This way to successCan your hobby make you money? Maybe. Can your hobby become a business that supports you? Possibly – if you have goals and plans.

In a recent post on titled “Don’t Wait to Turn a Hobby Into a ‘Jobbie’” Carol shares the story of the rise and fall of her mother’s business. It’s fascinating. What is a Jobbie? Carol defines it as: A hobby disguised as a business or career. Carol begins:

“Many aspiring entrepreneurs end up in a business for the same reason that they end up in other relationships: They follow their passion. Whether it is an exciting idea, the lure of the be-your-own-boss myth or the often false pretense of doing more of what you love too often, creativity and passion are front-of-mind — and end game is not even in your mind.

While I have extensively written about how following passion can lead you into a business no-man’s land, if you do want to make your passion-driven business work, you need to know where you are intending to go with it. That means that goal setting — making tangible, definable goals with specific time frames attached — is critical to get you on the path toward success.

To illustrate the importance of this, I wanted to tell you a bit about my mother, Sheri, and her adventures in entrepreneurship. I can only describe my mom as a cross between Martha Stewart and Cher…”

You can read the rest of the post here.