There is a lot of resistance to doing something new.  And the reason is that new is often difficult, because you have never done it before.  Without experience, more often than not, a new task is hard.

On the flipside, when you have expertise, what you are doing may seem easy.  You have invested time, you have gained knowledge and you know pretty much what to expect.

Don’t dismiss something new because you think it’s too hard.  Often, when you put in the time, you will find it getting easier and easier.

And on the flipside, don’t take for granted that something is easy because you are reaping the rewards of your investment of time.  Even when it’s easy for you, it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard for others.  And just because you think information that you have been exposed to is obvious, don’t assume it’s obvious to those who haven’t yet been exposed to it.

Hard, easy and even obvious are all relative to the experience you have.  Use that to gain new experience and to guide you when sharing your experience with others.