I signed a book deal with Indigo River Publishing! We are tentatively scheduling a spring 2022 release date. I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I have a lot of friends who recommended I self-publish because I would have more control, I would make more money, the book would be released faster, and a bunch of other good reasons.

I opted to sign a deal with an independent publisher because I know myself.

I know I am a good blog writer, but if something is longer than 1,000 words, and I can’t proofread or manage verb tenses.

Forget 50,000 to 60,000 words.

And I am dyslexic and a slow reader. I will definitely need help.

In fact, I’ll need deadlines set by someone else to keep me accountable, and story editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

I don’t want to worry about layout, formatting, and creating author pages on various sites.

Now, I have a publisher to do all of that – and a real book cover when we get to that point.

Carol’s ROE

Carol Roth came up with the term ROE – return on ego – to counter ROI – return on investment.

This could fall under an ROE decision, but I am good with it because I need a big enough ego payoff to make up for the slow slog that is writing a book. Below is the payoff that will keep me on track:

They found me on LinkedIn and approached me about possibly writing a book based on my labor of love The Depression Discussions: The Conversations We Need to Keep Having. That was flattering, and definitely got my attention.

Also, I love that all of their eBooks are distributed through Simon & Schuster. That’s feels better to me than just being on Amazon, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Did I mention that I don’t need to personally look for and project manage all the different components of a book? Bonus!

Here’s your sneak preview:

This Isn’t Working!
Evolving the way we work to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression


What if you could hit a pause button, pull up, and take an objective look at your life? That’s what many of us did in 2020 – whether we wanted to or not.

If you weren’t an essential worker or on the front lines in some way, you were essentially sent to your room with stay-at-home guidelines to think about what you’d done.

Many people realized what they were doing wasn’t working for them.

The pandemic shone a spotlight on busyness, overworking, overconsumption, avoidance, and numbing.

From a place of stillness, and maybe even peace, the way we were working was exposed for what it was: batshit crazy.

It would take a long time to list all the famous people I’ve heard say they will not be recreating their insane travel and speaking schedules going forward.

Connection to self, family, community, hobbies – all of these became increasingly important as ways to stay sane during the insanity of 2020. This is good news.

The not-so-good news is people are really struggling now with mental and physical health issues and working, and I know that if we don’t confront this, and the trauma of the past year, we will have BIG problems.

Which is why I am writing this book.

We shouldn’t be striving to “go back to normal” because if we’re honest, it wasn’t that great, and it wasn’t working for many of us.

We need to EVOLVE.

Are you ready to join the evolution?

Learn more at www.ThisIsntWorkingBook.com