2023 has just begun and there’s no better time to look back at the past years’ successes and failures, using those lessons to propel your business forward in the year ahead. So, we have again asked our amazing CarolRoth.com contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own personal business-related New Year’s resolutions for 2023. Let their resolutions inspire your own business journey and growth in 2023. Their resolutions are presented below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Mind Our Time

Being respectful of your time, and of others, is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining your productivity and integrity. Let's face it -- everyone is busy, and time is valuable. As a result, it's important to me that I resolve to use my time efficiently and to make the most of others' time as well. That includes always arriving on time, scheduling meetings appropriately (which could mean a call instead of a face-to-face), and also building in time for rest and regrouping as needed.
Thanks to: Vickie Pierre of CarInsuranceComparison.com.

2. 2023 New Year Resolution

My new year's blogging resolution for Biking Know How in 2023 is for my blog to reach 5,000 subscribers. Presently, I have 2,300 subscribers to my email list. I monetize my blog using ad networks, and most of my daily traffic comes from subscribers. Hence, I want my blog to hit the 5000 subscriber mark by the end of 2023. I plan to achieve my goal by focusing my efforts on digital marketing.
Thanks to: Rohan Kadam of Biking Know How.

3. Saying "Thank You" Every Day

My resolution last year was to write down three things I'm grateful for in my daily work. It’s had such a positive impact that I plan to take it further with my 2023 resolution by sharing my gratitude. Whether by directly thanking a teammate, vendor, or client or gifting items that make life better, I believe spreading appreciation will deepen our team connection.
Thanks to: Ruben Gamez of SignWell.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Outsource!

If not careful, social media can leech your time away from important strategic brainstorming sessions and operational decision-making. With each additional platform (Linkedin, IG, Tiktok, etc) the more time I lose! That's why my resolution for new year 2023 is outsource the work to a social media manager. This allows me time to focus on what I love; creating strategies to grow/expand the business AND write motivational speeches for audiences to become inspired to live their life to the fullest.
Thanks to: Angel Mary, Leadership Speaker & CEO of Star Trak Investments LLC.

5. Set Daily Prospecting Goals

My New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to double my annual earnings by consistently prospecting and filling my sales pipeline. My prospecting goal is to send at least five cold pitches daily. Every small business owner gets to a point where they realize their business won't build itself – an outreach strategy is crucial to success.
Thanks to: Emily May of Emilyhmay.com.

6. Quote Carefully on Every Job

As landscaping business owners, we work with steel for most of our jobs, the price of which has increased exponentially in recent times, so this is why we’ll be more detail oriented when it comes to pricing up jobs in 2023.

There’s nothing that costs a construction business more than overrunning jobs, both in terms of time and materials, in particular. This is especially important for smaller businesses in the sector.
Thanks to: Ed Powell of Steel Landscaping Co.

7. Improve Employee Experience!

I think so much of 2020-2022 was focused on customer experience that now we can focus on the employee experience more. We want to be intentional and consistent with employee experience in the same way that we cater the customer experience every day. While we have a generally happy workforce, I think the challenges of 2023 will require a strong, happy team.
Thanks to: Gates Little of altLine Sobanco.

8. Call a Contact Daily

I resolve to pick up the phone and call at least one business contact every business day. It's amazing what new business you can start with a phone call. Just be sure to follow-up promptly on any actions you discuss!
Thanks to: Gail Rubin of A Good Goodbye.

9. Social Media Growth

We're trying to grow organically on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram so we can spread the message of financial independence to young people who have the most to gain from making good money moves earlier in life.
Thanks to: Lauren Keys of Trip Of A Lifestyle.

10. Get Consistent on Socials

Without a doubt my New Years Resolution is to get more consistent across ALL of my business' social media platforms. While we have had awesome performance on our blog and on Pinterest, the day to day operations of building a business got in the way of consistent content and growth on our other social media accounts. I'm starting by creating a solid content plan!
Thanks to: Paul Kushner of My Bartender.

11. Podcast and Magazine

I am looking forward to publishing my first issue of the magazine in Q1 of 2023. I'll be interviewing entrepreneurs, CEOs and authors about the latest trends in business and entrepreneurship. The first episode of my podcast will be released on February 1st, 2023. I'm going to interview founders from around the world about their experiences with starting a company, what they've learned along the way and what they're most excited about.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media, LLC.

12. Learn to Empower Others

For 2023 to be a year of growth, I need to expand my team and better delegate responsibility. My New Year's resolution is to let go of some control and empower others to take ownership of their roles. In doing this, I believe everyone can be more creative and productive in the long run.
Thanks to: Daniel Anderson of The Money Maniac.

13. Hire Smarter

Competitive advantage isn’t your products, services, or processes. It’s your people. We'll ensure that our new hires are ideally suited for the role. This has little to do with education and experience and much to do with understanding the requirements of the role and matching the right person with the role. There is nothing in business that has higher stakes than making the right hire. We can put people issues in the rear-view mirror by adopting framework, tools, and process.
Thanks to: Alphonso Cheponis of Straightline Consulting Group.

14. Quit Smoking "Hopium"

I was a drug addict. I was addicted to "Hopium". I've been hoping my business would get better. Now that I am off that drug, I can focus on only what I can control. I can do my minimum daily behavior: Making five phone calls and getting one qualified referral daily. I have stopped hoping my candidate will buy a franchise. Instead, I coach and nurture myself and my client. With a focused, clear plan and the help of my friends to stay clean, I am finally off the drug that sinks many businesses.
Thanks to: Tom Scarda of The Franchise Academy.

15. Turning Passion to Profits

My 2023 New Year's Resolution is to take my passion project--my series of sci-fi novels--from book to film to TV series, making it a profit center.
Thanks to: Barry Cohen of AdLab Media Communications, LLC.

16. Thank Yous

Taking the time this year to send personal, hand written, THANK YOU notes.

My goal is to show appreciation to those that helped me get to where I am; be it family, friends, business cohorts, competitors, etc.

Simply sending a letter that says thank you, shares how their actions have affected me, made me better and demonstrate how much I appreciate it.
Thanks to: Ed McMasters of FUSIONWRX Inc, a Flottman Company.

17. Listening to My Inner Wisdom

Instead of going, and pushing to do more, I'm going to be present and check in with myself more. "What do I need, or choose to do, right now?" This may mean letting a client go, saying no to work, taking a nap, doing something I'd never thought I'd do, spending time with our cats, or enjoying a walk. It's about being less rigid and scheduled and more about creating space for more opportunities and unexpected happenings.
Thanks to: Julie Coraccio of Reawaken Your Brilliance, LLC.

18. No More Excuses to Not Go LIVE

Ok! With my products, I'm always inspiring parents to try to learn Spanish - and that means a LOT of live videos. But I always have an excuse - if I'm not "fully prepped" (cute hair, make up on) then I skip it, when I TOTALLY have time.
So - My resolution is MORE SHORT VIDEOS. Baseball cap? That's ok. Weird shirt? Fine. No make up? Meh. SEND THE MESSAGE in the most inspiring way - THAT MEANS going LIVE. NOW. No edits.
Three times per week minimum. Go LIVE, or GO HOME.
Thanks to: Suzanne Gose of Flip Flop Spanish/Spanish Geniuses.

19. Be More Intentional

With so much of our lives now hybrid/virtual, we have learned that with a little bit of planning and effort, we can keep connected with the people we care about and grow together in the new normal if we make it a priority. Now that some activities are returning, I am choosing very different events than before, so my goal is to live more intentionally both at work and at home in 2023. Pre-pandemic, we had more opportunities to learn about each other, so now I am being more proactive with my time.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

20. Secure Large Federal Contracts

In 2023, we want to segue from primarily serving private-party clients and begin to do more federal & state-level work via government contracts. We absolutely love our private-party clients and aim to continue serving them, it's just that these large government contracts can allow us to work on some important projects that are harder to access from the outside. If we can get some of these, we'll be able to help improve the lives of many victims at a scale that's hard to accomplish privately.
Thanks to: Wes Anderson of Reveille Advisors.

21. Use All This Drone Footage

We transform neglected and overgrown lakeshores into really dynamic outdoor living spaces that are family-friendly and open to the water. And for years, and I mean years, I've been flying a drone overhead for each job. This way, I have before and after footage from a variety of vantage points to show how transformative these rehabs can be. I have terabytes of film that I need to make into time-lapse marketing videos to showcase our work on YouTube and social media. 2023 is the year!
Thanks to: Joe Palumbo of Lakeshore Guys.

22. Aggrivate Application Process

Unqualified prospects can be an incredible time- & energy-suck if you're not careful, so I'm increasing the barriers to accessing my calendar.

I'll be adopting more stringent inquiries within my application process that will be mandatory to answer, which would excite the action-taker.

Tire-kickers, not so much.

From what is within my control, my 2023 will be stress-free.
Thanks to: Annesa L Lacey of a.L.interpretations.

23. More Energy and Ease

Many entrepreneurs don't have enough energy to do all that they want to do. When we manage our energy with intention, we're able to create results without needing to push through. Fatigue levels are a result of many factors but it starts with awareness. If we learn how to effectively manage the energy we do have, having more energy becomes possible. In 2023, I'll practice purposeful pauses of rest and use my energy as a valuable resource similar to how we use time and money as business owners.
Thanks to: Emily Kristofferson of Emily Kristofferson.

24. Introverts Unite!

I will break through the invisible wall of introversion that no one knows holds me back from changing the world of business because to them I appear extroverted and deliver great speeches. This will empower me to connect with so many movers and shakers I can finally change the relationship between organizations and the human beings they employ using Voluntary Influence and create a better world for all.
Thanks to: Don Shapiro of First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

25. Increase Our Local Footprint

I know that everyone says we're heading for a recession and that there's inflation, both of which are true or likely true, but I'm still looking to increase our number of locations in 2023! We currently have a handful of practices throughout the region, but quality dental care is apparently in-demand, as we've had great patient traffic all year and we are now looking to capitalize on that. After much review, it seems adding more practices is the best route, so that's our plan next year.
Thanks to: Dr. Sean Tomalty of Family Dentistry of Jensen Beach.

26. Navigate the Shifting Market

Our 2023 business resolution is to maintain client focus in a shifting market by continuing to engage with them on a social and professional basis. This should help ensure they know we support them when economic times are strong and when the market is volatile. Realtors and homeowners have had such an erratic couple of years - boom to bust, in a sense. The market went from unheard of activity and sky-high prices to a crawl in a very short amount of time. Here's to hoping 2023 is more consistent!
Thanks to: Kelli Salter of Anchor Real Estate.

27. Intentionality is New Busy

My business-related New Year's resolution for 2023 is intentionality. My goal is to be intentional with everything I do next year in order to maximize my valuable time and not waste it on the busyness of minutia.
Thanks to: Vladimir Gendelman of Company Folders, Inc.

28. More Focus, Less Distractions

My 2023 New Year's Resolution is to do less and be more consistent with what I choose to do. The many demands of running a small business often distract me from tackling the projects that would truly move the needle. So, I’ll be wielding the golden hatchet to delete, delegate or diminish all but my most vital priorities.
Thanks to: John Gluch of Gluch Group Coronado Real Estate.

29. Lower Costs

My New Year's resolution for 2023 is to cut expenses because doing so would boost my revenue. Given the high rate of inflation, cost reduction is crucial both then and now. With inflation and interest rates at historic highs, this is an excellent moment to reduce costs for my business, as many are currently experiencing financial hardship. This could include finding a new location, changing suppliers, lowering my energy costs, outsourcing rather than hiring, or even downsizing my operation.
Thanks to: Erik Wright of New Horizon Home Buyers.

30. Looking After Ourselves

My business's New Year's resolution is to devote the same amount of time to self-care as we do to treating patients. One of the top problems that professionals in the care industry confront is burnout. Maintaining a good mental, physical, and professional state benefits not just us but also our patients. We will try to be a bit kinder to ourselves in the upcoming year by engaging in stress-relieving activities, spending time with our families, and even giving ourselves a little self-care.
Thanks to: Aaron Barsalou of PsyclarityHealth.

31. Expand Social Media Channels

In 2022, I made giant steps in my business and am quite happy with the progress that has been made.

But social media has always been in the back of my mind and I haven't given it the proper time. In 2023, I resolve to focus on my social media channels and put together a solid strategy to follow.

Social media is a major channel that can help you reach a whole new, expanded audience, and I should have focused more time on it by now. In 2023, I'll be making big steps forward in this area.
Thanks to: Bryan Mullennix of FeelingVegas.

32. Keep Spending in Check

There's no doubt that you can't achieve financial success without keeping your spending in check. As an entrepreneur, I often talk about the merits of mindful spending but, as a business owner, ad spend and marketing expenditures can sometimes go a little haywire without me even realizing it. This New Year, I want to hold myself accountable to a strict ad spend budget, and a strict personal budget at home.
Thanks to: Amine Rahal of Sophisticated Investor.

33. Implement API management Tools

I've decided to use API management software as my business resolution for 2023. It can be challenging to manage these APIs at a time when businesses are heavily dependent on them and employ many of them for crucial business operations. This app can reduce stress and make managing my APIs much simpler. I can construct applications much more quickly and securely with the aid of API management software, which will also increase the effectiveness of my business.
Thanks to: Amy Wampler of Spartan Mechanical.

34. Control What YOU Can Control

I'll stop spending so much mental effort and time on digital things I can't control. Twitter dumpster fires. Facebook drama. Can't do much about many things, but you CAN control your business website, your blog, and your email list. Is your digital presence as strong as it can be? Is it demonstrating your value and helping your customers? If not, focus on that first.
Thanks to: Sheila Scarborough of Tourism Currents.

35. Gonna Get High on Speed!

I plan to have a zippy-fast website in 2023. My 2014 clunker is getting more than just an oil change. It will be a whole new machine, ready to score top marks for Google's "core vitals".
Thanks to: David Leonhardt of THGM Writers.

36. Be Okay with Outsourcing

As the founder of a personal injury solo practice, my main resolution for 2023 is to incorporate more outsourcing into the infrastructure of my business. There's truly something to be said about the saying, "Do what you do best, and hire out the rest.". Instead of spending countless hours on small administrative tasks, I want to outsource extra help so I can free up more of my time and focus on the parts of my business that I love.
Thanks to: Shane McClelland of Law Office of Shane McClelland.

37. Increase Employee Satisfaction

Today's workers embrace working from home, a better work-life balance, and all-inclusive benefits packages that enhance their quality of life. Because of the low unemployment rate, employee expectations are always rising. We need to develop a top-notch employee experience if we want to draw in top personnel. Because they enjoy working, our employees will repay us with a greater level of devotion to their job if we give them plenty of freedom and balance.
Thanks to: Austin Fain of Perfect Steel Solutions.

38. Give & Take

In August, I launched a new venture, White Girl Advocacy, so the demands on my time have become compounded as I have owned and operated a virtual assistant (VA) business, Paper Chaser Biz for the past 16 years. My New Year's business resolution is to follow the mantra “give and take.” Giving time to the new venture I may have previously dedicated to my VA business, determining where I can prioritize, and compromise while remembering to give myself grace.
Thanks to: Melissa Whiteford St. Clair of White Girl Advocacy LLC.

