Send a Chocolate Wreath

Chocolate Pizza Company is a small business in Central New York that has been making handcrafted, gourmet chocolate for 30 years. Featured on Food Network, Discovery, and Hallmark Channel, the company's signature holiday gift is a "Holiday Wreath Chocolate Pizza". It’s made by blending Swiss-style chocolate with homemade English toffee, trimming with red/green candy favorites to frame “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Served in a custom pizza box, it's a gift the family will love.
Thanks to: Ryan Novak of Chocolate Pizza Company, Inc.

3. An Original Custom Portrait

If you're looking for a unique and personalized gift, look no further than Cartoonely. We create custom portrait cartoons that are perfect for any occasion. Simply pick your style and provide us with a photo, and we'll deliver a high-quality print to your door. Plus, our prices are very reasonable. So, why not give the gift of laughter and joy today?
Thanks to: Davy Martial of Cartoonely - Custom portraits.

4. Refillable Crystal Oil Candles

Form meets function with The Burning Stones. My family & I elevate the natural beauty of crystals by hand-making each stone into a refillable oil candle or incense holder, allowing them to be both functional & decorative. We are proud that they are both sustainable & beautiful, making them an economical investment for any candle or crystal lover. Additionally, some are able to be personalized with names, logos or monogramed further adding to the thoughtfulness of gift giving.
Thanks to: Cornilia Issa of The Burning Stones.

5. Coffee Holder with Chain

Who comes in to work without a cup of coffee? This year, gift your loved ones with a coffee cup holder by Craftsbymayaaz. This allows you to carry your coffee (or boba tea) cup with ease and multitask while on the go. It eliminates the stress of juggling your laptop, wallet, keys, and phones when walking. It’s only a bonus that it looks so stylish!
Thanks to: Ankit Batra of Hollyweed CBD.

6. Splendid Beast Pet Paintings!

Splendid Beast makes one-of-a-kind, personalized paintings of your pet! We create oil paintings of pets in every situation - fantastical scenes, regular & professional poses, direct photo recreations, famous & historical paintings, sports scenes, nearly every pop culture reference, just about anything you can think of! These make great gifts for almost any occasion and are truly unmatched in uniqueness. We’re proud to be an international small business that employs people all over the world!
Thanks to: Aaron S. of Splendid Beast.

7. Chocolate-smelling Wax Candle

I love the Fleece Navidad coconut wax candle. It gives off a rich chocolatey scent with touches of clove, vanilla, and cinnamon. If you're not a fan of chocolate, you can also check their It's The Pumpkin Spice for Me.

Hummingbird Candle Co is a Black-owned and woman-owned small business. All their candles are vegan and cruelty-free. What I love about them is how they also give back to other organizations that support women.
Thanks to: Linda Shaffer of Checkr.

8. Fulfill Their Dreams

So many people dream of playing guitar, but some need an extra push to take that first step towards fulfilling their dreams. Guitar lesson gift certificates are a great gift idea that will give the recipient that extra push while supporting small businesses! Do a search for "Guitar Lessons Near Me" or if you're in the Buffalo Grove, Illinois area, you can gift lessons from my music school:
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

9. Who Doesn't Love a DUCK!

It's almost 25 years since I started this company which I own 100% & I still get such a kick out of how much people love giving away our celebrity rubber ducks as gifts. When you have something that is so uniquely different & taps into the love people have for their celebrity icons, you are going to find a market. And who doesn't love a duck! Our bigger problem is we keep selling out of all our different styles & definitely takes longer getting things back in... but we do our best!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

10. Create Your Business FAST!

Ready to create a business that will replace your 9-5? By joining the Business Launch Lab cohort program you'll be able to create a digital service-based business from scratch within the next 6 weeks. If the aspiring entrepreneur in your life is looking for a roadmap to help expedite the business-creation process- this program is for you! Get out of the Google rabbit hole and take action in becoming a real business owner.
Thanks to: Blaire Brown of The Business Launch Lab.

11. Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

Small, boutique coffee roasteries are one of my favorite places to buy gifts for clients during the Holiday Season. We have several local roasteries, but my favorite is one called Mad Priest Coffee Roasters. Because they are local, I can usually pick up several bags of coffee beans that have been roasted that same week and are extremely fresh. It's some of the best coffee around and is always appreciated by my clients.
Thanks to: Erik Wright of New Horizon Home Buyers.

12. Experiences Over Things

I love to give gifts that are unique and one of the ways to do that is to give experiences. For example, we are based in Tennessee and there is a local company called Adventure Sports Innovation in Chattanooga that does guided adventures with things like motorized surf boards, Segways, off road vehicles, and even indoor virtual hang gliding. Your more adventurous clients will love an experience like this as a gift.
Thanks to: Jessica Wright of Dream Team Fundraising.

13. Anti-migraine Glasses

Migraine is the world's 3rd most common disease & affects every aspect of people's lives. About 90% of migraineurs are light sensitive, so light can trigger or worsen an attack. Our migraine glasses are precisely tinted to block only the light that causes pain. Better than sunglasses that block all light & make the problem worse. Ours are shown by clinically-valid data to reduce migraine frequency & severity. Most have never heard of migraine glasses, but a perfect gift for anyone who gets them.
Thanks to: Ben Rollins of Axon Optics.

14. Clean Your Indoor Air!

The air in your home or office can make you sick. The AtmosAir Everest air purifier uses bi-polar ionization technology to improve indoor air quality. It’s a proactive device: emitting ions into the air that seek, attack, and neutralize airborne viruses, germs, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is highly effective stopping the spread of coronavirus. The MSRP is $795 + shipping and sales tax. For more information, visit
Thanks to: John Goodman of AtmosAir Solutions.

15. Genuine Leather Wallets

Popov Leather is a small business located in Nelson, BC in Canada that specializes in leather accessories. Their leather wallets in particular make a great gift option for anyone in your life, and are made from high quality materials. The leather wears over time to create a unique look which adds character and personalization to the gift. The simple but classic design fits all monetary essentials and will be something to last the recipient a lifetime.
Thanks to: Shaun Connell of Credit Building Tips.

16. How to Declutter Your Life

Learn to declutter your life & create a plan of action.

Does your clutter control you or do you control your clutter? Stop letting fear overwhelm you! Learn how you can declutter with Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out from Julie Coraccio can help find internal & external peace, reduce & overcome anxiety, and help eliminate the things (clutter) holding you down and back.

Learn how to overcome your clutter and move forward. Twenty-one stand-alone chapters guide you step-by-step to let go.
Thanks to: Julie Coraccio of Reawaken Your Brilliance, LLC.

17. Artisan Hand Soap

Nothing beats a great smelling soap that also helps to nourish the skin. Giving artisan hand soap as a gift this holiday season is a great thing to receive! Soap & Water Everyday has amazing options for hand soap that are very unique smells. They aren't pungent and leave your skin feeling soft and clean. With scents like cedar, clove and fir, you will have a lot of different options to choose from to give out to family, friends and coworkers.
Thanks to: Mike Hoaglin of Dr. House.

18. Never Do the "DIG" Again!

Tired of emptying out your bag trying to find your keys or fob? Is your pepper spray or panic alarm sitting on the bottom of your bag impossible to grab if needed?

Attach a Finders Key Purse to any of these items and find them instantly! Dozens of designs under $10! The perfect stocking stuffer that provides fashion, function, and convenience, and a gift that will not be "regifted"!
Thanks to: Sandy Stein of Alexx, Inc.

19. Promote a Mindstyle Lifestyle

Research shows a link between brain health and longevity. MOSH protein bars are expertly formulated with adaptogens, superfoods, and vital brain nutrients, like Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, MCT Oil, Omega-3s, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Collagen. And with yummy flavors like Cookie Dough Crunch, MOSH bars crush cravings while rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul.

A portion of the proceeds from each order helps fund gender-based brain health research through the Women's Alzheimer's Movement.
Thanks to: Maria Shriver of MOSH.

20. Local, Small Batch Spirits

We work with a lot of private investors and get to know each of them pretty well. One gift that's always a hit for our investors who like collecting liquors and spirits is a small batch spirit from a local distillery that they can't access very easily. Gin and whiskey tend to be the favorites. We are based in Nashville which has several small, local distilleries. One of our favorites is Nashville Craft Distillery which has some unique, creative takes on traditional spirits.
Thanks to: Jeremy Resmer of Value Land Buyers.

21. PawPurity Nourishing Shampoo

PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is a potent formulation of 17 healing plants and minerals developed to clean, nourish, condition and repair your pet’s skin and coat. Its olive oil-based cleansing agents keep dogs cleaner for longer. It is rich in vitamins E, C & B, and natural antioxidants, antifungals, anti-inflammatories and conditioners. A healthy skin improves a pet's ability to resist invading microorganisms; viruses, fungus and bacteria. Honeysuckle/Citrus scent.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of PawPurity®.

22. Nootrobox

This is a company based in Florida that I'd recommend looking into if their products sound appealing to you.

Nootrobox creates supplements to support brain and body function. They are designed to provide energy, focus, can improve sleep quality, and so much more.

For someone who is interested in their personal health and might enjoy this product, I'd recommend looking into Nootrobox, a small business making exciting products.
Thanks to: Amy Kite of The Kite Team.

23. Dropguys Phone Cases

We constantly have our phones on hand, so they're bound to take some hits. For me, a realtor, I am constantly with my smartphone and it comes with me everywhere.

After a few dropped phones that broke, I realized I needed a quality phone case, which led me to Dropguys. These cases are made by a small business and are high quality. They can protect your phone, screen, and provide a chic, simple look.
Thanks to: John Gluch of The Gluch Group.

24. Artisanal Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a unique gift to give to others as there are so many different varieties to match anyone's particular taste. Heat Hot Sauce Shop located in California has a large selection of delicious and crazy hot sauces. You can buy mild to extremely hot and even buy sauces with flavors like pineapple, peach and key lime. What's special about these particular hot sauces is that they take special diets into consideration and offer sauces that are vegan, gluten free and low sodium.
Thanks to: Sean Chaudhary of Alchemy Leads.

25. Organic Teas

Nothing beats having a hot cup of tea during the holidays, and is something that most people tend to enjoy. Lemon Lily Natural & Organic Teas are the perfect gift to give anyone in your life. There is a huge selection of handcrafted teas from warm and comforting flavors, to sweet and tart. These tea blends are made in Canada and are created with only organic ingredients which makes you feel good about gifting them!
Thanks to: Jim Sullivan of JCSI.

26. Rock In The Holidays

There is nothing more meaningful to the guitar player in your life than the G3 distortion pedal by Revv Amplification. This little stocking stuffer makes a great holiday gift that will encourage the joy of music right through the new year. Great sound, quality construction, and built-in smiles.
Thanks to: Don East of Killer Rig Music.

27. Blindshell Classic 2

The blindshell classic two is a physical push button phone that is easy to operate.
No engaging with a flat touchscreen necessary, with a simple vertical menu you can navigate through the phone independently and excessively.
Press the tactile green OK button directly above number 1 to activate an option, or press the Red slanted line button directly above #3 to go back.
The phone speaks everything, so no guessing while engaging with your new Blindshell Classic 2.
Thanks to: Michael Babcock of A. T. Guys.

28. Ella's Inner Genie

Help your little ones discover the power of who they really are with this educator-praised and interactive book Ella's Inner Genie by bestselling author Jacqueline Pirtle.

It’s happening again! Do you see my criss-crossed eyes, and how spooked Sam the cat is?

Follow Ella’s journey of figuring out when things get tricky, sparking her curiosity to search for answers. What is happening? What does it all mean? Who will she tell? Will her bravery lead her to the answers she needs?
Thanks to: Jacqueline Pirtle of FreakyHealer.

29. New Year New You!

The end of one year and beginning of another is when a lot of people set resolutions about what they want to be physically. Use expertly created from workout programs from Living.Fit to get there! No matter what fitness equipment you have available or none at all, there are plans to help you be the best version of yourself. Living.Fit creates courses taught to trainers at national gym chains as well as individuals. Follow on PDF, mobile device or computer!
Thanks to: Jay Perkins of Living.Fit.

30. Gingerbread Old Fashioned

We are ringing in the holidays in style with our limited edition Gingerbread Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit. Each kit makes 4 drinks making it the perfect stocking stuffer, bar addition, gift for anyone. Just add the whiskey and let the good times roll!
Thanks to: Iva Cvjeticanin of Cocktail Kits 2 Go.

31. Chocolate Pairing for 2 People

Introducing our "Chocolate Pairing Adventure for 2" collection, infused with organic flavoring oils and designed to enhance the flavors of your favorite wine, spirits, coffee or tea. Each chocolate is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients in our shop, without preservatives or artificial ingredients, insuring an excellent chocolate pairing adventure no matter what you're drinking! (No alcohol in chocolate, suggested pairing cards included in box. Gluten-free and soy-free.)
Thanks to: Julie Nygard of The Chocolate Therapist.

