I am confident that you want to be able to attract the best professionals to work for your business. This makes perfect sense. But how do you do that? How do you become an employer of choice – one that job seekers flock to?

Corporate branding has been around for as long as we have had businesses. You know that you need to have a look and feel that people will recognize, and consistent messaging that customers and employees will resonate with.

For the past eight years, Amber Cleveland has been working with organizations to boost their visibility to potential employees (employer branding) and attract the best candidates (recruitment marketing). She does this by utilizing a combination of digital marketing strategies, social media posts, and storytelling, among other tactics.

I must admit that I didn’t know that recruitment marketing was a specialty until I started talking with Amber. I think you will find this conversation as fascinating as I did. There are definitely some things that you can do as a small business owner to look more desirable as an employer and attract the best talent.