Brad Hastedt is fired up about AI (Artificial Intelligence) for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Brad has been posting some great articles on LinkedIn, most recently “Explaining the Why for AI,” so I wanted to jump on a video interview with him because I have not been excited about this technology at all.

Basically, I asked Brad to sell me on why I should care about AI as an entrepreneur.

I immediately go to the dark side and see endless bots on Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn interrupting me, etc.

Or voice response system levels of hell where you have to press 6 for more menu options over and over again….

However, Brad said about AI, “I think it’s the future of work.” And then he went on to explain the different ways AI could help small business owners by creating efficiencies, predicting trends, improving the customer experience, and increasing profitability.

He got my attention!

Brad spent the last decade growing an offshore call center business with offices in Dallas and the Philippines. Clearly AI would affect his business and how he supported his small business customers, so he has been following this emerging technology for a while. If you’re interested in AI, do go check out the original articles he’s posted on LinkedIn.

I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation. I know I learned a lot.