As is our annual tradition here at, for 2024, we once again look to the incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own personal business-related New Year’s resolutions for 2024. Use their resolutions as fuel to spark your own business passion, creativity and growth for 2024. Their resolutions are presented below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. 'Crisis' Preparedness

I recognize the unpredictability of the business landscape in this modern world and I resolve to develop comprehensive crisis preparedness plans. You never know when they might be needed.

This preparation involves identifying potential risks, establishing clear communication protocols, and implementing strategies to ensure business continuity during challenging times. I want to feel confident that I am prepared for everything if the time comes.
Thanks to: Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D. of Dynamic Media (SiriusXM reseller).

2. Trusting the Plan

My goal is to trust that the business, and clients I work with, are what, and who I'm meant to support. If I don't get a speaking gig, I will trust a better one is coming. Instead of focusing on when I think it's not working out, I trust that it's all falling in place for me. I plan to focus on believing that something better is coming, instead of focusing on disappointment. Let's do this 2024!
Thanks to: Julie Coraccio of REAWAKEN YOUR BRILLIANCE, LLC.

3. Brand Alignment > Visibility

My business-related resolution for 2024 is to place more emphasis on proper brand alignment over visibility. While it’s true that customers can’t patronize businesses they are unaware of, proper brand alignment is even more important. As the popular adage states, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Connecting with brands that have products and values similar to yours helps to ensure that your initial representation is a positive one.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

4. Expand the Brand!

People know us for our celebrity rubber ducks of all these amazing characters. But this year, we wanted to do something different. We felt that 2024 was the time to have some fun and expand the brand even more with a whole new line. Thus, our Tubs Gone Wild line was born with all these cool characters in floating clawfoot tubs... So, if you love Unicorns, Bigfoot, Aliens, or T-Rex's, you will be amazed at how cute and whimsical these are. Never stay the same... Delight your customers and go big!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

5. Get More Organized!

Making being more organized a business New Year's resolution involves setting clear goals and implementing practical strategies. I plan to declutter digital and physical workspaces, and implement effective file management systems for both digital and physical documents. I also want to make sure employees have access to the tools and resources they need to stay organized. I plan to regularly reassess organizational strategies and adjust them based on evolving business needs and employee feedback.
Thanks to: Peter Sanders of Prince William Pottery.

6. Improve Personalization

My resolution for 2024 is to implement hyper-personalization to build an intimate connection with my customers. I plan to study my user's expectations and understand their individual needs to help me create a better product and a stylish fashion statement with Noserider Surfwear. I also want to cement myself as a thought leader in surfwear apparel by personalizing quality content and nurturing messaging from the initial discovery to post-purchase support to build brand awareness and credibility.
Thanks to: Emma Bukowski of Noserider Surf Club.

7. Double Bubble!

My new year's resolution for 2024 is to double my blog earnings by the end of the year.

Breaking this down, I need to either double my visitors, double the amount I make per visitor, or a combination of both. Having this goal should help me focus on achieving it. Always have a goal!
Thanks to: Jon Rhodes of Narcissisms.

8. Time to Get Out of the "Weeds"

In 2024, my top business resolution is to take a hands-on approach in systemizing and streamlining my businesses. I am determined to unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity by implementing effective processes, embracing automated workflows, and establishing crystal-clear protocols. With these strategic moves, I'm ready to stop micromanaging and get myself out of the "weeds" by relying more on my employees, systems and focusing on my area of expertise.
Thanks to: Galit Ventura-Rozen of Everyday Woman.

9. Develop This Character Skill

Focus on developing this character skill for a new super power. I resolve to hone my empathy and compassion for others. Empathy strengthens our relationships through perspective-taking and compassion helps us not only make connections but make meaningful connections.

"Feeling along with", not "feeling immersed in" another person's emotions avoids emotional burnout.

Slow down and take the time to recognize and understand people's emotions. "Not all moments in time are equal." Jim Collins
Thanks to: Jean Chow of MsBizWiz.

10. AI Again This Year?

Oh yes, I am going out on a limb here, but A.I. will be bigger and more in our face in '24 than in '23! Heck, I wrote a best-selling book about it in the SAP industry just to be able to talk about it with clients and prospects.

2024 will have more industries and more companies using A.I. than you can imagine, and they will be in industries we never thought it would be a need for.

Get ready for 2024 and the RISE of A.I.
Thanks to: Chris Carter of Approyo.

11. Social Responsibility!

One of the major resolutions I would like to implement is sustainable business practices to reduce our environmental impact.
I plan to engage in community outreach or charitable activities as much as possible, and encourage my team to do so as well. I also think it's important to communicate our commitment to social responsibility to customers and employees and keep everyone up-to-date on our progress.
Thanks to: Sam Rock of Infinity Laser Spa.

12. Synergy as a Strategy

Leaning into “synergy”, my word for 2024, my New Year's business resolution is using synergy as a strategy. Whether working together with virtual assistant clients to grow small businesses or finding spaces to share my social justice advocacy story, poetry, and continued work. Promoting teamwork, collaboration, alliance, and harmony since we are always better together!
Thanks to: Melissa Whiteford St. Clair.

13. Focus on Employee Engagement

Prioritizing employee well-being and job satisfaction is crucial and something I would like to focus on in 2024. I think it's important to provide professional development opportunities and training programs, as well as encourage a positive company culture and effective communication. Engaged employees often experience lower levels of stress and burnout, and therefore prioritizing employee well-being will contribute to a healthier and more balanced workplace.
Thanks to: Adam Petrilli of

14. AI for US, Not US for AI

In 2024, as the world races to unlock the secrets of artificial general intelligence, AI Software Developers UK is taking a different route. Instead of crafting a Digital GOD that outsmarts humanity, we're on a mission to harness AI as our trusty sidekick. Let's use AI as a sidekick for the betterment of the human beings.
Thanks to: Ammar Khan of AI Software Developers UK.

15. Foster Innovation

Innovation and creativity are important pillars for building an effective and healthy workplace. Innovation enables organizations to stay ahead of the competition by developing unique products, services, or processes. I plan to ensure employees have access to the necessary resources, tools, and technology to support their creative endeavors, and to invest in training programs and workshops that focus on creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.
Thanks to: Burak Uslanmaz of The Rugs.

16. Encourage Collaboration

I want to facilitate cross-functional collaboration to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise this year.

I find it necessary and good practice to be able to provide spaces or tools that promote teamwork and idea sharing. Collaboration brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills, and this exchange of diverse perspectives fosters creativity and helps in finding more comprehensive and innovative solutions to problems which helps combat competition.
Thanks to: Melissa Ng of AppSalon.

17. From Consultant to Consultancy

StratCraft was founded in May 2023 and has grown from zero to sustaining the founder in a matter of months. But I envision something much bigger than a soloprener adventure. I want to build the premier strategy consultancy for emerging technology firms in biotech, defense, space, and advanced manufacturing. My goal for 2024 is to develop a roadmap for how StratCraft will scale to provide this service to these industries over time.
Thanks to: Dasha Tyshlek of StratCraft: Partners in Growth.

18. Get Out More to Get More Out

I gotta stop saying, "I need to get out more." And, just do it.

I get more leads, more clients and more jobs when I go out and meet new people. But, I am also a homebody and still dealing with pandemic related stress. So, my New Year's Resolution is to resurrect an old goal: Go to one networking opportunity every week. It's not too much of a reach, but it is certainly more than I am doing now.
Thanks to: Matt McKee of McKee Photography.

19. Focus on Personal Wellness

As an entrepreneur, it can be tough to always remember to focus on your own wellness. And I know from experience that personal wellness contributes to better decision-making, communication, and overall leadership skills, which is why I want to incorporate more wellness activities in 2024. I am going to be more selective about the projects and commitments I take on next year and to be more comfortable with setting boundaries to help prevent being overwhelmed and burnout.
Thanks to: Severine Diaz of Band of Brothers Tour.

20. Keep an Eye on Trends

Keeping an eye on trends is crucial for businesses, and making it a resolution can contribute to the overall success and competitiveness of the organization. Trends reflect changes in consumer behavior and expectations, and businesses that understand and respond to these changes can better serve their customers.

I plan to engage with professionals in my field more to discuss emerging trends and gain insights from others' experiences as well as attend more webinars and online courses.
Thanks to: Meghan Freed of Freed Marcroft.

21. Winning for Others

2023 has been a season of slogging along which is quite unusual for me. But, due to unforeseen personal challenges, that's the reality and it's okay to admit it. And yet, there is a season for everything. Dormancy has allowed time for renewal and growth under the surface. In 2024, my goal is to help others win by being a resource and connector. Focusing on others automatically means a win for me. Serve first. Serve always.
Thanks to: Royce King of 3 Waters Marketing, LLC.

22. Zero-Meeting Days

This year, I want to designate specific days as "zero-meeting days" to give employees uninterrupted time for focused work.
This will help to improve productivity by minimizing disruptions and also allow my team to be able to plan ahead better and feel more motivated. "Zero-meeting days" minimizes context switching, enabling employees to maintain focus and cognitive flow and empowers employees with a sense of autonomy over their time.
Thanks to: Najaf Ali of Urban Leather Jackets.

23. Road Trip for Sales

Our resolution for 2024 is to grow sales, so we're hitting the highway in January to visit universities and colleges in the Southeast to share our math and science tutoring platform. Speaking with students directly via in-person marketing has been a proven model of success for us so far, and it's a great excuse to take a fun road trip, too!
Thanks to: Steven Keys of CramBetter.

24. Highlighting Success Stories

Throughout the years and especially in 2023, we’ve gathered a number of success stories from our students upon graduation. This is something I’d like to leverage more in 2024. Who better to tell other interested yogis about the benefits of yoga therapy training and our program than our own students? Not only is this a valuable form of social proof for us to share, but it also allows us to share the many different career paths and applications of our training that students can choose.
Thanks to: Anna Passalacqua of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy.

25. Embrace AI/new technology

Make ChatGPT/AI a communication asset by asking it to create content about subjects to save time and jump-start the process of developing marketing material. Maybe the output won't be as good or exactly what I ultimately want, but it's a great place to start from by taking advantage of the technology since everyone else is now, too. No excuse for writer’s block now! Especially when the task is low stakes, high fluency (i.e., writing copy), conversational AI is likely a good fit for the task.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

26. Knowing When to Walk Away

Knowing when to walk away from a failing project is crucial for 2024. When efforts outweigh benefits, resources deplete, or goals remain elusive, it's time to reassess and consider redirecting efforts for better outcomes.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Femfounder.

27. Stop Giving Away the Store!

I love what I do - providing career advice - so much that I'll often do small projects or webinars for free. However, many of the people I do this for consider the advice to be worth what it cost. Remembering my value is going to be the best way for me to focus on growth.
Thanks to: Amy Feind Reeves of

28. Influencing A Positive Change

In today's economic, social, and political climate it is more important than ever to brand yourself in a unique and effective way. With the presence of AI, I have been witnessing a trend of commonality vs embracing individuality. My ultimate goal for 2024 will be to elevate brands to influence positive change and provide impactful branding initiatives for non-profits. Essentially: Think Unique! Especially organizations who have budget limitations and usually place marketing as a last priority.
Thanks to: Wafa Kanan of Unique Image, A Clio Awards Agency.

29. Boost Traffic with Fun Quizzes

My 2024 New Year's business resolution is to harness the power of interactive, personalized quizzes on our niche website. By creating engaging quizzes that align with our audience's interests and needs, we aim to significantly boost organic traffic, enhance user engagement, and gather valuable insights to tailor our content more effectively.
Thanks to: Rohan Kadam of Biking Know How.

30. Culture of Continuous Learning

My primary business-related resolution for 2024 is to cultivate a culture of continuous learning within our teams at Instrumentl.

Recognizing that every individual and organization can always grow and improve, I want to implement initiatives that foster a commitment to learning, both for personal development and improved company performance. This resolution is focused on nurturing an ecosystem of learning and growth within the company.
Thanks to: Will Yang of Instrumentl.

31. Customer Delight

For 2024, my primary business resolution is to enhance Southwestern Rugs Depot's customer service experience. I believe in adding a personal touch, so I aim to implement a system that offers customized, personalized assistance to each customer. This could involve using AI technology to remember individual preferences and provide tailored suggestions. I'm convinced that this commitment to exceptional customer service will cultivate loyal customers and foster sustainable growth.
Thanks to: Connor Butterworth of Southwestern Rugs Depot.

32. Content Marketing Strategy

In 2024, my primary business-related New Year's Resolution revolves around building a more inclusive and dynamic content marketing strategy at Instrumentl. I aim to leverage customer behavior insights and advanced analytics to craft campaigns that not only attract, but also resonate, on a deeper level with our diverse pool of customers. This renewed focus is intended to bolster customer engagement, foster our online community, and ultimately, drive sustainable business growth.
Thanks to: Mia Comic of Instrumentl.

