How many brands and companies do you personally interact with on a daily basis?  If you think of the overwhelm of information you have coming at you, you can understand how your existing and target customers are operating.  And that means that unless you are really special, they may just be not that into you.

Sure, they may patronize your business if it’s convenient or top of mind, but how many of your customers and clients are really ravings fans, who will come back again or go out of there way when there is something else in front of them?

If you are struggling to create that connection that will move you from business booty call to true customer love, I have a recommendation. Frequent contributors Chip Bell and John R. Patterson have an outstanding new book out called Wired and Dangerous ( that talks about the new era of customer service and loyalty and gives suggestions of strategies and tactics to enhance your service an customer loyalty.

Don’t be waiting around wondering if your customers love you (or will even call).  Focus on irresistible service that will make even the most fickle customer want to come back for more.