It’s so much fun to see two of your favorite people talking on video. It’s even better when they are talking about something most people struggle with (raising hand) – networking!

Love it or hate it, you’ll probably agree that networking is a critical skill for professional success.

You’ll probably also agree that you should try to improve your networking skills.

I was lucky to get an early copy of David J.P. Fisher’s new books (yes, plural) that dropped Thursday, September 30, 2021 – Networking in the 21st Century and Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn.

I am struggling to finish one book and this overachiever updated and published two! Showoff! (Just kidding, D.)

You’ll definitely learn a ton in this short conversation between Catherine Johns (Chicago radio legend, speaker, author, and presentation coach) and David J.P. Fisher (Sales Hall of Fame Inductee, speaker, author, and coach).