Now is a perfect time to create and implement a strategy for growing your business next year.  To kick-start that process, why not grab one of the following free whitepapers and eBooks to help with your social media and marketing strategy for the coming year? All of the resources are free to you*, just click the links.

Resource 1: eBook- How to Crush Your Competitors on Social Media in 30 Days

This eBook from HubSpot helps you to create legions of admiring fans and followers, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads. It’s time for you to start your 30-day training regimen for social media domination. Click here for the eBook.

Resource 2: Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae Marketing Research Kit

The Meatball Sundae Marketing Research Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your marketing solutions. This kit includes the Meatball Sundae – Is Your Marketing Out of Sync Summary eBook. Seth Godin’s book is the definitive guide to the 14 trends no marketer can afford to ignore. It explains what to do about the increasing power of stories, not facts; about shorter and shorter attention spans; and about the new math that says 5,000 people who want to hear your message are more valuable than 5 million who don’t. Godin doesn’t pretend that it’s easy to get your products, marketing messages and internal systems in sync. But he’ll definitely convince you that it’s worth the effort. The kit contents will help you get the most out of your Marketing research:

  • Marketing’s Mandate: Know Your Customers To Deliver Exceptional Brand Experiences And Cross- Channel Engagement
  • Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?
  • Free eBook: 8 Google Tools to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Marketing.

Resource 3: Whitepaper-10 Tips for Creating an Effective B2B Landing Page

Are you using landing pages as a destination for your marketing campaigns? More importantly, are you using them effectively? Anyone can create a landing page, but a great landing page results in engagement and action. Download this 10 Tips for Creating an Effective B2B Landing Page White Paper from Optify and learn how to:

  • Tailor the design, images and text for conversion
  • Create an emphasized call-to-action
  • Optimize the headline and sub-headline
  • Enable social sharing and highlight social validation
  • And much more…

I hope that you enrich your knowledge and take action to make 2013 your most successful year yet!

*Note: all of the free resources are provided by an affiliate partnership of