I recently shared about my experience being a panelist on the Bold Business Podcast with Jess Dewell, managing partner of Red Direction.

I talk frequently about the value of an outside perspective, and why we need to be open to input. In this conversation, we dove into what impact the CEO’s ego and ego type can have on the business. I hadn’t really considered the different types of ego and how that might affect executive teams and corporate culture. Christie Garcia, founder of Mindful Choice, led us down an absolutely fascinating path, and all of us chimed in with our experiences personally and with our clients.

In addition, David Newell, president of Evolve Leadership Consulting brought expertise in helping organizations develop systems for efficiency and growth – without ever mentioning technology. 

This was a wide-ranging conversation about the benefits of an outside perspective for informed decision-making. Being me, I did mention the fact that often consultants are brought in to tell the CEO that their “baby” is ugly, hoping they won’t shoot the messenger. 

Please note: The CEO may or may not be open to that opinion, but it is what they paid the consultant for. 

I also talked about the importance of CEOs supporting themselves personally and professionally. I feel it is imperative for the executive to have someone on their side like a coach or mentor. They need to have someone they can confide in when things get tough. There can be huge benefits to staying open to an outside perspective. 

Having worked with several CEOs this year, I know it truly can be lonely at the top. I recommended that CEOs find a small group of other leaders to meet with periodically and share challenges and best practices. Someone in the group has likely been in that exact situation and may be able to provide some guidance. And even if they haven’t, they will be able to listen and offer support. 

You can listen to the “Foster an Outside Perspective to Enhance Decision-Making” episode of the Bold Business Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and check out the show notes and the full transcript for the episode here

Below is the teaser video for the episode. 

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash