FriendsThe saying goes that you become the average of the people that you spend the most time with. While the math may not be entirely correct, who you spend time with does have a big impact on you. The people that you surround yourself with can build you up or weigh you down.

This can have a big impact on your professional success as well, so it’s imperative that you choose to spend time with people who will make you better.

Choose Friends Wisely: Friends who are constantly experiencing drama, who don’t celebrate your successes and who don’t force you to stretch your thinking keep you from being your best, as well as giving your best to your business.

Choose a Support System Wisely: You also need to have a strong support system that can help you to navigate the bumps in the road that you will inevitably face in business. Make sure that you surround yourself with peers who can give you comfort that they’ve “been there, done that” as you navigate the challenges of business ownership.  Knowing that you are not alone is essential for entrepreneurs.

Choose Your Social Media Wisely: Following and interacting with people on social media can have a major subconscious impact on how you show up, both personally and professionally.  Overindulging in online spats, following too many depressing current events or people who are filled with too much snark or vitriol doesn’t enhance you. This puts you in the wrong frame of mind for success.

Choose Your Employees Wisely: Your employees are critical to the success of your business. Picking talented employees with a bad attitude can spill over to other employees, clients and customers. Plus, it’s a lot more energizing to work with people who embrace qualities like positivity and kindness.

Choose Your Blogs and E-Mentors Wisely: Not everyone is fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who will challenge them in their day-to-day life. You can supplement your learning and personal growth by picking blogs or thought leaders to follow socially that expand your mind, develop your way of thinking or even give you a much needed kick in the butt to help you reach for more.

Picking the right people to associate with (and perhaps losing some of those who don’t serve you well) is a critical component of continued growth and success, so make sure that you are continually choosing yours with care and re-evaluating as necessary.