Let’s face it – designing, launching, and running a successful business requires a lot of hard work. It also requires a couple of things that seem to be in increasingly short supply – common sense and a firm grasp of reality.

Why go to all of that trouble when we can make our business delusion-based?

For those who’d rather avoid the hardships of succeeding by the pursuit of tried-and-true paths, here are five suggestions for creating your own delusion-based business.

  1. People are just waiting to hand their hard-earned dollars to you. That’s right – 8 out of 10 potential customers in a recent survey are sitting on at least one thousand dollars that they are looking to spend on…whatever. Look yourself in the mirror and repeat this five times each morning: “I am a revenue magnet!” All you need to do is hang out your shingle and that cash is going to be yours. Later, perhaps, you can worry about a strategy, or an offering, or a message. For now, just realize that if you build it, they will spend! Isn’t it great that by thinking positive thoughts, you can attract that revenue to yourself??
  2. There’s no barrier to entry. All you need is a computer, a website, and Twitter, and you’re in business – able to reach a solid proportion of the 7 billion people on the planet by clicking a few digital switches. Decide and do! Who needs a solid product and a proven track record when you have Facebook Likes? All of those legacy businesses where people had to scratch and claw to achieve critical mass, and to find a loyal customer base – that’s old school, baby!
  3. Follow your passion and success is assured. If it’s something that you really care about, all obstacles to profitability will be swept aside as your inner flame of desire bulldozes all barriers and leads inevitably to massive success. The big P will guide you forward – little p’s like profit and a plan are highly overrated. Do diamond-encrusted backscratchers make your heart pound? Surely you can create a huge audience around your passion, and probably secure a number of speaking gigs and a book contract, all in short order. Go for it, follow the True North of your feelings, and think about the details later!
  4. Everyone will “get itas soon as you open your mouth. People are really smart that way. They are so intuitive about what you’re doing and saying, that it’s truly a waste of time to craft a relevant and memorable message. In fact, most people are walking around pondering – for hours at a stretch – what it is that you do, so that by the time you meet them, they are better able to express your value proposition than you are. So, just assume that communication will occur effortlessly, because the human experience for generations has always validated that assumption.
  5. Soon, you’ll be able to run this enterprise on autopilot. Long vacations in the Bahamas with a laptop. Virtual assistants doing most of the work. Cash flowing into your account while you sleep. A two-hour workweek will be within sight in 12 months time – 24 months tops. Affiliates, associates and rabid followers will do all of the heavy lifting, while you’re lifting mojitos and considering all of the new ways in which people are waiting to hand you more cash. It’s living the dream and all entrepreneurs are getting there – quickly!

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Of course, you could be old-fashioned and read these five books to help you get started as an entrepreneur. But that would be so… enlightened. How boring!