33. The Only Thing We Need to Grow

I am an entrepreneur and a business coach from Ukraine. My number one resolution for 2024 will be to live and grow a business in a free from war country. As a coach, I see how smart and brave our people are in supporting each other, growing our economy, and moving forward whatever the circumstances. I believe that entrepreneurs are the power of any community, and pretty sure that the goal to stop the war will unite many businesses from all over the world in 2024.
Thanks to: Tetiana Artomova of IStartHub.

34. Promote Co-Working

As a remote business who offers fully flexible hours, it's easy to become isolated. My resolution as we enter 2024 is to creatively promote co-working within my team and, of course, myself. Adding a calendar where folks can set themselves open for co-working, setting team collaboration slots, and having open channels where individuals can simply go to chat are top of my list.
Thanks to: Amy Bos of Mediumchat Group.

35. To Become a Charismatic Leader

My business resolution is to become a leader that makes work more satisfactory and fulfilling for employees. A few months ago while conducting a stay interview with an employee and other interactions, I learned how they benefit from the charisma of leaders. It then became clear to me how the charisma of a leader can contribute to an employee's engagement and the amount of satisfaction they get from their work. Hence, my New Year's resolution is to add practical skills to my leadership abilities.
Thanks to: Richard West of Puppyhero.

36. Forging New Alliances

Our resolution for 2024 is to pioneer a partnership initiative at eBike Generation. I'm committed to collaborating with high-profile hunters, forging alliances that not only elevate our industry standing but also redefine the narrative around heavy-duty ebikes. By aligning with these influential figures, we aim to showcase the unmatched capabilities of our tailored ebikes for hunters and solidify eBike Generation as the go-to brand in our niche.
Thanks to: John Murphy of eBike Generation.

37. Networking Events

In the coming year, our company aims to elevate our presence by attending more networking events, both virtually and in-person.

Recognizing the importance of networking, we commit ourselves to attending events to engage with peers, clients, and potential collaborators. By actively participating in these events, we can stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, and also establish and strengthen valuable relationships that will contribute to the growth and success of our company.
Thanks to: Christopher Lay of LEONID.

38. Take More Calculated Risks!

It's no secret that embracing calculated risks encourages innovation. Businesses that are willing to try new ideas and approaches are more likely to discover opportunities for growth and stay ahead of the competition. I have made it one of my goals this year to do my best with taking more calculated risks in order to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape. Even if the risk doesn't yield the expected results, the insights gained from the process can contribute to the business's growth!
Thanks to: Daniel Southern of Luminati.

39. Show Up!

My resolution for 2024 is to show up. For my clients, to be present and serve their needs through my coaching, programs and workshops. It also means following through on goals—growing the business, writing, keeping up on research, etc. I also want to show up for myself and others. That encompasses everything from self-compassion and self-care to being there for others and committing resources to things that matter to me such as supporting those who do important work in the non-profit sector.
Thanks to: Dr. Diane Rosen of Compass Consulting.

40. Revolutionize Your Venture

In the spirit of the upcoming year, I resolve to amplify my professional growth by embracing new challenges. I'll step out of my comfort zone, learn a new skill each month, and expand my network. Here's to a year of continuous self-improvement and unlocking new opportunities!
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

41. Learn Spanish

In a neighborhood with more Spanish-speaking clients and employees, I am finally going to make a concerted effort to spend more time on Babbel.
Thanks to: Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers.

42. Driving Toward Sustainability

I'm committed to leading our automobile leasing company's sustainability initiatives in the year 2024 by promoting the addition of eco-friendly cars to our fleet. This pledge represents my deep care for environmental preservation, going beyond simple business success to provide clients with more environmentally friendly solutions and truly improve the state of our planet.
Thanks to: Shannon Coventry of First Vehicle Leasing.

43. Strengthening Team Dynamics

I pledge to promote an environment of ongoing education by the year 2024. My goal is to make investments in staff development so that each member of the team can advance both personally and professionally. We'll succeed longer and with more innovation if we empower our employees.
Thanks to: Paul Phelps of Solent Power.

