Looking for better engagement on your Facebook fan page? Feeling a little unsure of what else to try? Before you launch any new campaigns, take a look at this list—eight major Facebook don’ts for business. To get the most out of your Facebook involvement, here’s what to avoid:

1. DON’T use a profile page instead of a fan page. True, profile pages offer many of the same features as fan pages, but they’re not the same thing. Fan pages provide analytics and allow custom landing tabs, giving you much more marketing control.

2. DON’T leave information blank. It seems like a given that a brand should fill out its “about” page, but, still, many companies don’t. Don’t make this mistake! Fill out the “company overview,” “info,” and “about” sections. Likewise, don’t leave any of your tabs empty. When a page tab is marked “events,” there better be events inside when a fan clicks it—otherwise you’re just wasting opportunities.

3. DON’T overly self-promote. Social media is about engagement, about having a conversation. So when all you do is blast your fans with incessant links to your website, you’re not talking with them, you’re talking AT them (and nobody likes that). Try instead to post a good blend of interesting resources and your own content. Before posting something, always ask: Will this be helpful or compelling to my audience? If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure,” skip it.

4. DON’T just post when you feel like it. Using Facebook successfully means more than popping in from time to time, adding an update and logging out again. For the best results, you need a social media plan, one that dictates what and when you share on the platform. Use research on what generates the best responses to determine how often you post—on which days of the week and at what times of day. This is where a marketing company comes in handy, helping you strategize and research to reach specific, concrete goals.

5. DON’T neglect to get your fans talking. Allow comments on your posts (adjusted through privacy settings), and don’t delete criticisms or unfavorable feedback. Reward interaction by always responding to questions your fans ask in a gracious, professional way. This encourages fans to join your online community and contribute.

6. DON’T try to be something you’re not. One of the most classic mistakes brands make online is trying to be what they think people want—instead of what they actually are. On Facebook, you should post regularly and engage with fans, but you should do it in your own voice and with a sense of your own personality. 

7. DON’T expect something for nothing. Why should anyone follow your Facebook page? What’s in it for him or her? These are questions you must be able to answer. Too many brands set up pages and expect fans to follow—without offering anything in return. In reality, though, people follow pages for a variety of reasons: to receive discounts or promotions, to stay up-to-date on news or announcements from a brand they love, to engage with a page that consistently provides something of value, to promote a product or service to their friends, etc. 

8. DON’T forget to track performance. If you’re not tracking your engagement, you have no way to know if you’re meeting your goals. Whether you want to increase your fan base, draw more comments on posts, get your fans to share your content, or something else—setting measurable goals is key. You can track many results simply by paying attention to Facebook’s built-in page analytics, which show the percentage increase or decrease of page likes, a chart of which days or times were successful, etc.

So as you can see there are a few relatively simple things that you can do to get better engagement on Facebook. Be authentic and engage with people. Share good information. And don’t forget to have fun with this!

Your Thoughts

Does reading through this list remind you of Facebook tactics you’ve tried and regretted? What else have you tested? What results have you seen? And based on your experience, can you think of other Facebook don’ts for businesses?