Jumping for JoyGiven that every business is a little different, what advice would a seven-time entrepreneur give newer business owners? Carol’s recent post on entrepreneur.com “6 Tips to Success From a 7-Time Entrepreneur” shares Levi King’s best tips. Carol begins:

Levi King is the founder of Nav (formerly Creditera), which is dedicated to guiding business owners on business credit scores and the complex world of financing a business. But, this venture it isn’t his first rodeo. Having successfully founded seven businesses in areas ranging from manufacturing to technology — plus investing in a host of others — he’s learned some compelling lessons along the way.

As a client of mine (disclosure: I do have a paid financial relationship with his company), I have been lucky to hear some of Levi’s best advice. Here are six of his most powerful lessons that can benefit other entrepreneurs.

1. Do what others aren’t willing to do.

He’s not the first to say it, but Levi knows first-hand that one of the keys to entrepreneurial success is being willing and able to do what others won’t do.”

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