44. Delegate To Grow

My resolution for 2024 is to integrate outsourcing into my business plan. 'Delegate what you're not best at,' is a motto I subscribe to. I want to recover time by outsourcing repetitive work so that I can concentrate on the essential components of my business that drive growth and passion.
Thanks to: Sasha Quail of

45. Revolutionizing UX through AI

By using AI, I want to improve the customer experience as much as possible by 2024. We'll improve marketing methods for a more individualized approach by utilizing AI, which will increase client happiness. In today's digital environments, the integration of artificial intelligence will provide us with real-time insights and enable quick resource optimization to improve the entire client journey.
Thanks to: Tim Parker of Syntax Integration.

46. Embracing the Digital World

In 2024, at Terrells, we are boldly stepping into the digital realm, embracing the power of technology to transform our business and elevate our client experience.

As a law firm, we have traditionally focused on our expertise and client service, but in 2024, we are expanding our reach and engagement through a comprehensive digital transformation.

We are unveiling a brand-new website, designed for intuitive navigation and showcasing our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.
Thanks to: Michelle Davis of Terrells LLP.

47. Innovation Fridays

In 2024, my main business resolution is to launch "Innovation Fridays." I commit to setting aside every Friday for creative brainstorming, idea experimentation, and cultivating a culture of innovation within my team. This intentional focus on exploration aims to infuse fresh perspectives, driving ongoing improvement in my business and pushing the boundaries of our potential as a team of hairstylists.
Thanks to: Ian Turner of Gentleman Haircuts.

48. Go Greener for 2024

My resolution for 2024 is to aim for more sustainable practice initiatives at Andorra Guides. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly processes in our operations, such as digital documentation, energy-efficient office practices, and promoting green transportation options. This commitment not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also enhances our brand reputation, attracting environmentally conscious clients seeking responsible relocation services.
Thanks to: Guy Sharp of Andorra Guides.

49. Embrace Technology Integration

A New Year’s Resolution I can get behind is the commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements and integrating relevant technologies into our business processes. This resolution involves exploring automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge in our industry. It isn’t easy, and it’s an ongoing task we’ll have to keep an eye on, but it’s an important resolution I’m committed to.
Thanks to: Jim McConkie of Parker & McConkie.

50. Strengthen Financial Strategy

In 2024, I resolve to prioritize financial stability by making strategic efforts to strengthen our company's financial resilience. This will be quite elaborate, but will include building cash reserves, diversifying revenue streams, and adopting prudent financial management practices. A financially resilient business is better equipped to weather economic uncertainties and I want to be prepared for any and everything. It’s a worthy resolution to invest in for 2024.
Thanks to: Aaron Bond of Bond Rees Investigations.

51. Leveraging My Gift of Gab

We built our business on live-streaming and speaking and Covid had a big impact on our schedule and marketing efforts. And guess what? People missed us! So in 2024, we're going to launch a new Live-Stream and syndicated Podcast (Digital at Dawn) to re-connect with our audience and provide the value we've always been known for! Sharing, helping others and giving more than we take have always been core values and we're excited to launch!!
Thanks to: Bobbi Baehne of Think Big Go Local, Inc.

52. Compliments > Cookies

This year we’ll be starting a "Compliment Jar" in the VIBE office. How it works: Encourage team members to drop anonymous compliments or words of appreciation for each other into the jar after each of our events or just randomly when they are in the office. At the end of each month or quarter, we’ll gather for a team event and share these compliments as a way to boost morale and spread positivity among the team.
Thanks to: Valerie Bihet of VIBE Agency.

53. Automate for Customer Service

My business-related New Year's Resolution for 2024 is to work toward automating more of our customer input operations. My team and I believe this will secure greater accuracy. Additionally, we see how these efforts can increase our tools and ability to provide customers with more direct, personalized service to meet their unique needs.
Thanks to: Ashley Kenny of Heirloom Video Books.

54. Mindsets to Empower and Thrive

New Year's resolutions can be effective tools for personal growth and development. By approaching it with intention, commitment, and a positive mindset, I'll be better positioned to thrive in my business and empower others to thrive as well.

First, I must identify specific areas needing improvement.

Next, set realistic and specific goals.

Then, create a plan of action to achieve these goals.

Monitor growth, or lack of growth, make adjustments where necessary. Keep an open mind!
Thanks to: Coree Sullivan of This Restored Heart, LLC.

55. Improve Insights Into Customer

In 2024, I want to improve customer insights by learning more about the preferences, behaviors, and purchasing patterns of my customers. Our goal is to create marketing strategies that are more precisely targeted by utilizing extensive data analytics. With this thorough information, we can better target the most promising leads, maximize the effectiveness of our outreach efforts, and cut down on wasteful spending by streamlining our marketing techniques.
Thanks to: Adam Crossling of Zenzero.