39. Refresh Your Marketing Plan

For 2023, I want to take a closer look at my firm's marketing plan. What worked well, what didn't, and where my firm can stretch our marketing budget the furthest. Once I've identified the marketing efforts that have helped the most, I want to create a new plan that prioritizes what's working best and incorporates some new strategies as well. In choosing to make this my resolution for next year, I'm confident that my firm and I will be able to receive a better return on our marketing investment.
Thanks to: Joshua Frachtman of Zimmerman & Frachtman.

40. Extra Value from Questions

My New Year's resolution is to keep a journal with customer questions when they call my store. The list of questions will then become future article topics posted to the store web site. It will help me know my customers better and new customers will benefit by finding answers to questions they haven't asked yet.
Thanks to: Lou Haverty of Mechanics Vault.

41. Positive Thinking in 2023

Mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. I'll stay positive and drop the negative attitude. Give my "frame of mind" a break so that moving forward is what I want. As a new year approaches, remember that new thoughts are also good. You only live once so time is your friend. We all have goals for a better year, so I'll keep a positive state of mind.
Thanks to: Roz Wolf of RozWolfPR.

42. Ask for More Feedback!

According to Warren Buffet, feedback is a gift that you should welcome with open arms any time someone is willing to offer it.

After sending a big order to a customer, I often assume if I don't hear from the customer, they were completely satisfied. Rarely do I request feedback.

What a missed opportunity I've come to realize, as I can learn so much from my customers and gain huge insights into ways I can improve.

In 2023, I'm asking for feedback from everyone! What a gift it can be.
Thanks to: Ashley Kenny of Heirloom.

43. Create at Least ONE Video

My main goal this year is to create at least one video. For years, I've been meaning to create video content for photographers and my own clients but I've been putting it off. I feel if I create at least one video, then that would be the stepping stone to creating more video content.
Thanks to: Jermaine Amado of J Amado Photography.

44. Learn New Skills

I resolve to learn new skills. Regardless of your expertise, whether you're a content writer, SEO guy, or graphic designer, you need to take time to learn new skills. For example — you might be a great SEO expert but if the company wants their SEO guy to be an expert in email marketing, then you need to learn more about it.

Don't be afraid of taking risks and trying new things. If you are an expert in something then it's time to upgrade. Don't be afraid of failing, because failures make us better at succeeding.
Thanks to: Syed Ali Hasan of Esire.org.

45. Start a Freelance Business

My New Year's resolution for 2023 related to business is to start a freelance business. I have been working completely remotely for over a year now and have discovered that I function very well in such an environment. I would like to try my hand at taking on assignments and handling business on my own. I think there is a good chance for better earnings and increased job satisfaction in such a system in my case.
Thanks to: Magdalena Sadowska of UK Passport Photo.

46. Find a Mentor & Mastermind

My partner and I have been trying to go it alone for years. We've had our successes, but it's time to raise our game. And to do that, we need to find people who have already won at the game we're playing.

We also want to grow alongside peers playing the same game. If there's such a thing as a shortcut to success in business, it's finding people who can guide you around the pitfalls and show you the easiest path.
Thanks to: Brian Davis of SparkRental.

47. Finish the Office in Tenerife

My New Year’s business resolution is to finish our second office on the sunny island of Tenerife. I’ve been thinking about it since my first time there, and I made some initial steps to organize it. I know that with some effort, I can realize this resolution in the first half of the next year.
Thanks to: Tomek Mlodzki of US Visa Photo.

48. Keep the Talent

My biggest New Year’s Resolution for 2023 is to retain the talent that the company has acquired over the last two years. We’ve convinced very exciting, passionate, and talented people to join us in 2021 and 2022, and it will no doubt be a challenge to keep them in the company in times when the job market is more dynamic than ever. The more time we can spend on growing as a company and less on onboarding new employees yet to make an impact, the better.
Thanks to: Rafal Mlodzki of US Passport Photo.

49. Promotion of My Business

My New Year's resolution is to consistently promote my business. I will use different strategies, such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing etc., to promote my business. The promotion will help increase brand awareness, customer traffic, and sales and profit. It will help to attract new customers. Customers will also learn more about my business through promotion, and they will be interested in the services we offer.
Thanks to: Shawn Harris of DayCareWebsites.

50. Boosting Employee Experience

Nowadays, everything is about the experience, and business is no exception. The goal is to create a workplace that acknowledges and answers the needs of our employees. We want to become more employee-oriented to create the best working experience and increase general wellness. Most of our team works remotely, so it's hard to reach them and build a sense of belonging, but we’ll make 2023 all about improving our company culture and the lifecycle of our workers.
Thanks to: Sylwia Smietanko of UK Passport Photo.

51. Company Culture

Our one main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to prioritize company culture and improve team engagement. I believe that having a strong and connected team is essential for a healthy workplace.

Therefore, our main aim is to improve the remote workplace and foster employee engagement and morale. I believe that it's of utmost importance for the team and the company.
Thanks to: Natalia Brzezińska of US Visa Photo.

52. Improve Business Quality

My business' new year's resolution is to improve the quality of our services and make our customers' experiences truly memorable. I believe in providing clients with extensive value; the experience that comes with it will stay with them for a long time. It will increase the satisfaction of customers to our business. I hope that this will also lead to greater sales opportunities, happier clients, and a more motivated team at ZOOM Articles.
Thanks to: Angus Chang of iupilon.

53. Founder and Managing Editor

My goal for 2023 is to expand our offerings so there are more opportunities to help driven writers who want to make their words even better. Currently, we offer editing and writing coaching services, at a price point that is difficult for some writers to invest in. By creating more courses, systems, workbooks, and membership communities, I hope to meet more people at a comfortable price point for their situation and needs. Everyone deserves to have their writing and creativity supported!
Thanks to: Elisa Doucette of Craft Your Content.

54. More Training and Development

In 2023, we aim to budget more for training programs. The most valuable asset of any business is its employees, so investing in their development is key to maintaining business growth. Despite being on an expense line, it is crucial. Lack of training is one of the main reasons why employees leave companies. This goal makes sense, even more, when one considers the lengthy processes of recruiting and hiring qualified staff.
Thanks to: Karolina Kijowska of US Visa Photo.

55. Open Your Intuitive Force

My greatest wish for the upcoming year is to share my intuitive and spiritual teachings with as many healing seekers as possible and guide them on the Divine path to transformation. From self-awareness to spiritual growth - Helping people realize their full potential by drawing out their inner voice and teaching them how to strengthen their intuitive sense is truly rewarding.
Thanks to: Shawna Allard of Divine Knowing.

56. Quality Time For Clients

I resolve to spend more quality time with each customer. I will ask them more questions about them and spend more time relating and less time selling. 2023 will be more focused on relationships than transactions.
Thanks to: Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers.

57. Team Up With Content Creators

Teaming up with content creators, or influencers, is a great way to expand your target audience to ensure you are getting more engagement on your social media and website. This is why my New Year's resolution is to connect with influencers who I feel have a similar vision, in order to expand the business and to also reach more people. Content creators are business people too, which means I would be creating a B2B relationship that both parties can benefit from.
Thanks to: Daniel Climans of StickerYou.

58. Growing a Community of Leaders

This year, I am committed to exponentially growing our membership community of leaders, founders, and Force Multipliers (AKA Executive Assistants & Chiefs of Staff) by partnering with like-hearted leaders and businesses, interviewing dynamic duos on our podcast, and launching a new book before the end of the year. Every strategic partnership is unique, yet the commitment to learn, work, and grow together will ultimately determine the partnership's success. We've got you!
Thanks to: Manal Keen of The Founder & The Force Multiplier.

59. Develop Happy Work Environment

After two challenging years (of multiple reasons, including COVID and WFH demand), we are finally moving to full-time office work. As a business owner, I'd focus on building a happy work atmosphere. This entails accepting and encouraging all workers' input and listening to and responding to their needs. I'm sure I might be surprised at how much productivity can be nurtured via such positive motivation. After all, a contented team is a productive team.
Thanks to: Mudassir Ahmed of Digimiles.

60. Get Comfortable Outsourcing

**As a solo small business owner and blogger, I wear many hats to get things off the ground. In 2023, I will outsource SEO and content marketing, including social media marketing. I will let the freelancer own operational responsibility for many things that I wouldn't be able to give time to. Doing so can help me focus on improving my customer success and retention strategy, and revenue. I'm considering a freelancer referred by a friend, and I think it's a great way to start the new year.
Thanks to: Shabnam Afroz of Guest Blogging.

61. Strategize Group Events

I think it's important to include plans for team-building activities for the year on the goal sheet. Compile a list of potential activities for you and your group to engage in. The possibilities are many, ranging from a casual lunch to elaborate holiday celebrations, volunteer work, a party, or even a business retreat. Our ideal work-related New Year resolves to provide opportunities for our team to learn and develop together.
Thanks to: Don Evans of Crewe Foundation.

62. Put Money Into Solar Panels

Investment in solar panels is highly prioritized by me for 2023. Installing solar panels is an expensive upfront investment that will pay off in the long run, especially amid an energy crisis, and as a hedge against future price increases. Solar panels will also help us meet a 2023 federal mandate that requires all businesses to take steps to lessen their environmental effect.
Thanks to: Marie Ysais of Ysais Digital Marketing.

63. Effortlessly Excel Every Way

In my opinion, the scope of my current role has the potential to expand into a more important and rewarding one in the future. One of the best things in the new year is to resolve to work harder.

Complete the extra work you typically wouldn't have time for. Doing a few extra things here and there can make you appear like a more valuable employee, which might lead to a promotion. In addition, you may show your team's dedication as a leader by going the extra mile.
Thanks to: Micheal Lees of EZLease, powered by LeaseAccelerato.

64. Performance Management System

I've decided to create a performance-management system as my new year's resolution for 2023. My team is an important factor in my business, and its success either promotes or impedes it. I strongly advise using a performance-management program if you want to feel secure even while you're not at work. This tool can support your team's dedication to corporate objectives. You'll be able to identify anyone who needs additional training or qualifies for a leadership role.
Thanks to: Emir Bacic of Pricelisto.

65. I'll Continue to Advertise

Search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, content marketing, and email marketing are just a few of the various tactics that operate around the clock to promote your brand. People you already interact with regularly are potential customers who may benefit from learning more about your company. While it's essential to use traditional channels, you shouldn't overlook the value of casual conversation when it comes to expanding your company's reach.
Thanks to: Josh Thill of THRIVE ENGINE.

66. Tolerance

I don't recall ever seeing the country, and the world for that matter, so divided and emotionally frayed. Covid and wars have not helped. I am hoping that this coming year I can continue to speak my mind when I see the injustice of the loss of free speech while being tolerant and compassionate with those I do not agree with. In the end, it's imperative that all of find a way to get along for everyone's sake so let's "Give Geese a Chance!" Happy 2023 everyone...
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

67. Apply an Innovation Routine

My business resolution for 2023 is that I will apply an effective innovation routine for two purposes: first to solve real market problems, and second, to add value to my business to occupy a different space in a highly volatile business environment by reducing operating costs, and increasing revenue thus reducing the chances of losing its space in the business world. This is because I believe that innovation is the only way to guarantee the sustainability of a business amid economic downturn.
Thanks to: Yoav Morder of Sonary.

68. Workplace Needs to Be Cleaned

Cleaning up my workplace is one of my 2023 resolutions. I'm going to clean and reorganize my business to start the new year. An appealing office environment promotes team attention. It boosts office morale and increases productivity in addition to making a favorable impression on your clients. Additionally, it lowers the chance of illness on your team.
Thanks to: Jon Lynn of My Office Pod.

69. New Year, New Goals

Most of our clients are repeat customers, but with 2023 around the corner our main goal is to increase our new client list by 15%. We plan on doing that through online marketing and referral incentives. Can’t wait to continue to grow as a company and expand in 2023.
Thanks to: Jessica Wright of Dream Team Fundraising.

70. This Isn't About Me

This isn't about me or my business. It's about helping as many people as I possibly can live a more financially rewarding life by building a successful online business.

I want to give friends and family a helping hand. I want others to learn what I have about building an online business, only I want to make it simpler and easier for them to accelerate the path to financial betterment.

I'll dedicate as much time, effort, energy, and moral support as needed to help others succeed.
Thanks to: Dianne Birtley of Pickleball Adventure.

71. Help 4500 People Sleep Better

80% of people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed. Worse, many more don't like their CPAP and don't realize there's other options out there. We connect sleep apnea sufferers with clinics that provide options like oral appliances with much higher acceptance rates. If we can help 25 sleep apnea clinics get 15 new patients every month, we'll have helped 4500 sleep apnea sufferers sleep better and live better lives.
Thanks to: Lane Rizzardini of Sleep Apnea Leads.

72. Get Social

In 2023, we want to increase our social media presence. We’re a relatively new company who are passionate about our product and our mission. In order to help more people who suffer from heart and lung disease, we need to increase our brand awareness. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram will give us the opportunity to share our unique and innovative product with a larger target audience.
Thanks to: Harry DiFrancesco of Carda Health.

73. Stop & Connect with Clients

Everyone is all so super busy these days, I often forget to stop for a minute and ask prospects and clients how they are doing, before we get down to business.

Connecting with humans on the phone, video chat, or even over email increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

How are you and your family doing? Have you enjoyed your Winter Break? These soft openings are just so effective.
Thanks to: Scott W Johnson of Quake Coverage Insurance.

74. Expand Operations

Our company currently serves those in Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas City, and South Florida. In 2023, we hope to expand to California, Texas, and New York. Our team of doctors, clinical staff, and experienced corporate professionals are dedicated to changing people’s lives. It’s our New Year’s resolution that we can continue to do so by expanding our services to reach more people in need.
Thanks to: Jesse DeBear of Renew.

75. Outsourcing Equals Growth

My business-related new year’s resolution for 2023 is to outsource time-consuming administrative tasks and also in areas where we face challenges and need help finding new, creative solutions. This will not only help us to free up valuable time but also help us get smarter so that we can scale and grow our business in the coming year.
Thanks to: Stina Pettersson of How To Invest Gold.

76. Keep Learning and Networking

My goal for 2023 is to keep learning and network with industry experts. As a marketing consultant, the digital world is ever-changing, and I need to keep up.

My resolution is to read 12 related books, and go to at least 2 industry conferences. I also want to carve out more time per week to read blogs, watch YouTube videos, or attend webinars. All under the focus to stay relevant with industry trends.
Thanks to: Sascha Hoffmann of Scuba Marketing.

77. Move Away from the “Old Normal

With many changes on the financial and technology end, in 2023 my business resolution is to align my business with the advanced digital transformation by leaving aside the “Old Normal”. Until now, we have deployed many resources for this transformation, now we need to set aside what we have been thinking as “BIG” to survive in the tough competition. I will achieve this by focusing on my business routine activities more deeply and by analyzing what is necessary for digital transformation.
Thanks to: Salman Rundhawa of Filing Taxes.

78. Business Restructuring

In 2023, my business resolution is to restructure my business processes to make my company innovative about solutions that resolve customers’ pain points, allowing greater optimization of the results and the quality of products and services we offer, resulting in the differentials between our company and the competitors. With this, I am looking forward not only to retaining our customers but also to looking for generating new leads to secure a good market share.
Thanks to: Josh Mullan of CoreStreet.

