With all the holiday shopping I have been doing I have been on quite the customer service kick.  So I have invited back customer service experts Chip Bell and John R. Patterson, authors of Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers.  Here’s their take on making it happen…

Three turtles sat on a log in the edge of the swamp.  One decided to jump in.  How many are now on the log?  Nope, there are still three.  Deciding and doing is not the same thing.   Until you execute, all decisions are just plain old intentions.   Execution—putting skin in the game–is the true test of commitment.  “I believe, I support, I approve” are all just weasel words unless they are coupled with visible demonstration.

Working with senior leaders in major organizations who struggle with the arduous journey of becoming more customer-centric, we are frequently reminded of what our mothers told us about “the road to hell.”  Creating a great, compelling service vision is important.  Crafting clear, customer-focused service standards and norms are vital.  Selecting people with a service attitude is major.  Training people in how to deliver great service (or how to effectively lead those who serve) is crucial.  Determining the metrics and indicators of great service is imperative.  But, in the end, all the planning and preparing is “just getting ready to.” 

People judge your position by the one you take, not by the one you propose.  Are you delivering or just intending?  Get off the log!

CR: This applies to every aspect of business, so take this advice and get moving!