56. Following Trends

I've committed myself to following trends in home remodeling in 2024. This entails keeping abreast of emerging technologies, materials, and safety protocols. I'll go to events to keep up with developments in the sector and make sure that the growing criteria for sustainable renovations are followed.
Thanks to: Arman Minas of armstone.

57. Increase Visibility

Our 2024 aim is to increase the visibility of the company through influencer collaborations. By working together with influencers, we can reach a wider audience and build trust with a variety of audiences looking for dependable restoration services. Their recommendations are genuine, drawing in new customers and enhancing the reputation of our business in line with the desire of contemporary consumers for reliable referrals.
Thanks to: Nely Mihaylova of iFlooded Restoration.

58. My ONE Resolution for 2024

This one was surprisingly easy and clear to me, which typically isn't case. My one and only resolution for 2024 is to keep it real. Realistic expectations are a must for me, as I tend to get carried away by dreams and goals that are far too lofty and unrealistic.
Thanks to: Peter Erlandsson of Allguitarstuff.

59. Customer Feedback

In 2024, I’d love to find more time to actively seek and respond to customer feedback. It’s such an important aspect of running a business, and it actually might be even more important in today’s modern world than ever before. I believe we can do this by utilizing surveys, reviews, and social media to understand customer preferences and continuously improve our products and services.

Hopefully we can take a big step forward in this space in 2024!
Thanks to: Andy Gillin of GJEL Accident Attorneys.

60. Expand on Email Marketing

Something I’ve wanted to do over the last few years that I plan on doing in 2024 is to refine our email marketing strategy. We can do this by segmenting our audience, crafting compelling content, and implementing automation using AI. Strategic email campaigns can significantly boost engagement and will help us reach a new audience of people to work with.

Email marketing was expected to become less effective, but it hasn’t. In 2024, we will take the necessary steps to make it work for us.
Thanks to: Jaskaran Deu of DEU Estates.

61. Invest in SEO

We all know how important SEO is in this modern world, and I would like to do more in helping my business rank accordingly. In 2024, SEO is at the top of my list as far as what I need to do.

Here’s the plan: Invest in a robust SEO strategy to improve our website's visibility on search engines; conduct keyword research; create high-quality content; and optimize meta tags to boost organic traffic.

Once I do this, I’ll have a better SEO strategy and will be more searchable on Google.
Thanks to: Jesse Kleis of Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.

62. A/B Testing

Something often done in coding is to implement A/B Tests to decide what is working, what isn’t working, and what the best plan of action should be. It’s quite effective and can help in a number of ways.

In 2024, I’d love to do the same thing for my business. Through the operation of A/B testing, I believe we can learn more about our business and make smarter, more strategic decisions.
Thanks to: Abhay Thakkar of New Code NLP.

63. Monitor Analytics

A lot can be learned through the monitoring of analytics and data. In fact, I know that this type of information can completely change a business's direction.

In 2024, I’d like to put together a team that will regularly analyze analytics and data to assess the effectiveness of our strategies. After acquiring this information, we use data-driven insights to make informed decisions and refine our approach for better results as a company.
Thanks to: Kamran Maqbool of Green Cloud Hosting.

64. Content Creation

There’s lots to be learned in the world of auto salvage and I’d like to shine a light on that through well-crafted content. To do that, I resolve to develop a content strategy in 2024 that focuses on creating valuable, relevant, & engaging content. This will include blog posts, videos, infographics, and more to attract and retain your target audience through the use of knowledge.

I believe this can be helpful to others, and also help my business stand out in a world where content is king.
Thanks to: Marc Skirvin of Cash Auto Salvage.

65. Strengthen Cybersecurity

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, business owners should prioritize the security of their digital assets. I haven’t had a scare yet, but I’d rather get in front of things before it happens to me. Making a resolution to strengthen cybersecurity measures involves implementing robust security protocols, conducting regular audits, and educating employees on best practices for online safety. It’s an important step for 2024!
Thanks to: Matt Earle of


In the spirit of self-discovery and enrichment, I resolve to travel more in the coming year. Exploring new places, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and embracing unfamiliar landscapes are not just leisure pursuits but invaluable sources of personal and business growth.

