Recently, I interviewed Carol Roth on the experience of creating and launching info products. Her first one was her New York Times bestselling book The Entrepreneur Equation. Carol shared that she spent a year and a half on the marketing for launching that book, working with Elizabeth Marshall.

Clearly this was a major investment of time and resources, above and beyond what it took to write the book.

We also walked through what it took to create Carol’s other info product, the Future File legacy and wishes planning system, and why it’s her labor of love.

Carol shares the evolution from the kit version to the desktop version of Future File, and how much longer it took than she expected.

Future File’s launch also has been a ton of work because of the big educational component required for the ongoing marketing and sales efforts. Carol is targeting both B2B and B2C audiences, and we discussed the differences in the sales messaging.

Just so you know, nobody gets a free pass. Every product launch is a challenge. Everybody has to work hard. Even people with big followings.