Carol’s post on, “Why the Accenture Gender-Parity Target Is Insane — and Bad for Women,” is a response to a recent announcement from the global consulting firm Accenture about how they will be addressing the gender gap in their workforce. Carol begins:

“Accenture, one of the world’s best-known consulting firms for major enterprises, announced that they have set a target to have 50 percent of its workforce be comprised of women within the next eight years.

Let me repeat this: They have set a workforce target not based on experience, qualifications, potential or any work-related factors. They have set a target for their workforce based on what body parts you have (or which you identify with having, depending on definitions).

This precedent is not only insane, but as a woman, I find it offensive and, ultimately, bad for women and business.

Businesses should be interviewing and hiring the best possible candidates they can find for their business — period. Doing anything else is a disservice to the company’s culture, shareholders and clients.”

You can read the rest of the post here.