32. Rock Your Sessions!

This chair is padded with thick foam for added comfort and covered in a black leatherette finish. XRocker features two speakers that you can connect to all your favorite gaming systems and music devices. With its elegant, and durable design, business people and gamers who want to work comfortably may now perform without experiencing discomfort or having to sit through boring work and gaming sessions.
Thanks to: Leo Coleman of Gambling 'n Go.

33. SEO Services to Amplify Career

Whether it’s an online blog or a business, show your love and care to your friends and families and let them know that you want them to succeed in their careers by gifting SEO consultations that guarantee solutions and strategies in making their websites and pages a sales-generating domain. Big Easy SEO offers SEO, online marketing, and design services that are perfect for small businesses to dominate during the holiday season.
Thanks to: Danny Trichter of Accessibility Checker.

34. 50 Goals for Entrep Posters

A small business page on Etsy called Founders Vault offers the ideal presents for business owners. Spice up your presents by challenging your business-minded friends to complete the scratch-it-off poster and achieve career goals—ranging from setting up your website to making your first sale to hiring your first employee.
Thanks to: Liam Wilson of Lottery 'N Go.

35. You're Awesome Scented Candles

Briojoy You're Awesome Scented Candles is an amazing, thoughtful, and personal gift.
This small business is dedicated to helping people feel good about themselves. Because it is always different, it is one-of-a-kind. The business also offers refillable candle kits. Briojoy You're Awesome Scented Candles can be bought online and inexpensively. Briojoy is a company that makes candles scented with "positive affirmations". Giving yourself or a loved one is a fun and sweet gift.
Thanks to: Isla Zyair of Obesity Controller.

36. Hand-Painted Canvas

A hand-painted canvas is a unique gift idea because it gives the gift recipient something different from what they usually get. The fact that it is hand-painted makes the gift more personal. The gift would be perfect for someone that appreciates the work that goes into a hand-made product. The product is made by a high-end, small business specializing in unique gifts, and they would be the perfect gift for a client, employee, or loved one. You can find this work of art on
Thanks to: Brian Hong of Big Easy SEO.

37. Leather Bomber Jacket

This Metal 3D Embroidery Leather Bomber Jacket with Fur Collar from Palaleather UK is a go-to for every man who wants to resemble a 90's New Yorker vibe while slaying the streets, metaphorically speaking. This leather jacket helps the gentlemen defy bad weather while showing off a masculine, dominant feature, which men adore. It's best paired with a pendant necklace while overlaying a white shirt. A pair of blue denim pants and black boots encapsulate an Instagrammable finish to your OOTD.
Thanks to: Christine Brownstein of Palaleather UK.

38. Something for the Guitarist

This suggestion is for all of you who have guitar-playing friends or family members in your midst. There is a family operated company out in San Fransisco called Thalia Capos that makes the most stunning guitar accessories, i.e., guitar straps, picks, capos etc, and they actually have a page called BEST GUITAR PLAYER GIFTS OF 2022 that showcases some great ideas. These are phenomenal gifts for any guitar player. Plenty to choose from and it won't break the bank.
Thanks to: Peter Erlandsson of All Guitar Stuff.

39. The Reason For The Season

Corinthian's Corner creates beautiful Christian apparel and accessories for women. From v-necks and fleece sweatshirts to tote bags and jewelry, we have something for every believer. This holiday season, share your faith in style with our Christmas collection! Our 'Jesus Is The Reason For The Season' long sleeve is a cozy and cute way to point others to Christ. Plus, 10% of proceeds support Christian charities, so you can feel good about your order!
Thanks to: Corinna Summersett of Corinthian's Corner.

40. Holiday Gift Ideas

One great holiday gift that you can give is a candle from GrandCandlesCo. It comes in several different sizes and fragrances. It is a great holiday gift because candles from this small business are made by local artists, who spend time creating the designs on their candles before they're sold. They also use 100% natural soy wax, which means they're environmentally friendly but still smell amazing!

You can find them in North Carolina or online if you need something shipped to you.
Thanks to: Chel Gacrama of The Castnoble.

41. Future File

Future File, a superb digital product created by Carol Roth is a great holiday gift for a small business in 2022. I recommend it because it helps you design an efficient financial plan that takes care of any emergency not only in your business but in your personal life. You can use it to arrange and document your digital assets which any authorized person can access even if you can't.
Thanks to: Bolaji Qudus of Zoriaf.

42. Richwrap - Gift That is a Wrap

Each year we work with the team at Richwrap to provide our clients the fantastic holiday gift of high quality wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. The diversity of patterns for events all year gives this gift longevity. One thing we do different is enclose a thank you Holiday Card that Richwrap places in each gift package. The folks at Richwrap are great to work with; we have used them for nearly 20 years and they provide a wonderful gift with amazing customer service.
Thanks to: Ed McMasters of FUSIONWRX Inc, a Flottman Company.

43. Strong Kids are Fit for Life!

My First Workout® is the only fitness brand created JUST FOR KIDS offering premium quality fitness equipment and progressive level programming. Our mission is stronger kids mentally and physically. Our passion is connecting the family unit and equipping kids with positive lifestyle habits from the earliest age possible. Our goal is no child sedentary. Our purpose is helping every child achieve their personal best through our skill-based and habit forming programs learned at-home or school.
Thanks to: Michelle Miller of MM FITNESS LLC.

44. F1 on Etsy is the Way to Go

Etsy is an excellent collection of solopreneurs, small businesses, and people growing a side hustle who could use some support. Many of these sellers make amazing products and they are excellent gifts for people on your holiday shopping list.

For me, I love F1 and I enjoy giving unique gifts to people on my friendslist who also enjoy this hobby. On Etsy, you can browse tons of local shops that are making excellent products and I’m excited to give some of these items as gifts.
Thanks to: Kyle Rhodes of F1FAll.

45. Easy Deck Maintenance

The Decktool makes it very easy to clear debris out of cracks in a deck after it has been blown off. It greatly reduces aggravation and bending over. It helps make the deck look its best, reduces the chance for wood rot, and is great for paint and stain prep. And Nobody Has One!

Only $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING!
Thanks to: George Willison of Deck tool.

46. Christmas Splash Roses

Painted Christmas Splash Roses harvested, painted manually and shipped directly from our affiliate farm located in the mountains of Ecuador, at 9.500 feet above sea level, where the intensity of sunlight and the cool climate of the highlands allow our farm affiliate to produce the world's most wanted roses. This product is tinted manually and due to the nature of this artisanal work, the color tones and finish of the rose make each one unique. $120 dozen.
Thanks to: Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers.

47. Get ZEN with Zendoway Cubes!

Zendoway Corporate Cubes are a mind, body and spirit-nourishing gift created by the founder of Zendoway, Kerry Wekelo. This gift is perfect for giving to co-workers or anyone dealing with stress. These squeezable, colorful cubes are each crafted with different themes–Gratitude, Happy, Positive, and Principles. The four cubes brighten your office space and remind you to practice gratitude, positivity, and breathing. Just roll a cube to enhance your day!
Thanks to: Lori Lite of Zendoway.

48. Fleece Jacket for Cooler Days

A fleece jacket for cooler days is a good idea. A person can use it in the chilling winter season. It keeps a person cozy and comfortable during their holiday. Whether they're packing holiday shipments, manning the coffee bar, or jogging in the park, a fleece jacket will keep them warm all season long. You can go one step ahead and add a personal touch by embroidering the person’s name or company logo.
Thanks to: Bozlu Rehman of BikesAdvisor.

49. End the Diaper Wrestling Match

Tired of the diaper changing battle? Does it take two people to change your little one?

The Wriggler anti-roll changing pad is the first, multi-award winning pad that effectively solves this problem. Once in The Wriggler, babies and toddlers are comfortable yet can no longer crawl off and can’t spread the poo-y mess around the house! It makes the perfect gift for expectant parents and those with active toddlers by changing struggles to snuggles. Parent designed - parent approved!
Thanks to: Aileen McCauley of The Wriggler.

50. Plant Subscription Box

Support a small business year-round and give a gift that goes beyond the holidays with a Horti plant subscription box. These boxes are curated by this NYC-based small business and easily fit anyone’s decor style. Your recipients receive a new houseplant, care instructions, and a gorgeous display each month. These plants come in recyclable packaging, spruce up any home office, and are easily re-giftable!
Thanks to: John Li of Fig Loans.

51. Homemade Baker's Monthly Box

The Mix Box was created by Homemade Bakers, a small business in Pennsylvania that gives the most universally loved gift - food! This box contains every ingredient you need to make a delicious batch of their monthly feature, so your recipient gets to bake a new creation every month and enjoy all the spoils. They even send out video tutorials to make the process easy for even the most amateur baker in your life.
Thanks to: Jack Underwood of Circuit.

52. Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

Gift the whiskey lovers in your life the one they haven’t tried yet with this DIY whiskey-making kit. Handmade in Ohio from a local maker, the kit includes plenty of options to mix into your own custom blend. Pair with neutral flavored alcohol, like vodka, and gift it to your friends, family, and favorite clients!
Thanks to: Ruben Gamez of SignWell.

53. Best Sandals for Nature Lovers

Shop small this holiday season and purchase Bedrock Sandals for your loved ones who prioritize outdoor adventure. This brand builds quality, durable products that help your feet make more contact with the ground when hiking and having summer adventures.

Plus, this company boasts an impressive warranty and is passionate about saving the environment – if customers eventually find their sandals damaged, they encourage product owners to send them in for repair rather than buy a new one.
Thanks to: Patricio Paucar of Navi.

54. Waterproof Canvas Fabric

As we head toward the holiday season why not give a gift that will keep on giving? A custom-made, waterproof canvas fabric from ICL SA is the perfect way to show you care. This tough and durable fabric is perfect for making tents, canopies, tarps, awnings, and more. It's also great for covering outdoor furniture or picnic tables. So as you plan your holiday shopping, remember the unique and practical gift of waterproof canvas fabric.
Thanks to: Peter Monkhouse of ICL SA.

55. First Aid Kit

If you're looking for the perfect present for the holiday, look no further than a first aid kit from Big Safety. Our first aid kits are packed with everything you need to treat minor injuries, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relief medication, and more. So whether you're traveling, cycling, or just spending time at home, a first aid kit from Big Safety will help you be prepared for anything.
Thanks to: Todd Saunders of Big Safety.

56. Clean Up for the New Year

The Prairie Apothecary hand-makes and sells small batches of soaps, lotions, and salves. Useful gifts are the best to give, and these goats milk soaps smell wonderful and provide skin nourishment so you can almost guarantee they'll be used and not sitting on a shelf. If you order early, the business owner will happily create batches of out-of-stock items before the holidays. The soaps are packaged beautifully, and you can create baskets with a combination of products for a custom gift.
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of

57. Wireless Charger with Alarm

This digital alarm clock with multiple functions shows the time, date, and temperature using bright and distinct LED lights. You may place and charge your phone simultaneously, which is convenient. Because this electronic alarm clock doubles as a wireless phone charger, in my opinion, it is the best gift. To charge it properly, simply position your Wireless Charging Compatible phone so that it is perfectly centered on the top of the clock.
Thanks to: Gary Hunter of CompareGolfPrices.

58. Vokka Posture Corrector

Slouching for so long in front of our screens and lack of any physical activity may give birth to more problems in your old age, so buying a posture corrector is definitely worth it.

I’ve used multiple posture correctors myself and found the shoulder straps of Vokka to be the most comfortable ones. Plus, the spinal alignment and adjustability from the waist added to the convenience. Now, I’m maintaining a good posture and not hurting my back at the same time!
Thanks to: Johannes Larsson of Financer.

59. Wireless UV Sterilizer Box

One of the nicest gifts, in my opinion, is the Multi-Function UV Light Sterilizer Box with Wireless Charger. The sterilizer uses bacteria-zapping UV disinfecting light to target those hard-to-reach spots and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. Excellent for small items like smartphones, mp3 players, wireless earbuds, brushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry, and other items of that nature.
Thanks to: Emir Bacic of Pricelisto.

60. Himalayan Salt Lamps

The company Himalayan Decor International sells salt lamps. These lamps not only assist in decorating your space, but they also offer physical and psychological healing properties. Himalayan salt aids in air purification by enclosing and trapping water molecules carrying dust, germs, and fungus so they cannot be inhaled. Himalayan salt is a mineral that is used by a lot of people to heal and strengthen the body and mind naturally.
Thanks to: Shaun Martin of Cash for houses.

