Entrepreneurs Is there a difference between genders when it comes to being an entrepreneur? You don’t often hear male entrepreneurs saying, “I’m a male entrepreneur.” And yet, women will often self-identify as a “Woman Entrepreneur.”

Carol has a few things to say about that in “Dear Everyone, Let’s Kill the Phrase ‘Women Entrepreneurs’“ posted on entrepreneur.com. She begins:

“At the recent Entrepreneur and Microsoft Accelerate Your Business event, I participated as a resident expert in a speed-mentoring activity. The participants at each table rotated every 10 minutes, and at more than half of my tables, there was at least one participant that asked me the same question — a question that I have received hundreds of time before.

“What is your best advice for women entrepreneurs?”

I responded to each with the same reply that I always give:

“Stop calling yourself a ‘women entrepreneur’.”

Here’s the reality: Your chromosomes have nothing to do with your ability to be successful as an entrepreneur.

I have never once thought of myself as a woman entrepreneur, a women investor, a women author or a woman anything. I am an entrepreneur or any of the other roles that I play, period — without any qualifiers. And, as I told each woman that asked the question, so are they.”

You can read the rest of the post here.