If you’re having problems creating compelling messaging and finding clients, being “The Wizard” may be the real issue.

You’ve probably seen The Wizard of Oz one or ten times. You probably remember when the frightening wizard is revealed as a mere timid man with lots of bells and whistles. This image jumps to mind for me for many entrepreneurs.

It’s very easy to hide behind your laptop and puff up on social media. You also can leverage technology to look like a bigger company. You can even create slick videos, websites, etc. to look like you’re rolling in cash.

None of this is necessarily wrong, but if you’re struggling to find your ideal clients and get people to buy your stuff, your fast path to the cash may be to step out from behind the laptop and talk to people on the phone and in person.

All the introverts, including me, just groaned. Sorry…

Creating compelling messaging

You may think that you know what messaging will work with your clients. The truth is, some of what you think will prove true, and a lot of it won’t work.

Creating messaging in a vacuum is tempting, especially for perfectionists, but you’ll be much better off trying it out on real people sooner vs. later.

Great marketing copy or a captivating sales pitch has energy to it. It has juice. The reader or listener should have a visceral response that you can feel immediately. It should resonate with them.

This isn’t woo-woo so don’t roll your eyes. People buy with emotion and then justify their purchases with logic.

If you aren’t trying your copy out on real people and soliciting gut reactions, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity.

And, you may add months or years to the process of successfully rolling out your product or service.

Finding clients quickly

Referrals are a great way to get clients quickly. If you are referred by someone the prospect knows and trusts, you start the sales conversation from a much better place. If the prospect needs what you’re selling, you will probably be the one to beat.

Speaking for groups can be another way to get people to raise their hands for a sales conversation. When people see you on stage, they naturally assume that you’re an expert (or you wouldn’t be on stage).

After they’ve seen you speak, they feel like they know you. Often, ideal clients will ask to schedule a conversation so they can learn more. Bingo!

The other way to get clients quickly is to leave your house and go talk to people. I have gotten clients – or referrals to people who became clients – from random conversations with strangers.

If you need to bring some money in fast, go to association meetings and networking events. Go with the goal of being helpful and having interesting conversations. Nobody wants to do business with the card-flinging ninja or sales guy/gal who’s always pitching their stuff.

I realize that the first time you give a pitch or try out a tag line or rework some copy it may be a little rough. That’s totally fine, and should be expected. Be gentle with yourself and have some humor about the process.

But whatever you do, don’t sit alone in the safety and security of your home office being The Wizard.

The more you interact with real prospects with real checkbooks (not just friends and family), the more likely you are to come up with the right language that captivates your ideal prospects and converts them into paying customers.