During this holiday season while we reflect on all that we are thankful for, many of us take extra time to give back.  You may donate your time, money or even products and services to help those less fortunate.

In Hebrew, the concept of doing good deeds is called a mitzvah.  I want to issue a challenge this holiday season around mitzvahs.  I think that when a good deed is presented, many of us rise to the occasion, do the deed and then move on.  You volunteer for a day at the soup kitchen.  The next day, you donate some clothes to the Salvation Army.  You read to an after-school class.  Then, you are on to the next thing.

Well, what if instead of doing a bunch of small things for different people you chose just one person and made a deep difference in their life?  What if instead of giving spare change to each homeless person you encountered, you committed to changing one homeless person’s life, directing all of your attention and giving to them to make a difference?  What if you had just one underprivileged youth that you helped get an education and take advantage of opportunities otherwise unavailable to them?

We know the power of focus when it comes to our goals, careers and businesses, so will you join me in committing to make a major impact on the life of one person in the next year?  I guarantee that you will not only enhance the power of your good deeds by an exponential factor, but you will enhance your personal fulfillment by that factor as well.