61. A Crystal Necklace

If you are planning to gift someone something that they can keep to themself and is unique definitely give Crystal necklaces a chance. This is a perfect choice for someone who believes in the healing abilities of crystals. If not then the necklace itself will be beautiful enough to wear on a regular basis. Typically they are not too flashy and have minimalistic designs. They can also be good conversation starters. It's mostly suitable for Friends, Family & Loved ones.
Thanks to: Kelly Desuja of Unlimited Crystal.

62. Motherhood and Beyond

The Alex Tote - Luna by LaVoie offers beautifully designed diaper bags and maternity accessories for the working mother. The entire collection is meant to take you from playdates to meetings and beyond. The Alex handbag is the epitome of functional form. This style carries all your necessities effortlessly. The style is handcrafted in Italy and made of 100% Italian leather with an Azure colored water-resistant lining. Available in Bianco and Nero, $1,350.
Thanks to: Mai Vu of Luna by LaVoie.


The RAINRAP is a lightweight alternative to a raincoat or umbrella. The RAINRAP weighs 8 ounces and comes with a travel pouch that fits in your handbag, glove compartment, or suitcase The RAINRAPS are waterproof and have a double-sided closure for reversibility. One size fits most.
Thanks to: Stacy Struminger of RAINRAPS.

64. Wrap Yourself in LOVE

LOVEVOLVE is a mission started by artist Sunny Stack Goode. Sunny feels words hold power. That is why she created the brand LOVEVOLVE. A collection emblazoned with four basic letters L-O-V-E. What’s not to love about wrapping yourself in cashmere and LOVE? The Magic Multi-colored Love Scarf goes with everything.
Thanks to: Sunny Stack Goode of LOVEVOLVE.

65. Gift Guide: Journey

Journey is a bestselling solo roleplaying game from the indie game publisher Graycastle Press that's perfect for writers, designers, game masters and creatives of all stripes.

Step into the role of an explorer in the worlds of your own creation to discover new details of these amazing places and gather new inspiration.

This tool of imagination and creativity guides you deeper into the locations and spaces of your worlds and helps give them greater depth and form in both your mind and work.
Thanks to: Luke Miller of Graycastle Press.

66. Comp Engineering for Babies

Computer Engineering for Babies is a short board book to introduce simple computer logic to babies (and adults). It uses two buttons and an LED to introduce various "gates" and is extremely satisfying to play with.
Thanks to: Chase Roberts of Baby Step Books.

67. A Movie Poster for a Movie Fan

Got a movie buff on your gift list? Get a movie poster from his or her favorite film from Just Movie Posters.Com. People like going to the movies and many relationships started over dinner and a movie. So, folks would love to get a movie poster from a favorite film. Posters available for sale include Bridesmaids, Fast & Furious, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Top Gun and more.
Thanks to: Ilena Di Toro of Just Movie Posters.Com.

68. A Portable Battery

Anker's lightweight portable battery can fully recharge an iPhone seven times. The worst part about traveling is when you believe you have enough juice to get it through, only to be surprised by an unpleasant stopover or missed connection. This one features two USB connections, so if you're taking a trip with a companion, you can both charge your devices. And I think it would be a fantastic present from a local company.
Thanks to: Mathew Bowley of Solmar Villas.

69. 10ph Natural Spring Water!

We are excited to spread the word on TEN Alkaline Spring Water!

- The perfect gift for fitness and health enthusiasts
- TEN is the #3 alkaline water brand in retail
- Rich with electrolytes, TEN is sourced and bottled right from pure, natural springs
- Available via .5 liter six-packs, 1 liter bottles, 1.5 liter bottles, 1 gallon jugs and 12 ounce cans
Thanks to: Bob Bradley of TEN Alkaline Spring Water.

70. Cut Fingers Meal Prepping?

Have you or someone you know cut themselves grating/slicing food? Small business owner and mom, Lori Turk, invented a quality stainless-steel kitchen gadget called SAFEGRATE in her kitchen after cutting her fingers. It protects them when you grate/slice food so that meal prep is safe and easy for the whole family (4+). For a gift/stocking stuffer, SAFEGRATE is unique and useful which makes grating/slicing any size food on any grater safer & is universal and dishwasher friendly ($12.99 US).
Thanks to: Lori Turk of April Ideas Inc.

71. Kpop Crochet Dolls

Support a small business and cuddle with your favorite bias with these special handmade dolls by Kpop crochet. Made of 100% acrylic yarn, our Kpop idols are transformed into cute dolls that will sweep every fangirl's heart away. Undoubtedly, millions of Kpop stans worldwide will be extra happy when they receive this gift this upcoming holiday season!
Thanks to: Arvie Narido of Gift Rabbit.

72. Andar Leather Accessories

Money clips and phone cases for dad, backpacks and crossbodies for mom, and everything in between with Andar’s luxury leather accessories. Affordably priced but quality-crafted, our minimalist yet stylish handbags, wallets and electronic cases make a great gift for absolutely anybody. This holiday season, buy them a gift that will become a staple in their wardrobe, no matter their style or today’s trends.
Thanks to: Eric Elggren of Andar.

73. Turn Your Shower Into A Spa

Miss that feeling of a spa while traveling the world? You can now bring the feeling of a luxury spa into the comfort of your own home with our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray. Spray 2-3 times into a warm, steaming shower and relax.

Not only does our Steam Shower Spray smell wonderful, but it also helps with the morning congestion that comes with the winter cold. The perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season. Made with 100% pure eucalyptus oil. Available on
Thanks to: Alicia Bermudez of Travertine Spa, Inc.

74. Indie Video Games

One of the great things about video games these days is that it's possible to buy them even from the little guys. Platforms like Steam, Epic Games, or even app stores on iOS or Android devices are open to developers of all sizes. Try searching for top indie game titles the next time you're looking for a gift for the gamer in your life.
Thanks to: Chris Stevenson of Virtual Reality Rentals.

75. Powder-to-liquid Cosmetics

Made-up Gossip develops and sells waterless personal care products with minimum ingredients for maximum efficacy. The products come in aluminum tubes, designed to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. The starter kits make for amazing gifts.

Currently they have four products: hand wash, body wash and facial wash powders, and exfoliating clay masks. Made-up Gossip is the brainchild of a chemist and a marketer, two women who hail from Ukraine and Romania.
Thanks to: Lacramioara Schulte auf'm Erley of Made-up Gossip.

76. Etsy

If you want to find unique gifts that support small businesses, check out Etsy. There are thousands of shops offering high-quality handmade gifts for everyone on your list. For example, SilverPost is a Nevada-based shop that offers stone carvings, crystals, sterling silver jewelry, and so much more. I suggest checking out their home decor section, which includes unique crystal and stone lamps.
Thanks to: Adam Rossi of TotalShield.

77. Natural Skincare Glowing Kit

Earth Melody focuses on creating skincare in small batches, when high quality comes first, by using sustainable up-cycled, non-toxic ingredients that are proven to work for combination to dry skin. Our best seller's skincare minis are perfect set for the classy Eco-conscious individual out there to try out from face wash to face mask.

Where to purchase:
Price : $25
Thanks to: Karen Mok of Earth Melody.

78. America's 1st Tween Book Club!

For the child who always has their nose in a book, The Dawn Society has a gift they’ll love – not just this holiday season, but every month! Gift a membership to The Dawn Society virtual book club and your tween bookworm will enjoy a community of fellow readers, a safe place to connect, lively discussions led by renowned children's book blogger, Lauren Bercuson of Happily Ever Elephants, and the chance to meet author heroes in exclusive web events. Why read alone when we can read together?
Thanks to: Lauren Bercuson of The Dawn Society.

79. Feel Good Blanket

Wrap them in your love with a cozy alpaca-blend blanket made by fairly-paid indigenous crafters. Los Andes Shop has long relationships with artisan weavers in Ecuador who have created gorgeous patterns for centuries. We import these super soft blankets & throws directly from our Ecuadorian friends to Oregon. Our customers love these washable blankets – many return for more! Even if you can’t be there to wrap them in a hug, they’ll remember your love each time they snuggle in their blanket.
Thanks to: Deborah Berho of Los Andes Shop.

80. Winter Crystal Candles

Our Winter Crystal Candles capture the true spirit of the holiday season. Our unique combinations of natural and essential oils, genuine crystals, flowers, and herbs symbolize connection, celebration, and love. The winter scents include cinnamon, apple, spice, clove, balsam, fir, cedarwood, cypress, patchouli, and more. The crystals in the candles can be saved to remember this holiday season forever. All New Moon Beginnings candles are handmade in the USA with soy wax for a long and clean burn!
Thanks to: Christopher Glarner of New Moon Beginnings.

81. Cute Penguin Label Printer

The gift I want to suggest is the MUNBYN penguin portable label printer. It's a mini wireless thermal label printer, and it should be used with the Munbyn Printer app.

It's very cute and portable. This printer looks like a penguin and has a cute little bow tie. It allows you to print the labels you want with different icons and text. It can make life more organized and let children have more fun in daily life.
Thanks to: Lori Smith of MUNBYN.

82. Gratitude the Hawaiian Way

"Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash" is a heartwarming picture book that will quickly become a treasured favorite of both parents and children. Told with heart and humor, this story reinforces the core Hawaiian values of Aloha and Mahalo. As a mother of four, I'm so grateful to have found a book that is both educational and entertaining. I highly recommend this book!

-Tiffany Odekirk, Mother of Four, Author of "Love Unscripted" and "Love on Pointe"
Thanks to: Paki Perkins of Perks Publishing, LLC.

83. Money Mastery Coaching

The greatest holiday gift this year is the gift of financial freedom. If someone you know needs a guide to teach them how to budget, save, and earn more, then some one-on-one coaching is just what Santa ordered. Kalen Houck is a long-time financial coach who's chief aim is to teach people everything they need to know so that they can finally master their finances and create the dream life they've always desired. Finances are easy when you have the right guide.
Thanks to: Kalen Houck of

84. Give the Gift of Aloha!

Kona Earth is a family-run coffee farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their single-estate, 100% Kona coffee is micro-batch roasted, packaged fresh, and shipped farm-direct for supreme freshness. Gourmet “Gift of Aloha” bundles also feature delicious dark chocolate, made with 75% Kona cacao from the farm. Shop Kona Earth's selection of holiday gift sets today and find the perfect present for everyone on your list, including yourself!
Thanks to: Joanie Wynn of Kona Earth Coffee.

85. Indian-Inspired Whiskey

Daru is an Indian-Inspired whiskey paying tribute to their Indian culture, offering subtle notes of vanilla, honey, and citrus throughout each sip, perfect for that sweet, cozy cocktail by the fireplace during the holidays! Well-aged in rare Canadian oak barrels, Daru is filtered through activated charcoal via a proprietary filtration process, providing the notorious smooth finish that is one of the most recognizable characteristics of whiskey.
Thanks to: Andy Sran of Daru Whiskey.

86. Makeup is Art!

Discover the artist within yourself and paint your lips with Loving Lacquer Cosmetics's lip paint. It's a matte liquid lipstick that is long-lasting, cruelty-free, and highly pigmented. There are 10 colors to choose from. The lipstick tube is adorned with a cute heart that can be used as an ornament, just apply a hook! This would make a great gift for the makeup lover in your life, so give the gift of beauty!
Thanks to: Kimberly Loving of Loving Lacquer Cosmetics.

87. Ethically Handmade Silk PJs

Silk PJs are always a great gift idea as every Christmas could not go without a pair of nice and comfy pajamas. IDentity Lingerie is a small family-run brand making ethically handmade nightwear. All their products are handcrafted and often made to order which allows them to reduce the negative environmental impact of mass production. They also aim at making products that are timeless and will stay relevant and serve people for years instead of chasing the quickly changing fast fashion trends.
Thanks to: Diana Narodytska of IDentity Lingerie.

88. Cybersecurity Specialist

The Casa Veronica Milagro Lamp (Chico) - For about $ 650
Just some time ago, Veronica Ortuño was working out of her valuable vintage store. She was located in a small event space in Las Cruxes in East Austin, Texas. However, the store is now closed.

But Veronica rose from the ashes with her interior design studio and decor brand. She has named it Casa Veronica and it is a highly recommended brand for unique gift ideas.
Thanks to: Isla Sibanda of Privacy Australia.

89. Air Purifer For Vibes

We recently bought this brilliant air purification and air scented system from Moodoo for our office in Austin, Texas. It was developed in Israel and is completely programmable to give your business, home or office, the right 'vibes' for clean, honest, high energy work. I'm a firm supporter of businesses of similar sizes and philosophies supporting each other, so I fully recommend it. They ship worldwide.
Thanks to: Eran Galperin of Gymdesk.

90. The Cutest Lighters Worldwide

Glogirls lighters are more than just products. They are experiences which provide joy and inspiration to all girls!

Hand-drawn from scratch our designs are created with a tinge of unapologetic femininity. This is definitely the lighter every girl can relate to!