79. Improve Customer Experience

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to improve customer experience is my business resolution for 2023. AI facilitates marketing results more effectively and relevant to the target audience thus, improving the customer experience. Using artificial intelligence, we’ll have better visibility to optimize resources and improve the customer experience in real-time, which is a prerequisite in current digitized business environments.
Thanks to: Sam Tejada of Liquivida.

80. Startup Geek Fight Recession

As Startup Geek looks ahead to 2023, we're setting our sights on expansion and growth. Although many businesses are struggling in the current economy, we're confident that by expanding into new markets and hiring additional staff, we'll be able to continue thriving. We plan to have our first office in the US (Pittsburgh, PA), which will help us better serve our clients, and by increasing our team, we'll be able to help more businesses reach their goals.
Thanks to: Oran Yehiel of Startup Geek.

81. Optimize the Marketing Data

In 2023, I will focus on optimizing marketing data by gathering information about our consumers, their consumption habits, buying behavior, and other aspects to ensure essential competitive advantages. This marketing data will save costs for future marketing and relationship efforts because with the right data, we won’t need a broad, aggressive strategy to reach potential customers-those most likely to convert.
Thanks to: David Sessford of Ready Steady Sell.

82. A Stellar Employee Experience

Seeing as how our workforce is quite literally the lifeblood of our business, we pay an immense amount of importance to bettering our employee experience every year.

This includes identifying and removing all the bottlenecks employees often encounter at their jobs, revising our employee benefits program so that it aligns with the likes and interests of our teams, and taking the time to upgrade all the tools and technology that can help them feel more supported in their roles.
Thanks to: Harry Morton of Lower Street.

83. More Networking

My main business-related New Year’s resolution is to focus on networking. I have neglected it in the past, did not consider it useful, and avoided networking events. But the truth is, networking is working. And you never know which new contact will benefit you and your business in the future. So next year, I aspire to visit more networking events and meet new people.
Thanks to: Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace.

84. Quality Service for Clients

The thing I value most in business is providing value to my clients. I am in a very client-focused industry, but beyond that, I care about people. The more value I can give to my clients, the better their success will be. This is good for them, as it adds value to their life, and me since it fulfills an internal need, but also is good for business. My main goal, or resolution, is to be even better at meeting the needs of clients.
Thanks to: Nathan DeMetz of Nathan DeMetz Personal Training LLC.

85. I Want to Go Far but Closer

My goal for 2023 is to to start a personal assistant business in my neighborhood. I already offer tech and online security support though my hosting service to a lot of clients around the globe, but now I'd really love to figure out the best way to to build a local clientele everywhere I live during my digital nomadic life, and become their personal IT consultant.
Thanks to: Ivan Messina of SupporHost.

86. Rethink My Marketing Strategy

Although digital marketing has been the go-to solution for many businesses, we must rethink how we go about it. We must be mindful of our audiences' changing needs and preferences, which can vary depending on their age, gender, location, and more. Additionally, I will look for ways to incorporate more innovative marketing strategies such as influencer marketing, developing targeted campaigns that focus on specific niches, and investing in data-driven analytics to understand my customer base.
Thanks to: Demi Yilmaz of Colonist.

87. Keep Up with Industry Trends

In 2023, a huge priority for me will be keeping up with industry trends in home renovation. This includes researching the latest materials, technologies, and construction methods that can enhance safety and sustainability. I also aim to attend industry events, seminars, and webinars to stay informed of any new regulations or standards that may come into effect. Doing so will ensure that my business complies with the latest safety and sustainability requirements for home renovations.
Thanks to: Neil Platt of Emerald Home Improvements.

88. Focus on Customer Experience

We'll make the customer experience even better.

While we've already made huge strides in customer experience, 2023 is the perfect time to take it even further. As an AWS service provider, we always look for ways to better integrate our services into our customers’ existing systems so that they can get the most out of their experience. Additionally, we will focus on ensuring that our customer service is top-notch and that any issues or concerns are addressed quickly and effectively.
Thanks to: Karl Robinson of Logicata.

89. Dispelling Legal System Fears

The legal ecosystem has always been considered overbearing or fearful, and the business of law has taught us how wrong propaganda continues to create this impression. Even with a proven track record, we often spend considerable time winning the trust of the very people we intend to help. In 2023, it is our business resolution to spread the word on how the legal system is in place to help people and how trusting the system is the best way forward.
Thanks to: Riley Beam of Douglas R. Beam, P.A..

90. Spreading AI Awareness

It’s surprising that the AI industry, despite its astounding progress in the last decade itself, hasn’t really won over the masses. Unfair and incorrect opinions like the untrustworthiness of AI, its security limitations, and its adverse impact on employment continue to badger the industry. AI is only in its nascent stages and growth pangs are commonplace in any industry exploring its potential. Only awareness can help address misconceptions, and that's our resolution for 2023.
Thanks to: Brendan McGreevy of Affinda.

91. Selfless Knowledge-sharing

In the sauna business, we often come across people who love what we do and, as home or woodworking buffs, share how they'd like to build their own saunas. We love nothing more than people adopting this healthy habit and direct them to all the videos and resources we have out there. In 2023, we aim to add more knowledge on how, if you have the time, skills, and resources, building a healthy sauna in your backyard isn't that difficult! We also hope to encourage other businesses to share knowledge.
Thanks to: Kris Harris of Nootka Saunas.

92. More Awareness Initiatives

As a trusted name, we've been committed to spreading mental health awareness even before it was adopted the way it is today. Even as we celebrate this change of stance, where the topic of mental health has transformed from a stigma to a healthy discussion, we know we can play a far more significant role in this transition. In 2023, we aim to add even more momentum to the mental health discussion and contribute to it in terms of awareness.
Thanks to: Azmaira Maker, Ph.D. of Aspiring Families.

93. Start my Own Tech Company

My current position as Manager at a Tech Firm is fantastic; it pays well and has provided me with invaluable experience. But now I feel ready to follow my dream and launch my own technology company. I hope to one day have my own independent career in the technological sector, which is the one in which I am most interested. This includes not only working towards technology but also creating a new technological paradigm.
Thanks to: Jessica Shee of iBoysoft.

94. Become a Registered Dietician

Professionally, I work as a fitness trainer, which I adore doing. Through my blog and other online mediums, I am trying to get the word out about the importance of staying physically active. It makes me happy to see others succeed in their fitness endeavors, but I find it difficult to offer dietary suggestions. So, one of my goals for the coming year 2023 is to complete the necessary coursework and pass the necessary exams to become a Registered Dietician.
Thanks to: Christian Mitchell of Cross Trainer Home.

95. Better Boundaries

Owning my own business and being an entrepreneur means I haven't had a true "day off" in a really long time! Work is relentlessly on my mind. My resolution for 2023 is to be more present when I am spending time with my family and on my health. I am a genuine work-a-holic that has found success because of this ethic but better boundaries will help it from being my undoing. My 2023 work resolutions include morning workouts 5x a week and technology goes away from 7pm-7am so I can't check emails.
Thanks to: Michelle Miller of MM FITNESS LLC.

96. Nurturing Long Leads

My business resolution for the New Year is to revamp our efforts for nurturing long leads. Many consumers have been faced with more options than ever following the proliferation of online offerings during the pandemic. People may also take longer to commit to larger purchases with fears of an economic recession on the horizon. Now is an important time to revisit how we nurture leads in a long sales cycle to address potential customer concerns and help show our value.
Thanks to: Brandt Passalacqua of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy.

97. Serving Clients Nationally

As a company based in New Orleans, our best margins come from serving clients close to home. But there are more opportunities available, and it benefits our clients to have us design and rent their trade show booths for every show they exhibit at. We are proud to already provide this service as part of our comprehensive trade show booth management. My goal for 2023 is to serve even more clients at shows in Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, and more to help improve our margins for those shows.
Thanks to: Thomas Samuels of Cardinal Expo.

98. Create My Onboarding Plan

I think one of the most crucial things I can do is to integrate a new employee. According to a Glassdoor survey, staff members who experience successful onboarding are 18 times more likely to feel loyal to their employer. My business resolution for the new year is to set aside time to create an onboarding strategy, especially when employing remote candidates. This can help new hires feel more like a part of my organization and their coworkers.
Thanks to: Sai Blackbyrn of Coach Foundation.

99. Delegate More Tasks

As a business owner, it's easy to feel like you have to do everything yourself. I recently heard a quote - “do what you do best and hire out the rest.” With that in mind, in 2023 I am resolving to delegate tasks to my capable team members in an effort to free up some much-needed time in my schedule. Delegating will help me focus on the broader aspects of running my business and trust my team with the details.
Thanks to: Lewis Landerholm of Pacific Cascade Legal.

100. Focus on Customer Service

My customers are the lifeblood of my business, so focusing on providing them with unmatched service is my top resolution in 2023. To me, this means being responsive to their needs and concerns, going above and beyond to provide solutions, and striving to improve the quality of my services. Training my crew to do the same is going to be the key to achieving this resolution.
Thanks to: Chris Knowles of True Friends Moving Company.

101. Customer Loyalty-My Priority

Winning customers’ loyalty will be my priority that I shall achieve through CPO (Customer Perspective Optimization). Since customers are more digitally literate now, to make them loyal to your brand requires a lot to know about their interests and intents, thus resolving and offering solutions for their pain points based on their opinions, reviews, comments, and suggestions. And this can only be done by knowing and optimizing their perspective of things, leaving guesswork aside.
Thanks to: Rasmus Henriksson of Biotickr.

102. Business Networking

I will focus on business networking in 2023. In current digitized business scenarios, there is nothing as inevitable as business networking, which in return enables sharing of underutilized resources and access to collective infrastructures-being key factors of becoming successful. Since sharing of resources is part of business networking, it is also possible to share expenses with logistics, marketing, new technologies, etc. reducing many risk factors and ensuring a greater success rate.
Thanks to: Haley Duster of Setting Up Limited Company.

103. Focus on Paid Advertising

My business resolution for 2023 is to focus more on paid advertising than SEO. While SEO is still important, digital marketing gives instant results. As people spend more of their time online, it will help increase our conversion rate. In short, to spread awareness of our company and its offerings, I want to use our social media channels to position us as an authoritative resource for travelers, not search engines.
Thanks to: Ganga Raj Thapa of Nepal Hiking Team.

104. Establish an Institute

I'll focus more on educating others about the importance of physical fitness. I've seen a lot of people who are obese because they don't know enough about calorie intake and nutrition. In 2023, I plan to establish an institute to advise people on how many calories they should consume, what foods they should avoid, and if they exercise, which exercises are most effective at burning fat. Everyone's New Year's resolution is to get in shape. But it's much more to me than that.
Thanks to: Daniel Louwrens of Muscle and Brawn.

105. Training and Development

My business resolution in 2023 is to invest in employee training and development. Investing in employees can pay off in the long run, as it increases employee morale, productivity, and loyalty. Training programs that focus on customer service, digital marketing, and other customer relations topics can help employees better understand customer needs and develop effective strategies to meet them.
Thanks to: Thomas Niemczewski of Dream Chasers.

106. To Increase Sales

One main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 would be to increase sales by 10%. This could be done by expanding the current customer base, as well as increasing the average order value. To do this, my company could focus on marketing and advertising efforts, as well as introducing new products or services that customers may be interested in. This resolution could help the company to achieve its long-term goals.
Thanks to: Jensen Lee of bidetsPLUS.

107. Topical Authority Via Blogs

In 2023, we're really trying to improve our organic traffic to our website from Google by focusing on becoming an authority in Google's eyes in our industry.

The sports betting industry is a very complicated industry with lots of rules and regulations. We want to prove to our readers and Google that we are a professional organization and that we provide accurate and helpful insights.

We plan on accomplishing this by focusing on creating insightful and helpful blogs for our readers in 2023.
Thanks to: Nigel Mordaunt of Sports Bet Kings.

108. Next Guyanese TEDx Speaker

My business resolution for 2023 is to secure my first TEDx talk. I have dreamed of telling my story of how I overcame challenges and continued to persevere in business (and life) during my career of more than 24 years, as an Indian, Guyanese female attorney and certified diversity, equity, and inclusion professional. I want to share my story as a reminder to others to never give up on themselves and always dream big!
Thanks to: Nirupa Netram of Lotus Solutions LLC.

109. My Own Shampoo Brand

As a professional hair stylist, I intend to create my own shampoo line in 2023. Many shampoos contain sulfate and parabens, which are both harmful to humans and the environment. Consuming sulfate-containing products damages the hair, making it brittle and increasing frizz. So I decided to make my products with only natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. This business idea will increase my revenue while also being beneficial to customers.
Thanks to: Khamis Maiouf of Book of Barbering.

110. Acknowledge Comments

My New Year's Resolution is to make a point of responding to every comment posted on my social media platforms. I do try already, but sometimes I just can't find the time, or I can't think how to respond. I accept that the person who posted the comment has gone out of their way to do so, so I now resolve to do the same myself and make sure that every contribution is acknowledged.
Thanks to: Colin Toh of Headphonesty.

111. Paperless Environment

With an aim of reducing carbon footprints, my 2023 business resolution is adapting a paperless environment. Being eco-friendly, paperless culture is important in saving costs and is suitable for flexible and modern work practices, allowing remote and on-premise teams to access documents without the need of printing them. We are implementing a paperless policy by digitizing the most important documents and placing them in an online repository to be accessed from any location.
Thanks to: Ben Miller of Focus On Digital.

112. Learning to Delegate

It’s unsurprising that, as a founder, I love my work. I get a lot of joy out of my business, but I’m working on delegating more in 2023. I have some big plans for business growth, and to have the time needed to dedicate to reaching them, I’ll need to delegate some of my usual responsibilities to others. Fortunately, I work with a great, trustworthy team. But in some ways, it will be a challenge to give up some of the tasks I love to do to make space for mission-critical ones.
Thanks to: Maximilian Wühr of FINN.

113. Take My “To-Do” List Digital

I live by lists, writing a “To-Do” list every morning to manage my day and keep me on track. Next year, I plan to make my list digital using a To-Do list app. I want to reduce my paper consumption and access my lists from anywhere when I’m on the go. A digital list will be more convenient, and repeating task features will save me so much time. In 2023, I plan to organize myself to work smarter, not harder.
Thanks to: Brian Dechesare of Breaking Into Wall Street.

114. A New Habit

As an entrepreneur, time for more thought is necessary. My sales career taught me to focus daily on my long-term goal and implement short-term goals to achieve them. There was no room to waste time, as being the top producer was always at the top of my list.

I caught myself about to miss out on some outstanding business opportunities. The offers sounded shady upfront, and I was about to say, ‘No!’ Fortunately, I stopped to consider all aspects to reach ‘Yes!’

Motto: Slow Down
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale.

115. Work More Sustainably

Every year, we look to be more sustainable in how we work and do business. There are a ton of opportunities that will allow us to provide a more eco-friendly service and they are all on the table right now.

In 2023, we will make further steps forward in being a green company and we'll be proud of the efforts we've made to get where we are!
Thanks to: Nicky Bowers of LetLoos Ltd.

