People are busy and there is more and more content being posted online every minute. How do you get noticed and build your brand when people have the attention span of a goldfish?

One pro tip is to avoid jargon in your writing.

Another is to avoid being generic.

Yet another is to switch up the way you get your message out, which is what we will dive into today.

I have found that right when I am tired of saying the same thing time and time again is EXACTLY when I should be doubling down and saying it more, and in different ways. I tend to be ahead of the curve, and by the time people catch up to what I have been ranting about for what seems to me like an eternity, my audience is just about ready to consider my point of view.

One example of this is the book I just wrote, which to some extent built upon what I presented in my TEDx talk in 2015. Seven years later, people are becoming less willing to compromise their personal health and mental health for employers who may not be committed to them at all. And entrepreneurs who have been promoting overworking as a lifestyle and status symbol are rethinking their position.

I have been saying “the hustle culture hustled you” for more than seven years…

Just saying the same thing the same old way may help you achieve saturation with your audience, but it is really boring for you (and maybe for them). You can get creative by mixing things up.

I resisted doing what some people call “quote tiles” for a long time because I didn’t want to jump down the Canva rabbit hole, even though I knew it would be fun. Canva is a great platform for generating high-quality visuals even if you have no artistic training. Instead of me creating these, which is not a great use of my time, I have someone else doing them. She LOVES creating them and is thrilled to be getting paid for something that feels more like play than work to her. Can you say win-win?

I need to be seeding ideas from my book and generating buzz in order to have a successful book launch. So as not to bore myself or my friends / colleagues / followers, I am:

  • Posting blurbs that people have given me for the cover and inside pages, which is just text
  • Publishing video interviews on topics related to my book and mentioning my upcoming book
  • Scheduling webinars that tie to topics in my book
  • Posting pulled quotes or ideas with great visuals (quote tiles)

Here are some other quote tile examples created by the very talented Angie Rome Gonzalez:



All of my content contains the hashtag for the book and the website for the book. There is an opt-in form on the book’s landing page if people want to stay connected or get involved in evolving working. Everything supports generating interest in the book.

Engagement with my content has definitely improved and people say they are excited to read my book when it comes out. People are even sharing the quote tiles, which is great.

This is how I am trying to cut through the noise in 2022. What are you trying that’s working?