BullseyeVideo marketing is incredibly powerful, and is a game-changer for your business when you do it right.  The problem is most business owners struggle with video, or get frustrated and give up.  That’s like digging for gold and stopping six inches short of striking it rich.  Don’t give up!

The secret sauce for success with online video is simply a matter of finding your video “sweet spot.”

Your video sweet spot is your own perfect combination of purpose, premise and platform.  Once you understand these 3 P’s, you’ll discover your sweet spot.  And that’s when video marketing becomes almost effortless.

To identify your video sweet spot, you must first decide how to approach the 3 P’s.

1. Purpose – Before you begin any video, you need to know the goal of that video.  Diving head first into making a video without having an objective for that video is like going on a trip and not knowing the destination.

What do you want this video to accomplish?  What’s the ultimate goal for the video?  Is it to drive traffic to your website? Generate awareness for a product or service?  Build your brand?  Like the Stephen Covey saying goes, “begin with the end in mind,” and you’ll be on your way to hitting your sweet spot.

2. Premise – Your premise is the message of your video, or what you want to convey via your video.  Look at this as your outline or script for your video.  Without a clear and compelling message, your video will miss the mark. Consider the content of your video and determine exactly what it is you want to communicate.

 3. Platform – The third and final P to finding your sweet spot is deciding on your platform.  This is how you will deliver your video message.  Will you use a direct-to-camera “talking head” video?  Or do you prefer to create an “off camera” video like a screen capture video, a photo montage, a video slide show via PowerPoint, or some kind of animation?  There are dozens of platforms available to deliver your video, and finding the one that works best for you is the key to your video success.

Remember to “think outside the screen” and don’t commit to one particular style of video.  If you really hate being on camera, then a traditional, talking head video may not be your sweet spot.  Try using an easy video animation tool like VideoScribe or Powtoon to deliver your video message.

It all comes down to purpose-premise-platform for finding your own, personal video sweet spot.  And knowing your sweet spot makes video marketing so much easier and more effective.

What’s your video sweet spot?  Let us know in the comments below!