work and playYou spend so much of your time at work. Sure, you need to work hard – but you’ll get more done if you throw in a little fun, too. This is the subject of Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog, “To Boost Productivity, Encourage Workplace Levity.” Carol begins:

“For many businesses, “work hard and play hard” is almost a motto. But, does that mean that the “work hard” part cannot not be fun? The Mayo Clinic confirms that laughter is the best medicine. Over the short term, it stimulates organs, relieves stress and soothes tension. Over the long term, it improves the immune system and relieves pain while increasing personal satisfaction and improving the mood. Perhaps that motto should change to “work happy and play hard” because laughing employees are generally happy — and productive.

You don’t want to turn your small business into a comedy club and you certainly want to stay away from dark-side humor (translated: political, racy, sexist or otherwise offensive to anyone in a politically-correct world). Even with these limitations, however, there are many ways that you can lighten the mood in the workplace environment. Here are four of them:”

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