Each lighter also ignites a pink flame, with some glow in the dark variations. Gift your bestie or yourself the cutest stylish lighter on this planet! We’re sure any girl would love this perfect gift for any occasion.
Thanks to: Tiffany Tsang of Glogirls Lighters.

91. The Elements of Choice

The Elements of Choice: Why the Way We Decide Matters by Eric J. Johnson is a gift that keeps on giving. This book is an essential read not only for business people, but for anyone interested in the decision-making process and choice architecture. It provides actionable insights into the hidden influences that shape decisions and offers tools to help readers make better and more conscious choices.
Thanks to: Diana Vicheva of ExpoBeds.

92. Skin Therapy Product

The small business is called Franklin's Shaving Emporium, and they sell shaving soaps and balms. I'm writing about it specifically because it's a great gift for a man or woman. They make specific types of handmade soaps for all kinds of skin types with acne-fighting soaps for people with acne, and soaps with mint for people who want to cool off. When you order, you give them your skin type, and they make the soap or balm with your specifications in mind. It's all natural product.
Thanks to: Dr. Staci Holweger of Lifepatches.

93. Have "The Final Word"

I created The Final Word — a collection of family-friendly, educational, brain-sparking, FUN games in a single deck of cards for people who love word games. Games range from easy to expert for 1 - 6 players. The Final Word has been purchased by several schools and also by a community center that hosts a monthly game for seniors, which speaks volumes about the multi-generational appeal of having The Final Word. A gift for almost everyone on your list - one deck of cards, so many ways to play!
Thanks to: Faye Klein of Faye Klein Design.

94. Blended by Kat Jamieson

There’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal during the holidays! This season, gift your loved ones the new cookbook being self-published by Kat Jamieson. Blended is an incredibly gorgeous coffee table book that offers a seasonally-inspired and holistic approach to cooking, entertaining, and living well – featuring 125+ of Kat’s favorite recipes along with inspiring tablescapes and interiors.
Thanks to: Kat Jamieson of Blended by Kat Jamieson.

95. Crafting Memories Together

Hanukkah Kits - DIY Menorah Kit

To make this year’s Hanukkah extra special, give your children the opportunity to create memories with the whole family using Hanukkah Kits’ charming DIY caterpillar menorah kit. Our Hanukkah menorah is a gift that comes from the heart, and is designed to be a fun and inclusive activity for your family.
Thanks to: Abby Zaitley of Hanukkah Kits.

96. All-weather Cornhole

We've combined elevated design, all-weather materials, and innovative construction to create the ultimate cornhole experience. Featuring an elegant, low profile frame, all-weather composite boards, and a patent-pending shock absorption system for superior gameplay and sound. Celebrated by cornhole professionals and discerning homeowners alike, this is the last cornhole set you'll ever need. Cornhole boards can be left outside all season and are customizable.
Thanks to: Katy Wilmore of tupelo goods.

97. Live Escape Game Experience

We love experiential gifts, and escape rooms are perfect for couples, families and friends.

It's the gift of spending quality time together - locked in an exciting themed room, where you only have an hour to find clues, solve riddles, crack a mysterious case and escape!

Buy an escape room gift voucher online to give the gift of a fun, adventure-packed hour.

Bonus point: It’s a perfect last-minute gift, as you receive your printable voucher immediately via email.
Thanks to: Zsofia Dobak of Riddle Rooms Glasgow.

98. The Gift of Comfort

My friend Katie is an eye doctor turned entrepreneur who started a loungewear company. Her clothes are incredibly comfy and make great gifts especially after a long day. It is a gift that shows you care, like a warm hug or cup of tea with no pretense or strings attached. You just want the recipient to feel loved and cared about. Jia is based in Texas and everything is made in the USA. To support a fellow small business shop the collection at
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

99. A Book- Life Skills for Teens

I presented this excellent book to my son to learn new things he is going to face in life. This book serves as a manual for teens on practical things about managing finances and living a healthy and balanced life with some psychological touches about wellness. The language is easy to comprehend and is quotable. Without emphasizing academic excellence, the writer tactfully teaches the target audience i.e., teens how to achieve adulthood successfully.
Thanks to: Ivan Brozincevic of FAMB.

100. The "Anti Cotton Sock"

Your average cotton sock leaves your feet feeling damp and just plain gross because they absorb 5x its own weight in water (that means sweat). Plus they don’t last long (not a great gift).

The perfect gift for fitness lovers is the WORN T3 Ankle sock. They're made with our proprietary fabric that lasts 4x longer than cotton, wicks 2x more effectively than wool, and won't lose its shape in the wash. They were designed to keep you cool and comfy during strenuous workouts.
Thanks to: Lauren M. of WORN.

101. Fully Personalized Caricature

Have some special idea or life story? Then you should definitely get a custom Caricature and mark it for years to come.

CaricatureMaster makes the process of ordering your personalized art super easy. Simply send them an image of your loved one with some ideas, and in a few days they will send you their drawing! Simple as A,B,C’s!

All the caricatures are digitally hand drawn by some of the best online artists, and they can print caricatures on posters, canvas, t-shirts, mugs, etc.
Thanks to: Margareth Collins of Caricature Master.

102. Celebrate Christmas Year Round

Christmas makes the world a happier place. Since 2016, My Christmas Crate has been sourcing fun, festive, playful and sometimes nostalgic Christmas and seasonal delights to Christmas fans year round!

Enjoy festive ornaments, holiday home decor, craft items, Christmas jewelry & accessories and more! Savor the tastes and scents of seasonal favorites like eggnog, gingerbread, peppermint and Fraser fir delivered to your mailbox YEAR ROUND!
Thanks to: Kelli Girsch of My Christmas Crate.

103. Vintage Sports T-Shirts

We all know that vintage clothing is always trendy, so you can never go wrong when gifting a mystery box full of vintage t-shirts. Even if the person you're giving this to isn't into sports, if they like wearing t-shirts, then they're certainly going to love these as they're very colorful, comfortable, unique, and can be the main piece of a very aesthetic outfit.
Thanks to: Garrett Yamasaki of WeLoveDoodles.

104. Scone and Gift Bundles for All

Looking for a unique gift for everyone on your list? A Scone and Gift Bundle from Erika's Tea Room is just what you are looking for! We start with a teapot, tea set, infuser mug, or other gift item, add 6 of our freshly baked scones and add a tea for a perfectly paired experience. It's a tea party in a box. Want to create your own bundle, call Erika, your gift concierge and we'll make a custom bundle for all of your gifting needs.
Thanks to: Erika Shanoff of Erika's Tea Room & Gifts.

105. A Jolly Chocolate Gift

Surprise and delight anyone on your gift list with this edible candy jar. Chocolate Inspirations, a small, mother/daughter owned, Illinois-based artisan chocolate company, known for their handmade English Toffee, releases their one-of-a-kind, chocolate creation each holiday season. Stanley the Snowman Candy Jar is hand-crafted in premium chocolate and filled with 1 lb of their best-selling, award-winning, English Toffee. Make sure you order early; the chocolate snowman is made to order.
Thanks to: Marcy Goetz of Chocolate Inspirations.

106. Creative Gifts

Here is a thoughtful and creative gift sold by small business owners.
You could choose your tea adventure from TranquiliTea House! Give your favorite tea drinker a mug, three types of tea, and a teaware accessory.
Thanks to: Laurice Costantine of casadar.

107. Racing for the Chequered Flag

Thunder Alley

It’s a board game devoted to my favorite sport, stock car racing. It puts the player in the driving seat as they try to defeat the other competitors through a combination of strategy, speed, and knowing the car you’re racing and the track you’re racing on. And like the best racing teams, the company responsible for Thunder Alley, GMT, is a small brand dedicated to delivering the best product possible at a price point everyone is comfortable with.
Thanks to: Chris Kowalski of Autopadre.

108. The Gift of Sweet Dreams

Tencel Sheets - the perfect gift!
•Temperature regulating: ideal for people who are sensitive to hot & cold temperatures
•Exceptionally soft touch - help you sleep in comfort
•OEKO-Tex Certified - Environmentally friendly & responsibly made
•Made from natural pulp of eucalyptus - 100% sustainable, these sheets make a difference in your room
•Breathable, durable, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic
•Crisp, matte, modern finish
•Available in 7 colors
Thanks to: Rebia Ahmed of Sweave Bedding.

109. Mom and Baby Sea Turtle

Handmade Glass Mom and Baby Sea Turtle on Coral

Gift Gallery Store, based in Cincinnati offers a vast array of exquisite hand blown glass figurines through their Etsy store from as low as $4.99. We have fallen for this one though priced at $36.99 or $45.99 if you take the personalized mirror with it. Surely everyone loves baby turtles & the detail on this one with its mother swimming over the incredibly realistic coral is amazing!
Thanks to: Colin Palfrey of Crediful.

110. We Make it Personal

Any gift can make a great holiday gift, but if you want to make that one gift extra special, then you have to have it personalized. Giving a personalized gift lets the recipient know they mean more to you.

Laser engraving is a great way to add a nice message, name, date, logo, or picture. Engraving can be done on any material or surface and last a lifetime. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

We are a custom laser engraving company that helps people give personalized and meaningful gifts.
Thanks to: Jeff Gorwitz of Custom Laser Engraving.

111. Stylish & Chic Pet Furniture

Hotel Doggy, a woman-owned small business brings stylish functionality to the lives of dogs and their owners. The brand’s premium Bohoasis Acapulco Bed ($299), a staple of its “Pet Patio” collection, is sleek, stylish, built-to-last and the perfect gift for the pet in your life. The item features an e-coated steel frame with powder coat finish (complete with a 2-year warrantee) and a water and stain resistant cushion with a washable cover. This bed is a chic addition to anyone’s home!
Thanks to: Patrick Seidl of Hotel Doggy.

112. Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

For the holidays, we recommend pre-ordering these limited-edition perennial favorites to lock in availability and pricing:

Chocolate-Popcorn Basket 3-in-1 Nutcracker Toy Soldier Tins: Magical set of 3 toy soldiers from the Nutcracker Suite. Each one is filled with popular snacks. Pop off their hats and discover a variety of treats like peanut brittle, peppermint candy cane, Peppermint Taffy, caramel popcorn, chocolate covered Oreo cookies & assorted gourmet items.
Thanks to: Vicki Jakubovic of Bonnie & Pop.

113. For Salty Self-Care

I would highly recommend Dermasalt salt spray as a gift to the person who is obsessed with skin health or loves trying new self-care routines. I have spent so much money on trying to heal my dermatitis, and lots of money with dermatologists, and nothing worked until using Dermasalt. Salt spray is actually trending on TikTok for young users to try, and showing great results on skin problems. Skincare is pretty much my hobby, and I've done so many things, and this is the one thing I recommend!
Thanks to: Beth Bovie of Dermasalt.

114. Screen-free Mindfulness Device

The company Zenimal was founded in 2017 by Anna Peterson Macsalka. After suffering from anxiety as a child and finding solace in a mindfulness practice at an early age, Anna created the Zenimal+, which is a screen-free solution to practice the art of mindfulness through meditation. Zenimal plays nine guided meditations at the press of a button focusing on nine key mindful categories. This device is completely void of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth giving users undisruptive autonomy over their own wellness.
Thanks to: Anna Peterson Macsalka of Zenimal.

115. SMELLABRATE Your Creativity!

SmellyChalk scented sidewalk chalk is fun for the eyes AND the nose! Each box has ten rich colors, each with a different scent. It is non-toxic, the scents are phthalate-free, and it washes away easily. Proudly handmade in the USA.

SmellyChalk encourages getting outside and expressing one’s creativity. It makes a great stocking stuffer!
Thanks to: Carolyn Crabb of Zag Products.

116. NexStride Mobility Device

NexStride is a small, unobtrusive device that can attach to any assisted walking device (cane, walker, walking poles) to help people with gait issues to walk safely and independently. It does this using simple visual and auditory cues to re-establish the damaged connection between the brain and the body. NexStride is the only cueing device on the market that can be attached to any walking device, allowing people to move with whatever device they’re already comfortable using.
Thanks to: Sidney Collin of De Oro Devices.

117. Match Your Mini This Season

We are Sydney So Sweet, a family owned small ecommerce store located in Ohio specializing in clothing, accessories, and gifts for little girls and their moms. Matching mom and me items make the cutest holiday gifts! Little girls love to match their moms! We are so in love with this fashion trend, and everyone loves a special boutique quality piece in their wardrobe. Shopping, decorating, and all the activities of the season are so much more fun when you match!
Thanks to: Jen Greenlees of Sydney So Sweet.

118. Unique Guatemalan Luggage Tags

Handmade by Jacinta, a mother of five children, these luggage tags are crafted from repurposed traditional Guatemalan textiles. Never mistake your luggage for another person's again, as each tag is unique and made of brightly colored fabric.