116. Automate Business Processes

I plan to take steps toward automating certain processes that currently require manual labor. While some parts of our operations will always require an artisan touch, there are many tasks that can be handled by technology. This can help us achieve faster turnaround times on tasks, reduce errors and save labor costs as well as time. We will explore various automation options including integrating existing software with each other, adding robotic process automation, or creating custom scripts.
Thanks to: Rajesh Namase of TechRT.

117. A Techy New Year's Resolution

My goal is to be patient with myself. I want to celebrate the small wins in life.
Thanks to: Stavros Zavrakas of Orthogonality.

118. Musician Resolutions

As a singer-songwriter, I have released 4 albums since formalizing my LLC in 2017. My new year's goals are to record more songs & shows. I've been focused on content for a long time, so it has been cool and it can be hard to find time to share all the work. I'm focused on promoting the content for the time being after recently releasing 2 albums back-to-back, a music podcast and a flurry of singles. Collaborations also remain as a top focus in 2023 and I have several vocal collabs in progress.
Thanks to: Sage Suede of SAGE SUEDE.

119. Focus More on Employees' Needs

In the past two years, we've focused on meeting the demands of our clients. While this is expected for a fintech startup, I realized I should prioritize satisfying my employees' needs. Our team has been intensively working around the clock to ensure we reach our goals, so it's my responsibility to give them what they deserve. A pay increase and more bonus opportunities will be coming in 2023, and I'm excited to share this plan with the team.
Thanks to: Allan Stolc of Bankly.

120. Upskill Existing Employees

Our New Year's resolution is to prioritize internal mobility to boost employee morale. Instead of outsourcing talents, we will invest more in upskilling our existing employees to condition them for higher management responsibilities. Doing so lets our employees find more purpose in their chosen professions, which will ultimately translate to team satisfaction and career advancements. This, in turn, will help reduce our company's churn risks and improve employee retention.
Thanks to: Milo Cruz of Freelance Writing Jobs.

121. Save Time, Outsource!

My New Year's business resolution this year is to outsource more of our work. My team and I try to take on everything we can with limited resources and budget. Many things we can do with grace. Other things turn out terrible! In 2023, we plan on trusting freelancers and 3rd party companies to take on the work that we don't know how to do and/or don't have the time to figure out. We just have to leave our pride at the door!
Thanks to: Jeff Moriarty of Supplement Warehouse.

122. Improve Hiring Efforts

One of our top New Year’s resolutions is to improve our hiring efforts. A strategy for this will be including skills tests with our online applications. This past year, we have been receiving an abundance of applications for job openings - only a lot of those end up being from unqualified individuals, and we have to spend time weeding them out. In order to improve our time-to-hire, we hope that including a skills test with our applications will be able to do much of that weeding out for us.
Thanks to: Jon Stephens of Snowshoe Vacation Rentals.

123. Social Media

One of our primary resolutions for the New Year is to build a social media presence. Social media has never been a focus for us, but as we are growing and expanding through our other digital marketing efforts, I think there’s a real potential for success with social media. We are currently working on devising a social media strategy and hope to implement it in January.
Thanks to: Ben Michael of Michael & Associates.

124. Social Media Realness

We are going to be slightly adjusting our social media strategy. People aren’t wanting perfectly curated images and content anymore - they want to see content what is “real.” Social media's fake facade is breaking, so you have to cater to the new desires of your audience. In 2023, we're going to focus primarily on engaging with our audience in a down-to-earth way, as well as posting images and content that feels less edited and perfectly curated as a way to build stronger relationships.
Thanks to: Trevor Sookraj of Divisional.

125. New Year, New Destination!

My 2023 New Year’s Resolution is to host an International Real Estate Tour or International Investor Tour every month of the upcoming year! Whether it be for a family looking for a dream home, second home, or vacation home or an investor looking for residential property, commercial property, or land to build a resort or city. I will not miss a month! Ready for 2023!
Thanks to: Janel Muhammad of Destination Own.

126. Facilitate Employee Visibility

I want employees to feel like their voice is heard and that they can make meaningful contributions to the success of our business. I will encourage open communication between all levels of staff by hosting regular meetings and workshops where ideas can be shared freely. I also plan to focus on implementing initiatives that support the well-being of my employees both personally and professionally by providing resources such as mental health services or access to career development opportunities.
Thanks to: Matt Payne of Width.ai.

127. Take a Break

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2022 is the value of rest. Since the pandemic started, we have been consumed with keeping our businesses afloat and thriving in uncertainty. We succeeded in that regard, but it’s also to the detriment of our personal health and well-being as entrepreneurs and business leaders. Two years since the pandemic started, I truly came to appreciate the value of taking some time off for myself.
Thanks to: Adam Jacobs of Bubblegum Casting.

128. Improve Collaboration

One of my resolutions for 2023 is to encourage better collaboration between my teams and departments. I'm looking for ways to break down silos, leverage technology to enable more efficient workflows, and create a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing among my staff.

By focusing on greater communication, cooperation, and creativity, I believe we can achieve our goals more effectively in the coming year.
Thanks to: Linda Shaffer of Checkr.

129. Advocate Sustainable Practices

My main resolution for 2023 is to advocate for conscious and sustainable practices in business. From reducing single-use plastic in the office to investing in eco-friendly products, sustainability is key for a successful future of business.

It is essential that businesses go beyond simply reducing their environmental impacts and strive to become part of the solution for our planet’s future.
Thanks to: Paul Wells of Sustainable Tag.

130. Expanding Our Global Presence

For me, 2023 is all about growth. I have big plans to expand Cullen Jewellery's online and physical presence to reach new customers worldwide. In order to make this happen, I am resolved to invest more time and resources into digital marketing. This means creating compelling content, developing targeted ad campaigns, and building a strong social media presence. My goal is to create lifelong relationships with our customers, and I know that starts with delivering an exceptional experience.
Thanks to: Jordan Cullen of Cullen Jewellery.

131. Be Audit You Can Be!

Painful but necessary - Do an internal audit of all ongoing expenses for the company to see what software and services are no longer needed or can be replaced with something that is more cost-effective that doesn't change our output.
Thanks to: Stuart Conover of Red Gear Works.

132. Improved Digitization

As we improve our business through digitization, we expect to achieve productivity and efficiency. When the business is digitized, it will improve and facilitate a better communication chain within the organization and enable a good way of doing business. Transforming the customer experience is something we've also been looking at. We hope to get this new year because including it in our new year solution can change how customers think and drive growth for customers and competitive businesses.
Thanks to: Irene Graham of spylix.com.

133. Ahead of the Curve

My New Year's resolution is to continue to think ahead and stay ahead of the curve. I will cultivate an environment that encourages growth and collaboration. I will look for opportunities for new partnerships and research the latest trends. As part of my resolution, I will commit to providing my employees with the best possible environment where they can thrive and take ownership of their roles in contributing to our success.
Thanks to: Manual Thomas of AquariumLife.

134. Be More Organized

I think this is a great resolution because, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. If I don't keep track of everything, it can get very overwhelming. I'm going to try my best to make sure that everything has its own place and that I have enough time set aside for each task. This will help me be more efficient and productive in all aspects of my life!
Thanks to: Lauren Farley of MotelMatcher.com.

135. Lower Costs

I believe that in order to be successful, we must always be looking for ways to lower costs.

This is an important part of business, and it's one that I'm always keeping in mind. I know that there are a lot of things that cost money, but if you're not careful with how you spend your money, then it can get out of control very quickly. You want to focus on making sure that you are spending your money wisely so that it doesn't cause problems later down the road.
Thanks to: Kader Meroni of Atlas Tea Club.

136. Employees' Well-being

My business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to increase my employees’ well-being. I have come to realize that my employees’ well-being greatly influences their productivity, and the wellness of my business directly affects the wellness of my employees. My resolution, therefore, is to make the well-being of my employees a priority and improve the office environment to a level which will enhance my employees’ sense of well-being.
Thanks to: Calvin Kim of Coverland.

137. Authentic Corporate Culture

My New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to ensure that my corporate culture is geared to put the needs of my customers first above those of my business. I'm going to do whatever is necessary to make my employees feel valued, respected, & motivated, so that they can in turn provide the best possible service & products to my customers. I will implement training programs that spread my enlightened management philosophy throughout my organization & will seek to establish a positive corporate culture.
Thanks to: Aayush Arora of Filter Pixel.

138. Ultimate Customers' Engagement

My primary business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to increase customer engagement. Admittedly, I haven't been doing as much in this area as I should have been, so I'm planning to put more effort in this area. I'm also planning to increase my focus on SEO. To achieve this, I'll have to come up with more valuable resources to offer my potential customers.
Thanks to: Ismail Kuden of Kuden Rugs.

139. Focus on My Website

My main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to do more with my website. I want to make it a hub for all my content, including articles and social media posts. I also want to get more traffic from search engines so that people can find me when they're looking for an answer to a question or an expert opinion on any real estate, business, or investing topics.
Thanks to: Shaun Martin of Cash For Houses.

140. The Year Of AI

My New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing and explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be harnessed to further optimize my online websites and affiliate marketing channels. I want to use AI to improve my website's SEO performance, and to leverage new strategies that drive more organic search engine traffic and targeted visitors.
Thanks to: Kyle Kroeger of ViaTravelers.

141. Productivity and Balance

My New Year’s resolution is to be more productive in achieving the goals and objectives of our organization for the benefit of our company and its employees while maintaining my work-life balance by setting healthy boundaries between them.

It is true that there’s a thin line between personal and professional life; keeping a healthy setup between them will ensure that I can be better with both my personal and professional life, making myself a better CEO and a better person at the same time.
Thanks to: David Farkas of The Upper Ranks.

142. My Top New Year’s Resolution

My New Year's resolution for 2023 is to continue to provide affordable and sustainable energy to our customers. I know that this will be a big challenge in the coming years, but I am confident that we can meet it head-on. To do this, we will need to continue to innovate and find new ways to reduce costs. We also need to educate consumers about the benefits of solar energy and work with policymakers at the state and federal levels to create an environment that is conducive to growth.
Thanks to: Alan Duncan of Solar Panels Network USA.

143. Following Through on Feedback

After asking my employees for actionable feedback, I make sure to follow through. By taking feedback seriously, I show my employees that I value their input and that I am willing to put in the time and effort to solve the problems they face. In many cases, employees have a deeper insight into their environment and the challenges they face. Listening to my employees, and taking steps to solve their issues helps us achieve our business goals faster and reduces turnover.
Thanks to: Kevin Mercier of KEVMRC TRAVEL.

144. Focus More on People Around Me

My business-related New Year's resolution is to focus on the people around me.

I've been working with a lot of clients lately, and as I'm catching up with them and their work, I'm starting to realize that I've been neglecting my relationships with people who are close to me—my friends and my family.

I think it's high time I make an effort to spend more time with these people and build on our existing relationships instead of just focusing on work all the time.
Thanks to: Burak Ozdemir of Set Alarm Online.

145. I Have a Few Good Ones

I have a few business-related resolutions for 2023. First, I want to learn more about the intersection of data and AI. I'm fascinated by how these two technologies are changing our world, and I think it's important to stay informed about them so that we can use them to make our businesses more efficient. Second, I want to make sure that everyone on my team is getting the training they need to do their jobs well. This means providing regular opportunities for professional development.
Thanks to: Zeeshan Arif of Whizpool.

146. Ensure Smooth Operations

I want to ensure that my business can continue operating even if something happens to me or one of my employees. This means creating backup plans in case someone leaves unexpectedly. It also means making sure we have enough funds on hand so that we don't go bankrupt if something bad happens financially (like when sales plummet because it's wintertime).
Thanks to: Israel Gaudette of IG Marketing Inc.

147. Be More Present With Clients

My top business-related New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to be more present with my clients and their needs. I want to be able to understand exactly what they are looking for, and then deliver on it. I know that being a successful business owner requires a lot of time and effort, but I also know that there are many ways to be effective in my business while still keeping my clients happy.
Thanks to: John Simmons of InboxAlly.

148. Increase Sustainability

We have a lot of great initiatives in place already, but I want to make sure that we're continuing to push our company forward on this front. I think that the most important thing we can do as a business is making sure we're being responsible with our resources and keeping up with the latest innovations. I'm excited about doing my part to help us do more with less—and I know that it will pay off in the long run.
Thanks to: Robert O'Neill of Thatch Web Ltd.

149. Prioritize Employee Well-being

This means making sure that my employees have everything they need to be at their best—whether that's a new office chair or a comprehensive insurance plan, or even just some time off during the holidays.

It's important for me to keep my employees happy because I know how much time and effort they put into creating amazing work for our clients, and I want them to feel appreciated. By keeping them happy, they'll be able to do their best work!
Thanks to: Louis Ryan of FoodGuard.ie.

150. Take Advantage of Automation

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I finally decided to make the plunge when we started looking at our metrics and realized that we were spending too much time on things that could be automated. We needed to find ways to streamline our process, so we could focus on what really matters: helping people solve their problems. We started with our customer service department, where we're able to use AI to answer questions faster and more accurately than any human could.
Thanks to: Jaanus Põder of Envoice.

151. Learn to Delegate More Often

I'm a very detail-oriented person, and I love getting involved in all aspects of the business. But I know that I can't do it all myself, and that's not what makes me great at my job—it's the fact that I am able to surround myself with people who are better at certain things than I am. I want to be able to trust them and let them do their jobs so that I can focus on doing mine.
Thanks to: Daniel Nyquist of Crosslist.

152. Try Out New Tools

This year, I've been working with a lot of different software, but I haven't had the chance to test it out in real-world situations. I'm going to try and make sure that each tool has at least one big project where it can shine.

I think this is important because it will help me identify what tools work best for me, and which ones don't. That way I can make informed decisions about what software to use when working on future projects.
Thanks to: Gert Kulla of BatLinks.

153. Give Back

One of my top business resolutions is to give back by helping others in need or those who are less fortunate than myself. I want to give back by donating money, volunteering my time, and helping those who need help with finding jobs or getting their lives back on track. I believe that giving back is one of the best things we can do as human beings because it not only helps others but also helps ourselves as well.
Thanks to: Thomas Newman of VIVA Financial Tuition.

154. Be Positive

I think it's important for my employees to see that I'm happy and optimistic about the future. It's also important for people outside the company, like customers and investors.

When a company has a positive outlook on things, it makes them seem more reliable, trustworthy, and stable. If you're always complaining about how everything is going wrong and you can't catch a break, people will start to feel like they can't trust you—and they'll stop coming back.
Thanks to: Eve Acosta of Eves Watch LLC.

155. Organize Office Trips

Organizing office trips also has to be a major new year’s resolution for me. I want my employees to have fun at the office. All their hard work should be rewarded. I believe that an all-paid-for trip would be an excellent way to do that.
Thanks to: David Lee of Neutypechic.

156. Working Together, Growing Toge

Colleagues that work together should also grow together. Blaming each other for mistakes will only result in a negative work environment. I want to instill positive habits like collaborating and a communicative work culture within my company. Communication is key to success in any case.
Thanks to: Joseph Counts of HiStylePicks.

157. Maintain Learning & Innovation

Innovation is my New Year's resolution since it is essential to corporate success. The requirements and expectations of consumers around the world are undergoing constant change. Because of this, I must be willing to learn about and adjust to changes in the industry as a business owner. Resolve to get more knowledge in the upcoming year. Participate in webinars, study books and articles on my industry, and attend workshops.
Thanks to: Mark Williams of The Automobily.

