You have agency! You get to pick how and where you will work.

As we head into the Fourth of July Independence Day weekend here in the U.S., it’s important to remind you that you have freedom of choice.

YOU get to choose.

The Great Resignation is a thing. If you didn’t see the post on LinkedIn, go check it out. Forty percent (40%!) of people worldwide are considering quitting their jobs. Can you believe that?

A day or two after I shared it on my profile, I got an email from a client that she had submitted her resignation on Monday and was going to go back to being an entrepreneur. She said even several days later she hadn’t had any second thoughts.

I was sad to hear this because I thought her work situation could have been a good fit. She agreed, but had made her decision.

I made this short video in 2018, but it’s still is true. If you need a reminder, you might want to watch.