Tis the season…to spend money.  Client gifts, employee gifts and service provider gifts can add up to a financial burden for you.  Here are some ideas for you to get less with more on your gifts this season.

Give a Gift Instead of Cash: While this may not seem obvious, hot products and services can be perceived as more valuable than a cash bonus.  You may get more bang for your buck giving a $249 iPod than a $300 cash bonus (and you save $51 per item).  There are also opportunities to make deals if you are buying a number of them.  If you want to give a gift certificate for a spa day to your key clients or employees, the spa may give you a discount for buying “in bulk”.

Make a Donation: Instead of sending client gifts, think about making a donation in their name to their (or your) favorite charity.  Many charities will even send cards noting this donation.  You do not have to disclose the amount and you get to help a great cause. Plus, depending on the charity, you may be able to take a write-off on your taxes.  A win-win-win situation for all!

Have a Holiday Lunch or Party: Depending on your usual budget for gifts, you may be better off having a holiday party in the office or taking your clients to lunch.  This allows you to create a fun and interactive holiday experience that may save you real cash.

Wait Until January: Almost everyone buys and sends gifts during the holidays.  However, if you wait until January, you can receive double benefits.  First, you can take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. And, you can stand out from the crowd.  Include a note that says something along the lines of, “Happy New Year.  We wanted to wish you a fantastic and successful 2012”.


Do you have tips for saving on holiday gifts?  Share below.