Purchases from Handmade by Friendship Bridge help impoverished Guatemalan women grow their businesses, support themselves, and ultimately thrive in their home country, so they don’t have to make the difficult choice to migrate.
Thanks to: Lydia Shoaf of Handmade by Friendship Bridge®.

119. Holiday Gift Feature

We believe that Shinesty's Ball Hammock Pouch® Boxer Briefs would be a perfect holiday gift. Not only are boxer briefs an everyday necessity in a man's life, but our pouch underwear are one of the most comfortable underwear on earth, moisture-wicking, breathable, adjustment-free, and cradle your balls.
Thanks to: Claire Cashion of Shinesty.

120. Stop Unwanted Calls and Texts

CallerSmart is a popular iOS app and website from CallerSmart Inc which help you investigate mystery phone numbers and avoid unwanted calls and texts. Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., and many others have featured us, and BuzzFeed nicknamed us "turnt up caller ID." As digital security grows in importance, give your business the best insurance against phishing attacks and protect your business from identity theft this holiday season.
Thanks to: Brian David Crane of CallerSmart.

121. One Box Never Smelled So Good

Our Build-Your-Own Gift Box features 1-3 of our lovely signature jar candles, each with a 50+ hour burn time. This candle gift box is filled with high-quality, highly-scented soy wax candles poured by hand in our woman-owned studio in San Jose, California. Attractively packaged and ready for gifting, this gift set can be individualized for your loved one so they can enjoy their favorite scents or try out the newest scents of the season. Matches included (plus a wick trimmer in the largest size).
Thanks to: Kate De Palma of Scented Designs Candle Co.

122. Work Smarter: Tech Essentials

While working remotely has benefits, it also comes with distractions – deliveries, neighbors and the like. Headsets help me work smarter by freeing up both hands while on Zoom calls, so that I can take multitask, take notes, answer emails. I love my ThinkWrite’s Ultra Pro Headset. It’s super comfortable so I can wear it for hours, plus it blocks out external noise so I can concentrate. It’s surprising too, how much the headset’s microphone made a difference in audio.
Thanks to: Sonya Grigoruk of ThinkWrite Technologies.

123. An Out-Of-This-World Gift

Naming a star is an amazing gift that brings excitement the moment the package is opened.

It's ideal for the person who has everything, or for anyone who is looking to give a unique and unforgettable gift. We are a family-owned company based in Illinois. We originated the concept of naming a star as a gift in 1979. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Now a whole new audience is just learning about our company. It’s a heartfelt gift for online shoppers. 800-282-3333
Thanks to: Elaine Stolpe of International Star Registry.

124. Backpack: Aesthetics + Ethics

Laflore Paris' bobobark is a vegan convertible backpack purse made with cork leather, that can also be carried as a tote or briefcase. Its several compartments - such as one for your laptop, and a built-in port for a phone charger cable - help keep belongings organized and create an easy transition between work, leisure, or travel. It comes in 3 colors, is waterproof, and 3x lighter than typical leather. It's ideal for practical women who want to incorporate sustainability into their wardrobe!
Thanks to: Elie Seroussi of Laflore Paris.

125. Meaningful Gift for Her

Handmade Dandelion Seed "Wish" Necklace- MSRP $49.95-$64.95
Looking for a lovely keepsake or great gift? What better than offering a wish. These real dandelion necklaces fit the bill. Wonderful memories of blowing dandelion fluff and making wishes when we were little. I encase real dandelion fluff (seeds) between two oval glass cabochons creating a terrarium of sorts. Every piece is hand made in the Louisiana bayou. With this pendant you can take a piece of nature with you wherever you go.
Thanks to: Contina Pierson of Bayou Glass Arts, LLC.

126. Make Your Gift a Critical Hit

A wonderful gift for the tabletop gamer in your life would be a set of gorgeous dice from Dice Envy. The dice from this shop are high-quality and are created from their own custom molds, so they can only be found at Dice Envy.

They sell a massive variety of dice that are made out of materials from classic resin to metal and even stone, so you can be sure to find an exquisite set that fits your budget. The designs are visually stunning and add to the aesthetic of any campaign.
Thanks to: David Derus of Dice Envy.

127. LeakLocks Toiletry Skins

With winter travel season underway, lots of people are dusting off their suitcases and heading off on long-awaited trips to near and far. Obviously, vacays are loads of fun, but having your shampoo or face cleanser spill on everything in your bag? Not so much.
LeakLocks® toiletry skins stretch quite substantially to fit over full-size bottles of most beauty products and toiletries and they prevent leaks due to air pressure changes. What a great gift for the traveler in your life!
Thanks to: Lisa Lane of Lane Innovations.

128. The Gift of Generous Coffee

This holiday season, give the gift of generosity with a bag of The Higgins from Generous Coffee. The Higgins is a rich coffee blend with notes of caramelized sugar and dark chocolate. Our coffee is craft roasted in Indiana, and 100% of our profits go toward supporting organizations that fight to improve the lives of people around the world. With a gift from Generous, the recipient not only gets to enjoy quality coffee, but also the feeling that they’re helping make the world a better place.
Thanks to: Ben Higgins of Generous Coffee.

129. Kettl Matcha Chocolate

These handcrafted matcha-infused chocolate bars from Kettl Tea can be a special and delicious treat to give and receive. Each bar is made from the equivalent of 2.5 bowls of whisked Japanese matcha blended with decadent Belgian white chocolate. The intense green color, aroma, and natural, mild sweetness make this famous chocolate a perfect gift for the chocolate or matcha lover in your life.
Thanks to: Isabella Gordan of Sleepys Express.

130. Craft Coffee for Dog People

Quirky Kin is a craft coffee company that embraces your inseparable connection with your fur baby. We are a unique & quirky brand that people love. People buy our coffee as gifts for coffee lovers, dog parents, the person who has everything, animal lovers and consumers who love to support small businesses. We ship our craft coffee beans all over the U.S. We also offer subscriptions, trendy merch, and holiday gift boxes. We believe in doing good, which is why we pay our farmers above fair trade!
Thanks to: Morgan Szekely of Quirky Kin Co.

131. Self-care Notepad

A delightful little notepad from Worthwhile Paper made from eco-friendly materials can be a perfect gift for someone you love. Designed to sparkle self-reflection and discovery, the notepad can help make their days more intentional with self-care to-do lists. The notepad features hand-drawn prints and beautiful designs that cultivate joy and inspire good feelings.
Thanks to: Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace.

132. Handmade Danish Mug in Appaloo

The name of this handmade ceramic mug from Paper & Clay comes from the gorgeous coloring of Appaloosa Horses. Made by hand with passion and good vibes, it's a perfect gift for a special person in your life, be it your best friend or your great aunt. The mug looks gorgeous with a glaze that features a lovely gradient of dark and light grey color on white and is great for getting cozy with on a chilly day.
Thanks to: Ivo Iv of Decor Home Ideas.

133. Superfood Latte Kit

This set of three delicious latte blends (original turmeric, cacao, and matcha) from Golde makes a perfect gift because it will encourage your recipient to indulge in self-care. All three superfood latte flavors are 100% natural and vegan-friendly and can be a healthy and spicy addition to anyone's daily cup of coffee or tea. They can be mixed into milk, water, or a smoothie and served hot or cold.
Thanks to: Nate Martin of Puzzle Break.

134. Holiday Gifting with Candles

I'm the founder of The Calm Joy Candle Co. and I started my candle business because I was having a hard time finding clean burning candles that ACTUALLY smelled great.

That's why I developed a product line of candles made from coconut wax and toxin free fragrances. Our candles provide a much longer burn time because of how slowly coconut wax burns and they're super fragrant because of the fragrances that we use.
Our Peppermint + Cocoa holiday scent is perfect for the holidays.
Thanks to: Simone Maldonado of The Calm Joy Candle Co.

135. Success Starts with Self-Care

This roadmap for taking exquisite care of yourself empowers you to show up as the best version of yourself, not only for you, but for those who matter most. Written by a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in the business world, the process is designed to fit your busy schedule and can really be done in ten minutes a day! This journal is a unique and thoughtful gift that keeps giving long after the holidays are over.
Thanks to: Staci Backauskas of staci b.

136. Giving a Lifetime of Documents

Extremely useful and meaningful gift idea for small businesses. A lifetime of personal, business and legal documents. The deal includes:
- a lifetime of unlimited personal, legal and business documents
- 2500+ quality documents created by lawyers
- many sizes fits all with different versions of templates to fit different needs
- open to request for new documents if you can't find what you want
Thanks to: Kim Chan of DocPro.

137. The Perfect Gift To De-Stress

Know a foodie who needs a minute to themselves? Embrew tea is a perfect gift for the health-conscious type that love great tea, but hate hassling with loose leaves, infusers, and sticky honey. Getting great flavor shouldn’t be so hard, which is why they created ethically-sourced, lightly-sweetened tea bags. The blends create a totally unique tea experience and are suited for the culinary palette highlighting flavors like Creamy Honey Oolong, Bourbon Smoked White, and Lavender Chamomile Kick.
Thanks to: Ashley Haywood of Embrew Tea.

138. Beat Burnout - For Good!

The Enneagram X Burnout card deck is receiving a great deal of buzz, especially among the burned out. This beautifully crafted card deck offers 12 unique, self-renewal practices for each of 9 Enneagram types, cultivating in a total of 108 mindful practices for sustainable well-being.

With resurging interest in the Enneagram, as well as large scale burnout among professionals, this card deck provides authentic, actionable solutions that create meaningful change – for good!

Cost is $54.
Thanks to: Erin Rocchio of 7 years.

139. Show Your Skin Some Love

Preservatives are so last season. Treat your skin to high quality, organic, and zero waste skincare. Ingredients sourced ethically and whipped to perfection will soften skin and make you feel radiant and moisturized. All products are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, so you can feel good about your skin AND your impact on our planet. 5% of all proceeds is donated to Agua Clara, providing safe and affordable water treatment solutions to communities in need. Show your skin some love!
Thanks to: Bonnie Schiffman of This Stuff Goes Bad.

140. Gifts for Future Entrepreneurs

Little kids are fascinated by the world of grown-up work.

Created by the talented Japanese illustrator Mayumi Oono, the Little Professionals series takes pretend play at grown-up careers in a fun and original direction. I Am a Little Pastry Chef and I Am A Little Fashion Designer are equal parts fun and educational.

Each book includes interactive gatefolds, vivid illustrations, simple text, and over 100+ stickers that are sure to inspire tomorrow’s fashion designers and pastry chefs.
Thanks to: Jessica Faroy of Tra Publishing.

141. The Essential Leather Tote Bag

At some point in life, every woman encounters this dilemma--finding the perfect tote handbag that's stylish, versatile, durable and functional. When it comes to carrying your daily essentials when traveling, the easiest solution is to have a bag that can easily be matched with almost any outfit. Enter our handmade leather tote bags. We created this collection directly from customer demand, so we hope you fall in love with these carry bags as much as we have loved designing and crafting them!
Thanks to: Yusuf Perens of Galen Leather.

142. Meet Curation 2023

Curation 2023 is an all in-one 2023 planner that seamlessly blends self-care, mindfulness, gratitude, habits and goals. I created this planner because I needed a daily reminder to prioritize my well-being after experiencing the ramifications of putting myself last and striving to make every moment as productive as possible.

With everything in one place, you can prioritize your well-being, form lasting habits, stay on track with your most important intentions and celebrate your progress.
Thanks to: Alex Phillips of Saint Belford.

143. The Must Have Gift You Need!

At RobeCurls, a luxurious hair brand. We’re all about delivering sustainable hair products that solve daily hair struggles.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or the other amazing women in your life it can be a struggle. However, this season gifting has been made simple with the Curling Headband. The perfect gift for everyone who loves haircare and heatless curls. Wear it anywhere!
Thanks to: Manvi Golcha of RobeCurls.

144. It's All About Love

Positive Prints' story started... with a date! And since the date went well, the pair decided to remember it in a unique way by creating a customized poster. Additionally, it worked out to be a smart business move! The poster offer expanded as time went on, and some friends joined the business.

The "Where We Met Map” honors the magical moment of meeting someone for the first time and is our most popular poster. We are overjoyed that so many people share our idea of celebrating big moments!
Thanks to: Alexandra Janicka of Positive Prints.

145. Brown Oversized Print Hoody

The Brown Oversized Chest Print Hoody is the perfect gift for young or old who want to up their style game. It is minimalist but luxurious and bang on trend.
Thanks to: Nathan Palmer of Perverse Demand.

146. Naturally-Dyed Silk Sleep Mask

This luxuriously plush sleep mask is made of silk charmeuse colored with flowers and plants, and filled with organic cotton. It promotes better sleep by gently blocking out light, and protects the delicate skin around the eyes. Ethically and sustainably-made in Canada by Wild Woven Collection. It’s a perfect gift for clean beauty lovers, shift workers, frequent flyers, those who struggle with sleeping well, and anyone who loves the ritual of a self-care routine.
Thanks to: Christine DuRoss of Wild Woven Collection.