158. Upgrade the Technology

In 2023, we are going to improve our profit by reducing costs with the help of technology. We will boost our company's innovation, profitability, and efficiency through the use of technology. Technology can free up time for staff to focus on other creative things and enhance efficiency and accuracy.
Thanks to: Shanshank Agarwal of Expanding Ourselves.

159. Automate Tedious Tasks

It's high time for our team to automate more tedious tasks. We need to someone in a new position that would allow us to automate processes like email marketing, tracking customers' interests and retention, invoicing, social media scheduling, and more. We have been using various software that does that but most of it still requires too much manual work from our team members to set up. We have been discussing more to get some specialists to help us plan and organize better workflow automation.
Thanks to: Athina Zisi of Energy Casino.

160. Second Act Entrepreneur

Our New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to help 101 women looking to become their own boss in their second act (40+) in life start their own business through our expert-led LIVE online QuickStart Business Program and business coaching services. Ready to share knowledge and expertise to help others prosper and grow in 2023!
Thanks to: Sheila Slick, MS of Sheila Slick, Five Milestones LLC.

161. Lean into Automation

Next year, one of our main goals is to lean into automation to bolster customer support. We already rely on chatbots to help us triage customer issues and record relevant data, but I believe we would better serve our customers and bottom line by streamlining returns and other complaint resolution as much as possible. The easier it is to fulfill our customers with their purchase expectations, the more our company will benefit in the long term.
Thanks to: Zach Goldstein of Public Rec.

162. Expand Our Client Offerings

One main project next year is to expand and develop our new affiliate marketing department. As an SEO and digital marketing agency, we aim to provide our clients with the most resources and solutions we have available to help them grow their websites. Affiliate marketing is a natural addition to our repertoire of offerings as it complements SEO perfectly. If there are any avenues that help us take our clients’ business to the next level, we will find them and use them.
Thanks to: Kevin Miller of KevinMiller.com.

163. Leverage Influencer Marketing

In 2023, we want to expand our social media presence through influencer marketing and engaging content. Nowadays, the best way to throw a wider net is through social media networks. We hope to leverage influencer partners’ reach to expose our brand to more audiences at home outside of the cookware industry who would also benefit from using our products. Consumers want to hear it from sources they trust, making influencers a natural marketing solution for brands to generate leads.
Thanks to: Jason Panzer of Hexclad.

164. Refine AI Technology

We are working on refining our AI technology to make a more sophisticated and customer-centric user interface for our app. As the app is the primary dashboard for users to diagnose, treat, and request customer support, it is paramount to us to continue improving our user experience to be optimal for both satisfaction and accuracy. We think AI can change the world, especially in skincare and health, and we want to pioneer that change in the upcoming year.
Thanks to: Guna Kakulapati of Cureskin.

165. Diversify Traffic Sources

My business was hit hard this fall due to the recent Google algorithm update, and I'm not 100% percent sure it will recover from that. So my New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to diversify my income and traffic sources so I don't have all my eggs in one basket and don't rely on Google as much. It was a painful but important lesson to learn, and I have all these ideas now to implement in 2023 that I was completely ignoring before, blindly trusting in Google.
Thanks to: Juliet Dreamhunter of Utterly Positive.

166. Work Smarter and Not Harder

This year, I spent so much time doing things that impacted positively my online business, but the impact was incremental at best.
In 2023 I will do less work, but the things that I do will have a much larger positive impact on my business. That's the plan and resolution and time will show me if my resolution was spot on, or if it missed the mark. Hoping for the former!
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

167. How To Expand My Company

My main business related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to find ways to expand my business. By focusing on making ice, I feel like I'm only limiting my business to one season of the year (Winter) and it's limiting my income. I admittedly don't know how I will expand my business yet but I am trying to think of ways to do so.
Thanks to: Dan Garfield of Polyglide Synthetic Ice.

168. My 2023 New Years Resolution

I'll admit that sometimes I get too much into my head and to come up with plans for my clients without really listening to what they want. This has been a hindrance to my business as sometimes this turns off clients and they end up not using my services because I have turned them off. And, because I have turned them off, I end up losing money. But I want to change that. Therefore, my New Year's Resolution will be to listen to my clients more and make sure I help put their plans in action.
Thanks to: Harrison Tanner Baron of Growth Generators.

169. Help Clients Adjust

The effects of the pandemic have altered the landscape of traditional work models creating different insurance needs, therefore our resolution is to find the best ways for our clients to adapt to their new realities. In 2022, many businesses found themselves with new employment models which created confusion in protection requirements. This is why our resolution is to find ways to help our clients better understand their needs, and to design the most beneficial solutions.

Thanks to: Matt Miller of Embroker.

170. Learn About New Markets

As part of the travel industry, we are always searching for ways to adapt to the new markets we are expanding into, and this is why our New Year’s resolution is to find innovative ways to streamline that process. Marketing tastes change when crossing international boundaries, therefore we want to find creative ways to learn about different cultures and promotional tastes. It is our goal that in doing so, we will continue to build the trust in our brand in the international community.
Thanks to: Cody Candee of Bounce.

171. Keep Up With New Technologies

I'm not totally an expert yet in this area, so I want to be able to better understand how it can help me in my work. I want to make sure that my business stays up to date on the latest trends and technologies. This will help me grow my company and keep our customers happy!
Thanks to: Michael Miller of VPNOnline.com.

172. Be The Best Villa Booking Site

My main business-related new years resolution for 2023 is to become the best villa booking site. Especially in terms of finding the best luxurious villas at affordable prices in Bali, Phuket & Sri Lanka. I would like to take my business to the next level and be on top of other sites that are competing for the same goal. I'm already planning to take measures to achieve this goal before the end of 2023.
Thanks to: Khanh Tran of Villa-Finder.

173. Team Building Activities

Involve My Team Members In Team Building Activities:

Ideas for group activities throughout the year should not be left off the goal sheet. Create a list of group activities that my team can accomplish. There is a wide variety of possibilities, from a casual lunch to elaborate holiday celebrations, volunteer work, entertaining events, and even business retreats. The best resolution we can make for our job in the new year is to give our team more room to develop as a unit.
Thanks to: Umer Brown of Warnockauto.

174. New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution is to step up my professional networking in the coming year. Every investment advisor should set aside time to focus on networking, but time constraints and heavy workloads can make this challenging. Finding industry conferences and events that can still offer top-notch networking possibilities from behind a computer screen requires even more work now that most of these events are online.
Thanks to: Bruce Mohr of Fair Credit.

175. Build a Strong Team

As a business owner, my resolution for 2023 is to build a strong and reliable team of employees.

My company is growing at an exponential rate, and in order to keep up with demand, we need to be able to support it. I'm looking forward to the challenge of building a team that can support our ambitious goals in the coming years.
Thanks to: Joel House of Xpand Digital.

176. Scale My Business

My main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to have a solid plan in place for how I'm going to scale my business.

The last few years have been great, but we've been growing organically—and it's time to get more organized. We're at a point where we need to streamline our processes and focus on making sure that everything we do is working towards growing our business.
Thanks to: Nathan Brookes of Brixton 4x4.

177. Sustainable Way of Business

I resolve to focus on building my business in a sustainable way in 2023. This means creating systems and processes that will help my business grow in a healthy way, without sacrificing quality or service. I want to continue to scale my business, but in a way that is manageable and will allow me to maintain a good work-life balance.
Thanks to: Aaron Rice of Stayyy.

178. More Organized in Business

I resolve to be more organized in my business dealings in 2023. I will keep better records, both digital and physical, of my expenses, my inventory, and my sales. I will also make a point to schedule regular check-ins with my accountant and my lawyer to ensure that all of my business affairs are in order. This will help me to avoid any potential problems down the road and will give me peace of mind in knowing that my business is running smoothly.
Thanks to: Kamil Kowalski of Limakway Remodeling.

179. Setting Aside Time Each Week

Setting aside a dedicated block of time each week to work on my marketing is a great resolution for 2023. I can use this time to create and implement a new marketing campaign, work on my social media strategy, or simply catch up on my latest market research.
Thanks to: Jimmy Huh of JH SEO.

180. Talking to Customers

This year, we want to spend more time talking to our customers to get to know them better. If we understand our customers' deepest pain points, work habits, and the industries they work in, we'll be able to develop a more focused product that's tailored to their needs.

'The Customer is always right'.

And the customer can always provide valuable insight. We look forward to talking with them in 2023 in order to learn, gain insight, and grow.
Thanks to: Josh Bluman of Hoppy Copy.

181. Swim With the Whales in Tonga

How is that a business goal?

The goal is to create collaborations between travel companies and our company.

We are currently a family food website but are expanding to include family travel.

The aim is to offer our audience memorable, once in a life time family travel experiences and to do so we need to do experience them ourselves.

So if we swim with these incredible creatures by the end of 2023, we will know our goal has been achieved.
Thanks to: Ana Weinstein of Creative Nourish.

182. Tiktoking in My Mid-forties

My resolution for 2023 is to get comfortable with TikTok. We use social media quite a bit for our business, TikTok is not a platform we are using yet. Not only will I learn how to use it, I'm aiming to push myself way out of my comfort zone with videos that will feature me, since I am the face of the company. A little daunting for my 40-something-years, somewhat introverted and not so tech-savvy self, but bring it on!
Thanks to: Lisa Wright of Hola Weddings.

183. Listen 2 Customers & Employees

It's been proven already that a positive work environment is vital in building a successful company. We'll start working from within, and it will translate into something good for our customers. It's like a domino effect. Treat our employees well, and they will treat our customers right. They are the two vital cogs in guaranteeing our company's success. We'll keep them near and always listen to what they have to say! Ask them what works and how we could make it better.
Thanks to: James Erikson Chang of Velocity IT.

184. Integrate Automation

Now is the time to use automation to our advantage. We'll start researching how we can take advantage of them. There are lots of available tools out in the market that can significantly help you become more efficient and accurate. We need to look at them closely and scrutinize how they can help achieve our goals and objectives. With so many options available, I'm sure we'll find one that will fit our goals perfectly. But we have to do the work and research thoroughly!
Thanks to: Andrew Johnson of Prime Seamless Gutters & Roofing.

185. Plan for Sustainable Growth

In the coming year, I intend to create a comprehensive strategy for business development and growth. This will involve assessing current performance, looking at new opportunities, developing strategies for increasing revenue and profitability, and setting realistic goals that are attainable within 12 months. I also want to ensure that the plans I develop reflect the values and interests of my business, prioritize customer service, and maximize the potential for long-term success.
Thanks to: Matt Teifke of Teifke Real Estate.

186. Read 12 Business Books in 2023

I’m committing myself to read one business book each month in 2023. I want to read a minimum of 12 books that will help me grow as an entrepreneur. This resolution is so I will have some me-time amidst all the hustle and bustle of managing a startup while also making sure that I am continuously learning in my trade.

As an avid reader and a businesswoman, I want to learn new things that I can use to improve my brand. I am a true believer that learning never stops, no matter the age.
Thanks to: Stacie Tyler of Tell Me Best.

187. To Increase Online Presence

My one resolution that should definitely be at the top of my list is increasing my company's online presence. In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential to the success of any business, and with the New Year just around the corner, there's no better time to start working on this resolution. Make sure to post regularly, and don't forget to interact with your followers.
Thanks to: Dr. Cary Goldstein of Goldstein Dental Center.

188. Review Your Habits

My resolution is to let go of things which do not work. There is plenty of stuff which no longer is worth doing, or does not bring profit, yet still is being done on a regular basis due to old assumptions and not reviewing the results. The goal is to let go of those things in order to make space for new, more profitable investments and ideas, as only then the company can be firing on all cylinders.
Thanks to: Denis Ristić of AskGamblers.com.

189. Delegate, Outsource & Use AI

For 2023, my top business resolution is to outsource and use AI tools more often. I would like to focus my role in the business more on providing effective leadership, and the key to achieving this will be to reduce the workload on my hands. In this regard, delegating (which I've enjoyed immense success with this year), outsourcing, and using AI tools take center stage. I hope to reinvest the time available to me to build and support my team better.
Thanks to: Ronald Ander of SEOAnt.

190. Continued Improvement

We will focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement. This means focusing on small, incremental changes that will add up over time to create large-scale improvements. We will achieve this through:

- Promoting a mindset shift to focus on continuous improvement
- Providing the resources and support to encourage ownership of projects and learning from failure
- Celebrating success, no matter how small, to foster a positive work environment where teams feel inspired and motivated
Thanks to: Ian Wright of Business Financing.

191. More Proactive in Networking

I resolve to be more proactive in networking and building relationships with other professionals in my field. In today's business world, it's all about who you know, and I resolve to make more of an effort to connect with others in my industry. I'll start by attending industry events and conferences, and making a point to introduce myself to new people. By building a strong network of professional relationships, I'll be better positioned to advance my career and achieve my goals for 2023.
Thanks to: Thomas Wright of The Lipo Group.

192. Focus on Customer Experience

Our main business-related New Year’s Resolution for 2023 would be to focus on customer experience. A positive customer experience can give an organization a competitive edge and can increase customer loyalty, making customers more likely to stick with a business in the future. To make customer experience a priority, we can start by identifying customer needs and wants, then developing strategies to meet them.
Thanks to: Jared Floyd of Ajax Creative.

193. Providing More Flexibility

My business resolution for 2023 is to adapt new ways to ensure more flexibility for my employees. I found that the hybrid work policy was successful to some extent. But more measures are necessary to get implemented. So, I plan to adapt the job-sharing method as part of my company's work policy. In this way, there will be fewer chances of employees in my company suffering from burnout. Job sharing will also promote job retention and productivity. And there will be a boost in teamwork.
Thanks to: Mark Blakey of Autism Parenting Magazine.

194. Revise Social Media Strategy

The coming year is a perfect opportunity to either our company to a more appropriate platform or reevaluate our current social media strategy on another well-known site. We won't allow our social standing to decline under any circumstances. There is no justification for lagging behind when there are so many companies succeeding on social media. The potential customers are all on this channel. Ignoring its massive potential would be foolish.
Thanks to: Aaron Davis of Business Frame.

195. Unprecedented Resolution

My main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to innovate in marketing. We want to market our jewelry aggressively towards men, and specifically to market jewelry as the "manly" gift to give your girl.

I think it's important to always be looking for new ways to reach potential customers, and I believe that marketing jewelry as a manly gift will help me tap into a whole new market segment. It's a strategy that has worked well in the past for other businesses.
Thanks to: Hannah Nash of Lucy Nash.

196. Identifying Gaps

Most workers overcome obstacles to meet deadlines. But some employees struggle and require guidance. usually after the performance review. Annual assessments mean a year has gone by and there is no room for improvement. I've understood. Intervening early and regularly helps detect gaps. More of this in 2023. As a business owner, I want to discuss issues and help my workers find solutions. Help them fix the issues or get better training.
Thanks to: Isla Sibanda of PrivacyAustralia.

197. Challenging and Humble Enough

Our 2023 New Year’s business-related resolution is to pass the Breakeven stage successfully, become the best legaltech product, and reach the top 5 products in the niche.
Thanks to: Bogdan Pol of Lawrina.

