Anyone who has done sales or business development knows how scary and frustrating it is when a client or hot prospect ghosts you.

And while you may think ghosting only happens when you’re dating, it will happen to you in business, too. 

You may really need the money, or you may be mentally spending the money before it comes in, but that cash will disappear into the dark of night without a trace. 

Failure to engage

I let anyone book a strategy session with me, and mostly people are very respectful of my time and show up for the calls. 

However, there are the exceptions who somehow can’t manage to add the event to their calendar automatically (or manually copy and paste the information), miss the reminder email, and don’t show up for the call. 

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s really annoying. 

Sometimes I get an apology email.

More often, I never hear from the person again. 

Failure to buy

After doing this for 10 years, I know when a prospect says certain things, they won’t be buying my services. 

I know this even as they are saying, “Catherine, I definitely want to work with you!” 

Or even, “Please send me the payment link.”

It may be they realized they really don’t have the money, or perhaps they simply got cold feet.

But as a small business owner who has to hunt what I eat, this part of running a business is brutal. 

We went through a discovery call together, we identified the issues I could help them with, we agreed we were a good fit to work together, and we talked about the investment. I knew I could help them!

And then…nothing. 

I usually follow up a few times, but they’re gone. 

Failure to renew

Recently, I had a particularly frustrating experience with a happy client who raved about my coaching and ended every call saying, “Let me know when we’re finished with this package and I’ll go buy the next one.” 

I was lulled into a false sense of security, assuming that by exceeding expectations, he would happily continue working with me. 

I was wrong. 

He said he hadn’t seen my email and would purchase the package that evening. 

I followed up and got no response. 

A few weeks later, I followed up again.

A few weeks later, I got an apology email and another commitment to purchase the package the following week.

That didn’t happen either.

I was ghosted. 

So, the old adage “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” applies here. 

Mostly, people who say they are going to buy will follow through, but some won’t – even after they have experienced your best work. 

You’ve been tricked – so give yourself a treat and move on.