147. Plant-Based Reusable Bottle

S’wheat is the world’s first reusable bottle made from plants. This bottle is made from sustainably sourced wheat and bamboo, making it as eco-friendly as it is practical!

Due to the unique, natural material, the S’wheat bottle is naturally insulated, keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours.

S’wheat is a dedicated social enterprise, which is why it is the only reusable bottle that plants trackable native trees with each bottle sold.
Thanks to: Sophie Gibson of S'wheat.

148. Salon Quality Nails At Home

Nail Diva is a patented tool that removes nail polish from a single nail while protecting your other polished fingernails from getting ruined!

Designed to eliminate the most common nail painting mistakes like nail polish smudges or chips (the worst!). A must-have in your mani/pedi kit, giving you salon quality nails at-home.

Pro Tip: It's great for toenail polish removal, cleaning your nail art supplies, and wiping away nail polish spills.
Thanks to: Daniella Quagliara of Nail Diva.

149. A Gift Your Baby Will Love!

This popular soft cotton blend knit sweater is a baby and toddler girl's wardrobe must-have! Just throw it on her and go! The Certified Heartbreaker Sweater will make it easy to get a baby girl dressed and out the door in a dash, saving you some much-needed time in the morning. The neutral beige tone of the sweater is an instant outfit maker, making it easy to mix and match with anything in her closet. And we can't forget about how warm and cozy it feels!
Thanks to: Aissatou Diallo of PS Love Tima.

150. Small Package Full of Flavor

Enjoy this new gift box from the award-winning Small Packages, curated entirely with tasty flavors from AAPI female-founded brands!

With the Women in Food Box, the recipient can drip California honey into flower tea, dip delicious cookies into something better than Nutella, and dazzle their palate with addictive Asian flavors.

The box comes in two sizes: $55 and $110. It officially goes on sale October 24th, but as long as you order by December 14th, it will arrive in time for Christmas.
Thanks to: Julie Schechter of Small Packages.

151. Saving Sentences

Gifting software is a unique, unusual, and practical idea this holiday season. Many people have software subscriptions they use every day. A helpful business software gaining popularity is AI writing software. Give Jasper AI to a writer you know and help them write faster and better. Head to for software gift ideas for any other business-minded people on your Christmas list. You’ll find software to help with search engine optimization, eCommerce, social media scheduling, and more.
Thanks to: Andrew Dunn of INDMND.

152. Stocking Stuffers for Your Pup

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your pup, look no further than a bag of all-natural chicken jerky treats that are made in the USA. Your dog will love the taste of these chewy treats, and you can feel good about giving them to your pet!
Thanks to: Kevin Rizer of Emmy's Best Pet Products.

153. Feel Like a Boss Every Day

Make your secret santa feel like a boss, even if they didn’t get that big promotion. This sleek desk name plate is made from solid walnut and can be custom engraved with a name and a job title. This name plate also features a special slot to hold business cards so they’re always handy during meetings. Add this to any desk to instantly feel more important.
Thanks to: Joshua Carlson of Mymento.

154. STANDOUT Gift for Any New Mom

World first!

Product name: Modern Mom-to-Be box

Description: Influencer favourite, rumbly’s flagship Modern Mom-to-Be box is the perfect gift for you - or from you!

In one incredibly packed box, expecting women will get a collection of the newest, leading pregnancy must-haves - useful through all stages of your pregnancy journey - from growing to showing to beyond. You'll also discover some of our favorite rumbly exclusive products designed and made with a 21st century mom in mind.
Thanks to: Marnie Madras of rumbly.

155. Big Box of Feelings

Give the ultimate gift for big feelings to help build a strong emotional toolkit! Set yourself up with daily rituals that start conversations! From starting the day coloring the activity placemat in the morning, to playtime with the magnet box, a yoga session honoring emotions, to snuggling a plushie when things get tough or simply when enjoying a bed time story! Take the complimentary Emotion Wonderland Quiz for a special discount on this item,
Thanks to: Nadine Levitt of My Mama Says.

156. Goal Planner Spreadsheet

While you can use a Goal Planner all year long, it's a great way to focus on your new year's resolutions.

I'm passionate about making spreadsheets that are comprehensive and easy to use.

This is my Goal Planner Google Sheets Spreadsheet. There's space to track your daily, weekly and monthly goals. There are automated charts and statistics that show your trends and streaks so you can stay motivated and see the big picture. It comes with an annual summary and instructions.
Thanks to: Jacqueline Gilchrist of Mom Money Map.

157. Men's Wear Subscription Box

Taelor is a men's rental clothing subscription box designed for busy men to look good without having to buy or own clothes. Each month, men receive two subscription boxes with four pieces of clothing each. Each item is hand-selected by AI tech and a personal stylist so each person ends up with custom pieces of clothing based on their lifestyle and personal preferences. The rental model means men will always have in season styles at their fingertips, no extra closet space required.
Thanks to: Anya Cheng of Taelor.

158. Cicinia Gift Cards & Dresses

I think a great holiday gift from a small business would be one of our bridesmaid dresses! The holidays are usually a time when people attend lots of parties and events, so having a nice dress to wear is always appreciated.

If wedding events are not happening this holiday, Cicinia's Gift Cards are the perfect way to let your loved ones pick their perfect Cicinia look for when events do start happening again.
Thanks to: Caitlyn Parish of Cicinia UK.

159. Gorgeous Succulents

For green thumbs and plant enthusiasts, a succulent subscription pack from Succulents Box is the perfect holiday gift! With this gift, each succulent pack contains a variety of beautiful, easy-to-grow and adaptable plants that are relatively pest-free and low maintenance - perfect for any home, office or garden.
Thanks to: Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home.

160. NC Subscription Box

SimplyNCgoods is a quarterly subscription box that features products from small businesses across North Carolina. Each box contains 5 - 6 full-size food items, home goods, and bath products all from small businesses in a certain NC city. The cities change with each shipment as do the products so each box is a surprise! This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves North Carolina and supporting local companies. SimplyNCgoods is curated and packaged by Anna who is a North Carolina native.
Thanks to: Anna Cook of SimplyNCgoods.

161. Guilt Free Dark Chocolate

Bliss out on Blissfully Better Dark Chocolate knowing it is better for you without sacrificing taste. Made with low glycemic coconut nectar and ingredients that you can recognize. Offering confections and bonbons with wonderful flavors!
Thanks to: Alicia Galantic of Blissfully Better.

162. Washable Yoga Mats

How clean does your yoga mat REALLY get? R-Yolo machine washable and dryable mats were created to solve a problem: mats are typically made from materials that can't be properly washed. R-Yolo mats are made from luxurious Turkish cotton towel, padded foam, and non-slip rubber. Available in 3 different colors, they are completely washable and dryable as well as hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Enjoy exercising anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and don't worry about getting your mat clean afterward.
Thanks to: Donna Lee of R-Yolo.

163. Subscription Box Gives Back!

Anchored Purpose Box is a monthly subscription box of Fair Trade missional products empowering makers in the developing world to earn sustainable income for themselves & their families to help alleviate global poverty, one person at a time.

Each box features a different developing country & contains 3 handmade items from that country, & an optional book.

Anchored Purpose Box donates $5 per box sold.

Anchored Purpose Box is woman-owned & family operated from our ranch in North Dakota.
Thanks to: Angie Hartel of Anchored Purpose Box.

164. Good Night Baby Affirmations

Put your precious baby asleep each night with words and pictures of love. Give your baby an academic and confidence head start. Reading to your baby before bed teaches early reading skills and sets them up for success in school. With brilliantly illustrated full color images, An Affirmation-Nite Baby Nite, supports the development of a positive self-concept and self-esteem. Research indicates self-concept is established between ages 0-3 years. Show your baby their beauty and build their potential.
Thanks to: Irene Smalls of Literacise, LLC.

165. Scratch Map® Deluxe

For those who like to travel, a great holiday gift from a small business is a Scratch Map® Deluxe - Luckies of London. This unique and interactive map allows you to record all of your travels by scratching off the top layer to reveal the colorful countries, states and cities below. A perfect way to display your adventures, the Scratch Map® Deluxe makes a great gift for any jet setter in your life! It is also a good decorative item for your room or office.
Thanks to: Fred Baker of Travelness.

166. Sensory Toys for Kids w/ ADHD

Sensory toys are always a hit with kids with ADHD. They help to calm and focus them while also providing a fun outlet for their energy. One great option is the Sensory See Me Balls from They come in a variety of colors and textures to keep kids entertained. They enhance fine motor skills and are great for both indoor and outdoor play. They're also durable and safe for kids to play with.
Thanks to: Ryan Bolling of Bolling Behavioral Consulting.

167. Anti-Chafing Bamboo Underwear

We believe that every man deserves a pair of underwear that feels like a second skin. That's why we've created Smuggs: the most comfortable, breathable and versatile undies on the market. Made from organically grown bamboo, our long-leg and anti-chafing design will keep you feeling cool and fresh all day long. And because we know that one size does not fit all, our boxer briefs are available in four different sizes. This is a perfect holiday gift for the man in your life!
Thanks to: Tom McSherry of Smuggs Underwear.

168. PalaLeather Jackets

I think our products would make a great gift for anyone who loves unique fashion items and supports small businesses.

One of our 2022 Fall & Winter collections is the Brown Cowboy Style Trucker Suede Leather Jacket. This fashionable dark brown men's suede jacket is a fully quilted lined body for added warmth. It has a dual front closure front zipper and snaps, two flap pockets with snap closures at the chest, two lower welt pockets at the waist and a hidden interior pocket for added storage.
Thanks to: Luke Lee of PalaLeather.

169. Unique Charity Jewelry

Revive Charitable Jewelry honors loved ones and survivors by celebrating the positives. Inspired by my loved ones who were taken too soon, my jewelry incorporates cellular imagery in every design. Each sale donates 10% of proceeds to charities fighting for cures and helping patients. Currently representing 19 causes, you can give a truly unique gift while also giving back. Remember your lost loves ones or honor their battle by proudly displaying your inner warrior.
Thanks to: Nikki Zazzali of Revive Charitable Jewelry.

170. Matching Couples Swimsuits

Lake or sea ? Make your vacation unforgettable in our matching swimsuits. They are made from recycled polyester so you can treat your love with no regrets for the planet! Juicy designs and perfect cuts for your comfort will let you enjoy your time to the max.
Thanks to: Eliska Parizkova of BeMine.

171. A Hand Made Wedding Band

If you want to give your partner something they can wear everyday and look elegant, a handmade wedding band can be a great option. This will show your partner that you took the effort to find something that isn't out of the retail outlets. Plus, it'll highlight how much you care for your partner. Usually the custom made rings have a feel of authenticity and aesthetic look. They can also help to make your bond stronger with your partner.
Thanks to: Dylnd Hoffman of Men's Wedding Bands.

172. Holiday Copy is (s)NO(w) Joke!

Ho-ho-hold onto your hat! Get in the holiday spirit with custom content that converts.

Sleigh holiday sales with the Black Friday Banter Holiday Marketing Bundle*: 4 weeks' worth of premium "edutaining" content, incl.:

+ 12 nurturing & energizing promotional e-mails
+ 12 purchase-provoking IG/FB captions with hashtags
+ 4 effortlessly-savvy Twitter Strings (5 tweets ea.), with research demonstrative of your expertise

Generate holiday cheer (& sales!) for only $497.

Thanks to: Annesa L Lacey of a.L.interpretations.

173. Moms & Girls Fun Workout Gift!

Lili Warrior is a sustainable & socially-impacting athleisure brand, using all vegan materials for our products & clothing.

Our Travel Lover Shapewear Fitness Set is a family affair, perfect for holiday gifting!

Designed for both grown-ups & little people (sizes: children 4-5 years to XL adults) this original sports bra + leggings set features fun travel vibes & motivational messages. A great way to get the family out together while supporting our environment with its bamboo fiber fabric!
Thanks to: Valerie Orsoni of Lili Warrior.

174. A Unique Gift for Camping Moms

Looking for a unique gift for the outdoor-loving mom in your life? Look no further than the Cruisin' + Campfires subscription box. This isn't your average subscription box with random items you could buy anywhere. Each box invites a new adventure for families to enjoy together on the road and at the campsite while RVing as a family. Gift a subscription and gift memories ready to be made.
Thanks to: Kimberly Crossland of Cruisin' + Campfires.

175. KADOO Winter Holiday Gift Box

It’s everything you love about the holidays wrapped up in a luxurious treat. Featuring: Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow, Chocolate, & Orange Slices.