198. Encourage Uplifting Workspace

I find New Year’s to be the best time to assess the past year and set new goals. My resolution for 2023 is to encourage a more uplifting workplace with more opportunities for employees. Following a somewhat difficult year, we should all be concentrating on improving the working environment for everyone. You could be pleasantly surprised by how much productivity can be fostered by good motivation. I'd advise all companies to think more carefully about how they might help their team go forward.
Thanks to: Eva Decker of iDigic.

199. Refining My Audience

My 2023 business-related New Year's Resolution is to refine my audience. I want to be able to reach people that will respond to my niche, and that will have both an interest and a need in what I have to offer. This will not only make my efforts more worthwhile, it will also be a more efficient way of driving business!
Thanks to: Brett Robinson of Wired Clip.

200. Communicate

It should be routine to update staff on any organizational shifts or future intentions. As a result, they will feel more invested in the company's success and be better able to contribute to its expansion. Doing so will also guarantee that everyone on our team is on the same page and contributing to the same goal.
Thanks to: Edward Mellet of WikiJob.

201. Get Back To Business

The last few years have been tough for me (and many of us!) personally. And, since I've been preoccupied with those other matters, I've let my business stagnate and decline. But my ego, soul, and bank account need me to be successful again. So, my 2023 business-related New Year's resolution is simply to get back to business! It's time to rebuild stronger than ever.
Thanks to: Laura Gariepy of Every Day by the Lake, LLC.

202. Focus on Sustainability

A New Year’s resolution I have for my business this year is to focus on sustainability. With the growing awareness of global warming, consumers are now shifting their preferences toward eco-friendly brands. Plus, it’s also a great way for us to play a conscious role in combating climate change. Sustainable practices will put our business at the forefront, and people will know that we care for the planet. Thus, improving our brand reach and customer base and translating into higher sales.
Thanks to: Simmi Jones of Cat Food Point.

203. SEO as a Marketing Strategy

My New Year’s resolution is to rank higher by developing an effective SEO strategy. When such a strategy is in place, we will start attracting audiences from varying demographics. This will serve as a critical aspect allowing us to boost our online engagement levels. In 2022, our focus was on marketing our content through social media channels, but this year we intend to make use of search engines. We have already chosen a quality hosting provider.
Thanks to: Jimmy Olas of Silver Olas.

204. Use More Technology

My business-related New Year’s resolution is to use more technology. I am going to take advantage of software and tools to help boost my company’s productivity and capacity to innovate. It will eventually lead to an increase in profits.
We will automate key activities of our business, such as finances, production planning, inventory management, human resources, and customer relations. It will enable us to maximize our ROI.
Thanks to: Holly Reimer of Iconic Celebrity Outfits.

205. Yes and...

I resolve to embrace the "yes and..." of the improv world. Not only does it help morale and creativity, but also helps everyone feel more invested and supports change management.

Just as it usually takes 3 "whys" to get to a root cause, "yes and..." takes multiple rounds to get at the killer ideas.
Thanks to: Lynne McNamee of Lone Armadillo Marketing & Learning.

206. Embrace "CEO"

In 2023, I plan to step even further into my “CEO Role”. This means casting a vision for our growth and entrusting my team to carry it out.
Thanks to: Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy.

207. Less Meetings, More Debriefs

Most people despise meetings because they are lengthy and often don't solve a lot of the issues that might have been put forward. For the New Year, I plan on implementing more debriefs as opposed to meetings in order to increase the engagement of employees. A debrief happens more often, but the topics remain fresh in everyone's mind which helps to quicken the discussion. A debrief also helps keep everyone up to date much better, as it is more in real time than a meeting.
Thanks to: Chad Daugherty of Sunshine Behavioral Health.

208. Always Assess

Every organization has a core operating system that drives it towards success or failure. The workings of that system are determined through assessment. We'll figure out what works and then assess why it works. We'll pinpoint what doesn’t work and then assess why it doesn’t work. Assessment is important because it gives you insight. When you know which areas of your process need improvement, you are better able to provide value to your organization and the community it serves.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

209. Provide Quality Benefits

Employee satisfaction is essential, and the benefits your team wants have most likely shifted in the last few years. One of our main goals in 2023 is to listen to our employees on what benefits matter most to them, work to provide those benefits, and always keep the conversation open to keep them happy at work and ensure that we are caring for them beyond 9-5. As a PEO, hearing what matters most to our team can also provide increased insight into what will be best for our clients and employees.
Thanks to: Mitch Chailland of Canal HR.

210. Expert Services, Fair Prices

Goodbee Plumbing is family owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on providing expert services at a fair cost. Many people choose to DIY their plumbing problems to save a few pennies, and we hope that in 2023 we can reach those people and highlight our expertise and offerings so that we can get the job done right and save them more money than if they do it themselves and then make the issue worse.
Thanks to: Allison Harrison of Goodbee Plumbing.

211. Invest in DE&I

For 2023, my New Year's Resolution is to invest more in DE&I. I've seen the benefits of having a diverse workforce. All the creativity, innovation and new perspectives it brings to the table. My first action in 2023 will be to implement blind hiring so we can remove any biases in recruiting. I aim to create a safe and open environment at my company for people from all walks of life.
Thanks to: Zephyr Chan of Better Tools.

212. Focus on the Big Picture

Getting caught up on the small things when it comes to running a business is not helpful in the slightest. This is why I plan to focus on the big picture in the New Year, and to not spend too much of my time dwelling on insignificant issues. Learning to move on and learn from your mistakes is a must, and will only benefit you in the end. It's important to always have your end goal in sight, as this makes it easier to remember what you are working towards and not to sweat the small stuff.
Thanks to: Brian Ferritto of 42connect.

213. My 2023 New Year’s Resolution

Stop multitasking. Focus on one thing.
Multitasking can lead to memory problems, shrink the gray matter of the brain, decrease productivity and efficiency, and even increase stress, anxiety, and depression. Multitasking makes you less productive and less efficient.
Thanks to: Serge Volokonskyi of LinkChecker.PRO.

214. Tip from the Restaurant Coach

My resolution is to listen, listen, listen. When clients want to meet with me, I don’t respond until I've really heard what they have to say. My intent is to focus my response on what they’ve communicated and successfully address their issues.

Listen to your customers—both their complaints and compliments. Respond directly to the issue; make sure you understood them—and then, if you’re responding to a complaint, make sure they buy-in to your action plan.
Thanks to: Izzy Kharasch of Hospitality Works.

215. Automate More

Our top resolution for 2023 is to automate more. There has been an explosion in automation tools in recent years, and businesses that don't periodically review their processes to see where automation can help are missing out on an effective way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Automation tools have become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for many previously laborious tasks to be automated with ease. Investing in the right automation tools will save time, money and resources.
Thanks to: Ben Tibbits of BroadbandDeals.co.uk.

216. Make Myself Obsolete!

It may sound strange, but I would love to make myself obsolete from the company. It means that the company will stay in business and create money when I'm not actively involved. That way, I can focus on growing the business, creating new relationships and partnerships and inspire even more people. Maybe it won't happen in 2023 yet, but I love to challenge myself!
Thanks to: Erwin Wils of Millionaire Life Strategy.

217. #1 Biz New Year’s Resolution!

My number one resolution for 2023 is to be better at delegating tasks. Much of my day is spent working towards improving the student experience on the website. This includes updates to UX and UI design, along with updated course content. I also spend a good portion of my day on developing improved internet marketing strategies to improve customer conversion rates. In 2023, I want to focus more on the leadership roles I have taken and delegate the design and marketing to my super capable teams.
Thanks to: Brian Clark of United Medical Education.

218. Go Bold & Public

My business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to truly go bold and public with what I'm doing. My business has grown a lot over the past few years, but until now, I've always kept it somewhat private and separated from my real life. In 2023, I truly want to grow with my business and bring SeatPick to light, hoping that it will help me rise to a new level and take my business to the next level as well.
Thanks to: Gilad Zilberman of SeatPick.

219. Going Back to Basics

With the world constantly changing and users having so many options on where to take their business, at SpecBooks, we are aiming to go back to basics in 2023. We want to ensure that we have a deep understanding of our customers and put ourselves in their shoes to ensure we offer the best products. Going back to basics also means taking the time to cultivate strong relationships and then growing the relationships to help expand the business and break into new markets.
Thanks to: Zena Irving of SpecBooks.

220. Give a Thank You Gift Per Week

It's not easy to look at the brighter side of your team when we're always looking for errors and faults. After facing many changes in marketing and sales and working with hybrid teams, I learned how important it is to acknowledge the efforts of my employees. Giving them appreciation and rewards on a regular basis (once a week) is key to a continuous drive to efficiency and perseverance at work. It'll also make you see their positive qualities where trust and partnership usually happen.
Thanks to: Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen of Formula Swiss.

221. The Power of Natal Chart

I have ignored my instincts and constantly focused on indulging in businesses that hold more exposure in the market. This year, my focus is on studying my natal chart and finding the best business to invest in based on astrological placements. Saturn in particular will govern what kind of careers are best for an individual. By trusting my understanding of horoscopy, I already feel beyond motivated to start fresh and turn a new leaf in the career sector.
Thanks to: Karen Comen of Zodiac Signs.

222. Using New Technology

I plan to take the most advantage of technological advancement for my business. It will improve my business's productivity, help me innovate new ideas, and boost profit. I will use automated tools to handle my finances and relationships to retain my customers. I will decrease manual operations for my business as those are taking too much time to function. It will also help in saving my time and, therefore, money.
Thanks to: Khunshan Ahmad of EvolveDash Inc.

223. Outsourcing

My new year’s resolution for 2023 has to be outsourcing. Many businesses like to be self-sufficient but in this day and age, there is a lot of potential waiting to get hired. I would recommend to business owners that they consider the possibility of seeking the services of talented professionals abroad. From designing marketing campaigns to crafting new product packaging, outsourcing services can help your business prosper. This is a great cost-effective strategy.
Thanks to: Jamie Penney of TheBackyardPros.

224. Standardizing Our Processes

For my home care company, 2023 will be about getting my processes and procedures in place so that my team can work anywhere and I can manage them from anywhere. We can do this by building a processes document that explains what to do in most situations and then creating a FAQ document where we record the steps to do repetitive tasks using a screen recorder and microphone. Then, review and update quarterly as the document will always be changing.
Thanks to: Ryan McEniff of WellAware Care Fall Detection.

225. Keep Hiring Despite Recession?

We all know that the economy is slowing down after being very strong through Covid. However, my new year's resolution is to keep scaling and keep hiring next year. Our physical stores are all doing well, and after some investment, our ecommerce website is growing each month. We are getting close to needing another person in fulfillment, and that very well may be our first hire of 2023.
Thanks to: Jared Day of Nuleev.

226. Helping Both Sides

My resolution is to start hiring and stop turning down consulting work. There’s a shortage of cybersecurity professionals that is keeping all of us incredibly busy. Its a great problem to have, except that I have had to turn down a lot of work recently. However, some former colleagues are planning to make the jump from employment to freelancing and hopefully their own companies some day. This year, I will be building fruitful relationships with these companies.
Thanks to: Eric Florence of Security Tech.

227. Networking and Marketing Goals

At AdavancePoint Capital, our New Year's Resolution going into 2023 is to increase our network and marketing strategies. We are hoping to increase our social media presence and find new customers with increased marketing that is more tailored to our ideal customers. We hope this will help us increase our network and customer reach. We believe a huge part of growing our business relies on networking and marketing and are excited to improve on those fronts.
Thanks to: Jacques Famy Jr. of Advance Point Capital.

228. Consider Your Human Capital

Our New Year’s resolution is to hire great people! We've been fortunate that, during the pandemic and economic uncertainty, we have been able to grow our staff. In order to hire more great people, we must continue to grow our business. Today’s media landscape is fragmented, as an agency, we continue to evolve and build the digital side of the business. We are projecting even more growth in this area in 2023, and as a result, we will need to hire more staff to keep up with demand.
Thanks to: Geoff Crain of Kingstar.

229. Connect More With Our Team

In 2023, connecting with our team is of utmost importance. For example, business leaders should take the time to learn about the individual hobbies and skills of employees on their team and provide mentoring when appropriate. This nurturing provides all parties with a sense of connection and purpose to further an overarching mission.
Thanks to: Susan Shaffer of Pneuma Nitric Oxide, LLC.

230. 2023 Resolution? RELAX

2023 looks like it’s going to be an insane year. With Covid and the chip shortages, we’ve seen a surprising lack of generational leaps in cellphone technology, but that looks to change this year. Whenever we have big shifts in technology, tons of people look to upgrade and our business goes into overdrive, so my resolution is to focus on my work-life balance, because what’s the point of work if not to enable you to live the life you want?
Thanks to: Josh Wright of CellPhoneDeal.

231. Prioritizing Content Creation

My 2023 business New Year's resolution is to create more content for my business and to plan it out in advance. I want my calendar filled with ideas, podcast interviews and solo episode topics, blog post subjects and more. By prioritizing my own content, I'll be able to batch work, increase my visibility and ultimately create more time for myself and client work.
Thanks to: Michelle Glogovac of The MLG Collective.

232. Level Up My Marketing

My business-related New Year’s resolution is to revise and improve our marketing strategy. As a growing company, it’s vital to stay on top of cutting-edge marketing practices and adjust our marketing strategy as such. Especially in a cut-throat industry, having a solid marketing strategy is key to outshining the competition. So, next year, I am dedicated to ensuring our marketing strategy is stronger than ever.
Thanks to: Jared Weitz of United Capital Source.

233. Commit to Accountability

As a high-end concierge personal trainer, my objective is to meet the primary endpoint health + fitness goals of my clients. Adherence to the exercise + nutrition programs I prescribe is essential for client success.

In 2023, I am committing to creating more accountability strategies for each and every one of my clients.

Each strategy will center around building healthy and sustainable habits using the techniques of behavioral psychology.

Upward and onward!
Thanks to: Jakob Roze of RozeFit.

234. My 2023 Resolution is Creative

The past few years have been kind of a “buckle down, hold on tight, and try to survive” as a small business owner. So my resolution for 2023 is to get off the back foot, be a little less defensive in my business planning and try to be creative when planning how to grow my business. As a lawn care and landscaping business, there hasn’t been a lot of out-of-the-box thinking but I want to look to other industries and their trends and try to work them into how we do business.
Thanks to: Tom Monson of Monson Lawn & Landscaping.

235. Leave & Drop Whats Not Working

All products aren't going to be super sellers, all sales methods aren't going to work for everyone, and all suppliers or contractors aren't going to be ideally suited to our business. If a technique, product, or business relationship isn't working, we'll stop using it. Don't invest a lot of energy into trying to make the unworkable workable. This is the perfect time to evaluate everything and keep those that work and move on from the disasters. Something better will always turn up.
Thanks to: Jimmie Hamilton of HiHomePicks.

236. It's Simple Physics!

I resolve to pull back in 2023. In archery, pulling back on an arrow creates the potential energy needed to make it soar when released. In a contracting economy, businesses add products, cut prices, and cast a wider net to snag more buyers, and it can feel desperate. My plan? Scale back to ONE finely-tuned offer, targeted to what my customers need right now. Rather than expand my niche or product suite, I'll be focused on delivering concentrated value that will pay off in the long run. Bullseye!
Thanks to: Leslie Rae of This Best Life.

237. Engaging in Exciting New Ways

Continuing to engage our online community in new and exciting ways will be our New Year’s resolution. The metaverse is constantly expanding and evolving on the cutting edge of technology. As a VR community, we have unlimited potential to continue building and adding to our unique community. If it can be thought up, we will do our best to bring it into being.
Thanks to: Adam Bem of Victoria VR.

238. Spreading the Word

Aussies have been hit hard recently - health crises, interest rate hikes, and increasing costs of living. Our 2023 New Years' Resolution for My Money Sorted is to diversify our content output so we can spread the word that everyday Australians can get their money sorted and reduce financial stress with the right financial advice. Our goal is to help 5 million unadvised Aussies achieve financial freedom with the right professionals, money tools, and resources.
Thanks to: Tom Haigh of My Money Sorted.

239. Yes I Can

In 2023, I'm going to say yes. I will have a growth mindset and willingness to do things outside my comfort zone. I'll tackle projects that require learning new things. Then, when an opportunity presents itself, I'll say, "Why not," instead of, "Why?"

Many people predict a time of uncertainty in the new year, but my commitment to becoming more well-rounded will help me succeed in business because I'll be able to adapt and meet needs far better than I could if I only stick to what I know.
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of InsuranceProviders.com.

240. Work on Building My Business

My main business-related New Year's resolution for 2023 is to continue to work on building my business. I have built a strong foundation over the past few years, but I want to continue building upon it and making it stronger so that I can continue growing my company and achieving my goals.

I also want to take the time to grow myself as a person so that when I look back at this year, it will be one of growth and self-improvement.
Thanks to: Jake Cohen of Water Skiers Connection.

241. Take a More Holistic Approach

My New Year's resolution for 2023 is to take a more holistic approach to our business. I want to ensure that all aspects of the company are aligned and working together in the same direction. This includes management, marketing, sales, operations, etc.

My goal is to have a unified vision for where we're going as a company and how we'll get there. This will help us better decide which customers we should focus on and how we need to change our processes and procedures to improve efficiency.
Thanks to: Yatrik Naik of BabyHood.

242. To Take My Time

My business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to take my time.

I'm going to take more time to plan and strategize, and I'm going to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to get the most out of my team. I want to ensure that we're all working together toward the same goals and that we know what those goals are to track our progress.

So this year, I'm slowing down and taking a step back from my work to think deeply about how things are going and what we need to change.
Thanks to: Chris Humphrey of Easytruck Moving & Storage.

243. Be More Present in the Moment

As a business owner, my one main New Year's resolution for 2023 is to continue to be more present in the moment.

I've found that sometimes when I'm working on something important, I get caught up in the details and lose sight of what's happening around me. I want to be able to stay focused on the task at hand while still being able to connect with those around me.
Thanks to: Geoff Gallagher of Save U Legal.

244. Hairstyling Artistry Unleashed

Staying at the top of the field has always been a top priority for Plaza Hair Salon through an effortful yet pleasing journey where I’ve constantly been perfecting and adapting my craft. So for the road that still lies ahead, I am determined to continue to focus on the creative process and the preparation necessary to stay current and deliver exceptional results.
Thanks to: Mai Khanh of Plaza Hair Salon.

245. Support the Art Community

Art (in most of its forms) remains a source of comfort and hope during the global challenges we are facing. Yet, the art community has been negatively affected by COVID-19 and now by the rising inflation. Many professionals in the sector are struggling. They deserve our support. I plan to feature more small-scale art, music and book fairs on our B2B travel agency’s website. This will increase their online visibility, while helping creatives find new platforms to show their works.
Thanks to: Diana Vicheva of ExpoBeds.

246. Distributing Wellness

As with many small businesses, the pandemic certainly changed things a lot also for us. However, Kombucha On Tap is set on overcoming any challenge head-on while continuing to grow, create solid partnerships, and encourage more people throughout the U.S. to adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate kombucha into their daily routine – a guaranteed positive outcome in the overall quality of life.
Thanks to: Jared Gustafson of Kombucha On Tap.

247. Imagine Positive Things

Our New Year's resolution is to cultivate a more upbeat attitude at work. The positive energy you bring to the office will inspire those around you. Become the upbeat presence your coworkers need and want in the workplace. Take care of your emotional and physical health and acknowledge even the tiniest of your accomplishments. Changing for yourself will have a ripple effect, affecting those around you for the better.
Thanks to: Adam Fard of Adam Fard's UX Agency.

248. Be Receptive to Critiques

Our staff, in my opinion, must constantly be reminded of how important they are to the success of our company. My goal for the next year is to foster an environment where people feel comfortable providing honest feedback and discussing areas where they believe procedures or systems aren't performing as well as they could.
Thanks to: Gerrid Smith of Joy Organics.

249. Improve Corporate Performance

I believe our team's performance can make or break our firm. You need a performance-management tool to relax while you're not at work. This tool can inspire teamwork. You can also observe who needs more training or is ready for a leadership role, and you can be more objective when making staff changes and selecting how to compensate your team, therefore I would construct a performance management system next year 2023 to achieve my company's aim.
Thanks to: Michael Hess of Code Signing Store.

250. Document Business Procedures

Our brains are remarkable and hold a lot of the information I think the company needs to work successfully. We need to write everything down and generate paperwork for our employees to follow processes and run the organization. We'll do this to start the new year energized. Sharing the facts with our team relieves pressure. It will improve the business. This resolution should simplify delegation.
Thanks to: Timothy Allen of Corporate Investigation Consulting.

251. Enough is Enough

My 2023 Word of the Year for my business life is "enough." There are so many “mores” on traditional New Year’s Resolutions lists- network more, build your company more. I am resolving this is the year that I am enough, my life is enough. By validating what I have, I take the pressure off to do more and instead be happy where I am. If I decide I actually want to do more, I’m coming from a good place to do so, not from a To Do list. Saying enough in 2023 allows me to be so.
Thanks to: Temoer Terry of Mommy Care Kit.

252. Evaluate Our Team Meetings

I would like to assess our team meetings and make decisions to ensure that we're doing all we can to have the most effective meetings.

Are we using the right platforms?

Does it make sense to have company-wide meetings or should we be having smaller team meetings?

Are we staying on topic and being productive at all times?

Once we get a chance to analyze our meeting schedule and habits, we can make better decisions on how to proceed. I hope to do that in 2023!
Thanks to: Anthony Kalka of The Kalka Law Group.

253. Drop What Doesn't Work

Doing something repeatedly and expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity. This year, our main goal is to stop using any technique, product, or business partnership that isn't working for us. Since the new year serves as a perfect time to evaluate your business and where it’s headed, it’s only natural that you get a reality check and identify what's working and not. Even if you feel invested in certain ideas, let data be the guiding light.
Thanks to: Cody Crawford of Low Offset.

254. Join a Networking Group

Nothing can compare to talking to other business-people to generate fresh concepts, enhance existing ones, and establish new connections with people in a similar field. Making an effort to be a part of a group, whether a group created particularly for networking or an organization focused on a specific business, in person or online, will reinvigorate our firm. In addition, our next time out will be more successful if we go into networking events prepared.
Thanks to: Peter Monkhouse of ICL SA.

255. Creativity and Connection

Our New Years Resolution at SRD Lights is to carve out more time in 2023 for creating content that connects with customers. Creativity can often be forgotten amongst the logistics of business and chasing sales, but connecting with your market is critical. The most rewarding medium for connection for SRD has been our YouTube channel and the videos we create. We help our customers understand different tech and how it can best serve them, and get to connect with them directly through that platform.
Thanks to: Michael Blenman of SRD Lights.

256. Enhance Employee Relationship

In 2023, I'd like to focus more on enhancing a better relationship with my employees.

I feel that we are all responsible for the overall success of our company, and I want to make sure that they know I appreciate them. I think it's important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication they put into their job every day, so I will be making an effort to tell them how much they mean to me and how grateful I am for their help.
Thanks to: Gauri Manglik of Instrumentl.

257. More Understanding & Empathy

Putting even more effort into understanding what customers want and thinking of new ways to keep in touch with them has always been a top priority of mine and will continue to be so in the coming new year. For a great customer experience to be possible, businesses need to listen to their customers, strengthen customer relations, and improve their engagement strategies. Optimizing your customer relations and marketing efforts will strengthen businesses and make them more customer-centric.
Thanks to: Simon Elkjær of avXperten.

258. A Focus on Sustainable Growth

In 2023, I’ll be focusing on sustainable growth for my business. We’ll be looking to increase downloads and bookings through our cleaning app and ensuring that we can consistently and sustainably build on what we’ve achieved in 2022.

Scaling sustainably has always been something that I heavily focus on as a business owner to ensure that we have the time to work on the business, delight our customers and cleaners and focus on employee training and development.
Thanks to: Khurram Mirza of MAK.today.

259. Unique Limo Tours for Everyone

I resolve for all our clients to have memorable experiences riding our limo buses all year round, whether it’s a first date, a first kiss, a proposal, or a simple outing with close friends. When carefully planned, a limo tour can become an unforgettable adventure. We are grateful to be able to build an increasingly better business each year and give back to the community by donating our services to various local institutions in times of need.
Thanks to: Mike Reifeiss of Aall In Limo & Party Bus.

260. Implement This Tool

I've been hearing all about project management software and its ability to transform a company. The idea of having everything in one place for a company like ours is very attractive.

My resolution for the new year is to research the best project management platforms, discuss them with my team and find the one that can help our business work more effectively.

Look out 2023!
Thanks to: Rahul Jha of Legal Entity Identifier.

261. Advance Our Online Presence

We resolve to expand the virtual worlds of our business even further. The amount of technological advancement and innovation we've seen over the last couple of years, coming from so many odd companies and industries, is one of the more exciting changes. However, the majority of businesses are actually just getting started. We are in the midst of a revolution when more and more aspects of daily life are moving online.
Thanks to: Alice Rowen Hall of Rowen Homes.

262. Plan My days

I've always wanted to be better at planning my days the night beforehand and sticking to it a little closer. That can be tough to do every day, but I think it's an effective way to work and stay focused.

In 2023, I plan on doing a better job of that.

The night before, I usually have a good idea of what needs to be done the next day, so I'll work at writing my agenda down and following it through the workday. I think it will help me be an even more effective professional.
Thanks to: Jarrett McCraw of Mighty Branding.

263. Crisis-Proof Online Presence

I would like to crisis-proof my online presence. Even if you're used to managing a physical service company, the past two years have demanded significant changes. It's not impossible, though! Also, expanding your offline business online may provide you with extra prospects for business expansion! You can keep improving how you interact and reach out to new audiences by adapting your services and incorporating virtual elements.
Thanks to: Rene Delgado of Shop Indoor Golf.

264. Seek Feedback

In 2023, I resolve to seek feedback from employees and customers in order to enhance our business.

Feedback is crucial and I've always embraced the process of receiving and analyzing it. It has helped me develop as a professional and has contributed to positive changes I've made in my life.

I'd love to do more to receive and use feedback to our benefit in 2023.
Thanks to: Gillian Gadsby of Gadsby Wicks.

265. Rank Higher Through SEO

My resolution for 2023 would be to rank my site higher through SEO. Naturally, expanding your company is a priority for small businesses. This means that you must begin drawing in audiences, and online interaction is more important than ever. However, you need to optimize your site to rank highly on search engines in addition to promoting your blog on social media and creating engaging content if you want to reach your target audiences.
Thanks to: Matthew Appleton of Appleton Sweets.

266. We'll Get Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is important and our business will suffer if our website isn't optimized for mobile use. Sixty-one percent of consumers are unlikely to visit a mobile site again after having problems accessing it, and forty percent will leave and go to a competitor's website.
Thanks to: Leonidas Sfyris of Need A Fixer.

267. Have Fun!

My 'resolution' every year is to HAVE FUN.

Work is serious and running a business is hard work, but it should be fun. Why else do we do it?!

I always do what I can to have some fun each day and - lucky for me - I enjoy working hard to get where I want to be.

In 2023, let's have some fun!
Thanks to: Chris Farmer of Corporate Coach Group.

268. Provide Employee Incentives

I'll try my best to provide strong incentives for my employees and make sure every employee has at least one compelling reason to love working for our company. In times of pandemic and record-high resignation rates, maintaining every single employee counts. Most businesses rely on a mix of engaging work and good pay to retain talent. Making sure that every single employee has at least one compelling, individual reason to stay is a wonderful resolution for every business.
Thanks to: Olivia Tonks of Fleet Education.

269. Refine Our Brand

My top goal would be to refine my brand. I think every business owner should make a yearly commitment to completely reworking their brand. You should consider how you may enhance both the quality of your items and the consumer engagement experience. It's crucial to consider what you can do in the upcoming year to increase employee engagement and strengthen your brand values.
Thanks to: Nick Edwards of Snowfinders.

270. Diverse Hiring Choices

My goal would be to make diverse hiring choices in 2023. If companies want their DEI efforts to be effective, they must take initiative. It's easier than ever to hire from a pool of individuals with disabilities or recruit people from different areas now that so much of the world works remotely.
Thanks to: Andrej Kuttruf of EVAPO.

271. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

We'll prioritize work-life balance in the new year. Most people find it difficult to envision returning to the pre-2019 era, when we had to commute to work, spend eight hours at a desk, then drive home, eat dinner, and repeat the process the following day. People who have been asked to return to the workplace are increasingly searching for new positions and occupations because the previous 18 months have been spent making sanctuaries in our homes.
Thanks to: Carl Panepinto of Tiling Courses.

272. More Compassionate Approach

I'll try my best to have a more compassionate approach for our business. There has been a good deal of developments over the last two years that have affected all kinds of enterprises and people's lives. We are transitioning to hybrid work arrangements, we have had personal traumas, we have both lost and acquired access to child care, and much more. In 2023, we'll show kindness to everyone you come into contact with.
Thanks to: Kelley Van Boxmeer of Motion Invest.

273. Listen Closely To Customers

I'll make it a priority to pay closer attention to our customers in 2023. This requires a number of feasible activities, such as developing and mailing surveys, making feedback forms, and frequently answering consumers. People frequently provide feedback through reviews, emails, and direct contacts, but rarely does this information reach the highest levels of the company.
Thanks to: Jay Soni of Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

274. Business-related Seminars

Attending a business-related seminar is one of the best ways to learn about new trends, technology, and other resources that can help grow our company. It can also give us an opportunity to network with others who are working in similar businesses or industries as ours. We may even find ourselves talking with someone who has been through what we're going through now! We'll attend business-related seminars.
Thanks to: Nely Mihaylova of Scooter. guide.

275. Start That Side Hustle

My plan for 2023 is to start a side hustle for myself. A side hustle is an extra source of income. It can be anything from running a blog, freelancing on the side, or even starting your own business. The goal of this is to make money while you’re doing something that interests you and meet new people along the way.
Thanks to: Tiffany Payne of PharmacyOnline.co.uk.

276. Read More Books

I intend to read more business books in 2023 to help me grow my business and learn new tactics. Reading is a great way to improve your business knowledge and learn how other people do things. It also helps you stay current with the latest trends in your industry, which will help you stay ahead of any competitors who might try to copy your ideas or steal clients from you.
Thanks to: Joanne King of ICMP.

