With Carol’s new book being an instant New York Times bestseller, she has been making the rounds on all sorts of shows and podcasts. 

I was surprised and delighted for her when she said she had been booked on Russell Brand’s Stay Free show. This was going to be a rollicking good time. He’s brilliant and so is Carol. 

Besides commenting extensively on Carol’s hair, which is fabulous and she was having an exceptionally good hair day, they covered a bunch of topics from You Will Own Nothing

It was a rapid-fire back and forth, as you would expect. Clearly both Russell and Carol really enjoyed the discussion. 

Here’s what Carol said about the interview in her recent newsletter: 

Funny, But Not Funny

Last week I joined comedian and social commentator Russell Brand on his wildly successful show, Stay Free. The entire show is hilarious (I was sure my makeup would be running down my face from me crying laughing by the time I got on), but I come in around the 39 minute mark. If you missed it, watch it here.