The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is showing up every day. Or maybe it’s the juggling of priorities, marketing even when you are busy, or staying focused on the projects that bring in the money. It certainly isn’t easy! Here are some of the best posts about managing your small business to help you build yours.

BIGG SuccessEntrepreneurs and the Big O. So I admit that this post totally cracked me up but humor is a good way to get people to pay attention to the content! Do not miss this one from George and Mary-Lynn about getting past obstacles.

Catherine MorganDo You Suffer From SOS (or Shiny Object Syndrome)? I suffer from this and if you are honest, you have too at some point. I share some strategies for avoiding the detours and keeping your eyes on the prize.

Charlie GilkeyThe Real Reasons You’re Not Getting the Sales You Want. Are you wondering why you aren’t closing more business? Charlie has some suggestions for what might be happening.

Margie ClaymanFour Arguments Against the “You Must Do Everything” Myth. Entrepreneurs can sometimes feel like they need to do everything themselves, and subsequently can get exhausted and burned out. Margie pokes holes in that myth.

Rich GallagherThe Most Profitable Thing That You Will Ever Write. Rich shares an easy thing that anyone can do that could definitely boost your business. He swears by this strategy.

Brad ShorrBusiness Strategy: Zig When They Zag. Sometimes the right business strategy is to NOT do what everybody else is doing. Brad gives some excellent examples where this really paid off for some entrepreneurs.