277. Track My Time

Tracking my time would be the first thing that I would do in 2023. The first step to getting organized and staying on track is tracking your time. Tracking your time will help you understand how much time each task takes, which will allow you to focus more on the most important things in your business. If you want to make the most of every day, then tracking your time is essential!
Thanks to: Paul Somerville of Electric Scooter Guide.

278. I'll Get to Work Early

I'll start the new year with the resolution of getting to work earlier, which can be a great way to start off your day and make sure you’re ahead of your coworkers. If you arrive at work early, it gives you more time for planning and organization before anyone else arrives. You may even find that this habit leads to other positive changes in how you spend your days, such as increasing productivity.
Thanks to: Dean Lee of Sealions.

279. Find a Mentor

Our business could use a good mentor. Mentors are people who can help you with your career, personal life and business. They will teach you new skills and give feedback on what they think are good or bad decisions. Mentors can also be a great source of advice when it comes to dealing with difficult situations at work or in your personal life.
Thanks to: Hamza Usmani of BuyWeGovyOnline.

280. Couple Counseling

In the last few years, it was disheartening to see a huge influx of clients wanting to end their marriages. In 2023, I plan to launch a separate unit under Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers that will be dedicated to couple counseling - call it Sameera Sullivan Matchsavers! I want to extend the pipeline within which I help my clients, and want a deeper integration in their relationship journey. So, naturally, for my relationship kick-off business, the next step is relationship maintenance.
Thanks to: Sameera Sullivan of Sameera Sullivan MatchMakers.

281. Learn From Any Mistakes

I make an effort not to reflect back and regret past business decisions. I believe that however things turn out, it is all going just as it should, and something better or even bigger is on the horizon. Having said that, I resolve to learn from my errors and act differently in 2023. As my father used to say, if you start with a horizontal line and add a vertical one on top, you end up with a positive symbol.
Thanks to: Daniel Foley of Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy.

282. Offer Niche Solutions

My goal is to diversify in order to provide specialized solutions to three different sectors. Selling all-encompassing solutions is certainly doable, but it doesn't advance the objectives of marketing and sales. Customers can relate to their unique issues, thus it benefits everyone if you can give them a thorough overview that is specifically suited to meet their demands.
Thanks to: Alex Constantinou of The Fitness Circle.

283. Improve My Online Presence

My business New Year's resolutions include paying closer attention to my expenditures and record-keeping for administrative needs, enhancing my online presence, growing my email list, and producing more original content for my blog.
Thanks to: Anthony Mixides of Bond Media.

284. Build the SGI Brand

My new year's resolution for SpreadGreatIdeas (SGI) is to find at least three emerging ideas or small-scale businesses in the SaaS or eCommerce sector to invest in. In early 2023, we will focus on growing Scrapeit(https://scrape-it.cloud/), a new acquisition in the web scraping domain. Cryptocurrency and DeFi applications, primarily in the Investing environment, are also domains I will focus on in 2023. Strengthening SGI's investing reach through networking events is also a key area of focus.
Thanks to: Brian David Crane of Spread Great Ideas LLC.

285. Create New Relationships

Our New Year’s Resolution is to create new relationships with other companies and people.

Not only can this find new opportunities, but it can also open up new ways to grow.

If you have yet to explore ways to make new partnerships, then you are missing out and could be ignoring a strategy that will help your business grow to a whole other level!
Thanks to: James Parsons of Content Powered.

286. Resolutions and Aspirations

This year, I am committed to providing even more opportunities to our team members, so they are empowered and positioned to achieve their career aspirations. I always try to keep a pulse on our people's aspirations and assist them in achieving them. But this year, by adding the individual reflections portion to our biannual career goals review, Actualize Consulting can create a path of support that aligns with each person’s aspirations.
Thanks to: Kerry Wekelo of Actualize Consulting.

287. Read More Often

I am constantly writing, but I'd like to increase my reading in 2023. Reading is like a personal lesson every time you sit down and do it. It can be a lesson in life, business, and whatever else you want it to be.

I want to make a conscious effort to read more in 2023 so I can learn more, research new topics, and even just find time for myself to unplug from technology.

Reading is a favorite past-time for me and I look forward to doing more of it in 2023!
Thanks to: Shaun Connell of WritingTips.org.

288. Cutting-Edge Solutions

Focusing on creating innovative digital marketing strategies that help businesses reach their goals and achieve success is my main business-related New Year's resolution for 2023. Whether it's through advanced analytics, creative content creation, or agile development, I will remain dedicated to providing my clients with the most cutting-edge solutions for their marketing needs. I might continue to innovate by leading research into new channels like voice search or tracking digital ROI.
Thanks to: Sinoun Chea of ShiftWeb.

289. We'll Get a (Marketing!) Plan

Where are we headed in 2023? Without a plan, we won’t know what our destination is or have any idea of how to best allocate resources to get us there. A well-designed strategic marketing plan is the roadmap that can guide our organization toward its goals. Invest the necessary time and expertise to design and, equally importantly, to implement an effective, holistic annual marketing strategy. That entails gaining a clear understanding of where we are now and where we want to be.
Thanks to: Trish Stukbauer of IE Marketing, LLC.

290. Evolve With Industry Trends

My New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to continue building my own business empire by expanding my digital marketing services and growing my online presence. I plan to stay updated with industry trends and experiment with new marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. I might invest in tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help me optimize my marketing campaigns or automate certain processes that would otherwise require manual work.
Thanks to: Serbay Arda Ayzit of Serbay.com.

291. The Best In My Industry!

I resolve to continue to work hard and be the best that I can be in business. I want to be an excellent role model for other business-people, and I want to continue to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for others in the field. I also resolve to be more organized and efficient in my business dealings, and to always be looking for new opportunities to grow and expand my business. In short, I want to continue to be a leader in the business world, and to set the standard for others to follow.
Thanks to: Brandon Wilkes of The Big Phone Store.

292. Encouraging Travel Therapy

The Covid pandemic has taken its toll on all aspects of our lives, including traveling habits and preferred entertainment. For the upcoming year, we resolve to encourage those who are in need of a getaway to embrace going on a journey and trying out new activities so that people and businesses can slowly recover and thrive together.
Thanks to: Julio and Alison Sanchez of Cardiff Vacations.

293. Connecting With Content

My resolution is to post more often on our blog. Blogs are essential for business owners to connect frequently with their clients or users. One of my favorite things about my business is connecting with clients via customer support for feedback, and with the in-depth resources on a blog, I can foster new and stronger connections. I can see that getting input on topics of interest and general content feedback, and starting conversations will become easier!
Thanks to: Emily Shaw of DocFly.

294. Boost Company by Boosting Team

The more engaged a team member, the higher the benefits to the company in productivity, morale, and ultimately profits. Our New Year’s resolution is to heighten engagement by following through on a survey offered to each team member to share what they most and least like about their job, how much they want to work, and how they would like to grow. Since our team is mainly comprised of independent contractors, we have the flexibility to implement changes that can improve employee engagement.
Thanks to: Karen Condor of ExpertInsuranceReviews.com.

295. Leverage More Technologies

My New Year’s resolution for my business are to continue to stay current with the latest technology and trends within my field. I want to ensure that I am taking advantage of cutting-edge tools, treatments and procedures available in order to provide the best care for my patients. Additionally, I will remain devoted to expanding my knowledge base and staying ahead of the curve to provide the most innovative patient care.
Thanks to: Kellie Middleton of Dr. Kellie K. Middleton.

296. Expanding and Collaborating

More projects, more readers and more opportunities will be on my To-Do list for the upcoming year. I will work on expanding my network of contacts and collaborating with other experts in the industry to grow my business. My goal is to increase my presence and reach by staying active on social media, participating in industry events and conventions, and continuing to produce content related to home improvement.
Thanks to: Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home.

297. Expand Operations

We were fortunate to find success with our Series A funding this year, and I hope we will continue to secure enough funding to expand our operations across the country. Our goal is to create more affordable dental care opportunities for everyone.
Thanks to: Miles Beckett of Flossy.

298. Double the Number

My one main business-related New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to double the number of leads our agency generates. In order to achieve this, I plan to invest in more online marketing strategies, hire additional team members and strengthen the existing relationships with our customers. Continuously understanding our customer's needs, identifying their pain points and executing successful brand campaigns are essential elements for achieving this goal.
Thanks to: Julian Goldie of Goldie Agency.

299. Take Care of My Mental Health

My top business-related New Year's resolution is to take better care of my mental health. I'm in the midst of a very intense, stressful time at work and am feeling the effects of it. I want to make sure that I'm taking time for myself every day, whether it's just 30 minutes or an hour so that I don't burn out or get too stressed out that it impacts my ability to do my job.
Thanks to: Ryan Hetrick of Epiphany Wellness.

300. Become a Better Listener

When we're working with people, it's important to be able to listen attentively and empathize with their needs. This means spending more time on the phone or in person with clients. It means taking notes when they talk, even if it seems like they're repeating themselves. And it means making sure that when they talk, they feel heard—like they can trust me as an advisor because we're both on the same page about our mutual goals.
Thanks to: Georgia McKenzie of Switch on Business.

301. Amazing Golf Destinations

As avid golfers, we resolve to share our knowledge and preparation with other enthusiasts worldwide and deliver some of the most rewarding and memorable golf getaway experiences. And if our access to golf courses and lodging options does not include all desired destinations, then it becomes a challenge that pushes us toward growth.
Thanks to: Sean Petersen of Golf Trip Junkie.

302. Be More Assertive

I'd like to be more assertive in my communication with clients.

I've always been a bit shy about asking for what I want and making sure that I'm heard, so next year I'm going to make it a point to speak up for myself and my clients when it makes sense. It's not just about me, either—it's about making sure that everyone gets what they need from the project. This isn't just a business resolution. I've been working on it in my personal life as well, and it's already making a difference.
Thanks to: Oliver Goodwin of Synthesys.io.

303. Enhance Online Marketing

My 2023 resolution is to improve my internet marketing strategy. Website maintenance, targeted emails, and pay-per-click ads are significant internet marketing methods. Social media and internet communication are very crucial. Without data analysis and experimentation, we can't attain our goals. Stop depending on preconceived conceptions about my target population to build effective techniques. First-party data and A/B tests can eliminate market myths.
Thanks to: Andrew Fisher of TicTacToe Game.

304. Bring Down Your Costs

Cutting expenses is a great goal to make for the coming year. Many businesses are feeling the pinch and are concerned about the coming year as a result of rising prices and borrowing rates. To ease these worries, we'll examine our usual expenditures and identify areas where we may cut back. We'll be cautious, though, because we don't want to make reductions that hurt the company.
Thanks to: Lachlan de Crespigny of Revelo.

305. Adjust Expansion Expectations

In the new year, I plan to take a fresh look at my CGIs. The majority of businesses cannot survive if they stop expanding. However, this development or expansion isn't necessarily distributed fairly across departments or operations. In some cases, a specific market subset, product category, business unit, or even growth strategy will be targeted in order to achieve overall expansion goals. The key is to know where you want to go and create a strategy to get there.
Thanks to: Pete Chatfield of Household Money Saving.

306. Live in the Moment

As a company, we want to stop being ‘too busy’ and embrace the moment we are in. We help people connect the past to the present and strengthen the connections that matter the most. For 2023, our team’s resolution is to help more people cherish the memories that have defined who they are today, and to slow down and capture more memories in the present, so that we can be reminded of these special memories in the future. Preserving these memories is the only way to help them live on forever.
Thanks to: Lisa McCabe of Capture.

307. Optimize Productivity

As the new year begins, one of my goals is to increase my productivity. We'll improve our efficiency and output by working smarter, not harder. Enhancing efficiency is not always about cutting costs; it can also be about making better use of resources. Perhaps the implementation of modern technologies or the automation of existing workflows and procedures might yield desirable results. If we improve our methods of project management, we could boost productivity even further.
Thanks to: Joe Troyer of ReviewGrower.

308. Company Growth

I want to assist my firm to grow next year. Expanding my customer base is key to business success. Increase demand for existing goods and services. Social networking is a great way to promote my brand to potential buyers. Email lists are one of the finest ways to grow my business quickly.
Thanks to: Travis Lindemoen of Nexus IT Group.

309. Business Cleanup

To start the new year off right, we'll clean and reorganize our office. Having a tidy workplace not only makes visitors more likely to stick around, but also improves productivity. In addition to making a positive impression on clients, this action can also boost morale and output at work. And it helps keep your team healthier overall.
Thanks to: Adam Wood of RevenueGeeks.

310. Keeping the Humanity In PR

In our quest to become a million-dollar company in 2023, we resolve to not lose touch with our humanity & our personal connections with our team, clients & journalists. With each advance in technology, the human touch becomes more elusive. Our firm's best attribute is that we regularly connect with people, person-to-person via phone or video (in person is still hard for a global firm). We believe speaking with a real person is paramount, and refuse to let devices manage our relationships.
Thanks to: Jesse Nash of Cricket Public Relations, LLC.

311. Efficiency and Scalability

My main business-related New Year's Resolution is to increase efficiency and scalability within my business. This includes improving process automation and creating consistent workflows across the organization. I also want to find ways to integrate data-driven progress tracking into every part of our business operations by leveraging the right technology solutions. Doing so will ensure that our decisions are being made based on real-time performance insights and actionable market intelligence.
Thanks to: Justin Thomas of JourneyEngine.

312. Catching Up with Customers

In 2023, I'll making more of an effort to catch up with my customers.

This is something I try to do anyway, but with things being difficult for many out there at the moment it's always worth a quick check in.

Even if it's not directly related to business matters, making a quick phone call to see how someone is doing and whether there's anything they need help with, will be important for us all.

I believe gestures like this will go a long way in 2023.
Thanks to: Richard LeCount of USB Makers.

313. Increase Connections

My New Year’s Resolution is to increase connections with influencers. At Lumineux Health, we currently use brand ambassadors to help market our products with their followers. In 2023, I would like to expand this program and utilize more influencers who have established trusted relationships with their followers who are interested in using naturally-derived products for oral health.
Thanks to: Caroline Duggan of Lumineux Health.

314. Customer-Centric Approaches

My business-related New Year’s Resolution for 2023 is to be proactive in communicating with customers about updates to our product and how they can take advantage of features that will help them save time. We want to make sure that customers know about the new features we roll out and how they can get maximum value out of our platform. In addition, we want to focus on providing more tailored support and resources to customers that need help onboarding with our product or have any questions.
Thanks to: Will Yang of Instrumentl.

315. Increase Content Engagement

My business-related New Year's resolution for 2023 is to increase content engagement and make it more accessible across multiple channels. I want our content to reach a wider audience and not just focus on one platform. Our goal is to create content that will inform, educate, and inspire our users, so we'll be focusing on creating more actionable advice, helpful resources, and inspiring stories from our customers that can help others in the nonprofit sector.
Thanks to: Mia Comic of Instrumentl.

316. Be More Mindful of My Time

This year, my business resolution is to be more mindful of my time and how I'm spending it. I want to be more deliberate with my decision-making and focus on tasks that will have the biggest impact. This means saying no to things that don't align with my goals and being more efficient with the time I have.

I want to be able to look back next year and see that I have achieved my goals, so this resolution is important in order for me to make sure I'm on the right track.
Thanks to: Joshua Haley of Moving Astute.

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