Email marketing is evolving, thanks to AI, which has made it easier to get better results with email marketing campaigns.

However, some small businesses detest it. To them, AI means using ChatGPT to generate content that sounds robotic and lacks human perspective. But the technology is far beyond that. AI has become an important tool in email marketing, and in this post I showed you five ways it can help your small business.

1. Draft an Enticing Subject Line

Many small business owners struggle to come up with compelling email subject lines. I often find myself in that situation, worrying about crafting a subject line that will boost my open rate.

We all know that fewer people will open an email when the subject line is dull and boring. With AI, you have no worries, as it will analyze the body of your email and previous emails you have sent that performed well, and then come up with a subject line that will entice your subscribers.

Many email marketing platforms already have this as a feature, and it usually pops up when your cursor is blinking on the email subject line bar.

2. Create Helpful Images for Illustration

Media like photos, emojis, and memes can enrich your email. Your email may be boring and uninspiring without them. While it’s easy to download images and upload them to your emails, being unique is the new cool, as chances are your audience has seen those images over and over again from your competitors.

This is where AI image generators like Midjourney and Ideogram come in. You can feed them a prompt that describes the type of image you want, one that suits the message of your email, and it will generate it. This image is unique, belongs to you, and complements your email.

3. Optimize Email Send Time

Many small business owners aren’t skilled email marketers, so it isn’t surprising they don’t know the best time to send emails. The time you send an email impacts its performance, including open rate, click-through rate, retention rate, or conversion rate.

Instead of guessing or searching online, deploy AI to do the heavy lifting. It will analyze your previous campaigns with a focus on the open rate to determine the optimal time to send your email.

4. Recommend Products

For email campaigns aimed at selling your products, you will be missing an opportunity if your email doesn’t recommend products your audience may find helpful.

It’s hard to do that manually. Even if you use tracking codes to monitor the behavior of your audience on the landing page before they join your email list, it still won’t be effective as an AI product recommendation tool.

AI can analyze the recipient’s interaction with products you promoted to them in the past, and then suggest products they are more likely to buy.

5. Review Campaign Insights

Before now, you had to manually look at the metrics to have accurate insights on the email campaign you launched. 

This took time, and you may have arrived at a wrong conclusion. With AI-powered analytics tools providing insights on your email campaigns, you get all the metrics that suggest a successful or failed email campaign presented to you in a simple format, including recommendations for how you can improve your campaign.

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel for small businesses, and leveraging AI can generate better results. I have shown you five ways AI can help you. Thankfully, advanced email marketing platforms offer many of these AI features, but it’s up to you to use them to your advantage.

Photo by Yogas Design on Unsplash