Retailers use all kinds of methodologies to create perceptions to drive sales.  Sometimes it’s the perception of exclusivity or limited items to create demand.  Other times it’s creating the illusion of a bargain or a “must-have” deal.  However, there is a new methodology that I came across while shopping the other day:


If you will notice, the tag for this BCBG item was originally priced at $198.  That price is crossed out and replaced with the bargain price of….$218.  Now, if they are trying to create the illusion of an item so hot that they actually raised the price, they are probably doing it wrong.

More likely, the tag came in mismarked.  But instead of cutting off the old price, the sales person was lazy and just crossed it out.  The result: sending the wrong message to the customer.

Everything you do sends a signal to your customers.  Make sure you are sending the right one.