From The Entrepreneurship Interview Series

This interview is full of expert advice and information about business growth and monetization from Andrea Lee.  Andrea is CEO of Thought Partners International, one of the most-trusted brands in the coaching and self-help marketplaces, and a renowned speaker and author of Pink Spoon Marketing, Harnessing the Power of the Free Taste to Build and Grow Your Business and Money, Meaning and Beyond, 27 Unexpected Ways to Create What Really Matters.

Andrea and I cover a number of topics in our interview, including:

-The challenges of monetization;
-The “Pink Spoon” marketing strategy and how to effectively use it;
-How to create multiple revenue streams for your business;
-The importance of being “BOPPY”- a mantra that I live by;
-And more (including Andrea’s unusual hidden talents!)

You can listen to the player below (it may not show for some of you) or click here to download or stream the MP3 file.

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Also, if you are a business or life coach, check out Andrea’s Tour de Coach preview call on January 13th to take your coaching business to the next level.

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