KADOO is a female-founded gift box company that design well-curated gift boxes containing products that emphasize artisan-made, sustainable items, local & women-owned. KADOO adopts the concept of Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping to spread awareness on reducing paper waste and promoting reusability. KADOO X One Tree Planted: Buy a Gift, Plant a Tree.
Thanks to: Juanita Dharmazi of KADOO.

176. Personalized Cards and Gifts

Stand out from the sea of holiday cards with personalization. Modern digital printing uses data from your CRM to personalize greeting cards and gifts. Almost everything can be personalized, including text, colors, images and more. You can even personalize content to reflect the preferences, purchase history and demographics of each customer.

Need a memorable and affordable gift? Personalized wall calendars keep a piece of your brand in front of customers all year long.
Thanks to: Ed Kohler of Jet Mail Marketing Fulfillment.

177. "The Original" Magnolia Wreath

For a thoughtful gift with a touch of Southern charm this holiday season, look no further than a Magnolia Wreath from Albin Hagstrom & Son, handmade (with LOVE) to order, from fresh, U.S. grown Magnolia leaves. This wreath measures 24" across, and can be customized with red berries or pinecones.

Wreaths can ship in as little as 48 hours, with a free gift message included on a festive insert with your order. All online orders include free shipping, anywhere in the U.S.
Thanks to: Abby Marion of Albin Hagstrom & Son.

178. Star in a Romance Novel

This holiday, put any couple in their own personalized romance/adventure novel. Yes, an actual book personalized with 26 bits of info. She becomes the heroine, he the hero. Paperbacks, hardbacks, ebooks. Customers can even upload a digital photo for the cover. $10.95 - $144.95. Two popular holiday themed books, “The Magic Snow Globes” and “Season's Greetings, Season's Love,” are among 50+ available titles set all over the world. Check out this unique holiday gift at
Thanks to: Kathy Newbern of

179. Full Stack Developer

Initial earrings.
I would propose this as a single stud or pair to add to their collection of delicate, high-quality jewellery. Automic Gold is a Queer and Trans-owned firm that makes unique, affordable jewellery. Earrings come alone or in pairs and in whatever letter combination the buyer wants. Three metals and three backings make for distinctive jewellery. All gold is recycled.
Thanks to: Abdul Saboor of The Stock Dork.

180. Chief Marketing Officer

Costa Rica blend coffee.
If they need a fresh supply of caffeine, I would offer fruity, sweet Costa Rican blend coffee. Portrait Coffee, a Black-owned business in Southwest Atlanta, celebrates the African origins of coffee and hires a diverse team. Portrait Coffee's aim is to give Atlantans significant job and life opportunities in the coffee business. The Costa Rica blend is light-bodied, acidic, and citrusy. Tarraz includes tangerine and lime flavors.
Thanks to: Josh Pelletier of BarBend.

181. Fragrances for Every Day!

Callio Fragrance is a line of scents for the woman looking to bring a bit of delight and joy into her everyday life. Our fragrances are inspired by things that make us happy; like our favorite flowers, a decadent cookie from the local bakery, or memories from our childhood. Our scents are blended in our studio in NYC and each bottle is poured by hand. Our fragrances are made in small batches and are never tested on animals.
Thanks to: Melissa Gibson of Callio Fragrance.

182. Soy Wax Candle

I would suggest a hand-poured soy candle in the "Healer" scent with wood, bergamot, musk, and vanilla for their daily meditation session. Satya & Sage creates essential oil-infused candles in small amounts. Before pouring candles, sage and palo santo are rubbed on them. Each Satya + Sage product has a purpose. Acting with intent is the best way to find your truth and go toward your goals.
Thanks to: Jake Dickson of BarBend.

183. Give Peace of Mind

Your personal information is on people search sites right now. Anyone can find your name, address, phone number and relatives' names. It is a dream come true for scammers and cybercriminals. Is your identity worth stealing? Are you worth scamming? It’s time clean up your online footprint.

We can get your information off people search sites. Have us run a free scan to see what we can find and remove. Sleep better, knowing a few clicks and keystrokes won’t expose your personal information.
Thanks to: James Wilson of My Data Removal.

184. These Poems Wrote Me

Poetic Justice: Lessons of love, life & relationships is not a typical book designed for reading from beginning to end, but as individual pages that beckon your soul at a particular moment in time.

Whether you’re inspired by music, dance, painting or prose, this book inspires you to express yourself. Everyone has a story someone in the world needs to hear for inspiration, insight or to know they’re not alone.

Available at Balboa Press or Amazon.
Thanks to: Tami Belt of Blue Cube Marketing Solutions.

185. This Camo Coat Speaks Fashion

A good camo jacket is a fall wardrobe staple. Our camo jacket is a neutral piece that can go with almost any look. You can dress it up or down to suit your mood or the weather. Our coat has an empowering statement on the back that says, I Love the Woman I've Become Because I Fought To Become Her. This pink-colored phrase absolutely takes the look up a notch. Every day is a stylish day in our limited edition camouflage coat.
Thanks to: Susanna Anderson of A Perfect Shirt.

186. Celebrate Relationship Status!

This Holiday Season, What Are You Celebrating? Single? Married? Divorced? It’s possible to feel (and celebrate) all three – sometimes in the same day. This year, don’t let your relationship status define you. Instead, celebrate who you are and how you are feeling right now with this delightful sparkling wine from France, brought to you by a small business owner who sometimes feels all three.
Thanks to: Irena Patar of Single Married Divorced Wines.

187. Photoshoot and Fine Art Prints

Kim Forrester is an award-winning published photographer who specializes in at-home maternity, family and baby photography. Kim and her team use a mobile studio and natural lifestyle photography to capture your pregnancy and precious first days with your new baby in a meaningful, organic, timeless way. Our premium in-home photo shoot experience includes hair & makeup, client closet access, fine art printing, custom wall art and album design so you can enjoy your art up on your walls every day!
Thanks to: Kim Forrester of Kim Forrester Photography.

188. Lifestyle Photography Session

A business started by new moms, we are a small team of experienced lifestyle newborn photographers who capture babies and families throughout Greater Vancouver. Our goal is simple: help parents stay cozy at home while we capture this amazing time with high quality, meaningful photos. Photos that will capture the beauty of this unpredictable, perfectly imperfect time that passes in the blink of an eye - trust us when we say that.
Thanks to: Felicia Bates of Vancouver Newborn Photographers.

189. Even Keel Expedition Soap Set

Even Keel Expedition Soap Set
This collection of small-batch soaps from Even Keel, a brand founded by En Tsao, is my favorite. This is my go-to present anytime I am at a loss. Not only is it functional, but it is also wonderfully beautiful, like a work of art. The marbled soaps are comprised of coconut and olive oils, activated charcoal, Moroccan red clay, and other natural components.
Thanks to: Edward Mellet of WikiJob.

190. EE Kontos Comfort Mug

According to me, it's a local ceramicist whose works include a pitcher-pendant necklace and a chess set. As part of her holiday presale, Kontos is offering these cheerful mugs, each of which features a unique face. It'll make a terrific gift, as each piece is completely unique; she hand-builds the majority of her works, which transform art into everyday, functional objects.
Thanks to: Alex Uriarte of 1-800-Injured.

191. Asian Flavors Inspired Candles

Emme Essentials was the way of reconnection for Asian American couple Mark and Erica with their home and Asian heritage after moving away from their family across the country. They created luxury candles that are hand-poured in micro-batches in New York City and dedicated their scents to traditional Asian flavors. They have perfectly coordinated gift sets with a great variety of scents.
Thanks to: Tali Ditye of Mommyhood101.

192. Handmade Ceramics from Luvhaus

Luvhaus ceramics created a perfect duo of both aesthetically pleasing and functional pottery. They create their products in a studio in West Oakland, CA. All Luvhaus glazes are designed to have variations making each piece truly unique and one of a kind. Being made of high-fire stoneware, they are designed to stand the test of time and can be thrown in both the dishwasher and microwave.
Thanks to: John Hubbard of Urban Dare.

193. All-For-Me Box: You Deserve It

Pebble and Palm makes unique, hand-dyed gifts using the ancient Japanese dyeing process, shibori. The All-For-Me Box includes an organic cotton Mull Shawl with the Itajime clip print, a therapeutic eye mask, and a Scrunchie.

Owners Jessica and Elaine are military wives, and use Spouse-ly, the online marketplace for goods crafted by military spouses. All products sold directly support military families.

"Everyone needs to buy something for themselves when holiday shopping," says Jessica.
Thanks to: Jessica Schwan & Elaine Ingram of Pebble and Palm.

194. PURGGO Car Air Eco-Purifier

A really great holiday gift from a small business is the PURGGO car air eco-purifier & freshener. PURGGO is made with pure and sustainable natural bamboo charcoal, which absorbs & eliminates odor instead of masking it. This gift is perfect for anyone who has to drive every day and wants their vehicle to smell fresh!
Thanks to: Ethan Drower of CiteMed.

195. Pia WiFi Charm

I believe, the Wi-Fi charm by designer Marta Pia would be appropriate, as our lives are currently dominated by technology. As a memorial to our year of working and socializing remotely, the charm may be strung on a bracelet or necklace and is available in four gemstone colors. While some of Pia's items are handcrafted to order, this charming charm is in stock and ready to send immediately.
Thanks to: Kavin Patel of Convrrt.

196. Implement Charitable Marketing

I would say that KITX created a novel product that they term activism T-shirts. Then, a portion of the earnings from the sale of each shirt were donated to charitable groups in Australia with the purpose of protecting the natural environment and avoiding climate change, such as the Climate Council, Carbon Neutral, and Save the Bees Australia.
Thanks to: Robert Zeglinski of Breaking muscle.

197. Brick+Mortar Candle

I believe that candles are the ideal present, and these ones from Brick + Mortar smell so delicious, you can't go wrong with any aroma. Last weekend, I lit their Forest candle, and my normally candle-averse husband praised its fresh rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint aroma. Since the mild sandalwood, leather, and vanilla undertones are ideal for curling up with a good book, I'll be sending the Library perfume in my book club's Secret Santa exchange.
Thanks to: Lachlan de Crespigny of Revelo.

198. Selma Bridge Cuff Bracelet

The marches on this bridge have played a crucial role in the civil rights movement. Less than five months after the final march, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (the act that prohibits racial discrimination in voting) into law.

Inspired by her travels and by the bond a bridge makes between the communities it spans, designer Betsy Cross brings us the Bridge Cuff Collection. Each cuff is a celebration of the bridge’s unique elements and structural beauty.
Thanks to: Kyle Mallory of Betsy & Iya.

199. 1818 Farms Shea Cream

1818 Farms is an animal and floral farm near Mooresville, Alabama that sells the finest body care products (and if you need a serotonin boost, their Instagram account is full of adorable babydoll sheep). Shea cream from 1818 Farms is one of my all-time favorite things to give as a holiday present, since it can heal even the roughest winter skin.
Thanks to: Mark Valderrama of Aquarium Store Depot.

200. Hand-Inked Illustrations

Signed, limited-edition prints of your most-loved restaurants make the perfect gift for keeping alive memories of special meals and good times. John Donohue, a former New Yorker magazine editor turned self-taught artist, creates his drawings live in front of the restaurant in pen and ink and then adds his signature one-color later. His international collection spans New York, Paris, London, and Napa Valley. 10% of print-sales profits help support hospitality workers and arts education.
Thanks to: John Donohue of All The Restaurants.

201. Support an Indie Musician

I recently listened to Anne Reburn's rendition of the song from the popular flick Coyote Ugly.

"Can't Fight the Moonlight" is a creepy version of Coyote Ugly's theme and is perfect for the upcoming Halloween. The performer is an independent musician Anne Reburn, and you can support her small business (because music is her business) by buying a cover of the song over at Bandcamp HERE.
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

202. Keep Baby Warm and Cozy!

MaterialJill is a full service soft goods design studio located in Tacoma, WA. This woman-owned small business brings consumer products & ideas to life and creates unique gifts! In 2020 Car Seat Cuties launched, offering a line of infant car seat covers. The plush blanket style covering has an elastic band providing a universal fit and is machine washable. Each cover is easy to install and does not interfere with the car seat safety straps. With 6 fun styles, Car Seat Cuties is a great gift!
Thanks to: Jillian DeMichael of MaterialJill.

203. Stress Management

The Stress-Busting Guide by Angela Ficken, LICSW is a workbook that provides a short list of things you can do to reduce your stress levels as an entrepreneur. It is also meant to be used as a quick reminder for people who are feeling overwhelmed by their workload and the amount of stress they are under at any given time.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media, LLC.

