In Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog “Should Your Small Business Hit the Road or Go “Mobile”?” Carol shares some ways that you can get business by going to your customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Carol begins:

“It is not uncommon for new small businesses to get their start without the expense of a brick and mortar presence. Transporting products directly to customers can be quite cost-effective. For example, restaurants can start with a food truck or retail stores with pop-up shops as a way to reach new customers with lower fixed costs, all while testing their business models.

Online shopping offers many customers convenience by bringing products directly to their doors. But, you can’t put a shopping cart on the website of a service business that requires face-to-face or hands-on contact. Here are four potential reasons why your business might increase its client base when you go mobile.

#1. Increase business from existing clients
You probably know that the cost of acquiring new clients is about 500 percent higher than retaining the ones you already have. This is why you work hard to provide the high-quality services that breed client loyalty. But, if you’re not located near your clients, they may give some work to conveniently-located local providers, particularly in emergency situations.

The ability to bring your services to your clients can help ensure that a client emergency does not translate to a loss of business. You will not only retain the loyalty of clients who value your services, but location issues will not stop them from recommending your services to others in their community.

If you have a dry cleaner, try a mobile pickup and drop off service for extra convenience—and maybe even premium pricing.

#2. Attract clients who appreciate convenience
Many people would pay a bit more to reduce the hassle of driving to the services they need. Dog grooming trucks are a good example, because they bring clients significant savings in the time and effort of getting a less-than-fragrant big dog back and forth, particularly when clients have to de-smell the car interior before dog pickup.

The value of wheels increases when clients have to make multiple trips or do heavy lifting to obtain services. If your appliance repair service uses the company van that you already have to offer pickup and delivery, most clients would happily throw in a few extra bucks to avoid getting a heavy vacuum cleaner in and out of the car.”

You can read the rest of the post here.