Enough is enough, wouldn’t you say? You are busy working the business to make it successful; however, missing out on the signs that can and will stop you in your tracks. You are jumping from one opportunity to the next, in order to ride the current wave to financial success. Still, you keep hitting one roadblock after another. Some of you will keep going while others will give up. Where is the success you heard other successful entrepreneurs talk about?

Too often I hear it is about the economy, or consumers are not buying, as to why a business owner is not succeeding. Sometimes, the blame is placed on not having enough money to market the business or pay oneself to keep it going. Another excuse is not having a good location or enough employees, or that the employees’ qualifications are the causes of the problem. When will the excuses end?

Enough already! Stop blaming others for your failures. Being nearsighted and having a one-track mind when it comes to entrepreneurial and financial success will not get you there. It has always been easier to blame someone or something else for your problems. How about facing them now? It is time to look yourself in the mirror and finally acknowledge – you created the problems. Going forward, how are you going to fix them?

Solving the Issues

Solving the fundamental issues affecting you and your business starts on a personal level. Your business thrives or fails based on what you put into it. If you do not put in enough time and effort, working with and building up those who are there for you, it will all come crashing down. In order to come out ahead, acknowledging them is the first step in the right direction. Taking corrective measures to aid growth and development is a part of that solid foundation you must build.  You will be able to deliver the goods or services offered with satisfaction when you do things with the right mindset in place.

Here are five areas to consider for future success:

  1. Personal Development – developing and growing into your full potential is necessary for the kind of success you are seeking. When you fail to develop yourself and those around you, the financial success you are seeking will not show up. If you need to enhance your people skills, management processes or marketing capabilities, do so. Take a course, find a mentor, and build on what you already have to make a difference.
  2. Business Planning – taking a road trip requires planning, so why are you not planning for your business success? Surviving a rough economy also takes planning; being prepared, as best as possible, is important. Whether you complete a full-scale business plan or simply lay out your long and short term goals with financial components and work them, does not matter. What matters is that you have something in writing to guide and to help you through the challenges of operating your business.
  3. Action – this might seem redundant to you, however, when was the last time you took the necessary steps to develop yourself and your business? While developing yourself and laying out a plan for your success, nothing will happen without the first step. Execution is important in the manifestation of your plans.
  4. Consistency – is often a problem. The ebb and flow of actions targeting your strategies should have a consistency for success. If you are not consistent in networking, social media, business management and other appropriate areas of business operation, you will just be spinning your wheels.   Develop processes to help engage each component of the business. Use time management tools to be more effective.
  5. Perseverance – most of all, being able to persevere through all the trials of being an entrepreneur, staying steadfast to your vision and fulfilling your mission, will eventually lead to your success. You must be strong through life’s changes, your business evolution and your personal challenges.

Finally, believing in the vision and mission of your business will only take you so far. Taking all the other actions steps will make the difference.

Which action step will make the difference in your business? Please leave a comment below about what you are going to do.