As an alum of The University of Pennsylvania, I am by default a Ben Franklin fan.  One of his many insightful quotes is, “Never confuse motion with action.”

Many entrepreneurship experts are a big fan of doing.  “Just get going”, they say!  However, doing by itself is just motion.  True action has preparation, a plan and a purpose behind it.

If you just do without a plan, you can end up chopping down the neighbor’s tree instead of your own.  Or, you can be in Chicago trying to get to California and waste a ton of time and resources by driving east when you could have just looked at a map.

It’s very difficult to figure out the best path to get somewhere if you don’t know where it is that you are going.

Your goals and direction may shift over time, but don’t just get into motion for the sake of movement.

Remember, there is a difference between doing work towards a goal and just being busy.