Give to GetCreating relationships with people by giving—when done authentically—is a great way to build a network to support your business.  My friend Bob Burg has a fantastic parable called The Go Giver that talks about just that.

But there is another way to give to get in business.  That is, giving something of value as a means of getting something of value.  For example, in Chicago, there are a number of strategically placed kiosks that offer to take your picture.  My husband and I took this one at a kiosk located in the 900 North Michigan Avenue Shops (aka the Bloomingdale’s building in Chicago) a few months back:

Carol and Kurt

Now, despite the fact that I didn’t know where the camera was located (duh), this was a great marketing ploy.  Once the picture was taken, they asked for my email (and my opt-in permission) to send me the picture.  They sent me the picture above with built in marketing for the center and now have my permission to continue to contact me.  They gave me the photo; they got the ability to reach me—a win-win for everyone.

So, what can you give to get something in return?  I offer a free eBook on Low and No Cost Marketing and PR Strategies (grab it here) in exchange for the permission to contact you in the future.  Think about giving to customers and potential customers as a way to enhance the relationship and to get value for your business.