piggy bankEditor’s Note: Carol believes that entrepreneurs and small business owners are being forgotten in the minimum wage debate. As you may know, Carol guest blogs on several other platforms. Her latest on Entrepreneur.com is one that I thought would be of great interest to many of you. Here is an excerpt:

“Part of the problem is that the headlines rarely focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs. While there are around 28 million small businesses in this country, with approximately 6 million that have employees, the headlines always center around the slightly more than 18,000 “large” U.S. corporations. We hear about Wal-Mart when more than 50 percent of the working population is employed by small businesses. So, while I disagree with the premise of minimum wage increases, I challenge those who want to penalize a handful of big companies with a change that will affect millions of small businesses who would have to abide by that same changed legislation as well.”

Would raising the minimum wage even help the people it is intended to? Carol isn’t so sure.

Read the full article here: Entrepreneurs Are Forgotten in the Minimum Wage Debate.