A hair raising issue- You get to decide who make the worst business decision

Paris Hilton is being sued by Hair Tech International (story here) for alleged breach of contract and fraud.  They say that she was paid to wear their hair extensions and that she has been allegedly wearing a competitors fake hair instead.  They also cite damages from her missing their launch party because she was hanging out in jail at the time.

So, who made the worst business decision here:

A- Paris Hilton, for allegedly breaching the contract and not wearing the hair extensions, further lessening her endorsement “credibility”;

B- Hairtech International, for hiring Paris Hilton to begin with;

C- Hairtech International, for paying Paris Hilton $3.5 million to endorse their products;

D- Hairtech International, for thinking that Paris Hilton showing up at a launch party was going to garner them $6.6 million in revenue; or

E- All of the above; Paris Hilton and Hairtech are both retarded and deserve each other

You make the judgment- what’s your call?