204. Santa Dude Holiday Beard Kit

Derm Dude™ is for guys who play hard, live hard, and ride hard but want their skin and beards to feel soft. With a wide range of uniquely crafted men's grooming products, Derm Dude is a great option for boyfriends, husbands, dads, friends, or any man that appreciates self-care. This kit includes sulfate-free Beard Shampoo + Conditioner, Two Nutribeard™ Accelerator Beard Oils in Holiday Edition Candy Cane and Gingerbread Spice, a Boar Bristle Beard Brush, and a Peachwood Beard Comb.
Thanks to: Drew Plotkin of Derm Dude.

205. Luggage with Legs

Have you ever seen luggage with legs? Meet PROPS™, the carry-on that provides a work surface during layovers and a guaranteed luggage rack once you land. The PROPS™ 22-inch carry-on is the first of its kind in the luggage industry, featuring a patent-pending leg system that helps elevate it among its competitors (literally). Boasting a number of innovative features including a top lid opening and expandable zipper, PROPS™ is one of the most durable and flexible carry-ons on the market.
Thanks to: Maggie Gerth of PROPS™.

206. Iced Tea for Better Health

There's no better way to show your loved ones that you are grateful for them than gifting them with good health. Down To Earth iced tea beverages are made from functional superfoods and contain no sugar, no preservatives, no added colorings, and contain only 0-10 calories per bottle. Our beverages are Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Keto & Paleo friendly, making them a great gift for anyone in your life. Our comfortable and trendy apparel also makes a great gift.
Thanks to: Jonathan Patarkatsi of Down to Earth Organics.

207. Aromatherapy Oils

For mental health, self-care and self-love, Aspen Candle Shop is a great gift for this holiday. They have beautifully scented oils, handmade candles, diffusers, and linen sprays. I recommend Aromatherapy Oils (0.5 OZ, Pure High-Quality Fragrance Oil). This calms and soothes the mind, promoting relaxation and stress relief. It's a great gift for anyone who could use some self-care.
Thanks to: Sarah Watson of BPTLAB.

208. Custom LED Mirrors

Inyouths LED mirrors are a good holiday gift for anyone. We have a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round, square, oval, and rectangular. All our mirrors come with a three-year warranty and are made of high-quality materials. It is durable and waterproof, with Anti-Fog technology, and there are 300 combinations of dimensions for you to match freely. Our LED mirrors make a great gift for anyone who likes to keep their space looking modern, sleek, and stylish.
Thanks to: Kevin Wang of Inyouths LED Mirrors.

209. Blue Bottle Coffee

For employees, clients or customers, give them the gift of relaxation with a Blue Bottle Coffee subscription. It's the perfect way to show you care, and they can enjoy great coffee all year long. Their subscription is offered in Canada and United States. They offer a wide variety of coffees, from single origins to blends, decafs and cold brews. Their coffee is roasted fresh to order and shipped within 48 hours, so they'll always have fresh, delicious coffee on hand.
Thanks to: Thomas Simon of Monitask.

210. East Fork The Mug

It goes without saying that we are major fans of East Fork. Along with making gorgeous, long-lasting ceramics, the company has allied itself with a number of missions and causes that support community development. The brand's iconic #TheMug, which is quite likely the most ideal mug you'll ever see, should be the one particular present you choose to purchase.
Thanks to: Paul Somerville of Electric Scooter Guide.

211. Felt Pig Trivet

Graf Lantz makes incredibly chic and giftable products, but these charming pig-shaped trivets, which come in five cheerful hues, are our current obsession. You'll want to leave them there long after you've finished washing the dishes since they are so adorable. Don't forget to look at the company's incredibly stylish wine carriers, which are made of felt and completed with leather accents, when you're out shopping.
Thanks to: Hamza Usmani of Believe Money.

212. Alive Olive Oil

That friend will relish the opportunity to try out some new items after completely embracing cooking at home for the past year. This olive oil is great for dipping bread, pouring over salads, and roasting vegetables.
Thanks to: Daniel Foley of SEO-Audit.

213. Chosen Charms Jewelry

Chosen Charms is a black female-owned business. They focus on creating vintage-inspired timeless jewelry and accessories. Their pieces are handmade, plated with 18K gold, and tarnish-resistant. Chosen Charms have a great selection of both classic and unique statement jewelry designs.
Thanks to: Nathan Brunner of Salarship.

214. An Alternative to eBook Reader

The Kobo Clara HD is a great option if your loved one prefers a non-Amazon ebook reader or if the Kindle is temporarily sold out. Although it lacks Bluetooth and isn't waterproof, this ebook reader's 6-inch screen and other features are reminiscent of the Kindle Paperwhite. It is compatible with the Kobo ebook store (instead of Amazon's) and has access to a catalog of books with a similar selection and pricing. With OverDrive, you may access books from public libraries.
Thanks to: Adam Crossling of Zenzero.

215. Write Down Ideas in the Shower

Many brilliant ideas start in the shower. And individuals who get great ideas in the shower need to capture their inspiration before they lose it.

AquaNotes®, a waterproof notepad, suctions to the shower wall so creativity-minded individuals can write down their thoughts before they’re gone.

The notepads attach to any smooth surface. A pencil is included with a suction cup pencil holder. Each notepad includes 40 sheets of paper which are perforated so they can be easily removed.
Thanks to: Mark Knudsen of AquaNotes.

216. One-of-a-kind Jewelry

This necklace is one-of-a-kind. A unique Talia Sari pendant, ring, brooch, or earring set may be for you if your hometown is a place you're proud to show off. Customers can choose from a variety of pre-made maps or commission a custom design for a really one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.
Thanks to: Ben Flynn of Manhattan Tech Support.

217. For the Perfumer

Nothing can improve a mood like a warm, fragrant candle. With a 40-hour burn period, the Warm and inviting soy candle includes notes of Orange, Ginger, Garlic, Vetiver, and Pine. The Honey Water company is actually a favorite of Kylie Jenner's, so you know it's good when it carries her discriminating seal of approval.
Thanks to: Robin Antill of Leisure Buildings.

218. Oaky Wood Wireless Power Bank

Made from natural wood or walnut and decorated with intricate geometric designs, this item is both stylish and practical. It will be an attractive addition to any flat surface, including a desk, nightstand, or side table. The maximum power output of 15 watts allows for rapid charging of compatible devices. For every charger sold, Oaky wood will also plant a tree. There is no better present than this, and you won't be sorry if you buy it.
Thanks to: Shakzod Khabibov of Natura Market.

219. Astrobot Series JIMU Robot Kit

Young people who are interested in technology would love to get the UBTECH JIMU Robot. They may construct three unique robots with the app-controlled STEM learning kit. It features LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker, and around 400 individual pieces and connectors. I think this would make a fantastic corporate present.
Thanks to: Megan Young of MCS Rental Software.

220. A Cocktail in a Box!

Old Fashioned Kit from Present Day. This ready-to-make cocktail kit includes all the ingredients you need to make four delicious old-fashioned cocktails, complete with easy-to-follow instructions. The Old Fashioned Kit from Present Day is a great gift for anyone who loves a good old-fashioned cocktail. This small business gift is perfect for the holiday season and makes a great addition to any home bar.
Thanks to: Josh Craven of Sprint Funding.

221. Lux Feather-Down Pillow

Eternity Modern is a great place to find exclusive holiday gifts for your homes. Lounge in comfort and style with our Lux Feather-Down Cotton Velvet Pillow. It is easygoing and lends graceful elegance to any sofa, chair, or bed with its classic design. Includes a pillow insert made purely of feather down. The cotton velvet fabric is tufted and sewn by hand.
Thanks to: Stacy Lewis of Eternity Modern.

222. Don't Forget to Pack for Sleep

With SoundOff noise masking earbuds, travelers arrive refreshed, sleep through the night—even in unfamiliar beds, loud hotels or with snoring roommates—and wake up sharp for the day ahead. SoundOff plays soothing pink noise to block ANY loud sound. And because pink noise relaxes the brain, that includes the noise in your head. They’re the only pink noise earbuds on the market and hold a charge for 16 hours—perfect for long flights. Try SoundOff — you'll never leave home without it!
Thanks to: Janette Boatwright of SoundOff Sleep.

223. Bonsai Tree

Green, in my opinion, is a color of serenity, prosperity, and health. Green has been shown to have a calming effect on the human brain, and it can be found abundantly in the natural world. A bonsai tree is a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation for your staff while also bringing the outdoors in. It is possible to keep a miniature tree on one's desk in the form of a bonsai tree. Cleaning the office would improve the employees' desks and mood.
Thanks to: Kenny Kline of BarBend.

224. The Christmas Tree Candle

The Christmas tree dough bowl candle is a perfect gift for yourself or others. 100% all natural soy candles, hand poured to order in Nashville by Stroud’s Simply Southern. It makes a stunning and unique centerpiece, while making your home cozy and smell like Christmas. The best part, once the candle is done, you can reuse the dough bowl for decor for years to come! Or you can get a candle refill kit and let it live on for years. This is a perfect gift for candle lovers and home decor lovers.
Thanks to: Lindsay Stroud of Stroud’s Simply Southern.

225. Candles Against Allergies!

Prairie by Coco is a small, female-owned online business located in Belgium. Our mission is to provide sustainable, eco-friendly dried flower bouquets and beeswax candles to your home. Our handmade candles help to purify the air in your home and fight asthma, pollen, or other allergy sensitivities. Prairie beeswax candles also release a natural honeycomb smell, while also emitting a warm natural light in your living space. They are perfect for a cozy winter at home- and a great holiday gift!
Thanks to: Coralie Herbert of Prairie by Coco.

226. Fuller Lips Without Filler

If you want fuller lips without a trip to the med spa, check out Ourself's Lip Filler. This patent-pending lip plumping treatment uses scientific, groundbreaking delivery technology to improve lip volume and definition. Ourself is a new company seeking to offer an at-home replacement for clinical cosmetic procedures. Ourself helps you get fuller lips without any filler.
Thanks to: Vimla Black Gupta of Ourself.

227. Family Legends Renewed!

“Kids these days" are lucky have automatic photo backup and likely find scanning photos daunting. Boxes of fading family photos, slides, and VHS from the best day of a life are relegated to a to-do list. Enter: Memory Box by digmypics! More than just a photo scanning service, they've treated items like their own for 20+ years. Irreplaceable memories are preserved and generational storytelling is brought to life through this proprietary restorative tech. Ranked BEST by Consumer Reports.
Thanks to: Scott Crossen of digmypics Memory Box.

228. It's a Video-playing Book!

Heirloom is a physical book that plays your home videos and photos when the cover is opened. The books arrives loaded with your favorite moments ready to play (no wifi needed).

Visit the Heirloom website to upload up to 10 or 20 minutes of your videos and select from one of 16 video book covers or design your own. Heirloom then ships a video-playing book right to your doorstep.

Visit and get $10 off your order with code XMAS10.
Thanks to: Ashley Kenny of Heirloom.

229. Coffee Mugs

One great holiday gift is a personalized coffee mug from RusticRouteDesigns. The mug is made of ceramic and has a flat bottom, which helps keep it from rolling around on planes and trains. It also has a handle that makes it easy to hold while you are drinking your coffee or tea. This mug is one of the top-selling mugs because it's so durable and functional. It looks great in any home and can be used for both hot and cold drinks.
Thanks to: Deepanshu Bedi of Exhale Wellness.

230. Tree of Life Black Wall Clock

The Tree of Life Black Wall Clock by MetalWallArtDecors makes a great gift for anyone who loves unusual home decor. The black finish and tree of life design make it a stand-out piece, and it's sure to be a conversation starter in any home. It is handmade with steel as the base metal and finished with a gold, matte dye, so it's built to last.
Thanks to: Erin Zadoorian of BudPop.

231. Personalized Docking Station

Personalized Docking Station from Stnds4All is a great holiday gift for him, her or anyone who needs an organization boost in their lives.

This natural wood dock station is handmade of high-quality birch plywood and polished with oil to give it a smooth, rich finish. It's a 3-in-1 desk organizer, charging station and bedside caddy nightstand that's perfect for any home office. You can also personalize it with a name or monogram. Available in Ebony or Dark Walnut.
Thanks to: Sinoun Chea of ShiftWeb.

232. Solar Faerie Light Lantern

The Magical Solar Faerie Light Lantern from StorybrookHollow on is a great gift for anyone who loves to bring a bit of extra magic and whimsy into their lives! This beautiful and unique lantern is solar-powered, so it's eco-friendly as well as magical! And it makes a great decoration for any space, indoors or out. It is easy to use and install, and the built-in sensor means it will only turn on in the dark, so it's perfect for any space.
Thanks to: Marty Ford of BulletpRoof Roof Systems Ltd.

233. A Sight To Look At: A Tapestry

A beautiful tapestry is a majestic sight to look at and reminds the receiver of the giver each time he/she looks at it. Alternatively, you can use it as a backdrop, blanket, or as bedspread. Made. From silk, linen, or wool, this versatile piece of art has many aside from being a piece of wall art.
Thanks to: Anton Giuroiu of Homesthetics.

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