I’ve been podcasting on and off since 2006, and I’ve interviewed over 200 guests. I’ve also been a guest on over 100 shows.

Some hosts do a great job, some a not-so-great job.

It’s the same with guests, and I’ve never thought much about what makes a good (or a bad) guest. Until now.

Here are my rules for annoying me as a podcast host.

1. Ask too many questions. It’s a podcast, not brain surgery. I’m going to ask you questions, and you’re going to answer them, and we are going to give my listeners a good time. That’s it.

2. Request the set of questions ahead of time. I don’t script my questions, and you’d better not script your answers. I know who you are. But I go with the flow. (I realize that other hosts may send you a list of questions in advance. That’s cool, too.)

3. Don’t have a headset or a microphone. I don’t need to hear what’s going on in the background of wherever you are. Honest. Put on some earbuds or some headphones. Your sound will be crisper and clearer, even if it is completely silent wherever you are.

4. Be late – or worse, ask to reschedule after the scheduled start time. If you’re running late, let me know as soon as you can. Emergencies happen. Don’t leave me hanging.

5. Redirect my questions to promote yourself instead of answering the question. I get it. You came on my show to promote your latest book, product or service. Here’s the thing: if I like you, I’ll do that for you. I’ll include a link in the show notes, I’ll share your stuff, I’ll take a picture with your book, and I’ll make you look awesome.

OK, you have to be smart, too. But I don’t bring stupid people on my show. So don’t be stupid and go all self-promotional on me. Just answer my questions, thoroughly, and I promise we will get to your promotional needs, too.

6. Focus on sound bites and never go deep. We live in a sound bite generation. Share those. I love them. Really. But then go deep. Give me some meat. Back up your sound bite with some details. Some new insights that are yours – don’t just quote someone else. Give me your opinions. Please.

And last but not least…

7. Fail to share – at all. If I have you on my show, I’m going to promote the heck out of your show. It’s my show. I should.

But would it kill you to mention my show to your peeps, too?

Or, if our interview sucked, tell me. I’ll take it down then. Really I will.

But help a brother out. At least once, give me a share. I don’t care if you tag me or mention me. I hope if I did a good job you’ll be proud to share the interview. And if I didn’t, I hope you wouldn’t go dark on me. Just tell me.

Those are seven ways to annoy a podcast host, or at least this podcast host.

Your turn: What annoys you about podcasts? What do you love?