Beyond the joy of discovering the world, travel opens my mind to different perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of humanity. It's a commitment to stepping outside my comfort zone and creating lasting memories.
Thanks to: Ronan McLoughlin of Dream Overwater Bungalows.

67. Parent/Entrepreneur Balance

In 2024, my key business resolution is to strike a harmonious balance between being a new mom and an entrepreneur. I find immense fulfillment in both roles and believe that successfully juggling these aspects of my life will lead to a rewarding year ahead.
Thanks to: Maddy Osman of The Blogsmith.

68. Put a Leash on Pet Jilting

In 2024, I'm on a mission to help curb pet abandonment rates and ease the burden on overcrowded shelters and rescue groups. How? By unleashing my free interactive course to adopters & fosters, packed with budgeting tips, pet care hacks, and juicy insights from me, a pet expert! With the help of awesome sponsors, I'll be able to offer this $99 value for free! I'm pumped to team up with shelters, rescues, and sponsors across the U.S to bring about a pawsome change.
Thanks to: Twila McGee of NOLAs Finest Pet Care llc.

69. Putting People First

Our focus in 2024 is to maintain a collaborative company culture for continued growth. My goal is to always put our people first. By working as a team and collaborating, it’s the people who have been the key to our company’s success. So, in the New Year, I'll continue to show an emphasis on those who work with me and to underscore that collaboration, appreciation and dedication are the keystones to our team well-being and our mission to help improve quality of life for our customers.
Thanks to: Steve Levine of AtmosAir Solutions.

70. Geofencing

I just started studying geofencing for marketing. I want to be able to replace my PPC ads with geofence ads by the end of 2024.
Thanks to: Matt Hallisy of The Sales Cheat Code.

71. Patient Education Efforts

My business-related New Year's resolution for 2024 is to expand potential patient education efforts. We provide TMS and Esketamine, two treatments that patients may never have heard of, but that provide relief that patients with treatment-resistant depression never thought possible. In 2024, we hope to continue to use our blog to educate patients about these important topics and grow our following so that more patients can improve their mental health.
Thanks to: Dr. Bryan Bruno of Mid City TMS.

72. Optimize Processes in 2024

For months, our business has been booming. During our usual seasonal slowdown, we’ve stayed busy. As a result, we expanded our team in 2023. New staff have had time now to get onboarded and familiar with our processes. As I think about our priorities and opportunities for 2024, a main one will be leveraging our staff’s insights and optimizing our processes now that new team members are more established. This should help improve our productivity even more, paving the way for new work.
Thanks to: Thomas Samuels of Cardinal Las Vegas Exhibit Rentals.

73. 2024 Intention

My 2024 intention is to help more entrepreneurs raise their dream. In my business, I get the opportunity to speak with entrepreneurs, mission driven businesses & people with big dreams! In late 2023, we did a survey with our community to learn more about the dreams they are raising & what gets in the way of bringing projects to life. The responses and questions were incredibly useful in learning how we can help entrepreneurs, and hearing people’s dream projects was inspiring. Bring it on!
Thanks to: Charmaine Hammond of Raise a Dream Training & Consulting.

74. Help More Students

As the Marketing and Communications Director, my business-related New Year’s resolution is to help more students build careers in truck driving. Many people may not know that truck driving can be a rewarding, flexible career and that you can qualify for it in as little as three weeks! As the Director of Marketing and Communications, I want to get the word out about our school so that even more students can have successful truck driving careers.
Thanks to: Lauren Gast of Truck Driver Institute.

75. Allot Time for Myself

My New Year's resolution for 2024 is to carve out a daily "1 hour time" to relax and recharge my batteries. This year has been productive for our business but has been very stressful. There have been multiple instances where I suffered burnout, which affected business productivity. I plan to commit myself to this one-hour getaway, especially during the end of the work day, to do things I love, like reading a good book, gardening, and playing with my pets to relax and recuperate.
Thanks to: Brian David Crane of Spread Great Ideas LLC.

76. Automate Repetitious Tasks

My New Year's resolution is to look at more opportunities to automate HR tasks to improve business productivity. Some core areas we are looking to automate are invoicing, payroll, employee training, bookkeeping, monitoring work, and employee onboarding. This will help us reduce manual or human errors while increasing speed and freeing time so the team can focus on more critical tasks. It will also lower costs and improve accuracy while improving employee morale and productivity.
Thanks to: Kathryn Boudreau of CallerSmart Inc.

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