Can you handle a big O? Sadly, many entrepreneurs can’t.

Instead of bringing them life, they shrivel up. They just roll over rather than enjoying the moment. You see, they fear the big O.

How can you get a release from this fear? Prepare for the big O before you experience it.

By the way, you realize that we’re talking about Obstacles, right?

Let’s discuss four ways to get past the obstacles that you will inevitably face as an entrepreneur.

On top

When you are faced with a big O, you may want to climb on top. And while this may sound strange, you may need help.

Reach out to your support group- your fellow entrepreneurs who know what you’re going through. Talk to your mentors, who can offer guidance based on their own experience. Hire a coach to prod and encourage you.

On the bottom

Sometimes, the best way to handle a big O is to just lay there and wait for it to be over. While this is a tactic, it may not get you where you want to go.

Occasionally, though, you may overestimate the size of a big O. It seemed like it was going to be huge, but it came and went with almost nothing to show for it.

So, pay close attention. As long as there are few ripples, you may choose to remain passive. See if it passes.

But if it looks like it’s going to rock your world, take charge. It’s the only way you’ll be satisfied with the result!


You may have started on the bottom. Then, you tried getting on top. But you still haven’t reached the point you seek. Try it side-by-side. Shift tactics.

The most successful entrepreneurs are masters at this. A lot of businesses succeed in a business they didn’t start! They started out to do one thing. But when they took their idea to market, they realized that the opportunity was somewhere else.

So try. Then try again. But if it’s still not working for you, try something else. Be ready to adjust. You have to be flexible to get the biggest bang.

Keep pushing…

Success ultimately comes to those entrepreneurs who keep pushing. So, when you sense a big O coming on, push through. Just realize that pushing like you have been may not be enough.

You may have to push harder. And faster. Commit to it. Harder. Faster. Double down. Harder. Faster.

You need stamina to get through a big O. In the rush of doing it day-to-day, it’s easy to neglect your most important asset – you. So, take care of yourself so that you’ll be able to rise to the occasion!

The good news is, one big O often leads to another: Opportunity. What opportunities have you found in the obstacles that you’ve faced?